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The Player (Nintendo)

From The Codex
The Player helping Mario and co. out during New Super Mario Bros. Wii U
The Player making a level in Super Mario Maker
Viridi mentioning that the Player is listening in
The Player entering their name in the Legend of Zelda file screen to create their avatar, Link
Now you're playing with power!
~ Nintendo’s old slogan


The Player is an entity that interacts with the entirety of the Nintendo Multiverse. They are the very person playing the game, referenced throughout the Kid Icarus, Super Mario Brothers, and many more. The Player is thanked by name for playing at the end of the credits in many of the games.

General Information

Name: Varies on The Player

Origin: Nintendo (Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, Metroid, etcetera)

Sex: Varies (The Player can be a boy or girl)

Age: Varies (The Player can be any age)

Classification: Player

Species: Human

Occupation: Varies

Status: Alive

Alignment: Chaotic Good (The Player is constantly guiding the heroes on their quest to complete the quest and save the world, being told by the characters in the game or the developers that they are a super player. Though they can sometimes purposefully make bad choices to see the outcome, they will always carry out their mission to see that the heroes win)

Codex Statistics

Tier: Unknown

Cardinality: Unknown

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Unknown (The Player is a person merely playing the game of one of the various Nintendo games. Can set realities back to a point before the start of the game through deleting save files. Has access to the likes of Mario who is an avatar of the Player)

Durability: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Travel Speed: Unknown (Has been able to control the likes of Mario moving in the void)

Combat Speed: Unknown

Reaction Speed: Unknown

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Unknown physically, Multiversal with abilities (The Player is a being that exists beyond the scopes of the Nintendo multiverse, existing in the real world, which is shown consistently to be outside the multiverse, viewing it’s various adventures and games as fiction)

Intelligence: Varies on their own (The intelligence varies depending on the person playing the game), At least Extraordinary Genius with avatars (Its avatar is also Mario, who has many different skills in sports, such as basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, baseball, bike rider, football, hockey, dodgeball, rifleman, and driver. He has a variety of jobs with different levels of skill. Such as a carpenter, plumber, soldier, brewery worker, cement factory worker, construction/demolition worker, artist, referee, archaeologist, chef, animal trainer, pilot, and submarine captain. He's been a highly skilled doctor as early as an infant, curing diseases and life threatening viruses. He created his own medicine that cured a patient a scientist himself could not. Mario's own hat is a custom fall out shelter. During his visit to Pi'illo Island, he's been able to outsmart their best scientists that have been studying the island and its mysterious for years. Mario's able to create his own robots built for combat, and owns a toy company, said toys can also function for combat. Mario has been fighting for 30 years and has faced a large variety of enemies with thousands of years of experience and many different fighting styles in hand to hand, magic, or technology. He can adapt to many types of scenarios that change out of nowhere. Mario's been able to learn many types of skills and weapons to use. His own skill blew away Jinx, a dojo sensei, and made Mario the master of the dojo, switching his training to learn Mario's moves. He also defeated The Master, Mushroom Kingdom's best dojo fighter, and gave Mario a diploma to prove he's bested him. He's also learnt magic and brew powerful items such as Power Stars. Mario's skill comes to a point where he can complete several challenges such as Daredevil Galaxies, The Perfect Run, The Impossible Pack, Tubular, and more where he will die if hit even once)

Powers and Techniques

Human Achievements (Naturally they are a master video game player), Breaking the 4th Wall (The Player is completely aware of the fictional setting of the stories and can interact with them), Transcendence (The Player is a being that exists beyond the scopes of the Nintendo multiverse, existing in the real world, which is shown consistently to be beyond the multiverse, viewing it’s various adventures and games as fiction), Acausality (Irregular Causality; Is not bound to conventional time, views everything in games such as Super Mario Bros. as fiction, including the various realms within it, existing in a different system in the real world), Cosmic Awareness (The Player is always watching the events unfold from the real world, being able to listen into conversations, even if they’re through telepathy), Space-Time Manipulation (Can create and destroy entire save files), Possession (The Player will naturally possess a character in order to play as them), Avatar Creation (Mario is an avatar of the Player), Time Stop (Shown here), Weather Manipulation & Reality Warping (Changes the layout and time of the game modes), Erasure (Metaphysical Erasure; Erases anything via the Eraser, Undo Dog, or Reset Rocket), Telekinesis (Can freely move others around), Size Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, & Transmutation (Swaps around an enemy species on how they work. Can change around objects), Duplication (Creates duplicates in Copy Mode), Extrasensory Perception (Reveals what's inside within an object), Invisibility (Can create Hidden Blocks), Empathic Manipulation (Can anger a Wiggler), Creation.
Resistance to Memory Manipulation (Can resist the original memory wipe, requiring the church to do an even more potent memory wipe to erase the Player’s memory)


Standard Tactics: The Player will control one of the various characters from the Nintendo media.

Weaknesses: None notable

Battle Records