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Master Hand

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~ Master Hand’s entering laugh


Master Hand is a hand-like entity who acts as the main recurring boss in the Super Smash Bros. universe. He appears at Final Destination as the final boss of the 1P Game in Super Smash Bros. and of Classic Mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. 4, and some fighters' paths in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He also plays a large role in Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary and Adventure Mode: World of Light. Due to his role as a boss, Master Hand is often unplayable barring hacks, though a glitch that allows the player to play as him exists in Super Smash Bros. Melee. The player must bring his HP down to 0 to defeat him. Master Hand's left hand counterpart, Crazy Hand, was introduced in Melee.

Despite appearing in all five games of the series, considerable mystery surrounds the character, due to a lack of sufficient official explanations. However, he is known as the creator of the Super Smash Bros. universe, and in Brawl as the master of the World of Trophies. In Super Smash Bros 4, Master Hand is shown to have some connection to Master Core, with the "Swarm" that Master Core comprises appearing from within Master Hand after he has taken enough damage. This link between the two has yet to be elaborated upon in the Smash universe.

Master Hand is playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a special event battle found in World of Light. Elsewhere and in other games, he is only playable via a glitch in Super Smash Bros. Melee or through hacking.

Master Hand is usually fought on Final Destination, although in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Donkey Kong's Classic Mode instead uses the Ω form of New Donk City Hall, and Joker's Classic Mode uses the Ω form of Mementos.

General Information

Name: Master Hand

Origin: Super Smash Bros., Kirby & the Amazing Mirror

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown (Master Hand is often theorized to be the representation of a child playing pretend with his toys, the child grows up overtime with the toys turning into trophies, and them notably getting older, though it is unknown if this is officially canon nor the official age of the child nor the official age of his abstract representation, Master Hand)

Classification: Creator of Smash, Representation of Creation

Species: Unknown

State of Being: Creator (Master Hand is the creator of smash and is the representation of creation within the world of imagination)

Occupation: None

Status: Alive

Alignment: True Neutral (Master Hand represents creation, caring nothing about the good or evil of the smash characters but only craving a strong fighter to fight against)

Codex Statistics

Keys: Inside the World of Imagination | Outside the World of Imagination

Tier: Unknown-E, Higher as Master Core | Low 5-B

Cardinality: Unknown | Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Unknown: Lower Reality level (Fought 50 clones of all the Smash protagonist which allowed them to conquer both light and darkness. Has consistently fought the Smash cast as their final boss in Classic Mode. Is the creator of the Smash Bros. universe, his equal Crazy Hand is the personification of destruction in the Smash Bros. universe. Is the link between the real world and the imaginary world of the Smash Bros. Universe. The Smash Bros. universe is the "World of Imagination", being noted to be imaginary in comparison to reality[1]. With the lower reality being this large) | Small Planet level (Can fight and harm Kirby who can crack Pop Star in half with splitting the earth in half being calculated at this level)

Durability: Unknown: Lower Reality level (Can collide with Crazy Hand, his equal), Higher as Master Core | Small Planet level

Striking Strength: Unknown: Lower Reality Class, Higher as Master Core | Small Planet Class

Lifting Strength: Unknown: Lower Reality Class (Can effortlessly lift and slam down Final Destination, him jumping and landing back down causes the stage to slant) | Unknown

Travel Speed: Faster Than Light (Flies to a distant galaxy in a couple of seconds) | Faster Than Light

Combat Speed: Faster Than Light (Comparable to other fighters, like Kirby, who avoided beams from Galeem's, which can reach alternate space-times and separate time periods) | Faster Than Light

Reaction Speed: Faster Than Light | Faster Than Light

Stamina: Likely Limitless

Range: Hundreds of Meters with projectile based attacks, Multi-Universal with abilities and with Portal Creation (The link between the real world and the imaginary world is tied to him)

