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Lucrecia Crescent

From The Codex

Oh! Oh, I apologize. This is the first time I have ever met anyone from the Turks. Lucrecia Crescent, pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Valentine.
~ Lucrecia Crescent to Vincent Valentine
Hello, Vincent. Hm, something's wrong... You see, this is me, only in a sense. It is merely a reflection, created with my remaining data. The real me crumbled away long ago! Vincent, do you remember our place? Under that tree? The warm breeze... on our skin. I know that... it no longer exists. Things fade with time, as do many things in this world. But there are some things that we cannot let disappear, hm? I've finally... I've finally realized my true feelings, even if you may never understand them. Not that I mind, though. But... this isn't... how it was supposed to be. I've... I've made... too many mistakes! And I've hurt you so, so much! Why did I do what I did...? I'm so sorry!
~ Lucrecia Crescent to Vincent Valentine
Am I sure? Am I sure?! If this only concerns me, then yes, I am sure!
~ Lucrecia Crescent to Vincent Valentine
You had... You had his eyes. I didn't want to remember. I pushed you away, but... Now I realize... I never wanted to lose you.
~ Lucrecia Crescent to Vincent Valentine
Give him back! Give my son back! I don't know... I don't know, I don't care! Let me see him! Just once!
~ Lucrecia Crescent to Professor Hojo

I wanted to disappear... I couldn't be with anyone... I wanted to die. But the Jenova inside me wouldn't let me die... Lately, I dream a lot of Sephiroth. My dear, dear child... Ever since he was born, I never got to hold him... Not even once. You can't call me his mother... That... is my sin...
~ Lucrecia Crescent
I'm so sorry...
~ Lucrecia Crescent


Lucrecia Crescent is a minor character of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. She appears primarily through flashbacks, as a scientist working for the Shinra Power Electric Company, whose interactions with Vincent Valentine drastically altered his life-course. She was originally a pupil of Vincent's father, Grimoire Valentine, during her study of Omega Weapon and Chaos.

Lucrecia's guilt over incidentally causing Griomoire's death led for her to distance from Vincent and run into the arms of Professor Hojo. Through this consummation, she eventually became the mother of Sephiroth. Her immense grief over causing so much pain and being unable to see her son, made her retreat to the Crystal Cave, where she lives on in seclusion.

General Information

Name: Lucrecia Crescent

Origin: Final Fantasy VII

Sex: Female

Age: Around 35 years old

Classification: Class A Biotechnologist

Species: Human

Occupation: Shinra Scientist

Status: Alive

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Lucrecia is well-intentioned but highly conflicted on her morals, as she often lets her emotions dictate her very drastic actions. Though she loves and cares for Vincent greatly, the guilt she has over causing Grimoire's death led to her abandoning Vincent completely and aiding in the creation of the main antagonist of the series, Sephiroth. She is entirely driven by her own feelings and as such is constantly punished for her rashness and selfishness. It is, after all, her own desire to prove herself to those that looked down on her, that led to Grimoire Valentine's death in the first place)

Codex Statistics

Tier: 10-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Average Human level

Durability: Average Human level, Jenova Cells make her difficult to kill (Lucrecia cannot physically die easily, as the Jenova Cells inside her won't let her die even when she actively wants to)

Striking Strength: Average Human Class

Lifting Strength: Average Human

Travel Speed: Average Human

Combat Speed: Average Human

Reaction Speed: Average Human

Stamina: Below Average (As a regular scientist, Lucrecia is not trained or used to any sort of physical activity. The Jenova Cells within her often give her harrowing visions that cripple her movement and cause for her to pass out, from shock or grief)

Range: Standard Melee

Intelligence: Genius academically (Lucrecia is a genius scientist rated as a Class A Biotechnologist, and is thus very well-versed in many different fields of study within the Shinra Company. She is solely responsible for the correct research done on both Chaos and Omega Weapon, and single-handedly infused Vincent with Chaos, as well as summoning the Protomateria)

Powers and Techniques

Spirit Energy Physiology, which grants: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Blessed (Everyone born into the world is blessed with Spirit Energy), Sheer Will (Willpower alone can be enough to fight off Mako poisoning, and the will of Jenova. Those with a strong enough will can retain their sense of self after dying and returning to the Lifestream), Memory Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Rage Power, & Aura (Limit Breaks are born of memories, are comprised of Spirit Energy, and are unleashed when the user's anger is pushed to the limit. They give off an aura when used), Non-Standard Interaction (Characters can interact with the souls of the Gi Tribe), Regeneration Negation (Biological; Jenova can regenerate itself fully so long as its cells remain, as Cloud Strife participates in Jenova's Reunion despite only containing her cells. Despite this, pieces of Jenova defeated by the heroes were unable to enact the Reunion. Can completely kill pieces of Jenova, preventing them from regenerating), Accelerated Development (When Sephiroth fought the party far earlier than he was supposed to, the main characters could still contend with him, even after Sephiroth absorbed the Whispers and became stronger than he had ever been)


Weaknesses: Lucrecia is a non-combatant.

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