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Ace Dick

From The Codex
"Mature Content"
This character or verse has mature themes and concepts, thus those of young age are ill-advised to look through these.
"It is your loathesome arch nemesis, Ace Dick! He is always scooping you on the best cases. That portly son of a bitch makes your blood boil!"
You are now Ace Dick.

You begin to question this feud you've been embroiled in with your neighbor for so long. After all, he did just give you the number for some honest to God whores, even if they did ultimately rob you. He also just helped you escape. Maybe it's time to bury the hatchet and help him out of his office.

You feel you should get some supplies from your safe first, though. If only you could remember the combination.''

~ Introduction
"You are standing in your imaginary office.

You can hardly believe how shitty your imagination is."

Ace Dick becomes FIESTA ACE DICK. Your VIM reaches its full potential
~ The Narrator
You put your normal hat back on because you think this silly ethnic shit is probably going to get really old really fast. You lose the poncho too.
~ The Narrator
You consume your counterparts, ZAD and FAD, finally uniting as one mean, strapping Dick of unprecedented VIM.

A phenomenal transformation takes place.

You become...

My God.


Ace Dick.''

~ Ace Dick's unfortunate low level of Imagination
Really, you are just utterly astounded by how shitty your IMAGINATION is. If your IMAGINATION was a face you would punch it. In the face.
~ The Narrator


Ace Dick is Problem Sleuth's arch-nemesis, a rival detective with the world's worst imagination and a voluminous gut. After Problem Sleuth rescues him from the confinement of his own office, they join forces to take down the nefarious Mobster Kingpin.

General Information

Name: Ace Dick | Zombie Ace Dick (ZAD) | Fiesta Ace Dick (FAD)

Origin: Problem Sleuth

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: PS's arch-nemesis, Zombie, Rival detective with the world's worst imagination

Species: Human

Occupation: Detective

Codex Statistics

Key: Base | ZAD | FAD | Gummy Worm Zombie | UAD

Tier: At least High 8-C, Higher with the Double Truffle Shuffle Trouble. At least 2-C, likely 2-A+ via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle | At least High 8-C, Higher with the Double Truffle Shuffle Trouble. At least 2-C, likely 2-A+ via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle | 2-C, likely 2-A+, Higher via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle | 2-C, likely 2-A+ | At least 2-C, likely 2-A+

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: At least Large Building level (Dealt moderate damage to Mobster Kingpin. One shotted Monster Pickle Inspector), Higher with the Double Truffle Shuffle Trouble (One-shotted Morthol Dryax with this technique, in which PS and AD were struggling to deal damage to). Universe level, likely Multiverse level+ via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle (Harmed and obliterated Face 1 DMK's health bar) | At least Large Building level (Same as before), Higher with the Double Truffle Shuffle Trouble. Universe level, likely Multiverse level+ via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle | Universe level, likely Multiverse level+ (Stomped down on one of DMK's thorns), Higher via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle | Universe level, likely Multiverse level+ (Was able to bite down onto DMK and deal minor damage) | At least Universe level, likely Multiverse level+ (Casually overpowered Black Hole Mobster Kingpin's gravitational pull, who's mass exceeded the universe, being multiplied by a googol and later a googolplex and whose pull was condensing time itself)

Durability: At least Large Building level (Can tank hits from Mobster Kingpin) | At least Large Building level | Universe level, likely Multiverse level+ (Was completely unharmed by DMK's blast, and was described to be "indestructable") | Universe level, likely Multiverse level+ (Survived hits from one of DMK's summons) | Universe level, likely Multiverse level+

Striking Strength: Large Building class. Universe Class, likely Multiverse Class+ via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle | Large Building class. Universe Class, likely Multiverse Class+ via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle | Universe Class, likely Multiverse Class+ | Universe Class, likely Multiverse Class+ | Universe Class, likely Multiverse Class+

Lifting Strength: Class G (Due to his high amounts of VIM, he can lift extremely heavy objects the others cannot lift. Should be comparable to Mobster Kingpin, who can hold the Megaton Key which weighs a megaton) | Class G | Universal (Physically flipped the universe up-side down) | Class G | Universal

Travel Speed: Unknown | Unknown | Extra-Temporal (Comparable to DMK) | Extra-Temporal | Extra-Temporal

Combat Speed: Faster Than Light (Comparable to Problem Sleuth) | Faster Than Light | Extra-Temporal | Extra-Temporal | Extra-Temporal

Reaction Speed: Faster Than Light | Faster Than Light | Extra-Temporal | Extra-Temporal | Extra-Temporal

Stamina: Superhuman+ (His journey lasted months and hasn't shown to be needing things such as food and sleep)

Range: Standard Melee. Hundreds of Meters with weapons. Universal, likely High Mulitversal via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle | Standard Melee. Hundreds of Meters with weapons. Universal, likely High Mulitversal via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle | Universal, likely Multiversal+ | Standard Melee. Hundreds of Meters with weapons. Universal, likely High Mulitversal via Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle | Universal, likely Multiversal+

