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Temporal Reload

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Save and Load is the ability to create a save point and load back in time to said save point. Normally this ability is only accessible through death or what the user feels is a "game over" for them. Higher level users however can save and load at any time they want without any restrictions, not even requiring a "game over" in order to do it. Normally the ability is done through a user finding a "save point" or "save file" and loading back into it, but higher users can create save files from wherever they want, whenever they want. This ability is a sub-ability of Time Manipulation and Causality Manipulation as the user is essentially rewinding time by loading back and always reverting causality. This ability may also be a psuedo-ability of Fate Manipulation as it's essentially overturning fate through the use of save files. This ability can also be Dimensional Travel/Universe Hopping as someone reloading back a save potentially goes to an alternate timeline.


  • Users will be unable to load if the save was never made or if the save file is destroyed.
  • If attacked through all points in time, a save and load is useless.


  • Frisk (Undertale): Frisk with their determination can create a point in time they can reload back to if they ever die or make a mistake.
  • Ninten's Dad (Mother): Ninten's dad can create a save point for Ninten so he can take a break.
  • Mario (Super Mario Bros.): It is consistently shown in the Mario universe that Mario can use save blocks along with others to save their progress.