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Anne Frank (Goku × Anne Frank: Until the End of Time)

From The Codex
My name is Anne
~ Anne introducing herself to Goku
Goku! You came back for me!
~ Anne to Goku as he saved her before she was going to be killed


Taking place in July 1944 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Anne Frank was a Jewish Girl hiding within a secret attic with her family to stay safe during the Holocaust. She thought life in the attic was boring as Peter and Margot were both quiet and she was very active so she spend her days writing in her diary. However, one day a man named Son Goku was caught in a time portal and was sent to her reality. Anne instantly fell in love with him. Goku needed his power cells to recharge to travel back so Anne offered her room for him to stay him. As they talked, Goku told her she was very pretty, but gave her the heartbreaking news that he was married. After that, his power cells recharged and he traveled back to his reality to seemingly never be seen again as they both said their sad goodbyes.

For about a month, Anne Frank dreamed of Goku everyday and greatly missed him and felt sad that she might never see him again. Little did she know, their lives were tied by an unbreakable string of fate. One day, a Nazi Soldier finally caught Anne Frank in her room in the attic and escorted her away while handcuffing her. However she remember that she forgot her diary so with her rage, she broke her handcuffs open and started to run away. Unfortunately for Anne, she was shot in the leg as she ran and could no longer move from the ground. She was in a tight situation and was about to be killed. Luckily for her, Goku suddenly appeared before she could be killed and saved the day, killing the Nazi Soldier to protect her. He then healed her completely with a Sensu Bean and carried her from The Netherlands to Germany to stop the Nazi's and Hitler once and for all.

When they arrived at Germany, Goku took Anne to a safe location and proceeded to completely wipe out the entirety of the Nazi Army alone. Goku then approached Hitler and destroyed his weapon, both Anne and Goku thinking the battle was over. Little did they know, Hitler could transform into Super Saiyan Hitler and he is 10x stronger than anything Goku has ever achieved. Anne started to worry for Goku now and Super Saiyan Hitler proceeded to completely stomp him with Goku not even being able to harm him. With Goku barely being able to walk and greatly harmed, he used the power of his love for Anne to transform above Super Saiyan Blue into a Super Ultra Power Saiyan. He gave it his all with a Kamehameha and completely vaporized Hitler with it.

About 2 Years later, Anne likely used the time machine to become much older and she was able to marry Goku. They then rode a boat to Australia and changed their names from Goku to Zero and Anne Frank to Whippy Nae Nae to start anew a finally live a happy life together.

General Information

Name: Anne Frank (Formerly), Whippy Nae Nae (Currently)

Origin: Goku x Anne Frank: Until the End of Time

Sex: Female

Age: 15 in the start, At least 18 by the time she married Son Goku and was legally able to change her name. She likely used the Time Machine that Goku later destroyed to get much older in 2 years.

Classification: Human

Status: Alive

Alignment: Neutral Good (Is a good willed girl that has no intentions of harming someone even when attacked)

Codex Statistics

Tier: 10-B, 9-C with Rage Power, At least 6-B, Far Higher as a Super Ultra Power Saiyan with Summoning

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Human level (Anne is an average human girl), Bone level with Rage Power (With Rage Power, Anne was able to break herself free from her handcuffs with the determination to go get her diary), At least Country level (If her life is in danger or she is threatened, Goku will be summoned to save her due to the unbreakable string of fate that ties their lives together. Goku's own power can cause a tank to create an explosion that's visible at Earth's atmosphere which was calculated to have this much power), Far Higher as a Super Ultra Power Saiyan (Defeated Hitler upon transforming, which was stated to be 10x stronger than any of his forms, which should include his Super Saiyan Blue) with Summoning

Durability: Human level (Is an average human girl), Bone level with Rage Power

Striking Strength: Average Human Class, Bone Class with Rage Power

Lifting Strength: Average Human, Peak Human with Rage Power

Travel Speed: Average Human

Combat Speed: Average Human

Reaction Speed: Average Human

Stamina: Average

Range: Average Human

Intelligence: Average

Powers and Techniques

Rage Power (With the determination to get back her diary after being captured, Anne was able to use her rage power to break free from her handcuffs), Fate Manipulation (Goku and Anne's lives were tied together by an unbreakable string of fate. Goku reappeared to save Anne when she needed it most and in the end, he was able to defeat Super Saiyan Hitler despite the odds being fully against him, and married Anne Frank in the end), Divine Protection & Summoning (Due to her life being tied to Goku by a unbreakable string of fate, he is able to rescue her when she is threatened and needs it most).
Resistance to Extreme Pain (After being shot in the leg, Anne did not have much of a reaction to the damage her leg has taken and was just unable to use it)


None Notable.


Standard Tactics: Anne usually attempts to run away from danger as she has no intention to harm. However, if she is enraged she can get a very temporary power boost to escape certain situations. If she is threatened and helpless, Goku will be summoned to help her and he will fight for her.

Weaknesses: Anne usually does not try to fight and just attempts to run away. Her rage power is limited and usually runs out right after she uses it.


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