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Broadway Force

From The Codex
Dr. Doofenshmirtz is capable of forcing others to dance with him


Broadway Force is the bizarre ability in which, through the power of song and dance, a group is forced to join in with a dance number. Whilst similar in nature to hypnosis, this is not Mind Manipulation. In fact, Broadway Force can bypass even immunity to said power, as shown by examples where mere objects and environments (which are, by default, without mind) are made to join in too. The potency of the ability varies from people to people, with examples like those from musicals opting to just make it a large-scale, joyful number, whilst others can take it further, such as gaining access to new powers through their rhythm, or even using it to subdue people into submission to take advantage of their hazed state. Due to its ability to at least temporarily incapacitate foes and obstacles, the ability has proven to be very useful to certain users.


  • In order to initiate the ability, the user may also have to partake in the dance.
  • Certain users cannot use this ability to their advantage.