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Craves to fight against the greatest warriors that have defeated all the prior fighters, is one of the most difficult challenges, with enough skill to perfectly mimic other forms and change up patterns in order to beat the fighter)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Inorganic Physiology (Is merely a floating hand), Large Size (Supersize), Higher-Dimensional Existence, Abstract Existence (Type 2; Is the source of all creation and is described to personify it), Reality Warping, Link Manipulation (Is the Link between the Real World and Imaginary World), Transformation (Upon being defeated he transforms into Master Core a far more powerful version of himself that’s powerful enough to scare away Crazy Hand), Summoning (Can summon Crazy Hand), Sound Manipulation (Can laugh despite only being a hand), Flight (His natural state is flying and he can maneuver around as such), Vibration Manipulation (Slams the ground hard enough to cause massive shaking), Energy Projection (Can shoot out energy lasers out of his finger tips), Creation & Fire Manipulation (Created all of smash, can create bullets that can set one on fire if hit by them. Can create spike balls. With Fireball Frenzy Master Hand retreats into the background and produces between three and five fireballs), Smoke Manipulation (Generates smoke from a lot of his attacks), Magnetism Manipulation & Electricity Manipulation (Creates a magnetic attraction with Crazy Hand that also generates electricity), Status Effect Inducement & Mind Manipulation (With a snap he can leave the target dazed), Spike Manipulation (Creates golden spikes out of the ground), Sleep Manipulation & Shockwave Generation (With Applaud, a shockwave is released that puts the player to sleep. With Sleeper Grab, Master Hand hovers near the player and then grabs them, squeezes them, and if not escaped from, sets the player on the ground in an asleep state), Ink Manipulation (With Ink Blob, Master Hand creates a large ball of ink that covers both the player and the screen), Teleportation (With Snap Teleport, Master Hand teleports by snapping his fingers), Air Manipulation & Ice Manipulation (With Icy Wind, Master Hand flaps rapidly, causing a wind that pushes to the left/right and spawns icy projectiles on higher intensities. These ice projectiles will give the Frozen status effect on impact), Glyph Creation (With Platform Dealer, Master Hand tosses out orange platforms, which upon landing on the stage, rise upwards in an attempt to drag the player over the top blast line. Each platform are large enough to cover a quarter of final destination), Paralysis Inducement (With Snapper Master Hand snaps his fingers, creating blue and green energy with yellow stars. If the player is hit by this on the ground, they are instantly stunned), Duplication (Can create duplicates of the fighters), Law Manipulation (Master Orders contain battles with special rules, which can vary between a 1-minute timed battle, a 2-minute stock battle, a 1-minute coin battle, a stamina battle, and a horde battle. Additional effects, such as characters being able to reflect projectiles, or starting equipped with certain items, may also be present)

All previous powers and abilities to a greater extent, Enhanced Large Size (Building Sized as Master Giant. Of this size. Possibly Skyscraper Sized as Master Fortress. Turns himself into an entire fortress), Curtain Fire (Creates several blobs that explode into several light projectiles in many directions), Size Manipulation (Can increase its size), Forcefield Negation (One of it’s attacks is a quick slash that does nothing at first but then a horizontal slash will appear across the stage, dealing damage. The slash can penetrate through shields), Shapeshifting (Can shapeshift into several different forms), Body Control (Can extend his body to attack), Weapon Creation (Can turn himself into a sword), Homing Attack (His energy attacks follow the target), Mimicry (Physiology Mimicry; Can turn into the fighter he’s facing and mimic all of their moves), Enhanced Creation (Can create enemies), Acid Manipulation (Has acidic waters in his fortress), Possible Regeneration (Low-High. Everytime a form of Master Core is defeated it reforms itself from its shadow bits alone), Self-Destruction (Has a final self-destruction attack that one-shots the fighters regardless of their health)

