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Fall Guys

From The Codex
~ Fall Guys' cry
Everybody Falls (Fall Guys Theme)
Final Fall
Falling (in Love) on the Dancefloor


Fall Guys are the main playable characters in Fall Guys. Fall Guys are bean-shaped, roughly humanoid creatures. They have two arms with four-fingered hands, and two stubby legs. A Fall Guy's face appears to be slightly pushed into the body, and consists of a simple circle with two pill-shaped eyes.

Fall Guys are nearly always seen competing in the Blunderdome, taking part in the various shows in the hopes of winning Crowns. They are able to walk, run, jump a short height, dive, and grab things. They can grab other Fall Guys, keeping them in place briefly; items such as eggs and Pegwins, picking them up and carrying them; and ledges, allowing them to pull themselves up.

Fall Guys make muffled "woo"-like noises to express themselves, such as when excited, surprised, or disappointed. They can also perform various emotes to express themselves. As Fall Guys are individual members of their species, their personalities vary. However, they are described as generally "keen, optimistic, mischievous, determined, and light-hearted".

General Information

Name: Fall Guys

Origin: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Sex: Unknown, likely Varies

Age: Unknown

Classification: Fall Guys

Status: Alive

Alignment: Neutral Good (Fall guys are stated to be light-hearted and optimistic beings)

Codex Statistics

Tier: Low 10-B

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level (Fall guys are much smaller than humans)

Durability: Below Average Human level, Inorganic Physiology makes them difficult to kill

Striking Strength: Below Average Human Class

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human (Can easily drag and push other Fall Guys which weigh as much as a pillow. Can push around snowballs in Snowy Scrap.)

Travel Speed: Below Average Human

Combat Speed: Below Average Human

Reaction Speed: Below Average Human

Stamina: Limitless (It is stated that Fall Guys are made to compete 24/7 and their lives consist of competing or waiting to be able to go again to compete after a show.[1])

Range: Below Standard Melee, Higher with Blast Balls

Intelligence: Genius (Fall guys are experts in over 60 various sport like events and other games revolving around survival, memorization, platforming, racing, cooperation, avoiding obstacles and more. They also have full knowledge on the many different shows and are made ready to compete as soon as they pop into existence[2])

Powers and Techniques

Small Size (Small Animal Sized; Fall guys are much smaller than humans), Inorganic Physiology (Their bean-like physiology allows Fall Guys to survive several things such as being crushed and ran over by large objects and even be launched high in the air without harm), Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2, and 3. Can breath and function normally in Space and underwater. Fall Guys are made to compete 24/7 and when they are not competing they are waiting in the void to compete again or change their costume, thus should not need food, water, or rest), Human Achievements (Fall guys are talented in over 60 sport like events and other games revolving around survival, memorization, platforming, racing, cooperation, avoiding obstacles, and are ready to compete as soon as they are created[3]), Stealth Mastery (Can steal candies stealthily from the guardians without getting caught in sweet thieves), Extrasensory Perception (Can see the transparent outlines of other invisible Fall Guys), Enhanced Senses (Can perform in events normally even if a costume covers their entire face), Limited Physics Manipulation (Can dive in mid air to give themselves extra height while platforming and moving), Limited Invisibility (With their Among Us costume they can make their upper body and arms invisible. In the Sweet Thieves event, Fall Guys can make themselves fully invisible but only while walking), Explosion Manipulation (With Blast Balls).

Resistance to Cold Manipulation (It is stated that Fall Guys can't feel cold[4]), Cosmic Radiations (Are fine in space), Bone Manipulation (Fall Guys do not have bones)
Supernatural Protection (Fall Guys are protected by Blunderdome so they can continue to compete without limit), BFR (Can BFR competitors out of the games areas to the podiums if they get eliminated), Law Manipulation, Power Nullification, and Power Bestowal (Blunderdome can change the laws of how the games work, granting specific abilities while also taking some away depending on the event and show such as being able to be recreated in race rounds, turn invisible as a sweet thief, deconstruct thieves to capture them as a guardian, and prevent respawning in survival and xtreme shows), With Blunderdome's Law Manipulation, Fall guys get the following: Supernatural Protection & Alternate Replacements (The games of Blunderdome allow Fall Guys to be recreated indefinitely from even nothing. Even if the game doesn't allow for the event, they will regenerate at the results podium and it is acknowledged here[5]), Deconstruction (Can deconstruct thieves as a Guardian in Sweets Thieves), Invisibility (Can make themselves completely invisible as a thief)


Their many outfits.

Optional Equipment

Blast Balls


Standard Tactics: Varies depending on the game. Fall Guys mostly will try to push away and physically over power their opponents by grabbing them and pushing them. If given, they can also use blast balls to launch their opponents away.

Weaknesses: Fall Guys can be put in a rag doll state if they are hit in a certain way, making them immobile for a bit. Fall guys have no real combat experience.


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