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Worm (Worms)

From The Codex


The Worms in the series appear to be far more humanoid than real-life earthworms, and are also very cartoon-ish. They have large eyes, small, floating eyebrows, a mouth (with teeth), large, floating hands with only four fingers (with no fingernails or arms connected to their hands), and a tail. They also seem to have a skeleton, but still referred to as invertebrates in the games. They also do not have a nose or ears and they appear to be limbless.

Codex Statistics

Tier: At least 9-B, likely 7-C to 7-B

Name: Varies

Origin: Worms

Sex: None

Age: Varies

Classification: Worm, Soldier

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: At least Wall level (Worms can harm each other, and space debris crashing on them, can tank shots and multiple grenades with no injury), likely Town level to City level (Worms use nuclear bombs and can survive them, worms can cause magnitude 5 earthquakes)

Durability: At least Wall level, likely Town level to City level

Striking Strength: At least Wall Class, likely Town Class to City Class

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Can push a bronze statue being thrown at high speeds)

Travel Speed: Below Average Human, Higher with weapons and vehicles

Combat Speed: Supersonic (Worms can tag each other), up to Relativistic with some weapons (Can summon lightning strikes)

Reaction Speed: Supersonic (Repeatedly dodged bullets from a rifle)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Extended Melee, Kilometers via weapons, Thousands of Kilometers with super weapons, Planetary with Armageddon, Interplanetary with Alien Abduction

Intelligence: Gifted (Worms are war masters, having proficiency in using weapons and vehicles of all kinds, they can use the wind to their advantage and craft weaponry out of salvaged material and are masters at exploiting weaknesses)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Vehicular Mastery, Martial Arts, Acrobatics (Shown here), 4th Wall Awareness (Worms constantly face the camera), Body Control (They can control their disembodied hands from a far distance), Explosion Manipulation (Via multiple weapons), Self-Destruction (Worms explode when they die), Flight (Via Jet Pack and Icarus Potion), Dimensional Storage, Magnetism Manipulation (Can get a magnet from nowhere and use it to attract weaponry, even working on non-metallic things), Non-Corporeal and Immortality (Types 6 and 7, can survive being impaled in the head and being flattened with minimal problems, can survive as a ghost), Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation; Can kill ghosts), Telekinesis (Via Telekinesis), Forcefield Creation (Via Teleshield), Disease Manipulation (Via Nora's Virus), Durability Negation (Battle Axe halves the HP of the target no matter how much it has), Clairvoyance (Via Crate Spy), Fire Manipulation (Via Flame Thrower and Fire Punch), Statistics Amplification (Via Double Damage and Fast Walk), Gravity Manipulation (Via Low Gravity), Technological Manipulation (Can disable electronics with E.M.P. Grenades), Magic (Shown here), Equality (Via Scales of Justice), limited Time Manipulation (Via Double Turn Time), Energy Projection (Via Dragon Ball), Radiation Manipulation, Poison Manipulation and Water Manipulation (The Nuclear Bomb poisons all worms and raises water level, can create floods), Animal Manipulation (Via animal weapons), Black Hole Creation (Via Black Hole), Healing (Via Worm Charm), Thread Manipulation (Via Ninja Rope), Vampirism (Via Worship), Teleportation (Via Teleport), Burrowing (Via Blow Torch), Earthquake Creation (Via Earthquake), Ice Manipulation and Damage Reduction (Via Freeze), Homing Attack (Via Homing Missile and Homing Pigeon), Resurrection (Lightning Strike can resurrect dead worms), Holy Manipulation (Via Holy Hand Grenade and Holy Mine Grenade), Fragrance Manipulation (Via Skunk), Invisibility (Via Invisibility), Summoning (Can summon the Armageddon), Resistance to Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation; Can survive without a soul), Poison Manipulation and Radiation Manipulation (While harmed by poison, a worm can never die from it), Ice Manipulation (Can come back from being frozen)


All of their weaponry, for a full list, see here


Weaknesses: Worms can't swim

Battle Records