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Beck (Mighty No. 9)

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Articles About Beck
Main Continuity Mighty No. 9
Alternate Continuity Mighty Gunvolt
That's more like it!
~ Beck
C'mon! Snap out of!
~ Beck

I don't wanna fight you, Pyro! Please, snap out of it!
~ Beck to Mighty No. 1
~ Beck to Mighty No. 3
Just a bit more, Mic! We'll get you straightened out and back to the professor!
~ Beck to Mighty No. 4
No, Bat! I'm not like you! I'd never fight without good reason!
~ Beck to Mighty No. 5
Thanks, Avi -- I could use the help!
~ Beck to Mighty No. 6
Fight it, Brand! I'll save you -- I promise!
~ Beck to Mighty No. 7
Listen to me, Shade: You're malfunctioning! Freedom doesn't require all this suffering!
~ Beck to Mighty No. 8

The newest addition to the Mighty Numbers. His timidity always slows down his siblings on the battlefield, but inside him lies a hidden power...


Beck, model Mighty No. 9, is the main protagonist of the Mighty No. 9 series. As the ninth and final Mighty Number to be created by Dr. White, Beck is often seen as the youngest and most inexperienced member of his team. However, when the other Mighty Numbers fall prey to a virus that turns them all violent and disobedient, Beck is charged with using his Xel absorption abilities to subdue and tame them.

General Information

Name: Beck

Origin: Mighty No. 9

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, physically teenage

Classification: Mighty No. 9

Species: Robot

Occupation: Mighty Number

Status: Alive

Alignment: Lawful Good (It was said that Trinity absorbing Beck's empathy and caring nature was enough to bring her under control. As a creation of Dr. White, Beck serves him faithfully and will agree to carry out any mission that White requests of him, even if he is worried about it or unsure of himself. He will always listen to his creators to do what is right)

Codex Statistics

Tier: 9-B with arm-cannon and Fire Explosion, 9-A with Remote Cannon and Sword Slash

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level with arm-cannon (Beck's standard fire can completely destroy wooden crates) and Fire Explosion (Can create a small explosion with Fire Explosion), Room level with Remote Cannon (Beck can utilize the Remote Cannons used by Bat, which creates an explosion big enough to nearly engulf the boss room) and Sword Slash (Beck can utilize the sword wielded by Brand, which he used to slash and destroy several cars in a massive explosion)

Durability: Wall level (Can withstand energy shots similar to his own)

Striking Strength: Wall Class with arm-cannon and Fire Explosion, Room Class with Remote Cannon and Sword Slash

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human

Travel Speed: Average Human, Peak Human with AcXelerate, Superhuman with Strong Charge (Beck can copy the Strong Charge of Mic, which allows for him to outrace speeding vehicles on a highway)

Combat Speed: Athletic Human, Peak Human with AcXelerate, Supersonic with Reflect Shoot (Wields the sniper rifle of Shade)

Reaction Speed: Athletic Human

Stamina: Limitless (Beck is a robot, and thus can continue to function perfectly so long as he isn't damaged externally. He is capable of being shut down but is never seen needing to do so, and he only ever needs to replenish himself or absorb Xels when he has been hurt)

Range: Standard Melee, Extended Melee with arm-cannon (Can fire several meters before the blasts dissipate), Purification (Can purify other robots by firing off Xels from meters away), and Fire Explosion/Remote Cannon (Create a large radius with their explosions), Tens of Meters with Frozen Liquid/Electric Seed/Remote Cannon/Gyro Boomerang (Launch far-reaching projectiles), Hundreds of Meters with Reflect Shoot (Wields a sniper rifle which can be shot across a building)

Intelligence: Genius (Despite being the newest and youngest Mighty Number created by Dr. White, Beck is by far the most versatile and combatively viable. This is due to him wielding a refined version of Trinity's abilities, which allows for him to absorb and immediately learn how to utilize the powers of other robots. During his adventure, he has been responsible for single-handedly launching attacks on the hideouts of every Mighty Number, and defeating them, including Bat, who was designed specifically for warfare. He is also similar to Call, who was able to infiltrate a high-security prison)

Powers and Techniques

Inorganic Physiology (Beck is a robot), Acrobatics (Beck can jump high, grab onto ledges, perform flips, etc), Pseudo-Teleportation & Transformation (Can teleport to a location by transforming into Xels), Energy Projection (Beck can fire off energy blasts from his arm-cannon), Body Control (Will automatically morph his arm into an energy cannon when he needs to attack. He can make his arms larger when assimilating robots), Light Manipulation & Statistics Amplification (Will glow and dash with amplified speed using AcXelerate), Information Analysis (Could calculate the quickest possible route to Dr. Sanda's lab), Immortality (Ageless; As a robot, Beck thus does not age. Reliance on object; Beck's Xels and core will remain and bring him back to a checkpoint at full health, so long as he has lives left), Limited Absorption & Assimilation (Beck was designed to be able to absorb the Xels of robots and assimilate them, which filters out any irregularities from their programming), Limited Purification (Can purify robots and snap them out of their haywire state, through utilizing green Xels), Limited Biological Manipulation (Beck's attacks destabilize other robots to a cellular degree, as their Xels are visibly seen destabilized after being attacked), Limited Empathic Manipulation & Social Influencing (Absorbing Beck's empathy and caring nature is enough to bring robots under control), Limited Possession (Wields the same power as Trinity, who can assimilate and take control of the programming of other robots), Shapeshifting & Mimicry (Physiology Mimicry & Power Mimicry; ReXelection will grant Beck a new form and the abilities of the Mighty Numbers he assimilates)
Resistance to: Pain Manipulation (Robots do not feel pain), Fear Manipulation (Although he can emulate fear, robots do not feel fear), Ice Manipulation (Beck can unfreeze himself when encased in ice), Heat Manipulation (Can function normally when surrounded by fire), Cold Manipulation (Can function normally when surrounded by ice), Corruption (Physical Corruption; Beck was able to resist the malfunction causing robots to go haywire), Biological Manipulation (All robots must be hit several times before their Xels destabilize)

