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Batman's standard arsenal


A very common feature in many fictional works is a character having an arsenal they use, otherwise known as Equipment. In various ways these equipment help the character on their journey, though they could also be cursed artifacts or something they're forced to bring along their journey. From fighters having equipment for fights all the way to a school student having basic school equipment, this category varies widely. As this category varies widely, there's differing types of equipment for a character, the following will be an explanation of each.


Standard Equipment/On Hand Equipment

Standard Equipment is the equipment the character regularly has on them and uses. This can sometimes be paired with On Hand Equipment in which it's a equipment a character always has on their person. Though Standard Equipment doesn't directly require a character to have it on them 24/7, while One Hand Equipment for the most part is what they carry on themselves 24/7.

Examples of Equipment that wouldn't be apart of On-Hand Equipment

  • Senzu beans for Dragon Ball characters- They do not always bring them to battle, and require a hefty waiting period for them to grow.

Examples of Equipment that wouldn't be apart of Standard Equipment

  • Rare Powerups for Mario characters- While Mario will most of the time have a mushroom or fire flower on hand, the rarer powerups require him to either play mini-games or complete certain challenges for him to get.
  • The Royal Magic Wand for Marco- Only used it for a couple of minutes in one episode and doesn't have common access to it due to Eclipsa currently having it in her possession.

Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment is the equipment that the character never really uses and isn't something they're able to use normally. Normally for this, the character does have a means to use the equipment though it's far more rare and only used for very important situations. In media this is usually the equipment hidden away that the character uses to fight the main villain and putting it away again. One Use Equipment can count as a type of optional equipment as the character will normally keep it away to use it for the occasion most needed.

Discarded Equipment

Discarded Equipment is equipment the character no longer has, these usually come from One Use Equipment types, though it could also be their equipment broke or was destroyed by someone else. The situations vary, normally providing context helps.

Unknown Status

Unknown Status is equipment that is unknown if the character still has it. An example of this would be it being unknown if Naked Snake still has his Single Action Army from MGS3, as he either gives it to Ocelot or keeps it depending on what Snake does during the Russian roulette segment at the end of the game.