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Information Manipulation

From The Codex


Information Manipulation is the power to control, manipulate, change and destroy the underlying information of reality. The ability to manipulate Information comes in a variety of ways, each changing depending on the verses definition of "Information". Information is an abstract concept that refers to something which has the power to inform, where at the most fundamental level, it comes from intepretation of that which may be sensed, or the abstractions of the interpretation. Any natural process that contain an observable pattern can be said to convey some amount of information. There is also data based information, where one uses digital signals and discrete signs to convey information, other phenomena and artifacts such as analogue signals, poems, pictures, music or other sounds, and currents convey information. Information is not knowledge itself, but the meaning that may be derived from a representation through interpretation.


Existent Information Manipulation

The user can manipulate the knowledge, records, memories and physical evidence of a person or thing's existence, changing it or even erasing it while the target still exists physically the way they always have. This could change how people think or know about the target, essentially re-defining them on an abstract scale, removing what made them "them". This re-definition at higher levels can apply to even reality, laws, and attacks.

Physical Information Manipulation

The user can create, shape, and manipulate physical information or information carried by a physical system. While existent information is more abstract, physical information deals with the physical plane we exist in, being able to change around things like the chemical formula of an object or person, in fictions that follow a level IV multiverse where math is treated as real, this would enable one to be able to fully change around mathematical formulas.

Data Manipulation

Aletia can manipulate the virtual reality of Code Lyoko to return the real world to the past.

Virtual Reality Manipulation, alternatively known as Data Manipulation, is the power to create, alter, and destroy virtual realities within electronic systems. The user can create, alter, and destroy virtual realities within computer systems to simulate real or fictional environments, locations, and/or events. Users can manipulate the virtual reality while it is running. They may be able to employ this power using only their mind or they may need to do it by interfacing through a computer system. Ones with potent enough abilities would be able to bring virtual reality into the real world. Depending on the verse and how they meet the data standards, the ability can be used to even affect real world people.


  • Chara (Undertale): Chara is able to destroy the entire world of Undertale, which is a metafictional reality aware it's a virtual video game.
  • Samus Aran (Metroid): Samus can take objects stored in her data and create them in the real world.