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Dib Membrane

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What's the matter? Scared of BEANS, space boy?
~ Dib to Zim
I used to look up at space, with hope and wonder in my eyes. Until space... looked back. Invader Zim: evil alien soldier of the Irken Empire. Sent by his diabolical masters, the Almighty Tallest, to infiltrate Earth and prepare it for the coming invasion. Disguised as one of us, he moved into my neighborhood. He went to my school. And with the help of his vile mechanical servants, plotted to destroy everything we have. Everything we are. And then... he vanished. My name is Dib Membrane. I'm twelve years old, and I'm all that stands between Zim... and the annihilation of our world!
~ Dib Membrane's speech in Enter the Florpus


Dib Membrane is the central antagonist of the 2000-2006 television series Invader Zim and the main protagonist of the 2019 Netflix film Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus.

He is an eccentric young boy who is obsessed with the paranormal. He's the older brother of Gaz Membrane and son of Professor Membrane. Self-proclaimed "defender of Earth", he attends skool with Zim and is determined to stop him from conquering Earth or expose him as an alien, though almost nobody believes him. He is highly unpopular at school and at home for his said obsession with the paranormal, and is often dismissed as "crazy" or "insane". Despite being a foil to Zim, he's frequently shown acting in selfish, self-centered ways.

In Issue 0 of the Invader Zim comic "TruthShrieker", it is confirmed that Dib's (and Gaz's) last name is "Membrane". He is the author of an article about Zim's mysterious disappearance, and the article is by "Dib Membrane". The surname was concreted again when it was quoted in Issue 5. However, before it was confirmed in the comics, the surname was previously mentioned on an entry of Jhonen Vasquez's blog published on March 7, 2010 that was overlooked.

General Information

Name: Dib Membrane

Origin: Invader Zim

Sex: Male

Age: 11 in the series (In "Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain" a year passed of GIR being Zim's computer), 12 in Enter the Florpus (Dib states so himself in the intro to Enter the Florpus)

Classification: Paranormal Investigator

Species: Human

Occupation: None

Status: Alive

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Despite claiming to be the hero, all Dib really cares about is proving to people that aliens and other life exist)

Codex Statistics

Key: Enter the Florpus

Tier: 8-A

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: City District level (Comparable to Professor Membrane, who did a massive ground explosion which destroyed nearby buildings, robots, and left a large crater which was calculated at this. Can harm Zim who tanked slamming into a door at high speeds with GIR's jet,[1] survived a fall from the top of a skyscraper to a dumpster,[2] survived crashing through a building.[3] Tanked an explosion that destroyed his entire lab.[4]. Along with this, Zim tanked Mini Moose' doosmday activation which overtime destroyed Zim's entire house)

Durability: City District level (Survived an explosion that created a massive crater and destroyed several robots. Tanked being shot through a wall, leaving a human shaped hole)

Striking Strength: City District Class

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human (Has been capable of pinning Zim down)

Travel Speed: Superhuman (Kept up with Zim on foot while he was running from Dib[5]. Should be comparable, albeit slower than Doctor Membrane who ran a large distance through a giant crowd in a split second), Unknown when piloting TAK's Voot Cruiser (Should be comparable to Zim's Voot Cruiser which flew to Mars in roughly a minute,[6], which reaches this level of speed) and Faster Than Light with the TAK's Voot Cruiser on autopilot (Should be comparable to Zim's Voot Cruiser which flew from Irk, a planet so far away from Earth that the Irken Empire had no idea of it's existence despite being on a universal conquest, and having many galaxies and planets mapped out[7])

Combat Speed: Superhuman (Can fight and tag Zim's robots and Zim who can pilot the Voot Cruiser,[8][9][10] piloted Mars across the solar system while dodging Dib, who was piloting Mercury[11])

Reaction Speed: Superhuman

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Below Standard Melee Range physically, Several Meters with Water Soaker, Interstellar with Communication Devices (His computer could pick up a conversation with the Irken Armada all the way from their planet[12]), Multi-Universal with Dimensional Scope (Can peer into alternate dimensions with Professor Membrane's dimensional scope[13])

