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From The Codex
Zeno's ability is known as "Erase" and with it he can erase anything he pleases in the Dragon Ball universe


Erasure is the power to power to erase things on varying scales. The user is able to erase things from existence. This means that the object is it no longer exists, there are no debris or leftovers from the erased target. It is completely removed from reality.


  • Data Erasure: The ability to permanently eliminate data in all forms. The user can permanently eliminate data in any form, from files to digital beings.
    • Users:
  • Energy Erasure: The power to erase any form of energy from objects, people, attacks, etcetera. Since most of powers require a certain amount of energy to work, higher level potency users of this ability can make normally powerful opponents useless.
    • Users:
  • Power Erasure: The ability to eliminate the powers of others. The user can eliminate/remove the supernatural powers of others, so they won't have access to them.
    • Users:
  • Existence Erasure: The power to erase the knowledge/memories of a target from existence. The user can remove the memories/knowledge of a target (person, object, etcetera) from history, a timeline or existence entirely. No evidence of the person or object having ever existed will remain; with lower level potency of this ability, the target still exists physically afterwards, but nothing and no-one will know who or what they are.
    • Users:
  • Physical Erasure: The power to physically erase someone or an object, in this state all physical presence of the person or the object is erased from existence. Lower potency users cannot erase living things but rather inorganic objects or weapons, while high potency users can erase anything on a physical level, reducing the item or person to absolutely nothing.
  • Meta-Physical Erasure: The power to not only erase anything physical but also anything incorporeal, erasing the item or person on a metaphysical, leaving no traces of them behind. In this state, all metaphysical presence of the user is gone, higher potency users can erase all physical presence of the user too with this ability, if they don't erase the physical presence, the user is essentially without any metaphysical part to them, thus lifeless.
    • Users:
  • Conceptual Erasure: The power to erase concepts or one's conceptual existence. In this state all forms of what makes the individual them is gone.
  • Spatial Erasure: The power to erase space. Users can erase three-dimensional space (or higher/lower depending on the spatial dimensions they're shown to effect) and any spatial attacks, controlling the distance between two different points of spatial locations. For higher potency users, since space basically acts as a boundary of existence for all, if the space around any matter or energy is depleted, then the said matter would also be erased from existence.
    • Users:
  • Temporal Erasure: The ability to erase time. The user can completely erase time and/or certain periods in time whether from the past or future. They are able to eliminate moments in time and completely destroy the time that moment occurred within; making all records and memory completely altered as if that event never happened and all things that would or should happen will replace the deleted event. Upon deletion, small-scaled erasure will effect a specific few people while large-scaled erasure will effect the masses or even the entire universe drastically.
  • Spatial-Temporal Erasure: Users can erase things, not only on a physical and spiritual level, but across Space and Time itself, leaving no traces of them across Time and Space, possibly changing history to suit the change. Doing this can erase concepts and the fundamental aspects of one's existence, removing the very idea of their existence from reality, meaning they never did exist, never will exist and cannot exist on a conceptual level. Users can even erase one from the narrative itself, leaving nothing of them on a narrative level. It should be noted both of these are interchangeable.