Notable Techniques

Move Description
Big Swipe Master Hand makes a wide slapping motion across the platform.
Fake-Out Slap Master Hand holds a fist above the player as if to punch them, but instead opens up and comes down with a slap. Buries the player.
Dual Poke Master Hand pokes the air twice. The second poke is more powerful.
Finger Bullet Master Hand makes the shape of a gun, and fires a pair of bullets (Bullet Bills in SSB64). If Master Hand has less than 100 HP remaining, he will fire three pairs.
Finger Drill Master Hand flies up, then slams down while spinning in a drill-like fashion. Burying the opponent into the ground.
Finger Walk Master Hand "walks" across the stage using his pointer and middle fingers. When he reaches his opponent, he does a fiery flick.
Floor Sweep Master Hand sweeps across the stage several times, depending on the length of the platform.
Flying Punch Master Hand flies in from the background and punches the player.
Flying Slap Master Hand flies in from the background and slaps the stage.
Jetstream Master Hand makes a vaguely plane-like shape, then flies into the background. He attempts to fly into the player, then flies back in from the right. The takeoff deals flame damage if the player is nearby.
Power Punch Master Hand hovers over the target, then quickly punches down with electric effects. If used outside Final Destination, may result in Master Hand getting stuck and unable to move for the rest of the match.
Side Punch Master Hand makes a fist and punches horizontally across the stage.
Laser Nail Master Hand shoots a laser beam from each of his fingertips.
Power Slap Master Hand slaps the ground. Buries the player.
Reverse Throw Master Hand throws the opponent backwards with decent knockback.
Squeeze Master Hand's pummel. After 3 squeezes he will move to a throw.
Tri-Poke Master Hand pokes the air three times. The third poke is more powerful.
Vertical Throw Master Hand throws the opponent into the ground. High damage and knockback, but cannot KO under normal conditions.
Fireball Blitz Master Hand produces a large orange fireball and squeezes it, causing it to break into fragments that scatter across the stage.
Icy Wind Master Hand flaps rapidly, causing a wind that pushes to the left/right and spawns icy projectiles on higher intensities. These ice projectiles will give the frozen status effect on impact.
Platform Dealer Master Hand tosses out orange platforms, which upon landing on the stage, rise upwards in an attempt to drag the player over the top blast line. Each platform covers a quarter of the stage and cannot be dropped through.
Mirrored Laser Master Hand produces a series of mirrors and fires a single laser that bounces between them.
Ring Toss Master Hand throws two rings across the stage. They may or may not circle back around for another pass.
Snapper Master Hand snaps his fingers, stunning the player.
Spike Bowl Master Hand underhands a series of spiked balls across the stage, which may either roll or bounce. They can be attacked, reflected, or even picked up with the right timing.
Snap Teleport Master Hand teleports by snapping his fingers.
Move Description
Cross Punch Crazy Hand punches across the stage, with Master Hand catching him.
Dual Lasers The two hands both use Laser Nail at once, sweeping across the entire stage.
Dual Sweep Crazy Hand runs his fingers across the stage like a plow, while Master Hand flies in the other direction with an uppercut.
Shadow Puppet The two hands form a canine-like shape and emit three damaging "barks", the third, much larger than the rest, causes the player character to get stunned if unblocked and within range.
Static Discharge The two hands rub the back of their hands to charge up with electricity, then slap the stage to release electricity that covers the whole stage platform.
Zoom In Master Hand and Crazy Hand create a "picture frame" (with their index fingers and thumbs), causing the screen to zoom in and flames to cover the corners in a similar vein to Sudden Death. During this time, the blast lines are closer, and the player can get KO'd much more easily. This effect is only temporary.

Master Giant has the following attacks:

  • Spawns two additional arms with glowing hands. These arms will sweep the stage, then merge back into its chest. If the player is grabbed by a glowing hand, they will be consumed by the 'head', taking damage and ending with a downwards launch, but with little knockback.
  • Moves its arm quickly across the screen horizontally. The movement itself does nothing, but a split second later a horizontal slash will appear across the stage, dealing damage. The slash can penetrate through shields.
  • Creates six electric orbs that fly and wander around the top part of the screen. Master Giant will then pick up the entire stage and lift it to the level of the orbs, before dropping it back down. This attack can be avoided by jumping off the stage, then jumping back on once it is dropped back down. If the player has just been KO'd by one of Master Core's previous attacks and is in the middle of respawning, the act of Master Core lifting the stage can cause the player to be trapped underneath it and be KO'd a second time.
  • Master Giant's head will split open, creating a vacuum effect around it. During this move, large electric orbs will travel across the stage horizontally. If the player is caught by the head or an electric orb, they will be 'swallowed', taking damage then being launched downward in the same manner as the 'arms' attack. The electric orbs can be avoided by perfect shielding or dodging/rolling, though it's the safest to stay away from them until Master Giant ends the attack.
  • Master Giant's head will transform, then attempt to headbutt the player. If this attack lands, the player will be buried. After the headbutt, 4 orbs are created in random locations, detonating after a delay and creating a cross-shaped explosion in the shape of the Smash logo. The explosions can deal huge damage if more than one hits.
  • Master Giant will scream, creating a massive shockwave that pushes players away from the center of the stage, potentially knocking them off. Players are pushed much farther if they are in the air. The player gets hit, causing damage, if the player is very close; however, the player will not be pushed far toward the edge of the stage. Ignores Counter attacks.

