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From The Codex


The Klimeths are encountered in the Volcano and are created by the void to kill Born in order to reclaim it. They have the ability to erase colors underneath them.

Codex Statistics

Tier: 10-A

Name: Klimeths

Origin: Nihilumbra

Sex: Gendreless (They are creatures born of the void)

Age: Unknown

Classification: Void Creature

Status: Alive

Alignment: Lawful Evil (Klimeths are creatures created by the void to kill Born in order to reclaim it)

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Above Average Human level (Klimeths can kill Born who is capable of breaking a wooden box by pushing it against a wall)

Durability: Above Average Human level

Striking Strength: Above Average Human Class

Lifting Strength: Regular Human (Should be comparable to Born who can push a wooden box)

Travel Speed: Regular Human

Combat Speed: Regular Human

Reaction Speed: Regular Human

Stamina: Limitless by the virtue of being a being made of void

Range: Standard Melee

Intelligence: Unknown

Powers and Techniques

Personal Nonexistence (Spiritual Nonexistence; Klimeths are made of pure void and are nothing in the world, they also lack a soul), Inorganic Physiology (Non-living Object; Klimeths are beings of pure void), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2 and 3), Non-Standard Interaction (Can harm and kill Born), Likely Shapeshifting (should be comparable to Born who can change his shape), Power Nullification (Klimeths are capable of erasing Born's colors).
Resistance to Soul Manipulation (As they were born for the same source, Klimeths should be soulless like other void creatures)


Nothing Notable


Standard Tactics: Klimeths physically rushes their opponent.

Weaknesses: Nothing Notable

Battle Records