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Alm (Fire Emblem)

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Main Continuity Alm - Einherjar Alm
Alternate Continuity Fire Emblem Heroes

Don't worry. I'll crush these bastards.
~ Alm to Celica

My station doesn’t matter, Celica. I’m here because I was called. I have a duty to perform, and I’ll perform it. No more, and no less.
~ Alm to Celica


Alm is the main protagonist of Fire Emblem: Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Having been raised in a backwater town known as Ram Village, Alm's true identity was concealed by his adoptive grandfather, Sir Mycen. As a boy, Alm was introduced to a girl named Celica, and was quickly drawn to her. The two shared similar birthmarks on their hands, which seemed to bind them by fate.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Alm’s story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!

As Alm grew older, he was forced to say goodbye to Celica for reasons he was unaware of. Eager to leave Ram Village and set out for something bigger, Alm trained in swordplay with his grandfather every single day until he reached 17 years old. A man named Lukas arrived in the village, claiming that the Kingdom of Zofia had been overrun by the Rigel Empire. In a rash decision, Alm took his friends and joined the Deliverance army to oppose Rigel.

Alm quickly rose through the ranks of the Deliverance, eventually being made leader of the entire operation. He was able to reunite with Celica, and the two were bound together just as strongly as they had when they were kids. With the war coming to a close, Alm was able to kill Rigel's emperor, Rudolf, after a hard-fought battle. He was soon to tragically find, however, that Rudolf was his father.

Heartbroken by having been forced to kill his own father, and finding out about his royal heritage, Alm turned his sights to the gods, who had incurred the wars that had transpired. In particular, the divine dragon Duma had grown insane after maintaining his dragon form for countless years. Able to take up the divine sword, Falchion, Alm led his party into battle and was able to slay Duma for good.

With the gods, Duma and Mila, both gone, Alm turned the two countries of Rigel and Zofia, into the one-kingdom of Valentia. Here, Alm served as the first king of Valentia, Saint-King Alm I, alongside his newly-wed wife, Celica. Trouble would begin to briefly stir once more, with Alm being drawn into Thabes Labyrinth. At the end of the maze was a horrific dragon known as The Creation, later known as Grima, who attacked. Alm was able to defeat Grima, seemingly for good, although this would not be the end of the fell dragon.

Alm returned to his position as Saint-King of Valentia, where he ruled for several years as a benevolent and fair ruler. Countless years following Alm's rule, he was so beloved and revered that Valentia was later renamed to Valm in respect of him.

Powers and Stats

Key: Act 1 - 3 | Act 4 - 6

Tier: 9-B | 6-B

Name: Alm, Albein Alm Rudolf II, Saint-King Alm I

Origin: Fire Emblem

Sex: Male

Age: 17 years old

Classification: Human, Boy, Fighter, Hero, Conqueror, Saint-King of Valentia

Alignment: Neutral Good (Alm is extremely kind-hearted and noble, which is pointed out by almost everyone he meets. He has a strict code of honor that was passed down onto him by his grandfather, Sir Mycen, though he values what he believes is right far more than what he is ordered to do. Alm constantly goes against orders in order to selflessly do what he feels is right)

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (Can easily wipe-out heavily armored and trained soldiers. Is able to break through fortified stone doors and large wooden crates with ease) | Country level (Can contend with and defeat Zeke, who could previously put up a challenge for Marth; an exact copy of Marth was able to harm Duma. Comparable to his party, who can harm Duma with their standard attacks. Mila and Duma together created the continent of Valentia, thus individually scaling to around half of that power. Later wields the Valentian Falchion, which Mila resides within, thus directly granting her power)

Durability: Wall level | Country level (Can withstand attacks from Duma)

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Country Class

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human level | Above Average Human level

Travel Speed: Athletic Human (Can keep up with trained soldiers) | Athletic Human

