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Ducky and Bunny

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Ducky and Bunny are major characters in the 2019 Disney•Pixar animated film, Toy Story 4. They are a pair of carnival toys that have longed to have a kid to call their owner.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Woody's story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!
The duo are first seen at the carnival game Star Adventure as top prizes for three years, until a worker puts Buzz Lightyear in their place. Buzz escapes and Ducky and Bunny immediately find him. Woody decides to take them on their rescue mission to save Forky at the antique store and have them live with Bonnie and the rest of the gang. At the antique store, the duo imagines trying to do many of various things to spook the staff members such as surprise attacks but Buzz rejects these ideas. They steal a key and find Woody and Bo Peep at a machine where they meet Duke Caboom. They accidentally run into Gabby Gabby and her troupe, but they fall out of the store. Woody begs everyone to return to the store, but they were too tired to go back. Bo Peep tells him no and Ducky and Bunny return to the carnival, while Woody returns to the store and Buzz Lightyear returns back to Bonnie's RV. After Woody gave his voice box to Gabby Gabby, they return to help Woody and Gabby Gabby return to Bonnie. Unfortunately, a lost kid is seen crying around the carnival's exit. Ducky and Bunny roll a baseball at Gabby, and the girl spots Gabby Gabby and decides to keep her. Seeing their act in helping Gabby Gabby find a home, Ducky and Bunny decided to stay with their new found friends instead of being with a kid, Bonnie. After Woody's owner and her family return to the carnival, Ducky and Bunny say goodbye to Woody but it would't be a long one as he decided to stay with them instead of returning to Bonnie. With Woody staying with them, Ducky and Bunny begin their new adventure in helping find lost toy new owners with their friends.

General Information

Name: Ducky and Bunny

Origin: Toy Story

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown (Have both been carnival prizes for several years)

Classification: Living toys, Duck and Bunny duo

Status: Alive

Alignment: Lawful Good (Ducky and Bunny long to have a kis to call their owner and be loyal too, they also helped Woody trying to save Forky after the promise of getting to be Bonnie's toys )

Codex Statistics

Tier: 10-C, possibly Higher

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Subhuman level (Ducky and Bunny could easily overpower Buzz Lightyear), possibly Higher (They considered themselves capable of attacking an old woman)

Durability: Subhuman level, possibly Higher

Striking Strength: Subhuman Class, possibly Higher

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human (Comparable to Woody with the help of his friends could slightly lift a TV)

Travel Speed: Below Average Human

Combat Speed: Superhuman

Reaction Speed: Superhuman (Comparable to Woody can drive RC, who at top speed could catch up to a truck)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Below Standard Melee

Intelligence: Average

Powers and Techniques

Small Size (Small Animal Sized), Inorganic Physiology (Living Objects; Ducky and Bunny are sentient toys and toys can survive being torn apart and repaired with mixed parts along with being able to live headless), Longevity (Ducky and Bunny are toys who can't die of old age), Regeneration (Mid; Toys can be repaired, even amateurish repairs such as taping limbs back together allows toys to move them as if they were never removed. non-combat applicable), Limited Possession (Toys can attach their parts to other toys and gain control of their new body), Camouflage (Toys can hide in plain sight by acting motionless).

Resistance to Pain Manipulation (Ducky and Bunny should be comparable to Woody who had his arm ripped off and didn't feel any pain and Buzz Lightyear who didn't feel any pain when he fell down and lost his arm)


Nothing Notable


Standard Tactics: Ducky and Bunny have talked about two ways to take care of an opponent which were, rushing them or stalking the opponent and attacking them once they are at their most vulnerable

Weaknesses: Nothing Notable

Note: Do not try to upgrade the toy story characters to 9-C durability via this feat as firstly we do not see Zurg tank the feat and toys have broken from much smaller falls

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