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Agni (Gwain Saga)

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To the kitchen!
~ Agni to Marlow
Hehe... Relax, my dear Marlow, I'll take care of this one
~ Agni before being defeated by Luna's robot


Agni Van Halite, more commonly known as Agni is a ally character in the YouTube and Newgrounds animation web series Gwain Saga. He is the older cousin of Deva and is a friend of Ami and Geo. Agni uses the element of fire and is one of the Gwain Warriors, a group of people who work together to keep the Kingdom of Gwain safe from Luna. Agni usually serves as the comic relief character of the group, due to his perverted actions.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Agni’s story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!


Pre-Gwain Saga

Not much is known about Agni's past but as a child he would one day would meet and befriend Lanney and Princess Ami with his younger cousin Deva. Agni, Deva, and Ami would play outside together and would call themselves the Gwain Warriors while doing so. As Agni got older he would become more perverted and he would start hiding cameras in the ladies bathroom at Gwain Collage and would sometimes sneak in there to take exposing pictures of the women using said bathroom. Agni's actions would make him the target of harassment from the Gwain Collage dodgeball team and he would become one of the students in the lowest part of the school's social hierarchy.

Gwain Saga - 003

One day while walking to school, Agni would spot a mysterious person hanging around his friends. Believing the person was a threat to them, Agni would rush in and would confront the person. Deva would hit Agni over the head and would tell him to calm down, explaining that the person was Ami's new bodyguard, Geo. Agni would apologize for his actions and the group would walk together towards the school. Agni would ask about how Geo saved Ami in the woods but he wouldn't get any answer as the group would bump into Solaris, the principle of Gwain Collage. Solaris would send Ami, Deva, and Lanney off to class and Agni would be left alone with Geo. Agni would show Geo around the school but would be pelted by various dodgeballs from the dodgeball team during his tour. While outside, Agni would be hit by another dodgeball and would have enough. Agni would bite down on the ball thrown at him but would unknowing do so in front of the dodgeball team. Furious at Agni, the team would start pelting dodgeballs at him while also insulting him. This would cause Geo to step in and protect Agni and during the commotion, Deva would be knocked down by one of the dodgeballs. This would lead to Geo and the dodgeball team getting into a brief fight which would then be interrupted by Luna, who had infiltrated the school disguised as Ami's and Deva's math substitute. When Luna took off her disguise, Agni tried to take an exposing photo of her, only to realize Luna was fully clothed underneath her teacher outfit, which Agni noted that it didn't make any sense. Agni would watch as Geo fought off Luna and her robots and would confront Luna herself with his friends after Geo was knocked down by her ProtoMoon Cannon. Luna, having no problem with Agni and his friends, would spare them and would leave the school, though she would note that she'll have fun fighting them in the next battle. Agni would complement Geo's fighting skills and would watch him train against Gwain, cheering him on as he learned how to tag her in battle.

Gwain Saga - 004

Agni would aid Geo and the rest of his friends in their battles against Luna and her robots, becoming stronger with his friends. Agni would later help move Geo's stuff into his watchtower, despite the item's immense weight and would also accompany him and the rest of his friends as they walked around the kingdom, getting Geo new clothing, get their hair done, watching a movie, and getting ice cream. While enjoying ice cream, Ami would spot Marlow spying on them within a tree and would fire her stun arrows at her. While stunned Marlow would be questioned by the group and she would note that she came for a monster among the group. Deva would question what Agni did to get in trouble again with Agni noting he hasn't done anything bad in days. Marlow would correct Deva, explaining that she was after Geo and that he wasn't a Teoran but a threat to the kingdom. Deva, annoyed by Marlow's antics, would send Agni to take care of Marlow. Agni would put his hand on Marlow's shoulder and would say "To the kitchen!" before being sent flying into a wall by her. Agni and the rest of the group would then take a bus to try to catch up to Geo, who ran after Marlow when she threated to expose his secret. With help from Queen Gwain, the group would catch up with Geo and Marlow and Geo would be exposed as a Vampire. Due to Marlow questioning Geo's identity, Gwain would try to execute him as apart of their deal, though he would be saved when Marlow volunteered to watch over him. Agni and the rest of the group would watch the whole commotion and would wake Geo up before Gwain could change her mind. Later, Agni and the group would become friends with Marlow and would take a group photo together.