Combat Speed: FTL | FTL, Speed of Light with Valentian Falchion & Scendscale (The Falchion gives off and wields light. Alm attacks with light using Scendscale)

Reaction Speed: FTL (Capable of dodging Aura, which is directly described as light) | FTL

Stamina: Peak Human (Waged an entire war on the Rigel Empire as the leader of the Deliverance, fighting several large-scale battles without notable instances of rest) | Peak Human

Range: Standard Melee, Extended Melee with swords, Hundreds of Meters with bow & arrow

Intelligence: Genius in combat (Is a combative expert, noted to be a beast with his sword. He is capable of defeating warriors such as Mycen and Rudolf, who have been legendary warriors for decades) | Genius in combat

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery (Is incredibly skilled with a sword), Human Achievements (Became the leader of the Deliverance, and the first King of Valentia), Light Manipulation (Alm's birthmark gives off light and forms a blade with Scendscale), Damage Boost (Critical Hits deal more damage), Extrasensory Perception (Could hear Celica calling for him), Non-Standard Interaction (Alm's party can harm Jedah, who is shown to be intangible), Immortality Negation (Type 7; Alm's party can fully kill the undead), Accelerated Development (Alm gains experience points and can level up after battle)

Wields the Falchion, which grants: Blessed & Holy Manipulation (Is blessed with holy power by Mila), Sealing (Was made to seal away Mila & Duma), Light Manipulation (Gives off light even in dark places), Telepathy (Mila speaks to Alm through the Falchion), Regeneration (High-Low; Healed a wound through Celica's stomach), Resurrection (Mila resurrects people through the Falchion), Damage Boost to Dragons (Deals more damage to dragons due to being made of Naga's fang).
Resistance to Power Nullification (Allows it's user to attack Duma when he uses Oculus, which nullifies attacks)


  • Royal Sword: A broadsword that served as a gift sent to the Kingdom of Zofia by the Rigalian Empire. A special enchantment was placed upon this blade, so that it can only be wielded by those who possess the blood of royalty. This sword ended up in the hands of Alm after the defeat of General Desaix, which he wielded up until he acquired the Falchion. For every turn that Alm wields the sword, he has a small amount of health restored by it.
  • Falchion: An extremely powerful blade created out of the divine dragon Naga's fang during an incursion she faced against her children, Duma and Mila. When Naga's fang splintered, blades were formed known as the Falchion. One of these Falchion ended up in the hands of Duma, who gifted it to a man named Emperor Rudolf. This blade can seal away the power of dragons, heal the wounds of others, and ended up possessing the spirit of Mila within it. Following Act 4, Alm came into possession of this blade, and used it to unify Valentia.

  • Mila's Turnwheel: A small circular clock-like object that contains some of the powers of the goddess, Mila. This turnwheel is extremely powerful, capable of granting Alm visions of possible futures, summoning Phantom copies of legendary warriors to fight alongside Alm, or allowing for him to reverse time in order to redo failed endeavors.
  • Memory Prism: Yellow star-shaped prisms that Alm can collect, which he places into Mila's Turnwheel. These allow for Mila's Turnwheel to recollect memories of the past, so that Alm may watch them and essentially experience them for himself.

  • Phantom Marth: A perfect illusory copy of the Hero King, Marth. He wields the Exalted Falchion.
  • Phantom Roy: A perfect illusory copy of the Prince of Pharae, Roy. He wields the Sword of Seals.
  • Phantom Ike: A perfect illusory copy of the Radiant Hero, Ike. He wields the Ragnell.
  • Phantom Lucina: A perfect illusory copy of the Princess of Ylisse, Lucina. She wields the Parallel Falchion.
  • Phantom Robin: A perfect illusory copy of the Tactician of the Shepherds, Robin. He wields the Thunder Tome.
  • Phantom Corrin: A perfect illusory copy of the Prince of Nohr and Hoshido, Corrin. He wields the Yato.


Weaknesses: None notable.

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