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Dracula (Space Funeral)

From The Codex
"Mature Content"
Halt! This character or verse has mature themes and concepts, thus those of young age are ill-advised to look through these. Be wary!


Dracula Is a minor character found in Space funeral, and party member in Space Funeral: Earth Birth. He's a weed smoking Vampire that asked Phillip and Leg Horse to help get him the Obese Doobie outside of the linear timeline before joining them in their efforts to defeat Science.

General Information

Name: Dracula

Origin: Space Funeral: Earth Birth

Creator: Stephen "thecatamites" Gillmurphy

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Story Role: Minor comedy relief, Side character in Earth Birth

Classification: Destined

Species: Vampire

State of Being: Regular

Physiology: Humanoid

Occupation: None

Status: Deceased (Ceased to exist with the rest of the Universe upon defeating Science)

Alignment: Neutral Good (Dracula is a kind vampire who seems to simply enjoy being high, helping Phillip and Leg horse after they help him gain the Obese Doobie he wanted)

Codex Statistics

Tier: 9-B

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (While weaker than Leg Horse and Phillip, Likely because he's high, he's still comparable and is able to take out Robot Warmachine's and Vicious Dinosaurs)

Durability: Wall level (Can take attacks from Robot War Machine just the same as Phillip and Leg Horse)

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Travel Speed: Average Human (No showings of travelling any faster than the average human)

Combat Speed: Supersonic (Comparable to Phillip and Leg Horse who can handle and Dodge Shotgun fire and Electric Eel zaps)

Reaction Speed: Supersonic

Stamina: Superhuman (Should be comparable to Phillip and Leg Horse)

Range: Standard Melee Range

Intelligence: Above Average (Is knowledgeable on weed and the history of the Obese Doobie being outside the linear timeline. Is able to grow a Giant Jamaican Banana farm and knew about the 256)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Natural Weaponry and Penetration Damage (Has Vampire fangs to suck one's blood), Weapon Usage (Unique; Can Use Wineglass and a bad Report card as weapons), Accelerated Development (Leveling; Levels up, albeit much more slowly than others), Self-Sustenance (Respiratory Self-Sustenance; Can walk and fight on the moon just fine), Blood Manipulation, Healing, and Absorption (Can drink the opponent's blood and Regain health for it), Non-Standard Interaction (Elemental; Metaphysical;Can fight with Shades of doubts, who are shadows. Should be comparable to Phillip and Leg Horse who can fight Ghost-type enemies such as Swarthy Skull and Vengeful Ghoul), Pain Manipulation (Can hurt enemies with his death Gaze).

Resistance to Cold Manipulation (stays in the wastelands, a snowy area of Space Funeral. Should be comparable to Phillip and Leg Horse who fight and travel through the wastelands just fine), Heat Manipulation (Can travel through a lave filled land) and Space-time Manipulation (Makes it into and explains to the party about how they've made it into a Non-linear timeline dimension, joining the party there)

Healing (Small blood, big blood and bigger blood heals Dracula. Bag of blood and Big bag of blood heals his party. Small, large and super nut heals Dracula's MP. Bag of nuts and big bag of nuts heals his entire party. (Can heal with Sirloin, Moonshine and Fat Doobies), Resurrection (with mild and heavy restorative, being able to revive anyone in his party), Poison Manipulation and possibly Sense Manipulation (Bloodsap is an uncurable toxin that cannot be healed from. has Dubstep venom which poisons the enemy. Stated in its description to cause Nausea and Deafness., The Poisonous Helmet poisons Dracula for more defense. Purple Drank is a throwable item that's effective on all enemies, being a heavy drug), Statistics Amplification (The Weightlifter Hat and Muscle Ring increases Dracula's strength, the Feathered Hat increases Dracula's speed. The Speed ring Increases Dracula's Speed. The Sexy and Scary ring Increases Dracula's Dodge Rate), Purification (Antidote cures poison), Magnetism Manipulation (Has magnets), Fear Manipulation (Can Inflict himself with Spooked with the Scary Ring), Statistics Reduction (Can put on the Bad Ring that makes all his stats go to 1)

Purification and Nullification to Fear Manipulation, Social influencing', Morality Manipulation and Mind Manipulation (Status; The Drab Hat prevents the Spooked Status, The Focused Hat gives Philip immunity to Distract,The Fat Doobie can remove the effects of Spooked, Distract, Moral, Poison, Sad and Berserk. The Amoral ring prevents the Moral Affliction. Sirloin Removes Spooked. The Bad Ring prevents Berserk),