Intelligence: Genius (While he lacks the creativity and IMAGINATION that his team shares, he is no slouch in intellect. As a rival detective to Problem Sleuth, he has been described as having "good cases" to the point of making PS jealous of him. Has no problem in accepting the "Weird puzzle shit", which often takes "Hundreds of Pages" to solve and require cheat codes to get pass them. Is a skillful fighter)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Usage, Genius Intelligence, Non-Standard Interaction (Abstract Interaction; Can interact with others within the Imaginary Universe, which is a realm where ideas and imagination are conceptualized and take form), Abstract Existence and Incorporeality within the Imaginary Universe (Type 1; Exist as a mere idea outside of the physical plane of reality), Information Analysis (Can see the HP bar of an opponent and other stats alike), Divine Protection and Plot Manipulation (Plot Armor; Is watched and guided by Andrew Hussie; being given commands by him that follows his narrative structure throughout the story, helping Ace Dick through his adventures. Implied to be guided by GPI. Somehow was unaffected by the fabric of Space-Time being ripped apart as the attacked missed him completely), Time Manipulation via the MSPA Reader (The MSPA reader, like Andrew Hussie, is an entity watching over the characters by following AH's narrative and assisting the heroes by turning back a page to avoid an undesirable outcome. The MSPA reader also has the ability to save and load back to a previous page), Power Nullification (Scaling to Problem Sleuth), Reality Warping, Matter Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Creation, Subjective Reality, Perspective Manipulation, Metaphysics Manipulation (Logic Manipulation), and Immersion (Like every character, Ace Dick can enter the Imaginary Universe, allowing him to do anything he pleases in it. Using one's imagination, the characters can control matter, space, time and logic of the imaginary world and can even create things such as weapons to use in combat. Unfortunately, Ace Dick has been remarked for his lack of IMAGINATION to the point where the world around him is inanimate and poorly drawn, although he can still enter the world and do minor things in it), Statistics Amplification (Can increase his stats the same way Problem Sleuth does it), Transformation (Type 3; Has a ring of keys that can transform into a Tommy Gun. By absorbing his two counterparts, AD was able to transform into Ultimate AD. Gambit Schema transforms AD into a Gummy worm Zombie), Portal Creation and Size Manipulation (Has a window that allows him to physically travel in the world of Imagination, and some portals have size altering properties that can either turn you large or small), Dimensional Travel (Can access the Imaginary Universe by creating a Fort), Resurrection (Self-Resurrection, Resurrection of the Deceased; All Problem Sleuth characters will go to the underworld upon death, where they can get out if Death is distracted or if they beat Death in a game), Limited Resurrection and Self-BFR (Has three "Imaginary Lives", where losing one will bring you back to the physical plane), Law Manipulation (Engaging with enemies will initiate a turn-based RPG styled battle, with characters having entire battle menus; a multi-purpose interface used by Team Sleuth with commands that'll assist them in combat. A similar mechanic can be seen in Homestuck), Accelerated Development (Can level up from battles, increasing his stats and power overall), Limited Breaking the Fourth Wall (Should be comparable to Problem Sleuth), Body Control (Can increase his stomach capacity), Duplication (Duplicated himself into 2 other AD's), Empathic Manipulation and Statistics Reduction (Was able to "fill MK's bosom with rhapsodic passions", which raised his EMOTION level, causing his IMAGINATION, PULCHRITUDE, and VIM to decrease significantly even when MK previously maxed out his VIM), Cartoon Physics (Was able to board a ship and adjust to the space around him completely forgetting that the Universe was up-side down), Social Influencing (Despite having a low PULCHRITUDE stat, Ace Dick has been able to display this ability by punching people in the snout to establish superiority, somehow getting others to be romantically interested in him and being by his side as a result of that), Invulnerability negation (Can harm Mobster Kingpin), Self-Sustenance (Respiratory Self-Sustenance; Can breathe in space), Summoning (via Check Yo'Self Jonah, which summons an enormous whale), Erasure (Physical Erasure; There is an ongoing gag throughout the MSPA stories where pumpkins are always refused to be acknowledged to have ever existed in the first place, sometimes disappearing in most cases where a pumpkin is brought up because of the authors refusal to believe in something had ever existed. This denial has gotten to the point where the author had rejected the idea that a pumpkin had ever existed in any parts of the MSPA storylines for the simple matter that pumpkins had never existed at all, and you are quite certain that there will never be one on this wiki, ever. Should be comparable to Problem Sleuth), Resurrection Negation (Should be comparable to Problem Sleuth), Absorption and Power Absorption (via COMBAT OPERANDI -> BELLY OF THE WHALE. Absorbed ZAD and FAD, his two duplicates, gaining their powers and strength to become Ace Dick. His imagination is really terrible), Transmutation (Shown here), Sound Manipulation (Can mute people by turning off "protips"), Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Minor Regeneration and Healing negation, Irreversible Damage (Destroying a health meter in battle negates regeneration and healing capabilities, making it so you are unable to bring it back for any further use. This can be shown during the battle with DMK).