Intelligence: Supergenius (Though not on the same level as Zim, Dib is capable of constantly thwarting his plans. Was able to plot out a course in the wormhole through his computer.[14] Irken Tech is hard for Dib to understand/comprehend requiring him to spy on Zim's base to learn more about it, allowing him to modify TAK's ship.[15] Membrane notes that Dib's calculations are flawless and Dib making even the slightest mistake was done on purpose and was a cry for help. Tried modifying Professor Membrane's Dimensional Scope tech to merge realities.[16] Has been capable of hacking into Zim's tech[17])

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence, Vehicular Mastery (Dib is a very skilled pilot, being capable of matching Zim on repeated scenarios in piloting[18]) Acrobatics (Has displayed acrobatic abilities while attempting to chase after Zim[19]), Stealth Mastery (Dib could sneak inside of Zim's secret base and hide in there, only being noticed when he used the camera's flash[20]), Preparation (Planned out and made a huge space station during a preparation sequence of 2 days which also involved him finding a way to get around his weakness to water and ending with him making a large water balloon that was resistant to the effects of atmospheric re-entry and could easily destroy meteors in it's way along with satellites, ending with it flooding the entire city.[21]), Hacking (Has in the past hacked into Zim's tech,[22] was capable of hacking into a security system in Membrane Labs to break Gaz out[23]), Accelerated Development (Training; Physical Stats. After becoming unhealthily unfit to the point that he "fused with his chair" Dib went through rigorous training for a couple of days to become incredibly buff at first and then having to fix that so he went back to normal), Supernatural Resilience (All kids survived having parts of their organs being stolen and replaced by an animate object from Zim[24]), Pseudo-Time Paradox Immunity (Grandfather Paradox; Through Zim repeatedly changing Dib's past and slowly killing him it caused Professor Membrane to make an advanced exoskeleton suit for his son, thus every change to the past that harpens Dib makes him more powerful[25]), Subjective Reality (All characters in Invader Zim can create alternate universes through their imagination. This is shown by Dib creating his own nightmare dimension that he directly calls an alternate universe. This is a real physical place as when Dib is capable of phasing in and out of his dimension he is able to escape the insane asylum in the main universe[26]), Pseudo-Telepathy (Dib can apparently appear in Zim's thoughts as a thought bubble and even notice things Zim himself can't notice further proving it's not just a hallucination[27]), Dimensional Travel (During the events of "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom Part 1 & 2", Dib was capable of traveling between the main universe and his nightmare universe, though he didn't have control over this and eventually if he didn't stop it he would've permanently stayed in the nightmare universe[28]), Limited Madness Manipulation (Dib was capable of turning the host of Mysterious Mysteries crazy just from being on his show[29]).

Resistance to Disease Manipulation (It is stated that the cafeteria food has potentially killed people and greatly made them ill yet Dib and co. are fine from it[30]), Mind Manipulation (Briefly resisted the hypnotics effects of Pustulio who can affect even robots like GIR.[31] Resisted Tak's glare which sends hypnotic suggestions to the individual, with Tak noting it's due to their intelligence[32]), Deconstruction (Microscopic; Can tank the Gnomes laser beams, which completely erased his cuffs without leaving a trace), Social Influencing (Has never once fell for any of Zim's disguises, some of them capable of influencing the entire world[33][34])

Extrasensory Perception (Dib is equipped with an X-Ray scope that allows him to see human organs[37]), Cosmic Awareness (The dimensional scope allows him to view alternate realities[38]), Invisibility (Equipped with an invisibility suit he uses for stealth[39]), Status Effect Inducement (Has cuffs that can potentially incapacitate aliens[40]), Flight & Spaceflight (Has TAK's ship that allows him to travel through space. Could fly around with Mercury[41]), Water Manipulation (Planned out a preparation sequence of 2 days which had Dib create water soakers[42]), Limited Food Manipulation (Shoots a blast of meat from his mechanical arm)

All previous inventions and equipment

All previous inventions and equipment


Tak's Ship


Standard Tactics: Dib will use various technologies that best suit the situation.

Weaknesses: Dib has shown to be unable to convince people of the existence of aliens or other paranormal creatures that actually exist, even with him having direct proof to show for it.

Note 1: Even though the mechanical arm comes from the pilot episode it is one of the many inventions seen inside of Dib's garage in Enter the Florpus implying at least he has an object like that in the main TV series or similar events have played out.


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