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Beppi the Clown

From The Codex
Why'd the clown drive over the cup? He wanted to crack him up.
What'd the Balloon animals think of the cup? Quite the gob-let-down!
Knock knock. Who's there? Charlie. Charlie who? Charlie horse!
What do you call a cup that falls off a swing? A tumbler!


Beppi The Clown is a character in Cuphead residing in Inkwell Isle Two as one of the first bosses in that region. He is the main boss of the Carnival Kerfuffle. Beppi uses many-carnival-based forms to fight along with use the battlefield, a roller coaster, to his advantage.

General Information

Name: Beppi the Clown

Origin: Cuphead

Sex: Male

Age: Old enough to enter casinos

Classification: Clown

Codex Statistics

Key: Phase One | Phase Two | Phase Three | Phase Four

Tier: 9-A | 9-A | 9-A | 9-A

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Room level (On par with Cuphead and Mugman who are much stronger than they were at Inkwell Isle One. Relative to Djimmi the Great) | Room level (Larger than before) | Room level | Room level (Much larger than before)

Durability: Room level (Should be comparable to Djimmi the Great. Can tank an onslaught of attacks from Cuphead and Mugman) | Room level | Room level | Room level

Travel Speed: Superhuman (Faster than Cuphead and Mugman who can move at speeds relative to sound) | Immobile | Superhuman | Superhuman

Combat Speed: Supersonic (Should be comparable to Cuphead and Mugman who uses a minigun for their air battles, which their ground weapons should be comparable to. Should be superior to Hilda Berg) | Supersonic | Supersonic | Supersonic

Reaction Speed: Supersonic (Can dodge Cuphead and Mugman's attacks and is comparable to similar foes) | Supersonic | Supersonic | Supersonic

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Class 5 (He can sustain his own weight which should be comparable to smaller characters)

Striking Strength: Room Class | Room Class | Room Class | Room Class

Stamina: High (Should be comparable to Cuphead and Mugman)

Range: Standard Melee, Higher with transformations, Tens of Meters with horses

Intelligence: Average

Powers and Techniques


Bumper Car, Horses, and helium tanks


Weaknesses: None Notable

Battle Records