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Ali (Beyond Oasis)

From The Codex
On the mystical island of Oasis, Prince Ali embarks on a crusade against evil.


Ali is the Prince of the Kingdom of Oasis, and main character of Beyond Oasis: Story of Thor. Although holding the status of royalty, Ali is a trained martial artist who was taught the ancient fighting arts of Oasis, and is also an expert explorer. He's known for spending most of his days travelling to uncharted islands, and looting them for lost treasure.

On one fateful expedition, Ali came across a secret chest containing what seemed to be a gauntlet of pure gold. This was the Gold Armlet, a mystical object from eons past that served as the symbol of knowledge over all creation. After finding the item, the Gold Armlet telepathically speaks to Ali, granting him its power and pleading him to stop its evil pair, the Silver Armlet.

Ali took up the mission, putting on the Gold Armlet and sailing back to Oasis. There, he saw that the island had gotten overrun by monsters, surely as a result of the Silver Armlet and its wielder. Ali, under instruction of his father, the King, travelled throughout Oasis in search of four temples, in which he unlocked the four elemental Spirits that gave alleigance to the Gold Armlet's creator, Reharl.

As his adventure continued, the resurrection of the dark creator of the Silver Armlet, Agito, came underway. In trying to prevent it, Ali faced off against the current wielder of the Silver Armlet, who when defeated was revealed to be Ali's long-lost elder sister, Princess Gwyn. Unfortunately, Gwyn was discarded by the Silver Armlet and Agito was finally revived. After a climactic battle, Ali was able to slay the dark lord within his own Shadow World.

With the battle over, Ali's four Spirits resigned to stay within the Shadow World, their task finally completed. Ali sought to return back to the Human World alongside Gwyn, though she refused. After taking Ali's Gold Armlet alongside the Silver Armlet, she wished him well and pushed him through the space-time portal.

Ali returned, triumphant yet filled with regret for the sister he once again lost. Several years passed, and the deeds Ali had done for the Kingdom of Oasis shone brightly for his future. He would soon become the King of Oasis, and the world would prosper under his rule.

Codex Statistics

Tier: 9-B, 2-C with Gold Armlet

Name: Prince Ali, Gold Armlet (Is referred to as this on several occasions)

Origin: Beyond Oasis

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, around 18 years old

Classification: Prince of Oasis, King of Oasis (End of Beyond Oasis)

Alignment: Neutral Good (Prince Ali is a hero to his very core. Although he likes to embark on treasure-hunting quests for his own personal gain, he will drop everything he's doing to help out the moment that trouble arrives. When Reharl asked Ali to help him defeat the evil Silver Armlet, Ali agreed to do so without question and fought bravely against hoards of monsters to see through that evil be destroyed. He even fought against his own sister without letting his emotions get the better of him, simply because it would be lead to peace for the world)

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (Was able to destroy a brick wall with kicks), Universe level with Gold Armlet (The power of the Armlets were so immense that it is considered unknowable. The Gold Armlet specifically is noted to be the origin of all things. Is equal to the Silver Armlet, with which Agito was implied to have created the Shadow World, a realm comparable to the main universe)

Durability: Wall level, Universe level with Gold Armlet (Can take hits from Agito, who has become the manifestation of the Silver Armlet)

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Lifting Strength: Class 25 (Could casually push a boulder of this size)

Travel Speed: Athletic Human (Ali is said to be in pretty good physical condition, allowing for him to sprint at good pace)

Combat Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Ali can fight at comparable speeds to the Spirits, one of whom being Airl, who can freely conjure and perceive lightning), Speed of Light with Gold Armlet (The Gold Armlet emits light and can fire Light Balls)

Reaction Speed: Massively Hypersonic

Stamina: Superhuman (Ali's entire adventure is one non-stop quest, which would put him far beyond the stretches of any regular human. He was able to sail the seas, hunt for treasure, travel throughout Oasis on foot, conquer several temples and fortresses, and defeat hoardes of powerful monsters, without any rest or signs of fatigue), Limitless with Spirits (The Spirits were capable of fighting a war without rest for eons)

Range: Standard Melee, Extended Melee with Swords, Tens of Meters with Gold Armlet's Light Balls and Companions, Hundreds of Meters with Crossbows

Intelligence: Genius (Ali has been trained in the fighting arts of Oasis by his master for several years, and is held in higher regards physically than the trained soldiers of his Kingdom), Cosmic with Gold Armlet (Is bestowed the power of the Gold Armlet, which is the origin of all things, and has the knowledge of all creation. Those with the Gold Armlet become aware of the growing existence of evil. Wielding the Gold Armlet allowed for Ali to fight, and defeat, Agito, who has existed for eons)

