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The Legendary Starfy

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The Legendary Starfy series, known in Japan as the Densetsu no Stafy series, it is debatable if it was formally known as the Legend of Stafy (from the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga cameo) and The Legend of Stafy series (from the credits of the leaked iQue prototype leaked long after it was produced) is a video game series which is developed by TOSE and published by Nintendo.

The series is about Starfy, "a legend" who is the prince of a kingdom high above the ocean, above the clouds called Pufftop. Joining Starfy's adventure is Starfy's best friend Moe the clam and after the events of Densetsu no Starfy 2, Starfy's younger sister, Starly. In all five games, something causes Starfy to fall into the ocean and fight evil. So far all of the Starfy games have been released exclusively for handheld platforms.

The games are officially known as "Marine Action" games due to a good portion of the game taking place underwater, although not all stages in the games are set underwater, however, official creative genre names for Nintendo games is not uncommon.

Gameplay generally involves Starfy and/or his younger sister, Starly, solving the problems of other characters while defeating enemies and bosses on their quest in bringing peace to Pufftop, or in the Nintendo DS games, another kingdom, including the Amiy Kingdom (Densetsu no Starfy 4) and Planet Bunnera (The Legendary Starfy).

Power of the Verse

Despite how it looks visually, the verse is actually pretty strong, early series characters reach around Wall level with mid series characters reaching around Town level and currently Moon level with a power of friends amp.


Starfy flies to the moon while amplified by the power of friends in 3 seconds: Scales to Power of Friends Starfy and an amplified Mashtooth (Relativistic, 43% Speed of Light)

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