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The Desire (Super Mario Bros.)

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There is a force that binds us, defying even time and space... Not even the laws of the universe can stop it. I knew its gentle pull would prevail. It is the desire to be reunited with someone who is important to you. That pull is what brought us together. We have come through so much to meet again. This is not some mere whim of the stars... I am sure of that.
~ Rosalina


The Desire is an unknown force within the Super Mario Bros. series. Its only mention is from Rosalina at the end of Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Desire is described as a gentle pull that pulls those with a special bond together, ignoring all laws in order to be back with the one you care about.

General Information

Name: Unknown, Referred to as a desire

Origin: Super Mario Bros.

Classification: Entity

Codex Statistics

Dimensionality: Unknown

Range: Multiversal+ (Exists everywhere within Mario's world, including the locations within higher dimensions that are outside the boundaries of time and space)

Intelligence: Cosmic (Exists everywhere and naturally manipulates Mario's multiverse and its people)

Powers and Techniques

Fate Manipulation, Reality Warping, Law Manipulation, Plot Manipulation (Plot Armor) & Power Bestowal (The Desire is described as a force that binds those with a special relationship, allowing them to reunite with each other, even if the events are impossible to achieve as it defies all space, time, and the laws of the universe. These bonds can vary from romantic love, family love, or towards anyone that is special to you. As long as you have a special bond within the Mario series, your desire will reunite them with your special one, as that is the general trope within the franchise), Omnipresence (Type 4), Cosmic Awareness, & Acausality (Irregular Causality; Special desire to be reunited has shown to take effect within different universes, timelines, higher dimensions, and beyond the boundaries of space-time throughout an infinite multiverse with higher dimensions. Such as with games as Super Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and Paper Mario: Color Splash).

Resistance to Space-Time Manipulation & Law Manipulation (It was stated by Rosalina to defy space and time, with not even the laws of the universe being able to stop it), Plot Manipulation (Plot Armor) & Truth Manipulation (Able to reunite everyone from Paper Mario such as Mario and Peach, even after Bowser used the Star Rod to change the story itself. This caused the final battle between Mario and Bowser to actually not even have a plot, as the final pages to their entire story were ripped, meaning Bowser literally tore off the plot, which Mario and co. battled on. Wishes are the reason as to how unbeatable scenarios become beatable), Fate Manipulation (Capable of allowing people like Mario win against the likes of Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser. All of which can resist fate on the same level as him)


Standard Tactics: Manipulates fate and ignores laws.

Weaknesses: None.

Note: The Desire is only a fan-made name, however it is the best choice for it, as it was referred to as such. The more common name is "The Gentle Pull", which was only noted to have a gentle pull. Due to the common trope of Mario to be reunited with those you care about, this would narratively mean that anyone within the series would gain this ability to be reunited, as that is its intent and purpose. As such, this applies to many characters. This force is why Rosalina, the watcher over cosmos, is aware that this being she described as not simply some mere whim of the stars, and is thus literal.

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