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Chirin is the main protagonist of the 1978 anime film Chirin no Suzu/Ringing Bell. He was a white lamb that lived in a meadow with his mother and other mother sheep that had lambs of their own. One day Chirin's mother warned him about the Wolf King and to never go pass the fence. Chirin listens to his mother and does not go pass the fence. As seasons go by to fall, on one night Chirin is sleeping in the barn with the other sheep when barking and yelping wakes them up as the Wolf busts in and kills Chirin's mother as she was protecting him. The Wolf runs off as Chirin starts crying because he realised the Wolf had killed his mother. He then sets off to the Rocky Mountains to become the Wolf's apprentice. At first the Wolf shows no care for Chirin but as time goes on he then realises how much he wants to become a wolf. The Wolf then decides to make Chirin his apprentice. As Chirin grows older into a ram he says to the Wolf that his plan was to gain strength to kill the wolf that killed his mother but could never get the courage to. One night the Wolf and Chirin decide to kill the sheep in the barn and that Chirin needs to kill the dogs that are guarding the barn. He kills them and breaks into the barn, where he sees a mother sheep jump on her lamb to protect it as he is then reminded of his past, and he does not want to kill the sheep. The Wolf tries to kill the sheep since Chirin won't do it, but Chirin then kills the Wolf and wants to live in the barn. The other sheep do not allow him to come back as he runs off to the mountains and is never seen again and everyone forgets about him, but when a huge blizzard hit, they could hear the faint sound of his ringing bell.

General Information

Key: Pre-Training | In Training | Post-Training

Name: Chirin

Origin: Chirin no Suzu/Ringing Bell

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown but young | Unknown | At least 3 years old

Classification: The wolf king's Apprentice

Species: Sheep

Occupation: None

Status: Alive

Alignment: Neutral Good before his mom's death (Chirin was merely a curious child living life day by day), Chaotic Neutral after his mom's death (Chirin became driven by vengence wanting to kill Wolf King for killing his mother, even becoming his apprectice in order to overcome him and kill him but he never did due to now seeing him as sort of paternal figure, his final test was to kill the sheeps of his birth place something he almost went through with before turning on wolf king and killing him to protect the sheeps)

Codex Statistics

Key: Pre-Training | In Training | Post-Training

Tier: High 10-C | 9-B | At least 9-B

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: High Subhuman level (Is a young lamb that is unable to bite through a snake's skin) | Wall level (Fairly early on in his training he was able to headbutt through a tree and later on was able to best a pack of panthers and a bear) | At least Wall level (Much stronger than before, can destroy large rock in a single headbutt and fairly casually slaughter an army of guard dogs)

Durability: Wall level (Surived large falls and getting kicked by a buffalo) | Wall level | At least Wall level

Striking Strength: High Subhuman Class | Wall Class | At least Wall Class

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human (Was easily pushed away by a buffalo's breath) | Athletic Human (Should be somewhat comparable to Wolf King who can easily bring a deer down) | Athletic Human (Much stronger than before)

Travel Speed: Below Average Human (Is a small and young lamb) | Superhuman (can run at relatively the same speed as the wolf king who as a wolf should be this fast) | Superhuman (Should be faster than before)

Combat Speed: Below Average Human | Superhuman (Can keep up in battle with a pack of panthers and a bear) | Superhuman

Reaction Speed: Below Average Human | Superhuman | Superhuman

Stamina: Peak Human, possibly Superhuman (Stated to have more energy than every other sheep in his herd combined and despite being quite beaten up made his way back to the mountains and then went on with his day in which he kept getting hurt and even almost drowned and yet made his way back once more before finally passing out) | Superhuman (Was trained by Wolf King, in which these trainings were stated that a day never passed where he didn't feel pain and that sometimes he belived he would die and yet he kept pushing himself each day) | Superhuman (Superior to his past self)

Range: Below Standard Melee | Below Standard Melee | Standard Melee, Extended Melee with his horns

Intelligence: Below Average (Chirin is a child without much knowledge of the world) | At least Above Average fighting wise (Was trained by Wolf King to the point he could take on a pack of panthers and a bear in a fight and win), Average otherwise | At least Above Average fighting wise (As been training for 3 years each day), Average otherwise

Powers and Techniques

All previous abilities plus, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Natural Weaponry and Penetration Damage (By then he had developed small horns), Enhanced Acrobatics (Became much more acrobatic and being trained by wolf king would implied that the latter taught him his combat style which is arcobatic based), Sheer Will (Due to a mix of hatred and tenacity, he trained day after day with wolf king, a day never passed where he didn't feel pain of training and sometimes he belived he would die and yet he kept pushing himself to become a beast that could conquer the wild and it's implied he transferred to a carnivorous diet due to this)


His Bell


Standard Tactics:

Chirin has no prior fighting experice and is rather cowardly, but to protect a nest from a snake he physically fought it

Chirin uses his small size and acrobatics to his advantage to outmaneuver his opponent, seen here

Chirin use his brute strenght to tackle and kick his enemies while also using his large horns to stab and slash and likely still using his acrobatics.

Weaknesses: Is a young child with no past fighting experience | None notable | None notable

Battle Records