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Armored Mawdad

From The Codex
''Armored Mawdad

Tuberclipeum rex

Mawdad family

It makes its home inside the hollow stumps of enormous trees. The name is derived from the hard shell covering its entire body. As it grows, it can only molt its shell by slamming into rock walls to shatter it before forming a new one. It has a voracious appetite and doesn't hesitate to eat anything that it sees. The contents of its stomach are often a surprise.''

~ Olimar's notes


The Armored Mawdad (ヨロヒイモムカデ) is the first major boss in Pikmin 3, and the first boss of the Garden of Hope. It is a massive, centipede-like beast with a multitude of small gecko-like legs, a large head, yellow eyes, a bluish-green underbelly, a gaping mouth, and large curved mandibles. The boss crawls about in the hollowed stump, trying to dodge the attacks Alph and Brittany's Pikmin army, and is able to climb up the sides of stump as a means of fleeing. Upon death, it spits out the Data Glutton and the Firebreathing Feast.

General Information

Name: Armored Mawdad

Origin: Pikmin

Sex: Varies

Age: Unknown

Classification: Centipede

Codex Statistics

Tier: At least 10-C

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: At least Subhuman level (Can effortlessly damage Alph, and easily eat Pikmin. Noted to shatter its crystal armor against stone walls in order to grow a new one)

Durability: At least Subhuman level (One of the hardest enemies for Pikmin to kill and completely no-sells most Pikmin attacks. Its crystal exoskeleton makes it hard to damage)

Striking Strength: At least Subhuman Class

Travel Speed: At least Superhuman, likely Supersonic (Superior to Olimar and Alph, who can maneuver and keep pace with the gunfire from Man at Legs)

Combat Speed: Supersonic (Should be comparable to lesser enemies. Can keep up with Alph and his squad)

Reaction Speed: Supersonic

Lifting Strength: Unknown (Can effortlessly fling off a squad of Rock Pikmin)

Stamina: High (Can keep pace with the Pikmin. Said to have carved its entire home out)

Range: Below Average Melee

Intelligence: Animalistic (Seems to lack enough understanding to the point where if the enemy runs away or hides and are out of the Armored Mawdad's sight, they will pace the surrounding area. It acts completely on instinct and is noted to eat anything that moves)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Small Size (Small Animal Sized), Natural Weaponry (With its tongue and tail), Consumption, Crystal Manipulation (The Mawdad can grow a new shell if its previous one shatters, or is too small), Surface Scaling (Can crawl up walls), Stealth Mastery, Burrowing (Can burrow into the ground. The Armored Mawdad burrows into dead stumps where it makes it home).

Resistance to Blunt Force Trauma, Time Stop and Magnetism Manipulation (All enemies on PNF-404 are immune to the magnetic field which stops time in the underground dungeons), Sound Manipulation and Empathic Manipulation (Unaffected by Alph and Brittany's whistle. Other enemies, like the Antenna Beetle's whistle-like sound, can control the Pikmin which captains are superior to)


Weaknesses: Removing or destroying its shell leaves the soft flesh vulnerable to damage.

Battle Records