Resistance to Space-Time Manipulation (Is completely fine after Space-Time was ripped apart by DMK)


Machine Gun/Hairpin

Notable Techniques

Ace Dick's Battle Menu
  • AGGRESS: A physical attack using whatever weapons are on hand. Aggressing is a basic attack, and requires no special items or extra equipment. Any character may Aggress with anything they have on them, including guns, makeup, cleaning supplies, paint, scythes, tea, childhood toys or just their fists.
  • ABSCOND: Abscond is a technique used to leave a battle. If the incoming assault from your enemies is too tough to handle, choosing Abscond may be your only viable option. Abscond is not foolproof, and can sometimes fail in specific battles.

Truffle Shuffle

Level 2 Truffle Shuffle
Level 2 Truffle Shuffle

Emulating Chunk from The Goonies, Ace Dick lifts up his shirt and does a fat-jiggling dance. This attack appears in multiple forms throughout the story:

  • Level 1 - Does no damage whatsoever. Used against a beast (in a non-canon story path).
  • Level 2 - Does minimal damage. Used against the same beast.
  • Ostentation Drive! Double Truffle Shuffle Trouble - After Li'l Ace Dick is killed by Mobster Kingpin, the other two ADs are able to use this Limit Break against Morthol Dryax. They perform the Truffle Shuffle in unison, creating two energy columns that collide above the targeted enemy and do major damage.
  • Zombie Truffle Shuffle - A variant usable only by Zombie Ace Dick. It does no damage. Used against DMK.
  • Triple Truffle Shuffle Scuffle - This Comb Rave requires the use of Level 1, 2, and 3 Impetus Combs. AD and ZAD perform the Double Truffle Shuffle Trouble while Fiesta Ace Dick grows to enormous size and hits the enemy with his stomach. For the finishing move, AD and ZAD collide into the enemy to cause a massive explosion. Used against DMK.

Torso Flail

When fighting a monster enemy, Ace Dick can lob any nearby corpse into its mouth to temporarily appease it and give himself an opening to attack. The Level 1 version is used against a beast and the Level 2 version, which lets him fling multiple corpses at once, is used against Fluthlu, though in the latter case eating the corpses actually reenergizes Fluthlu instead of placating him.

Gambit Schema: The Gambit Schema is a special transforming maneuver, which can be activated by carving the necessary pattern into the Schema Pumpkin. It increases a character's power, and changes their stats of Vim, Pulchritude, and Imagination and introduces Speed, Defense, Flicker, and Ripeness.

Flicker: This meter represents how much damage the character could take while in their Gambit Schema.

Ripeness: This meter represents how rotten the Schema Pumpkin is and thus how much time remains of that characters Gambit Schema until it expires.

  • Gummy Worm Zombie: The Gummy Worm Zombie is Zombie Ace Dick's Gambit Schema. It is unclear how much of a difference there is between the Gummy Worm and regular varieties of Zombie, but it is uncontested that Gummy Worm Zombie Ace Dick has an extremely high Defense stat. Gummy Worm Zombie Ace Dick plays a crucial role in evoking Pang Nectar from Demonhead Mobster Kingpin by gnawing on DMK's Glumspine Flagellum. Gummy Worm Zombie Ace Dick's defense stat is so preposterous that he gains new Auto-Parry abilities each time he takes exorbitant amounts of damage. His defense stat does nothing for him as he finally falls prey to his derision placed upon him as being a zombie and uses the ill-fated Check Yo'Self Jonah Battle technique.

Combat operandi

Belly of the Whale

Learned after Defeating a beast

Using Belly of the Whale, Ace Dick can suck a targeted enemy into his mouth and swallow them. Unfortunately, AD is never able to successfully employ the operandi in combat: his attempt to use it against a beast fails because he lacks the requisite Elf Tears, and Li'l Ace Dick and Fiesta Ace Dick's attempts to use it against Mobster Kingpin fail when MK uses Extortion to swallow them instead.

The one time it actually does work is in a non-combat situation, when AD uses the operandi's ultimate form - Level 99 Belly of the Whale: Blowhole Swansong - to swallow and merge with his fiesta and zombie counterparts. As a result, AD undergoes a starting transformation and turns into... Ace Dick. While he doesn't visibly change, he does get an extraordinary amount of Vim, making him the strongest man in the world.

A beast possesses the Level 18 version of the operandi and uses it against one of Pickle Inspector's imaginary duplicates.

Check Yo'Self Jonah

Learned after Defeating Monster Pickle Inspector

By using Check Yo'Self Jonah, Ace Dick turns into a corsair with a new hat and harpoon gun. At the same time, an enormous whale is summoned to the site of battle. AD can harpoon the whale, get on top of it by using the harpoon gun as a grappling gun, and ride it as it consumes the enemy.

Zombie Ace Dick uses this attack against Demonhead Mobster Kingpin; unfortunately, he accidentally bumps into Pickle Inspector while ziplining up to the whale, causing PI to miss his shots with the sniper rifle and shoot the whale before it can attack DMK.


Weaknesses: Suffers the same weakness as Problem Sleuth. Has low IMAGINATION. Cannot enter the physical plane as your imaginary self.

Battle Records