Fire Manipulation & Explosion Manipulation (Pyrogen; Fire Explosion allows for him to discharge bursts of fire), Ice Manipulation (Cryosphere; Frozen Liquid launches balls of ice that can freeze weakened targets), Curtain Fire & Electricity Manipulation (Dynatron; Electric Seed will fire off a spread-shot of seeds, and volts of electricity), Body Control (Seismic; Beck's legs become caterpillar treads that he can use to travel faster), Explosion Manipulation (Battalion; Remote Cannon fires off explosives), Weapon Usage & Air Manipulation (Aviator; Gyro Boomerang summons a large propellor that flies around Beck), Weapon Usage (Brandish; Wields Brandish's sword), Homing Attack (Countershade; Reflect Shoot will always ricochet to hit the nearest target)


  • Arm-Cannon: Beck can morph his Xels, transforming one of his arms into an arm-cannon that fires off yellow energy shots. It is his standard form of attack, the blasts of which can destabilize the Xels of other robots and put them into a prone state, ready for him to absorb them.

Notable Techniques

  • Fire Explosion: An ability obtained after defeating Mighty No. 1, Pyro. Using this ability, Beck can charge up a fiery explosion inside his body, and then release it to damage anything around him. The longer he charges it, the larger the explosion.
  • Frozen Liquid: An ability obtained after defeating Mighty No. 2, Cryo. With his hand turning into a sort of hose connected to the water container on his back, Beck can lob out small balls of ice. When these ice balls connect with an enemy, it can hamper their movement. However, if they are hurt enough, hitting them with this attack can freeze an enemy completely.
  • Electric Seed: An ability obtained after defeating Mighty No. 3, Dyna. Beck will launch out multiple seed-like objects that fly around a room, which attach to surfaces and enemies alike. Once the seeds have attached themselves to something, Beck with discharge a volt of electricity that surges between them, electrocuting everything attached.
  • Strong Charge: An ability obtained after defeating Mighty No. 4, Mic. Having transformed into a sort of construction vehicle, Beck's legs are not caterpillar treads that let him drive along the ground. Like this, he can race over landmines without triggering them, and use his speed to ram into enemies or obstacles.
  • Remote Cannon: An ability obtained after defeating Mighty No. 5, Bat. With his arm-cannon transforming into a sort of grenade launcher, Beck can fire off potent explosives that attach themselves onto surfaces or enemies. After a few moments, it then explodes and causes massive damage.
  • Gyro Boomerang: An ability obtained after defeating Mighty No. 6, Avi. Beck's hand transforms into a large propeller, that allows for him to jump higher and descend slower. He can also shoot this propeller out of his hand, which acts as a boomerang that harms anything in his path and then returns to him.
  • Sword Slash: An ability obtained after defeating Mighty No. 7, Brand. Beck is given Brand's sword, which can slash through just about anything. If a sword attack is charged, Beck will preform a spin attack, although he will grow dizzy if it is charged for too long.
  • Reflect Shoot: An ability obtained after defeating Mighty No. 8, Shade. Beck's standard arm-cannon is turned into a sniper rifle, which he can use to attack enemies from much farther away. His bullets not only home-in on opponents, but also will ricochet off of one enemy in order to target the next closest enemy.


Standard Tactics: Beck will usually start battles by simply using his arm-cannon to try and whittle down an enemy until their cellular structure becomes compromised, in which he will then AcXelerate into them to absorb/assimilate them. Should this be unsuccessful, he will turn to any of his ReXelections to finish off an enemy instead. Once an enemy is brought to a vulnerable state, he will then try to purify and pacify them.

Weaknesses: Beck is generally a pacifist and will attempt to reason with people even when it is unwise to do so, so he must be constantly reminded that combat is the only way to settle the situations he's in. Contact with malfunctioning equipment is fatal to him, as is most electric hazards.

Note: Beck does not scale to any of the major bosses of the game, without using their abilities. This is because of a main gimmick of the boss fights, in which bosses will not actually sustain any damage and will simply recover anything lost. The only way Beck can actually keep their health down is by dashing into them while their Xels are visible, which can be attributed more to Beck absorbing and assimilating their Xels than him actually causing harm. This is backed up further by every boss fight showing their Xel count in their introduction, and Beck finishing every battle by "snapping them out of it", aka assimilating them. To back it up even further, Beck is in disbelief about facing the other Mighty Numbers, and Dr. White rephrases that he is only being sent to fight them due to his assimilation ability.

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