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Rayquaza (Smash Bros.)

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Rayquaza is the second boss in The Subspace Emissary. In the mode, Rayquaza first appears in the level The Lake after Diddy Kong goes to investigate a crashed Arwing. Seeing Diddy and the Arwing's pilot as intruders of its territory, Rayquaza bursts out of the water, destroys the Arwing with an attack resembling a ball of energy, and then grabs Diddy. Before it can retreat into the water, Fox leaps from the burning Arwing and attacks Rayquaza using Fox Illusion, causing it to lose its grip on Diddy Kong. The beast attacks Fox with the energy ball attack again, but Fox reflects the attack back at Rayquaza using his Reflector, sending it tumbling back into the water. Both Diddy and Fox face off against the dangerous legendary Pokémon.

General Information

Name: Rayquaza

Origin: Super Smash Bros., Originally from Pokémon

Sex: Sexless

Age: Unknown

Classification: Pokémon, Sky High Pokémon

Codex Statistics

Tier: Unknown-E

Cardinality: Unknown

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Unknown: Lower Reality level (Rayquaza fought Fox and Diddy Kong who can fight and defeat Master Hand, fought and defeated Tabuu with the rest of the cast who one-shotted Master Hand and whose defeat caused the subspace realm to be destroyed the subspace realm contains worlds from the world of trophies including objects like the subspace gun which can infinitely render space. Fought Galeem and Dharkon the former of who commands hundreds of Master Hands. Master Hand Is the creator of the Smash Bros. universe, his equal Crazy Hand is the personification of destruction in the Smash Bros. universe. Is the link between the real world and the imaginary world of the Smash Bros. Universe. The Smash Bros. universe is the "World of Imagination", being noted to be imaginary in comparison to reality[1]. With the lower reality being this large)

Durability: Unknown: Lower Reality level

Striking Strength: Unknown: Lower Reality Class

Lifting Strength: Unknown: Lower Reality Class (Easily overpowered Diddy Kong who should be comparable to King Dedede who is able to swing his hammer with who can swing his hammer at massive force)

Travel Speed: Unknown

Combat Speed: Faster Than Light (Comparable to other fighters, like Kirby, who avoided beams from Galeem's, which can reach alternate space-times and separate time periods)

Reaction Speed: Faster Than Light

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Extended Melee Range via sheer size, Tens of Meters with abilities

Intelligence: Gifted(Rayquaza fought Fox and Diddy Kong who can fight and defeat Master Hand who craves to fight against the greatest warriors that have defeated all the prior fighters, is one of the most difficult challenges, with enough skill to perfectly mimic other forms and change up patterns in order to beat the fighter)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Dimension Manipulation (Can interact and harm beings such as Mr. Game & Watch), Resurrection (Self-Resurrection, Resurrection of the Deceased; All smash characters that have fallen in battle turn back into trophies, allowing them to be resurrected), Non-Standard Interaction (Can harm beings like Mr. Game & Watch who is the embodiment of a primordial substance), Large Size (Type 0, Rayquaza is 7 meters long), Flight, Burrowing (Rayquaza can dig through the ground), Electricity Manipulation and Breath Attack (Rayquaza can attack with electric balls and by using lighting), Explosion Manipulation (Via Blast Rayquaza's eyes glow, and then it creates an explosion at the location where the character was at that time), Air Manipulation (Air Dash produces wind that can push characters).
Resistance to Absorption (His Electric Ball can't be absorbed)


Nothing Notable

Notable Techniques

  • Iron Tail: Rayquaza sweeps its tail across the ground. It actually hits twice, and it can break shields quite easily at higher difficulties.
  • Dig: Rayquaza flies up slowly, then crashes into the character while burrowing into the ground, then appears on the other side
  • Dash: Rayquaza ducks down and rushes to the other side of the stage.
  • Air Dash: Rayquaza flies up, and then dashes back and forth near the ground, the move also produces a wind that can push characters around into a spot where they can be hit,
  • Diagonal Electric Ball: Rayquaza sends a ball of electricity in front of itself diagonally (This can be reflected by various reflecting attacks but not absorbed by PSI Magnet or Oil Panic).
  • Lightning Strike: Rayquaza flies up in a tight circle and attacks with a multi-hit lightning bolt, It breaks shields down quickly.
  • Ground Burst: Rayquaza burrows underground, then bursts out of the ground where the player was standing
  • Horizontal Electric Ball: Rayquaza lowers its head and sends the lightning orb in front of itself, which travels across the stage unless it hits the ground, when it will explode. (This can be reflected by various reflecting attacks but not absorbed by PSI Magnet or Oil Panic)
  • Blast: Rayquaza's eyes glow, and then it creates an explosion at the location where the character was at that time
  • Roar: Rayquaza roars. During the first part of the roar, characters are pushed away from Rayquaza if they are close to it.


Standard Tactics: Rayquaza will flies around while trying to rush into his opponent at full speed. The more damaged he becomes the more rayquaza will mix up his moves.

Weaknesses: None Notable

Battle Records




  1. "As time passes on this stage, the level appears to travel through a wormhole from the imaginary Super Smash Bros. Melee world into reality. You move through a cloud-filled sky over a vast mountain range, then into a deep-space vista of dark blues and purples. The scenery is as real as you get in this fantastical world."