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Bunber is the mansion owner's butler. A loyal servant to a fault, he continues to fulfill his immense list of butler duties even in death. He is a floating encyclopedia of knowledge on the various ghouls and ghosts haunting the manor grounds. At first encounter, he can seem rather stuffy and uptight, but get to know him a bit better, and you will soon see he has quite the mischievous side. What could possibly be under that serving platter he is always carrying around?

Codex Statistics

Tier: 9-B

Name: Bunber

Origin: Candies 'n Curses

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Ghost, Butler

Status: Undead

Alignment: Neutral Good (Bunber is a kind person, refusing to leave Boris' side despite his transformation and he assissit Molli Pop in defeating him)

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (Can harm people who can harm Molli Pop who can tank the explosion of jack's bombs)

Durability: Wall level

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Travel Speed: Unknown

Combat Speed: Relativistic (Can keep up with Molli Pop)

Reaction Speed: Relativistic (Can react to Molli Pop)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Standard Melee, Extended Melee with bombs, Several Meters with flashlights

Intelligence: Above Average (Should be much smarter than Molli Pop as he described as "a floating encyclopedia of knowledge on the various ghouls and ghosts haunting the manor grounds")

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation; Bunber can interact with and harm people's souls), Non-Standard Interaction, and Immortality Negation (Type 7, Bunber can kill ghosts), weapon Usage and Explosion Manipulation (Explosives; Bunber uses bombs), Flight, Healing (Can give heart points), Undead Physiology, Non-Corporeal, Breaking the Fourth Wall (Bunber is aware of the developers).

Resistance to Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation; Should scale to other monsters who can survive without souls), One Hit Kill (When a boss appears every monster on screen dies yet he is unaffected)
Power Nullification (Bunber can nullify curses with soules), Light Manipulation (He can use flashlight and Gorger is made of cursed light and it can release light shockwaves and projectiles), Magic (Lots of the flashlights are described as magical), Fire Manipulation (Via Atomic Fenix MX, Torchfly Lantern, Scorch Blade 9000R and Pulverizer MP40), Poison Manipulation (Virusfly Lantern, and Blight Blade 9000X), Metaphysics Manipulation (Essence Manipulation; The Firefly Lantern and the Virusfly Lantern holds the ever-burning essence of a ghostly firefly which materializes itself in the form of three sphere-like creatures, and The Blight Blade 9000X is a blade enchanted with the essence of cursed dreams) Deconstruction (The virusfly lantern is said to disintegrate ghosts with the slightest touch, this should likely scale to every flashlights, lanterns and swords Bunber has access to), Sealing (The Blight Blade 9000X has captured Thousands of nightmares), Explosion Manipulation (Via Pulverizer MP40),


Bombs, Sliver platter

Optional Equipment

This dropdown contains all of Bunber's optional equipment
  • Soules: Soules are the main currency of candies n curses, they are used to "purchase" new flashlight and charms (they are given to him so that he can uses them to break the curse affecting them) but can also be used for other uses such as giving Molli Soul heart points if she uses the devour charm.
  • Atomic Fenix MX: A burning red flashlight with a strange attachment that produces a magical flame. Apparently, Bunber frequently used this gadget when taking inventory in the mansion's freezer. It damages enemies in front and has a chance to produce a flame that damages enemies.
  • Pulverizer MP40: A flashlight with explosive circuitry, allowing it to fire powerful magic grenades from it's bulb. It's quite heavy, but any flashlight with the fancy mechanical engineering to produce bombs would be. It damages enemies in front and occasionally fires a grenade that erupts in a pillar of fire.
  • Gorger's Lamp: A lamp-like cage that contains a creature with an insatiable appetite for ghosts and other-worldly beings. It's body is made of cursed light, and will slay any ghost it touches. As it fills its belly, it can release a shockwave of light that vaporizes nearby enemies. It sounds pretty scary, but the creature is actually quite cute! It damages enemies in front of Molli and releases a powerful light aura around Molli when the Gorger has a full belly.
  • Firefly Lantern: A lantern that holds the ever-burning essence of a ghostly firefly. This essence materializes itself in the form of three sphere-like creatures that orbit around Molli. Although originating from the same ghostly entity, each sphere of light actually has its own personality! It makes spheres of light orbit Molli, damaging enemies and increased chance that defeated enemies will drop more souls.
  • Torchfly Lantern: A powerful Torchfly lives inside the confines of this sturdy lantern. The orbs that rotate around Molli are intensely hot, and can melt any ghost they touch. It taught itself to fire projectiles by observing the various Spitters that live in the mansion. It makes spheres of light orbit Molli which damage enemies and it fires exploding fireballs.
  • Virusfly Lantern: A firefly that's been tainted by venomous lime extract, the Virusfly is a highly toxic creature that must be kept inside the lantern at all times. It's essence takes the form of green light spheres, that orbit Molli. Luckily, these spheres of light aren't poisonous enough to harm Molli. But they'll disintegrate ghosts with the slightest touch! It makes virus flies orbit Molli and have a chance of producing deadly poison puddles when destroying an enemy.
  • Buster Blade 9000: A magical sword that can cut through even the toughest ghosts! The hilt is that of a flashlight, and turning the power on causes the blade to materialize. Perfect for those who's only "weapon" experience comes from wielding standard, household flashlights! Molli swings a blade in the direction of the player's swipe, damaging enemies and increasing the chance that defeated enemies will drop soul hearts.
  • Scorch Blade 9000R: A ghost-hunting blade that's been dipped in refined sugar-magma. It can cut through steel like a hot knife through butter. Just don't use it for any actual cooking as it's probably too dangerous. Molli swings a blade in the direction of the player's swipe, damaging enemies and it has a chance to produce a damaging flame and spawn laval pools on walls.
  • Blight Blade 9000X: A blade enchanted with the essence of cursed dreams. Thousands of nightmares have been captured within the steel of this sword - each nightmare exponentially increasing its ghoul-crushing power. Molli swings a blade in the direction of the player's swipe, damaging enemies and it has a chance to produce an exploding poison bubble and spawn poison pools on walls.


Standard Tactics: Bunber will throw bombs at his opponent while flying around.

Weaknesses: Nothing Notable

Note: Bunber has shown accesses to the Atomic Fenix MX and while he does not use it for combat, it should still be noted in his optional equipment along with the other flashlights that are not secret flashlights.

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