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From The Codex
Ohohoho! Now now, there's enough Mothiva for all!
~ Mothiva
Ohohoho! Now now, there's enough Mothiva for all!
~ Mothiva


Mothiva is one of the most popular stars in Bugaria. Zasp, the wasp warrior, helps her a lot in her career. Together they form Team Mothiva.

Mothiva appears as most moths. Her entire body is cream-colored with patches of white fluff around her chest, waist, hips and legs. Her wings are also quite fluffy, being primarily used as a cape or robe. Around her antenna is a cherry red decoration that appears similar to a flower.

While in public, Mothiva presents herself as kind and loving towards all of her fans. This is all a facade. In truth she is snide, disrespectful towards peers and incredibly vain. She wishes for nothing more than for others to see her as the shining star she believes she is. This is made more apparent during her demo quest when she constantly, yet secretly, berates Team Snakemouth for ruining her show, yet assures herself that the audience enjoyed her presence nonetheless.

General Information

Name: Mothiva

Origin: Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown, likely an adult (Should be older than Vi)

Classification: Leader of Team Mothiva

Species: Silk Moth

Occupation: Idol

Alignment: Lawful Good (Despite Mothiva mainly caring about being popular and not much for others, she is still loyal to Queen Elizant II and her kingdom, following the commands she's given)

Codex Statistics

Key: Chapter 2 | Chapter 6-7

Tier: 10-C | At least 10-C

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Subhuman level (Fought the likes of Kabbu, Vi, and Leif) | At least Subhuman level (Has gotten stronger ever since her first battle and can keep up with Team Snakemouth)

Durability: Subhuman level | At least Subhuman level

Striking Strength: Subhuman Class | At least Subhuman Class

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human | Below Average Human

Travel Speed: Athletic Human (Comparable to Vi's flight speed. Honey bees can fly up to 28 km/h) | At least Athletic Human

Combat Speed: Superhuman (Can hit Team Snakemouth) | Relativistic+

Reaction Speed: Superhuman (Should be far superior to a cockroach, which can react at 11 milliseconds. This is about 10x faster than the fastest reaction of a human being 100 milliseconds, making their speed 77 m/s) | Relativistic+ (Shouldn't be too far behind Team Snakemouth in terms of speed)

Stamina: High (Can fight for long periods of time) | High

Range: Below Standard Melee

Intelligence: Above Average (A skilled fighter and knight, while also being a famous idol)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Small Size (Bug-Sized), Sound Manipulation (By singing, Mothiva can create a projectile), Resurrection & Healing (Mothiva's singing can revive and heal others), Statistics Amplification (If Mothiva is in front of the team, she should also gain a boost in attack power much like Team Snakemouth does as they follow the same battle format such as being able to use the Turn Relay. Her singing can increase defense), Save and Load (By using Ancient Crystals, Mothiva can use them to save her progress and retry a battle if she were to lose), Accelerated Development (Should have gotten stronger overtime, much like Team Snakemouth, due to keeping up with them later), Passive Purification (Type 1; The Eternal Venom medal states that it cannot let the user naturally recover from poison, meaning that the status effects being removed are due to self-restoration. This would include: Status Effect Inducement, Poison, Sleep, Freeze, Numb, Burn, Sticky, Ink, ATK Down, and DEF Down).
Resistance to Status Effect Inducement, Poison Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Fire Manipulation, Power Nullification, Statistics Reduction (Blocking can block the following status effects: Status Effect Inducement, Poison, Sleep, Freeze, Numb, Burn, Sticky, Ink, ATK Down, and DEF Down)




Standard Tactics: Mothiva will either use her singing or kick the enemy.

Weaknesses: Often arrogant.

Battle Records