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Barry Steakfries

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Jetpack Joyride is a mobile game franchise created in September first, 2011, by Halfbrick studio. It involves the story of Barry Steakfries, a scientist to a Secret Laboratory. One day Barry decided to steal a Jetpack from the lab in order to fulfill his dreams. Even 10 years later, Barry continues to break into the laboratory to steal the Jetpack and money from it.

Codex Statistics

Key: Jetpack Joyride | Jetpack Joyride 2

Tier: 9-B | 9-B

Name: Barry Steakfries

Origin: Jetpack Joyride

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Barry Steakfries

Status: Alive

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (At the start of every game, Barry destroys the main wall), Higher with Shockwaves and Vehicles (shockwaves is created whenever Barry uses a vehicle or uses specific items, said shockwaves are able to destroy missiles which Barry is unable to. vehicles should logically be far stronger than Barry), Far Higher with S.A.M (S.A.M is the strongest vehicle in all of the laboratory and should be stronger than the regular vehicles) | Wall level (Barry increased his health to the point of being able to survive multiple hits from missiles and zappers, who previously killed him in a single hit), Higher with Vehicles

Durability: Wall level (Can destroy the main wall without damage), Higher with Vehicles, Far Higher with S.A.M | Wall level, Higher with Vehicles

Striking Strength: Wall Class, Higher with Shockwaves and Vehicles, Far Higher with S.A.M | Wall Class, Higher with Vehicles

Lifting Strength: At least Average Human | Average Human | Peak Human | Peak Human

Travel Speed: Superhuman by running, Higher with Jetpacks, High Hypersonic with Boosts (Boost items allows Barry to move faster than missiles) | Superhuman by running, Higher with Jetpacks, High Hypersonic with Boosts | Superhuman, Faster Than Light with Delta Fryer (Delta Fryer is said to be able to go at "warp factor 6" which would be 423 billions Km/h) | Superhuman

Combat Speed: Faster Than Light (Barry is able to destroy missiles in it's way, withing the Delta Fryer, "The%20Profit%20Bird%20can%20now%20reach%20a%20maximum%20speed%20of%20warp%20factor%206." which goes at "warp factor 6") | Faster Than Light

Reaction Speed: Faster Than Light | Faster Than Light

Stamina: Superhuman (Can run thousands of meters without tiring out) | Superhuman

Range: Standard Melee Range | Standard Melee Range, Hundreds of Meters with Guns | Extended Melee Range, Tens of Meters with Shockwaves | Several Meters, Tens of Meters with Shockwaves

Intelligence: Above Average (Barry used to be a scientist before stealing the Jetpack) | Above Average

Powers and Techniques

Inorganic Physiology (Robots are made out of metal), Magnetism Manipulation (All vehicles are able to have the Magnet Effect, which passively attracts coins to them), Radiation Manipulation (Upon entering, all vehicles will create a shockwave to destroy anything in its range), Ice Manipulation (with Frost Wyvern), Electricity Manipulation (with Mr. Borgles), Fire Manipulation (Mr. Cuddles can breathe fire), Immortality (Type 7; Bone Dragon is a dead version of Mr. Cuddles), Energy Physiology (as Cloud Nine), Flight (Mr.Cuddles naturally flies)

Statistics Amplification (with Boost, the Turbo Boost gadget and the Boost), Forcefield Creation (with Shield), Time Manipulation (with Rocket Time), Statistics Amplification (can jump higher with Air Barrys), Limited Forcefield Creation (Upon death, Barry will create an Insta-Ball to travel a few meters), Limited Gravity Manipulation (with the Gravity Belt, Barry falls more quickly on the ground), Electricity Manipulation (Barry is able to explode missiles or disable zappers without touching them. However, it is not a consistent effect), Limited Ice Manipulation (with Freeze-O-Matic), Enhanced Senses (with X-Ray Specs), Limited Transmutation (Can convert Coins into Gems with Gemology) Magnetism Manipulation (with Magnetic Token and Coin Magnet), Limited Probability Manipulation (Lucky Last gives a guaranteed win on the last token),

Slot Machine: resurrect ion (with spin token, Barry is able to resurrect), Explosion Manipulation (With spin token, Barry is able to summon a Dynamite, Bomb or Nuke after his death),

Clothing: Immortality (Type 7; Barry can become a skeleton, can also become one with the Skull Outfit), Incorporeality (as Mooglie, Barry can become a ghost), Inorganic Physiology (with the Robo-Barry)
Flight (Jetpacks allow Barry to fly) Water Manipulation (with the Water Jetpack and Bubble Gun), Energy Projection (with the Phaser Jetpack, Laser Cannon Jetpack and Laser Jetpack), Ice Manipulation (with Snow Machine Jetpack and Snowglobe Jetpack), Animal Manipulation (with the Beehive Jetpack), Electricity Manipulation (with the Proton Jetpack, Flying V Jetpack and Amped Up '85 Guitar Jetpack), Liquid Manipulation with the Sanitizer Jetpack, Roasted Turker Jetpack, Big Bertha and Carrot Blender), Air Manipulation (with the Twister Jetpack and Cloud Machine), Light Manipulation (with the Rainbow Jetpack and Sir Einhorn), Fire Manipulation (with the Flame Shot Jetpack and Flamethrower Jetpack), Blood Manipulation (with Bleeding Heart), Sound Manipulation (with Christmas Bell Jetpack), BFR (with the Starship Jetpack), Transmutation (with the Borg Cube Jetpack)


Machine Gun Jetpack, Pistol

Optional Equipment

List of all of Barry's Vehicles

List of all of Barry's Gadgets

List of all of Barry's Power-Ups

List of Barry's Clothing


Explanations: The Warp Factor feat was made by a vehicle created for a crossover with Star Trek, thus the utilisation of Warp Factor's is being used

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