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Bloody Brad

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Bloody Brad, also known as TX-11 model cyberoid are 2 Outer Heaven combat robots devolved by Dr. Drago Pettrovich Madnar while he was captured by Outer Heaven. The 2 cyberiods were used to guard 2 doors in Building 2 's 2nd floor. They were later destroyed by Solid Snake after he obtained a rocket launcher strong enough to defeat them.

General Information

Name: TX-11 model cyberoid (Real Name), Bloody Brad (Nickname), Arnold (Nickname in the MSX2 release of Metal Gear)

Origin: Metal Gear

Sex: None

Age: Less than a year old (Was created during the Outer Heaven uprising)

Classification: Outer Heaven Combat Robots

Species: Robots

State of Being: Regular

Occupation: Mercenary

Affiliations: Outer Heaven

Enemies: FOXHOUND, The Patriots (Unknowingly)

Status: Destroyed (Was destroyed by Solid Snake)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Were created to serve Outer Heaven and follow their orders whether they be good or bad)

Threat Level: Street Threat (Is a trained solider)

Codex Statistics

Tier: 9-B

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (Can harm a rookie Solid Snake, who destroyed a wall in five punches, broke down a door, on two occasions, can fully kill armed soldiers in 3 punches, and tanked a long fall of several floors with no damage)

Durability: Building level (Only able to be destroyed by Snake's rocket launcher, with Snake's other weapons not being able to harm them, which should be superior to the ones used by Big Boss during 1974, which could take down both Chrysalis and Peace Walker, which are of these sizes and should be superior the ones used by Venom Snake during 1984, which can take down Metal Gear Sahelanthropus, which is a large bi-pedal tank of this size. Snake's weapons should also be superior to minigun turrets that can harm Metal Gear Sahelanthropus)

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Comparable to Solid Snake, who can pull himself out of a car where he and Meryl where originally trapped under and is a clone of Big Boss, who can lift up closed garage shutters by himself and can run around and fight while waring the Battle Dress and carrying numerous weapons, with it being shown that the items in Big Boss' inventory still have weight to them)

Travel Speed: Superhuman (Comparable to Solid Snake, who escaped the destruction of Outer Heaven in under 30 seconds, where Snake was in TX-55 Metal Gear's hanger, which is one hundred stories below the ground and is a clone of Big Boss, who can run away from attack dogs while injured, with said attack dogs being Great Danes, which can reach a top speed of 30 mph)

Combat Speed: At most Massively Hypersonic (Can tag Solid Snake, who can dodge tank fire, which is moves at this speed, can tag a cybernetic Gray Fox, who can deflect point-blank gunfire, which results in these speeds, can tag Tengu Soldiers, who can also block point-blank gunfire, and can dodge a bullet from a railgun, which moves at this speed. As a clone of Big Boss, Solid Snake should be comparable to Solidus Snake, Big Boss' perfect clone, who can tag Raiden, who can block point-blank gunfire)

Reaction Speed: At most Massively Hypersonic

Stamina: Limitless (Do to being a robot)

Range: Standard Melee Range

Intelligence: Average


Journeyman level

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts (Capable of autonomous combat), Inorganic Physiology (Nonliving Objects; Is a robot), Pierce Resistance (Standard Pierce Resistance; Covered in dense armor plating that is even resistant to assault rifle fire, with guns in Metal Gear are able to do things regular guns can't do such as taking down tanks, helicopters, and massive armored tanks such as Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon, Peace Walker, and Metal Gear ZEKE), Superhuman Precision (Can tag Solid Snake who can tag Revolver Ocelot, who can block electricity by firing bullets at it and can tag Gray Fox, who can casually deflect bullets)


Standard Tactics: They will usually charge straight at their opponents to attack them.

Weaknesses: None notable.

Note: Snake, Gray Fox, and Liquid are not assumed to scale to the 8-B potency of the Metal Gears from tanking their explosions as they were not in the epicenter, and Gray Fox/Liquid are in a protective cockpit, meaning they more then likely didn't take the full brunt of the explosion. Along with this, the destruction of Metal Gear REX from a large distance away nearly knocked Snake out while Liquid was perfectly fine, supporting that Liquid didn't take the full brunt of the explosion.


  • Bloody Brad's original name, Arnold, is a reference to the bodybuilder, actor, and 38th governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Battle Records

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