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Morality Manipulation

From The Codex


Morality Manipulation is the power to manipulate one's own morality, for righteous or nefarious acts and is an off set of Mind Manipulation.

Possible Uses

In many ways, Morality Manipulation functions similarly to Mind Manipulation in the way that it warps the mentality of whoever it is used upon. However, unlike Mind Control, Morality Manipulation doesn't necessarily force the target under their control, but instead makes the target join their side by force. Of course, there can be and often is overlap.


  • Morality Control: A supernatural form of the ability. Using mind manipulating powers, the user can forcefully control the morals and loyalties of the target, making them their slave, right-hand-man or even just something who abides by their laws.
  • Perception Manipulation: Some uses of the ability can cause the target to view certain people as literal monsters, causing severe psychological stress, which can eventually make the target snap.
  • Complete Control: Complete Control, as the name may imply, is having complete control over one's morality, laws and view points of the enemy. This is effectively the same ability as Mind Manipulation.