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Mii (Wii Sports)

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The Mii is the main species in Wii Sports, with the playable one being the protagonist of the entire series. Their goal is to master as many sports as they can by challenging numerous masters of each sport.

Codex Statistics

Tier: 10-A, 9-B with a sword

Name: Varies (Chosen by the player)

Origin: Wii Sports Series

Sex: Varies (Chosen by the player)

Age: Varies (Chosen by the player)

Classification: Champion

Species: Mii

Occupation: Athlete, Boxer, Tennis Player, Golfer, Bowler, Baseball Player Sword Fighter, Wakeboarder, Frisbee Player, Archer, Table Tennis Player, Power Cruiser, Canoeist, Cycler, Pilot, and Basketball Player

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Above Average Human level (the Mii is naturally highly athletic, not only becoming the champion of boxing but also the champion of sword play. They also regularly pratice other sports such as baseball or baseketball), Wall level with a sword (The Mii can effortlessly cut through giant metal timers and diamonds)

Durability: Above Average Human level

Striking Strength: Above Average Human level

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (The Mii should scale to Matt who casually lifted two giant metal clocks above his head)

Travel Speed: Athletic Human (As an athlete, the Mii should be capable of reaching such speed), Higher with a bike

Combat Speed: Superhuman (The Mii can fight those with comparable reaction speed as them)

Reaction Speed: Superhuman (The Mii can react to tennis balls thrown so fast, they leave afterimages behind)

Stamina: Peak Human (The mii is a master of numerous sports and can continue fighting after being knocked unconscious several times alongside being able to travel the entire circumference of an island)

Range: Extended Melee physically, Extended Melee to Hundreds of Meters with optional equipment such as the bow

Intelligence: Genius in sports (The Mii can become the champion of fifteen different sports, some of which require cooperation skills) Gifted in combat (The Mii defeated Matt the Mii despite him likely keeping the title for several years)

Powers and Techniques

Human Achievements (The Mii is a master in all the sports available to them), Acrobatics, Martial Arts (The Mii can fight on par with Matt, who is the boxing champion), Weapon Usage (Sword Usage; The Mii is skilled with a sword. Marksmanship; The Mii is skilled with a bow), Vehicular Mastery (Land Vehicles; The mii can ride a bike. Air Vehicles; The Mii is capable of piloting a plane. Seaborne Vehicles; The Mii can use a canoe and a wakeboard), Perception Manipulation (The Mii can briefly slow down their perception of time), Telekinesis (They can both hold their hands and other objects without the need of arms) Resistance to Extreme Heats (The Mii can survive inside a volcano)


Depends on the current sport they are participating in, otherwise none.

Optional Equipment

Boxing Gloves, Tennis Racquet, Bowling Ball, Baseball Bat, Golf Clubs, Plastic Sword, Sword, Wakeboard, Frisbee, Bow and Arrows, Basketball, Table Tennis Paddles, Canoe, Bicycle, Plane, and Parachute.


Standard Tactics: The Mii Player never fights outside of specific sports making them a Wild card if they have all their optional equipement.

Weaknesses: Nothing Notable

Note: Despite being a composite profile for the Mii, this is not including any established NPCs that classify as a Mii and rather just the playable avatar you create in game

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