Powers and Techniques

Obtains the Gold Armlet, which grants: Telepathy (Is able to telepathically speak to Ali), Light Manipulation (The Armlet emits light, and can fire Light Balls), Summoning (Firing Light Balls will summon his spirit companions), Power Bestowal (The spirit of the Gold Armlet bestowed its power to Ali), Metaphysics Manipulation (Spirit Manipulation; Has the power to govern spirits), Extrasensory Perception (The Gold Armlet makes the holder aware of a growing evil), Cosmic Awareness (Those with the Gold Armlet become aware of the growing existence of evil and hold the knowledge of all creation), Creation (The Gold Armlet is said to be the origin of all things)

Flight (Will naturally fly around Ali with her wings), Water Manipulation (Dytto is the Spirit of Water. She can create a water tornado with Magic Storm), Paralysis Inducement (Magic Bubble will stun enemies), Healing (Can restore Ali's health. Her spiritual power can cure any illness), Shapeshifting (Can turn into a droplet of water), Longevity (Dytto is a Spirit who is entirely made of water, that can manifest at will), Regeneration (Low-High; Dytto can reform after being reduced to a single droplet of water), Purification (Dytto can purify evil)


  • Altknife: Ali's starting weapon. It is completely unbreakable.
  • Sword: A standard sword. It will break after a good amount of usage.
  • Broadsword: A powerful broadsword. It will break after a good amount of usage.
  • Death Sword: A far more powerful sword than the broadsword, bringing death to most who face it. It will break after a good amount of usage.
  • Omega Sword: Ali's most powerful sword, which he obtained after completing the 100-Level Pit. It is completely unbreakable.
  • Crossbow: A standard crossbow, which will fire arrows at a long range. It has limited ammo and becomes useless after a few shots.
  • Metal Crossbow: A powerful crossbow made out of strong metal. It has limited ammo and becomes useless after a few shots.
  • Fire Crossbow: A crossbow that fires flaming arrows, engulfing its victims in fire. It has unlimited ammunition.
  • ATM Crossbow: A crossbow that fires blunt, powerful arrows. It has limited ammo and becomes useless after a few shots.
  • Bomb: A standard bomb that Ali can pick up and toss. They will explode on contact, though there is a limited amount of them.

  • Cheese: A block of cheese. It restores 1/4th of Ali's HP.
  • Fish: A raw fish taken straight from the water. It restores half of Ali's HP.
  • Steak: A slab of steak. It restores 3/4ths of Ali's HP.
  • Roast Beast: The cooked remains of a fearsome beast. It restores all of Ali's HP.
  • Orange: A freshly picked orange. It restores 1/4th of Ali's SP.
  • Apple: A freshly picked apple. It restores half of Ali's SP.
  • Pomegranate: A mystical golden pomegranate. It restores 3/4ths of Ali's SP.
  • Grapes: A bunch of blue grapes. They restores all of Ali's SP.
  • Mushroom: A small white mushroom. It restores 1/4th of Ali's HP and SP.
  • Lettuce: A head of lettuce. It restores half of Ali's HP and SP.
  • Garlic: A head of lettuce. It restores 3/4ths of Ali's HP and SP.
  • Toadstool: A large magical toadstool. It restores all of Ali's HP and SP.

  • Gold Armlet: A magical armlet that opposes the Silver Armlet. It is capable of governing over spirits, and can summon four elemental spirits to aid whoever is wearing it.
  • Warp Device: A device that allows for Ali to move through warps of space and time.
  • Necklace: A red necklace that gives off a mysterious radiance. It once belonged to Ali's elder sister, Gwyn, before her disappearance.

  • Dytto: The Spirit of Water. Dytto can be summoned from almost any body of water, steam spouts, streams and drops of water.
  • Efreet: The Spirit of Fire. Efreet can be summoned from any kind of flame. He loves to bust heads with his fiery punch — no encouragement necessary — which makes him pretty handy when you're walking around.
  • Shade: The Spirit of Shadow. Shade is summoned from Mirrors and other reflective items. Shade becomes your mystic double, making you invulnerable to enemy attacks. He also protects you from dangerous drops by lifting you up.
  • Bow: The Spirit of Plant. This perky plant has an insatiable appetite. He eats everything — snakes, giant rats, beastmen, even iron grates!


Weaknesses: None notable.

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