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Alucard (Pico's School)

From The Codex
"Mature Content"
This character or verse has mature themes and concepts, thus those of young age are ill-advised to look through these.
Please leave me alone! Here, take my school key. Now go away! Stop harassing me! I can sue you for harassment, ya know! I have nothing more to say without my lawyer present.
~ Alucard after being defeated by Pico


Alucard is one of the many antagonists of Pico's School and is a member of the Goth Punks led by Cassandra. In Pico's School, he is the first boss Pico encounters, and he has to fight him in order to get the school key that he used to trap students. He protects himself with a telekinetic shield and throws chairs and dead children with his telekinesis at Pico. In Pico's School: Love Conquers All, he says that his father experimented on him as a baby and that is why he has his telekinesis powers. He also joined the Goth Punks that rebelled against the school because of these experiments.

General Information

Name: Alucard

Origin: Pico's School

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Species: Human

State of Being: Regular

Occupation: None

Affiliations: Cassandra, Cyclops, Hanzou

Enemies: Pico

Status: Deceased (Killed by Pico)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Is a member of the Goth Punks led by Cassandra, where they went out of their way to enact a school shooting killing many innocent kids and teachers[1])

Threat Level: Street Threat (Participated in a massive school shooting[2])

Codex Statistics

Tier: 9-B

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (Can harm Pico[3])

Durability: Wall level (Tanked several bullets from Pico's gun[4]), Higher with Forcefield (Is completely immune to Pico's bullets with his telekinetic shield[5])

Striking Strength: Room Class

Travel Speed: Average Human

Combat Speed: Supersonic (Can tag Pico with his telekinetic attacks[6])

Reaction Speed: Supersonic

Lifting Strength: Average Human

Stamina: High (Can continue to fight Pico while taking multiple gunshots at once from Pico's gun that can blow up bodies and completely destroy chairs[7])

Range: Standard Melee Range, Extended Melee with Telekinesis (Can use his telekinesis to throw things across a room[8])

Intelligence: Unknown

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Forcefield Creation (Can create a shield that protects him from bullets[9]), Telekinesis (Can pick up dead bodies and chairs with telekinesis[10])


None notable.


Standard Tactics: Alucard sets up his telekinetic shield and uses his telekinesis to pick up and throw objects at his opponent.

Weaknesses: Alucard can sometimes let his guard down and lower his shield making him vulnerable.

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