Gwain Saga - 005

Agni and the rest of the group would be told that now that they know Geo's identity, they would need to keep it a secret. While discussing Geo's Vampirism, Deva and Marlow would discuss how being bitten on the neck seemed romantic, which would cause Agni to try to bite Lanney's neck. Agni would be stopped by Deva and Marlow, beating him for his actions. Later, Agni and the rest of the group would help assist Ami in finding crystals. Agni, Geo, and Marlow would find a large crystal atop of a hill and Agni would use his fire element to burst it into pieces. After the power of his element was complemented by Marlow, Agni would show off another use for his powers by farting on his flames to create a massive burst of fire. Agni would lose a lot of magic doing this and would be ridiculed by Deva, noting how his antics force Ami to use crystals on him. Right before the group was about to leave, they would encounter a Phoenix and while Marlow was explaining how she would distract it, the group would run away leaving her behind. When Marlow caught up to the group, she would confront the Phoenix, stating that they shouldn't worry as that type of Phoenix couldn't spit fire. Agni and the rest of the group would then got covered in ash as the Phoenix spewed it at them.

The group would make their way to Gwain Collage and at the cafeteria, Geo would use a table as a fan to get the ash of his friends, drawing attention to the group. Marlow would ask her friends about why they always sit at the back of the cafeteria to which Deva would explain that she and the rest of the group are on the lowest part of the school's hierarchy. Marlow would question why that is the case and Agni would explain that they all had characteristics the students at the collage disliked. Deva would then note that Agni forgot to mention that he was an idiot and a creep. Soon after Electra would begin handing out invitations to her birthday party with Ami and Marlow being invited while the rest of the group wasn't. Marlow would give her invite to Geo and the group would try to convince Gwain to allow Ami to go, which would work as Gwain needed to deal with her sister Twain visiting the kingdom. While Ami was getting dressed for the party, Marlow would poke Agni's eyes so that he couldn't see her getting dressed.

Despite not being invited, Agni and Deva would try to sneak into Electra's party. After Deva froze the musicians that were going to perform at the party, Agni and Deva would disguise themselves as them and would be able to enter the party. Inside the party, Agni and Deva would be quickly pushed on stage by Electra and would be forced to play music for the party goers. Agni would accidently play unfitting music before setting the music player to default and playing synthesizer while Deva played guitar. While playing music, Deva would be hit by one of Ami's sleeping arrows after a drunk Ami shot at Luna and and missed, forcing Agni to drag Deva off stage and leave the party while the crowd was distracted by the destruction of Luna's robot.

Gwain Saga - Pilot

Agni would be the camera man for Geo's training and would be the one to move Geo to the cafe after he failed to dodge one of Ami's sleeping arrows. At the cafe, Agni and Marlow would review the footage of Geo's training and Agni would accidently show Marlow exposing photos of some women he had on his camera. Soon after one of Luna's robots would begin attacking the area and the group would leave the cafe to stop it. While Marlow was devising a plan to defeat the robot, Agni would rush in and attack the robot, failing to damage it. The robot would then launch Agni across the city and by the time Agni was able to get back to the group, the robot had already been defeated.

Gwain Saga - 006

Agni would hide in Geo's bathroom so that he could take exposing photos of Marlow but would be quickly spotted and pushed out. Soon after Agni ask Ami and Deva why they were feeling down. Deva would explain that she had to learn water movements and that Ami had to write an 100 page essay for school. Marlow would join in on the conversation and would note that she never saw Agni studying to which he replied that he had his methods. A flashback would play showing Agni bribing Mizu with exposing photos of women in exchange for help in school. After the flashback, Ami would get a call from Gwain about a package for Geo that arrived at the castle. Agni, Deva, and Ami would use a teleporter to get to the castle while Geo ran over. While waiting for Geo, Agni would ask Deva how her teacher reacted to her failure to learn water skills and would Ami if she still wanted to be a supermodel. Gwain would then walk in and would ask where Geo is and Agni would correctly predict that he would arrive to the castle in 3 seconds. After Geo received his package, Agni would leave the castle with Deva using the teleporter.

Gwain Saga - 007

Lanney would ask Agni what he would think if he had a friend with a really big secret, to which Agni would tell her that there will always be secrets between friends. Lanney would comment how that was a similar response to what Savien told her, which surprised Agni. Agni would ask Lanney if Savien did anything to her and Lanney would tell Agni that Savien only listened her and would question why he was asking so. Agni would then explain one of his previous encounters with Savien, where Agni would jokingly call Savien a wizard. In response, Savien would deactivate Agni's automatic blinking, which would startle Agni, Agni would activate his element and would grab Savien, asking him what he's done to him. Savien would then deactivate Agni's automatic breathing, causing him to panic even more. While this was happening Agni would witness Ami performing a magic trick were she made an Oreo disappear. This would scare Agni so much that he would use his element to turn into a fire ball and would fly away from Geo's watchtower. Back in the present day, Agni would be told by Deva that he and a few others would have to take Ami to the unveiling of the Gwain statue as Geo wasn't able to make it. This gave Agni decided to reestablish the Gwain Warriors, a group dedicated to protecting the Kingdom of Gwain. Deva would mention how it was name of the group when they were young and took Ami out to play. Marlow would question if Lanney was apart of the group, with Agni answering no. Agni, Deva, and Ami would then leave the cafe and would head towards the statue unveiling.

