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C'mon, Mug! We have to find the Elder Kettle! He'll know what to do!
~ Cuphead to Mugman


Cuphead is the titular main protagonist of Cuphead. He is Mugman's best friend and brother, and when the two end up in the devil's Casino, they accidentally lose their souls to the Devil. As an alternative method to pay off their debt, the Devil offers the two a chance to collect the contracts from the other debtors across Inkwell within 24 hours.

General Information

Name: Cuphead, Cupface (By King Dice)

Origin: Cuphead

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, old enough to enter casinos

Classification: Cup

Codex Statistics

Key Isle 1 | Isle 2 | Isle 3 and onward

Tier: 9-B | 9-A | At least High 8-C

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (Defeated Goopy Le Grande, who is a giant gravestone. He can destroy the Acorn Maker) | Room level (Is much stronger than before, defeated Djimmi the Great which required Cuphead to destroy his stone pillars) | At least Large Building level (Much stronger than before. Can fight those who can harm him.)

Durability: Wall level (Can tank hits from Goopy Le Grande and other similar debtors) | Room level (Can tank hits from Djimmi the Great) | At least Large Building level (Much stronger than before. Can tank hits from Glumstone who shattered a platform.)

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Room Class | At least Large Building Class

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Travel Speed: Hypersonic (Can move at speeds relative to sound. Can move in tandem with airborne electricity which moves at a speed of Mach 11.)

Combat Speed: Supersonic (Uses a minigun for his air battles which his ground weapons should be comparable to. Can hit Hilda Berg. Threw a ball at supersonic speeds.)

Reaction Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Can dodge a natural strike of lightning point-blank.)

Stamina: High (Fought and defeated all of the debtors in less than 24 hours)

Range: At least Tens of Meters with standard attacks, Hundreds of Meters with airplane, Unknown with Super II

Intelligence: Above Average (Quickly managed to master his arsenals of charms and defeat skilled martial artists)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Inorganic Physiology (Is a cup), Small Size (Type 0. Is less than half the size of a regular human), Acrobatics, Pseudo-Flight (Cuphead's dash allows him to remain temporarily airborne), Minor Cartoon Physics, Limited Body Control & Shapeshifting (Can transform his straw into a hand), Immortality (Type 6; Can detach and reattach his head), Limited Absorption (Anything pink Cuphead parries will be absorbed into his Super Meter), Dimensional Storage, Resurrection (Can resurrect Mugman by parrying his soul. Every death and failed victory Cuphead experiences is recorded and acknowledged by several characters), Immortality Negation (Type 7) and Metaphysics Manipulation (Spirit Manipulation; Can harm and defeat ghosts), Magic (Cuphead's powers are magic-based), Accelerated Development (Grows stronger the more opponents Cuphead defeats), Elasticity (Can extend his limbs) Resistance to Petrification (Can break out of being petrified)

All previous powers. Minor Curtain Fire (Various attack modifications can fire several types of projectile patterns), Homing Attack and Forcefield Creation (The Chaser homes in on targets and can create a bubble-like projectile shield), Fire Manipulation and Explosion Manipulation (The charge shot fires a flaming projectile and explosions. Can fire bombs at foes), Electricity Manipulation (Converge is a three-way shot of electricity), Air Manipulation (The Twist-Up is a tornado that flies upwards), Energy Manipulation (Cuphead can fire an energy beam of liquid at his foes with Super I), Intangibility and Invulnerability (Spatial. Briefly becomes intangible with Super II, which is described as crossing the astral plane), Astral Projection (Can separate his soul from his body with Super III), Enhanced Flight (Can now fly indefinitely with his airplane), Transformation, Fusionism, and Self-Destruction (Can transform into a smaller plane and a giant bomb that explodes on impact), Magnetism Manipulation (Can fire magnetic rockets that home in on foes), Teleportation (the smoke bomb allows Cuphead to teleport a short distance), Statistics Amplification (The Heart and Twin Heart increase Cuphead's maximum health), Instinctive Reaction (the P. Sugar allows Cuphead to automatically parry objects and foes), Reactive Power Level (Via Coffee which automatically fills up the Super Meter), Enhanced Body Control and Shapeshifting (The Whetstone turns Cuphead's straw into an axe), Limited Resistance to Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation) and Enhanced Immortality (Type 6; Super III allows Cuphead to temporarily live without his soul and heart)


Airplane and various charms

Notable Techniques

  • Dash: Cuphead propels himself forward quickly to dodge or cover long distances without falling.
  • Peashooter: An average damage weapon with good range. It has a light blue color and looks like a laser beam. The standard issue weapon that is given to Cuphead and Mugman at the beginning of their journey. It travels straightforward at a high velocity
  • EX Move: Varies depending on the current bullet type.
  • Supers:
    • I: Cuphead shoots an energy beam made of liquid at his foes in a horizontal direction.
    • II: Cuphead crosses the astral plane and temporarily becomes invulnerable.
    • III: Cuphead summons a spirit that is more muscular but otherwise similar to him that goes continuously upward while spinning and damaging enemies.
  • Parry: Cuphead slaps pink enemies/projectiles/objects which gives him a short boost upward and increase his Super Meter.
  • Alternate Bullets:
    • Spread: It is a high damage spread gun that works best if you can get close to your target. Shots disappear after a short distance.
    • Chaser: It fires small, slow-moving projectiles that home in on the nearest target. Deals about half the damage compared to Peashooter.
    • Lobber: It fires a lobbed projectile that arcs upwards, and falls back down and bounces on the floor until it bounces twice and pops on the third contact of the floor, deals great damage, but has limited range, each shot deals about two times more than Peashooter.
    • Charge: It is a high-damage, high-velocity shot that requires the player to hold down the firing button for maximum effectiveness. It has an orange color and looks like a wave for the uncharged projectile and two waves twirling each other for the charged projectile. Releasing the shoot button before the charge is complete will fire a small, light damage projectile.
    • Roundabout: It fires a boomerang-like projectile that moves in the direction it is fired for a moment, but proceeds backwards for a long distance at a much higher velocity.
  • Resurrection: Can be resurrected if killed next to Mugman, or resurrect back to the start of a a battle if both brothers are defeated.
  • Parry Sugar: Parry Sugar allows Cuphead to automatically parry attacks when they make physical contact with him.
  • Smoke Bomb: Smoke Bomb allows Cuphead to teleport when he dashes.
  • Whetstone: Whetstone deals extra damage when combined with the Parry Sugar technique.
  • Plane: Cuphead can use his plane for ariel combat.
    • Rapid-Fire Bullets (As the plane): Rapid-Fire bullets are smaller than peashooter bullets but otherwise the same. Its EX move shoots a missile that is more powerful than a regular projectile.
    • Mini Bomb: Cuphead drops bombs that deal more damage than regular bullets in exchange for a slower attack speed. Its EX fires a barrage of magnet-like missles that home in on foes.
    • Size Reduction: Cuphead reduces his size and increases his speed while giving his bullets less range and less damage
    • Super: Cuphead turns into a bomb that explodes on contact or after a short period of time.


Weaknesses: Cuphead often acts first before thinking about the consequences of his actions

Battle Records