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Nullification, also known as Negation is the ability to negate or to nullify various different aspects of a person. The user can negate the effects and existence of something, whether it be power, a being, energy, element, etcetera. Some Users can achieve these effect through applications of other powers into a form of negation. Such as Information Manipulation or Reality Warping to weaken and remove their abilities.


Power Nullification

The ability to nullify various powers and abilities an opponent has. This can be on a weaker scale where it only negates powers weaker then theirs.

Attack Nullification

The ability to nullify attacks, this allows one at higher levels to be completely invulnerable or immutable to attacks. This could also make a character unable to at all act, using a turn based RPG as an example, this would make a user unable to take their turn and attack.

Defense Nullification

Lavos' Demon Star halves a targets HP regardless of their defense

Defense Nullification or Durability Negation is the ability that enable users to damage the target, regardless of its durability. In particular, allows inflicting serious damage to a very strong opponent, even in the absence of astronomical attack power. A good example of ignoring force would be a laser that, with negligible attack power, easily cuts thick steel sheets. This can be done through various ways such as:

Status Nullification

The ability to nullify statuses whether good or bad. This can nullify offensive or defensive statuses that raises a users stats, grants them a resistance, or changes something regarding their current state in their battle. This negation normally reverts them back to what they were back at the start of the fight, though it varies greatly on use.

  • Users:

Regeneration Negation

Regeneration Negation is the ability to negate the regeneration of other beings and essentially render others more vulnerable to damage. Users who deal lethal attacks to others will place their victims in critical conditions due to the victim's body being unable to heal the damage. A similar ability to this is Irreversible Damage, though regeneration negation merely makes the person unable to regenerate back from injuries while irreversible damage makes it where damages can never be healed back and transfers to other immoralities.


  • Holy: Characters that can negate regeneration through the use of holy weaponry, depending on the verse this could only work on the undead/evil species or can even extend to allow them to negate anyone's regeneration (As this is normally through spiritual means as it's holy based, this would be affect even into the godly regenerations).
  • Exorcism: Similar to holy, this directly affects possessed and demonic type beings (As this is normally through spiritual means as it's holy based, this would be affect even into the godly regenerations).
  • Biological: Characters can negate regeneration on a biological level (This would encase everything up to High regeneration).
  • Mechanical: Characters can negate regeneration that are done through mechanical means (This would only work mostly on machine specific regeneration).
  • Magic: Characters can negate regeneration through their magical based powers (This would vary from verse to verse and should be specify the potency it does).
  • Existence: This is regeneration negation where one's existence naturally is able to ignore the regeneration of users, a famous case being werewolves bites being able to overcome vampires regeneration. In cases like this, it would vary from verse to verse on what the potency of this is.
  • Metaphysical/Conceptual/Abstract: Characters can negate regeneration that are done through metaphysical means (Everything up to Mid-Godly would be affected by this).
  • Atemporal/Temporal: Characters can negate regeneration that are done through temporal/atemporal means (This would affect any type of regeneration).
  • Limited: This goes over if the regeneration negation has shown an actual limit in series to the regeneration level it can affect, for these one would have a direct stated or shown limit.

Immortality Negation

Immortality Negation is the ability where the user is able to negate immortality of others rendering them killable. This can be done through various different methods, such as being able to age an eternal being, killing someone unbound by the concept of death, negation one's regeneration entirety, killing someone despite them being reliant on a source, etcetera.

Resurrection Negation

The user can negate resurrection, ensuring that they cannot use abilities to resurrect back themselves or a target.

  • Users:

Physiology Nullification

The ability to negate physiologies, charactes with physiologies such as Acausality, Personal Nonexistence, Nondualism, Transcendence, etcetera are examples of what can be negated. This ability varies greatly depending on what's shown in the verse and being able to negate one physiology does not mean one can negate a completely different physiology in many cases.