Agni and Deva would watch over the ceremony near the top of the statue, despite Agni's fear of heights. After Savien was knocked out by Luna and Luna was sent flying away by Marlow, Tahjin and Jea would jump atop the statue to fight Agni and Deva. Tahjin would use his blades to threaten the two but would be met with insulting questions about his blade hands. Jea would tell Agni and Deva that Tahjin will kill them if they didn't move out of his way. Agni and Deva wouldn't move and Jea would use his poison to incapacitate the two. After Tahjin was defeated by Lanney and Geo, Agni and Deva would wake up while still poisoned and would sneak up on Jea. Agni would watch as Jea was frozen by Deva and knocked out by Lanney.

Gwain Saga - 008

Agni and Deva would meet up with the rest of the group at the Magic Market street and would join the group in buying things for the beach trip. Agni would purchase 3 packs of beer for the group despite it being illegal to consume alcohol on the street. Lanney would mention this and Agni would reply by telling her not to play the good girl, reminding her of how drunk she got at Deva's birthday party. At the beach, Savien would note that Agni is surprising calm despite the amount of women there was at the beach. Agni, however, would start glowing and would produce an aura due to said beach girls. Agni would later watch Geo and Ami's arm wrestling match with Deva using the heat from his hair to cook popcorn. Even later in the day, Agni would be present when Geo and Ami returned from Bride's Island.

General Information

Name: Agni Van Halite, Young Master Agni (By Lanney)

Origin: Gwain Saga

First Appearance: Gwain Saga - Pilot

Latest Appearance: Gwain Saga - 008

Creator: GeoExe

Actor: Longcat Doblaje

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 21-22 (Is a senior at Gwain Collage)

Homeworld: Teora

Residence: The Kingdom of Gwain

Story Role: Side Character

Classification: Gwain College Student, Gwain Warrior

Species: Teoran

State of Being: Regular

Physiology: Humanoid Physiology

Occupation: Pizza Restaurant Employee

Affiliations: Gwain Collage, The Gwain Warriors

Enemies: Luna, Tahjin, Jea

Status: Alive

Alignment: Chaotic Good (Agni is a pervert, who has been noted to always try to take advantage of a situation. Has tried to and succeeded in taking various photos of exposed women without their permission, some of said photos including one of his friends. Despite this Agni is willing to risk his life to protect those of the Kingdom of Gwain and has shown to care for Deva and their friends, with Agni willing to fight someone who may be a threat to them)

Protection Level: Metropolitan Protector (Agni is a Gwain Warrior, a group of people who work together to protect the Kingdom of Gwain)

Codex Statistics

Tier: High 8-C

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Should be comparable to Lanney, who can harm Tahjin, who could slice the Gwain statue in half, which is 150 meters tall. Able to fight alongside the Gwain Warriors. Considered powerful enough by Deva to send him to fight Marlow, and is able to fight alongside her)

Durability: Large Building level (Taken hits from Deva. Comparable to Savien, who can tanked an attack that could shake the ground, sent both him and Geo flying, and could a create large explosion of this size)

Striking Strength: Large Building Class

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Able to lift up a box of Geo's stuff, with just one of his notebooks being able to crack stone when dropped. Comparable to Deva, who can casually lift a giant ice anchor)

Travel Speed: Superhuman (Able to run on par with Ami and Deva, who both can run so fast they create wind. Able to move so fast he appears as a blur)

Combat Speed: Supersonic (Able to fight alongside Geo, who can deflect Savien's bullets while running towards him)

Reaction Speed: Supersonic (Able to fight alongside Geo, who can move in front of bullets aimed at Ami and can dodge bullets while skydiving down)

Stamina: Peak Human (Able to run for 2.5 miles straight without stopping. Able to stand up after being poisoned for a while)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Tens of Meters with Fire Manipulation (Able to shoot his fire at a large crystal from this distance), Higher with farts (Agni can use his farts to enhance his flames)



Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Manipulation (Agni uses the element of fire, which was noted to be quite powerful by Marlow. This element allows him to create fire around him, throw fire balls, light his fist on fire, and turn into a fireball. Additionally, Agni can use his farts to enhance his flames), Magic (Agni's fire uses magic), Heat Manipulation (Able to heat up metal with his face. Agni's hair can become so hot it can cook popcorn), Enhanced Senses (Owns a portable camera), Accelerated Development (Got stronger as he fought with the Gwain Warriors), Vehicular Usage (Land Vehicles; Able to drive a motorbike), Light Manipulation (When using his element, Agni's eyes and hair will glow) Disguise Mastery (Able to sneak into a party disguised as a musician), Flight & Transformation (Shapeshifting; Able to transform into a ball of fire and fly away), Breaking the Fourth Wall (Able to place a sticker over Deva's textbox), Emotional Empowerment & Aura (Love Empowerment; Upon seeing various girls at the beach, Agni gained an aura).

Resistance to Fire Manipulation & Heat Manipulation (Wasn't burned by heated metal touching his face. Wasn't burned when he lit his fist on fire. Wasn't burned while his hair was hot enough to cook popcorn)


Agni trying to take an exposing photo of Luna
  • Portable Camera: A portable camera Agni brings around with him. He usually uses it to take exposing pictures of girls, though he has used it to take pictures of Geo for training purposes.

None Notable.

Agni using his motorbike
  • Motorbike: A motorbike Agni uses for his job at a pizza restaurant. Agni bought the bike with his own money though that hasn't stopped it from being insulted by Deva.

None Notable.

Notable Techniques

Agni destroying a large crystal with his fire balls
  • Fire Element: Agni uses the element of fire, which has been described to be powerful by Marlow. When using the element Agni's eyes and hair will glow orange and his hair will heat up to the point where it can cook popcorn. Agni's element allows him to heat up metal upon touching it, create fire around him, throw fire balls, light his fist on fire, and turn into a fireball that allows him to fly away from danger. Along with this Agni can enhance his flames by farting, though at the cost of draining a lot of his magic.


Standard Tactics: Agni will use his fire element to either to fight in hand-to-hand combat or to attack from a distance.

Weaknesses: Teorans can run of out magic during battle. Agni has underestimated opponents just because they were a women. Agni has been shown to be careless with his fire. Agni drains a lot of magic when he uses his farts to enhance his fire. Agni is afraid of heights.

Note: Characters such as Agni, Deva, Ami, Savien, Lanney, Tahjin, and Jea are not scaled to Geo. While there have been few times where these characters have tanked hits from characters who can harm Geo, these have been deemed as Outliers as it has been consistently shown that these characters are far weaker than Geo. Such examples include Ami being knocked out from something Geo completely tanked, a train crash that Geo was able to survive being a massive threat to Ami, and Ami consistently needing Geo to protect her from threats. Agni got one shot by Marlow, who noted that she couldn't take much of Geo's attacks, along with being unable to harm a robot that Geo and Marlow could harm. The Elite Captain, a captain of an elite security troop, who is six times weaker than Geo in base and needing to amplify himself to harm him without magic, should be superior to characters like Savien, who noted how its weird that he, Deva, and Agni were invited as security guards when they were not professionals. Deva's ice is also unable to harm said robot. Kaditopez, someone who's implied to be stronger than most Teorans, is unable to harm Geo. Savien noted he couldn't harm Geo that much and couldn't take much hits from a casual Geo. Tahjin got one shot by Geo, with Geo cracking his head in the process, despite having a broken arm.

Miscellaneous Feats

Same as Attack Potency.


  • Agni is named after the Hindu God of fire of the same name.
  • Agni might be based off of Tristepin from Wakfu, with both characters sharing a similar design and personality.
  • Agni might also be based off of Dario Bossi from Castlevania, sharing a similar design with the Demon that was attached to Dario, which named Aguni, a similar name to Agni.
    • Additionally Castlevania has been referenced in 008 with the first fight of the episode being based off of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
Agni disguised as Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo


Battle Records


  • Marlow - Fight
    • Conditions: None.
    • Location: Kingdom of Gwain.
  • Tahjin & Jea - Fight
    • Conditions: Agni had help from Deva. Tahjin had his forces with him.
    • Location: Atop Gwain's Statue.
    • Note: Agni and Deva would have still lost if Tahjin didn't have his forces with him.

  • Gwain Collage Dodgeball Team - Fight
    • Conditions: Agni had help from Geo.
    • Location: Gwain Collage.
    • Note: Agni would have lost without the help of Geo.