Master Beast has the following attacks:

  • Jumps into the background area, then dives back with a biting attack at the player, similarly to Master Hand's background punch and plane attacks. Like those attacks, it can be avoided by jumping, though the animation is much quicker so the player has less reaction time. This move may be Master Beast's strongest attack in terms of KOing power, and it also deals extreme shield damage.
  • Leaps high off the screen, then comes back down with a body slam. It will land on either edge of the stage, causing the whole stage to briefly tilt downwards sharply in that direction. This attack is easy to avoid by staying in the center of the stage, but if the player has been hit by a previous attack and is recovering on the opposite side at the time, the sudden tilting of the stage can cause the player to miss ledges. It can also spike the player downwards if they get hit by it falling while in the air.
  • Spawns spikes on its back, then a trail of shadows will crawl across the ground. When its horizontal position matches the player's or if it reaches the corner, spikes will spawn at that location, dealing damage.
  • Emanates lightning around itself. There is a brief start-up time, which shows it shrinking and being struck by lightning, similar to Pikachu's down special.

  • Master Edges has the following attacks:

  • Emits a brief flash of light, then performs a single large simultaneous slash with all 5 blades. Hits at a semi-spike angle that is dangerous to fighters with weak horizontal recoveries, but also deals enough knockback to KO if the player has more than 70%-80% damage.
  • Launches four small spinning projectiles, two at a time, which boomerang back to the swords. These projectiles hit once and disappear, and can be absorbed with moves such as PSI Magnet and Oil Panic, or reflected with moves such as Cape and Reflector.
    • An alternate attack causes the swords to launch two larger projectiles one at a time instead. This version deals multiple hits, cannot be absorbed, and wears through shields instead of disappearing on block.
  • The swords space themselves to surround the whole stage. The four smaller swords will slash across the stage in a set pattern, then after a brief pause, the large sword will track the player and slam downward. The large sword deals significant knockback. Can be dodged by sidestepping or airdodging with the timing of each swing, but getting hit will likely (though it can still be airdodged if timed correctly) trap the player in the rest of the combo, including the final hit.
  • All five swords 'ready' themselves and briefly follow the player before unleashing a flurry of slashes, ending with a very wide slash that has a large vertical radius. The initial flurry deals little damage, but serves to trap the player so that they cannot avoid the last slash, which is a semi-spike. Can be avoided by quickly moving behind the swords just before it initiates the attack. A full shield can block the entire attack, but the shield will be broken on the final slash; this can be avoided at the last second by dodging out of the shield.

  • Self-Destruct: If the Core has not been defeated after 45 seconds, it will begin to spin rapidly and rise to the center of the screen, then charge up and unleash five red waves. Being hit by any wave will one-hit KO the opponent. The core can still be attacked while floating during this time; if it is, it will stop releasing waves and giving the opponent some time to KO it. However, if it isn't attacked for a short period of time, it will unleash them again. After all five waves, the Core will self-destruct.

  • Other

    Standard Tactics: Master Hand is a natural wild card where his moves depend on what he decides to use. Though normally when getting weakened he will summon Crazy Hand or transform into Master Core.

    Weaknesses: Master Fortress has weak points within him that if attacked will eventually reduce him to his master core self. Once Master Core does his last attack he will self-destruct and die in the process.

    Note: Master Hand is the link between reality and imagination of Smash Brothers, thus he views all characters as mere trophies, though it should be noted Master Hand and Crazy Hand’s trophies are merely non-canon pieces used to give info on both of the characters by Sakurai. In canonical story modes whenever they are defeated they do not transform into trophies, more information can be found here.

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    1. "As time passes on this stage, the level appears to travel through a wormhole from the imaginary Super Smash Bros. Melee world into reality. You move through a cloud-filled sky over a vast mountain range, then into a deep-space vista of dark blues and purples. The scenery is as real as you get in this fantastical world."