  • Classy Wine Glass- Glass full of gross wine (+30 attack)
  • Dogblood Wine Glass- Glass of deadly dog blood (+400 attack)

  • Cozy Lounge Robe- Snuggly lounge robe that gets all the ladies (+35 Defence)
  • Lupine Lounge Robe- Fluffy lounge robe that smells like dog.(+100 defense)

  • Focused Hat- This hat will prevent DISTRACTION. (Prevents the Distract Status)
  • Drab Hat- This hat will prevent SPOOKED (Prevents the Spooked Status)
  • Weightlifter Hat- This hat gives MORE MUSCLE. (+10 Attack)
  • Feathered Hat- This hat gives MORE SPEED (+20 Speed)
  • Poisonous Helmet- Poisons the owner but increases defence (+25 Defence. Inflicts Berserk and Poison)
  • Brain Ring- More Brain (+20 Mind)
  • Muscle Ring- More Muscle (+20 Attack)
  • Mysterious Ring- A mysterious ring. Who knows where it's been? (Halves MP cost of all skills)
  • Amoral Ring- Ring forged from the tears of orphans (Prevents the Moral Status)
  • Sexy Ring- A ring for that special someone (Increases Dodge rate for Physical attacks)
  • Scary Ring- Makes you scared but also really fast (Increases Dodge rate and prevents critical hits. +40 agility)
  • Bad Ring- This ring is dumb and I hate it (Sets all stats to 1)
  • Goodbad Pasties- Nipple pasties that make you awesome but dead (They prevent critical hits, increases dodge rates for physical attacks, and halves MP cost. +500 on all stats. Dies upon wearing it)
  • Obese Doobie- The biggest, fattest doobie of them all. (Halves MP cost and +10 mind)

  • Small Blood- A small pack of blood. (Restores 100 HP)
  • Big Blood- A big pack of blood (Restores 200 HP)
  • Bigger Blood- A massive pack of blood. (Restores all HP)
  • Bag of Blood- Restores 80HP to all characters (Restores 80 HP to all allies)
  • Big Bag of Blood- Restores 300 to all characters (Restores 300 HP to all allies)
  • Small Nut- A magic nut which restores 20MP (Restores 20 MP)
  • Large Nut- A really magic nut which restores 90 MP (Restores 90 MP)
  • Super Nut- Extraordinarily magic nut. Restores all MP. (Restores All MP)
  • Bag of Nuts- Restores 20 MP to all characters. (Restores 20 MP to all allies)
  • Big Bag of Nuts- Restores 100 MP to all characters. (Restores 100 MP to all allies)
  • Antidotes- Removes "Poison" condition! Freshens rooms (Removes Poison)
  • Mild Restorative- Restores the dead but they still feel gross (Revives a party member with 30% health)
  • Heavy Restorative- Restores the dead and puts a spring in their step (revives a party member at 70% health + 20 HP)
  • Sirloin- Tough and wily sirloin (Heals 100 HP and removes Spooked)
  • Moonshine- Restores all HP but is kinda really gross (Heals 100% HP)
  • Fat Doobies- Joint filled to the brim with 'tomato' buds (Removes all Status effects. Restores 50% HP and 100% MP)
  • Bibles- A solid Bible
  • Magic eye pictures- A mysterious Magic Eye picture
  • Old Movies- A sentimental old movie
  • Calculators- A numeric calculator just like grandpa used to use
  • Mirrors- A handy dandy hand mirror
  • Magnets- A mysterious magnet. Who knows how it works?
  • Purple Dranks- RIP Pimp C (Causes purple damage that's effective on all enemies besides moon)
  • Dubstep Venom- Causes nausea, deafness, and WUB WUB WUB (removes 40 HP each turn from the afflicted user, alongside 10% of MP)

  • Notable Techniques

    • Blood Drink- Drinks the blood of the enemy, regaining health for it
    • Death Gaze- Gazes at an opponent, doing moderate damage to them
    • Smoke Weed- Smokes weed
    • Disrupt- A disruptive attack doing good damage.


    Standard Tactics: Besides smoking weed, he'll usually attack with Disrupt and Death Gaze and go for Blood drink when on low health.

    Weaknesses: Is constantly high, likely holding him back from leveling up quick and doing higher damage like his other party members.

    Battle Records

    • Obese Doobie-Fight
      • Conditions- Was fighting with Leg Horse and Phillip. Phillip and Leg Horse were in their second keys.
      • Locations-Out of Body Experience
    • Science-Fight
      • Conditions- Was fighting with Leg Horse and Phillip. Phillip and Leg Horse were in their second keys. Needed to use Disrupt to harm her.
      • Locations-Moon Base