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From The Codex
Fate hurts, don't it?!
~ Leucos


Leucos, born Leucothea, was the heiress to the throne of Athens. When the King of Athens made a deal with Prometheus, Leucos was chosen to be granted with immortality, and was then sent off to live with one of the King's vassals. There, Leucos was raised in a theater, completely unaware of her origins and instructed daily to act as though she were a man.

Unfortunately, the man who raised her was killed before he could tell Leucos the truth of her past, prompting her to travel the world in search of answers regarding why she was gifted with immortality. All the while, Leucos continued to claim to be a man, in order to honor the way her surrogate father raised her.

Living the next few years of her life as a thief, Leucos eventually stole from a royal guard and found herself in deep trouble. At this same time, however, she also ran into a young immortal amnesiac named Icarus, who got her out of her situation and became her travelling partner.

Leucos and Icarus start their journey to Mount Olympus, in order to disocver who the both of them are, and why the gods gave them immortality. Leucos fought incredibly powerful monsters on her journey, before finally reaching Athens and learning the truth of who she was. With the world saved from the horrible titan Typhon, Leucos turned down her rightful claim to Athens, and instead decided to return to her surrogate father's theater, in order to rebuild.

Codex Statistics

Key: Early Game | Late Game

Tier: At least 7-C, likely Low 5-B | 5-B, High 4-A with the Celestial Dagger

Name: Leucos (born Leucothea)

Origin: Glory of Heracles

Sex: Female (pretends to be Male)

Age: Unknown, physically a teenager

Classification: Immortal, Heiress to Athens

Alignment: Chaotic Good (Leucos is good-spirited, but can be quite selfish and arrogant. She seems fairly uncaring about others at times and solely wants to figure out the truth about her immortality, though she does have a kind heart deep down inside. Leucos normally uses fate as a way to explain her selfish actions, such as stealing weapons from guards)

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: At least Town level (Comparable to her durability), likely Small Planet level (Scales to Icarus, who contains a quarter of Heracles's soul, who at his full power defeated Typhon; a quarter of planet-destroying power would yield this level. Scales to Axios, who contains a third of Oceanus's soul, who at its full power could defeat Typhon; a third of planet-destroying power would yield this level) | Planet level (Defeated Typhon, whose appearance threatened the existence of the entire Earth, according to Cassandra the Prophet, whose prophecies are always true), Multi-Star Cluster level with the Celestial Dagger (Wields the Celestial Dagger, which channels the powers of the stars; Greek mythology's firmament contains all of the stars in the universe, which is shown in the series to be as expansive as our own universe; wielding the power of 4-A.29 all the stars in the Firmament would yield this level)

Durability: At least Town level (Comparable to Eris, who survived the destruction of Corinth at point blank range), likely Small Planet level | Planet level, Multi-Star Cluster level with the Celestial Dagger (Wielding weapons increases the durability stat accordingly)

Striking Strength: At least Town Class, likely Small Planet Class | Planet Class, Multi-Star Cluster Class with the Celestial Dagger

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Travel Speed: Peak Human (Can outrun Spartan soldiers) | Peak Human, likely Massively Hypersonic with Hermes's Wings (Gains Hermes's speed, which should be superior to Apollo, who is believed to be the sun streaking across the sky. The Earth orbits the sun at 67,000 mph)

Combat Speed: Massively Hypersonic, Speed of Light with Apollo's Bow (Is said to shoot light) | Faster Than Light, Speed of Light with Apollo's Bow

Reaction Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Can dodge lightning strikes such as Fulg) | Faster Than Light (Scales to the Sphinx, who can naturally produce light with Flash, and Medusa, who could naturally produce light with Ogress's Gaze. Can conjure and perceive Megalo, which produces a large beam of light)

Stamina: Peak Human (Was able to travel all across Greece, exploring several dungeons and defeating countless monsters, all while on very limited sleep. Sleep is only required in order to recover magic usage, although Leucos can very easily maintain his ability to physically fight for several days)

Range: Standard Melee, Hundreds of Meters with bow & arrow and magic spells

Intelligence: Genius in combat (Is proficient enough in combat that she is able to take on ancient monsters who have existed for countless years, such as Typhon. As soon as she is granted magic spells from the gods she can use them perfectly), Supergenius with Uranus's Helm (Grants the knowledge of the god, Uranus, who has been alive for at least a million years. Furthermore, Uranus is cited to have created the cosmos, granting Leucos cosmic knowledge)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Speed, Acrobatics, Human Achievements (Is the heiress to the throne of Athens), Weapon Mastery (Is skilled in using daggers, bows, darts, and bombs), Blessed & Accelerated Development (Leucos will become proficient in advanced magic by praying to gods), Healing (Boon, Brinkback, and Vigor, all naturally recover Leucos's health), Life Manipulation & Absorption (Leucos overkilling an enemy will release their life essence, which he can absorb and convert to magic power), Immortality (Types 1, 4, and 8; granted immortality by Astraea), Elemental Manipulation (Ether makes up all living things, and is comprised of attributes of fire, earth, wind, water, and darkness), Immortality Negation (Type 7; Leucos can harm and defeat undead soldiers)
Resistance to: Transmutation (People turns into monsters as their heart grows darker; Leucos wields the Magic Ring, which harnesses evil power, yet does not turn into a monster), Death Manipulation (Typhon's awakening washed over the Earth with a wave of death; Leucos was unaffected by this wave), Limited Resistance to Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation; Leucos's party could take attacks from Crasis beings without these effects. The Crasis had turned Al into a soulless husk of a man), Limited Resistance to Petrification (Being turned to stone only lasts a brief time for her)
Fire Manipulation (Byrn/Byrnge/Byrngarm), Electricity Manipulation (Fulg/Fulgar/Fulgarum), Earth Manipulation (Queth/Quaithe/Quaithar), Ice Manipulation (Ise/Isell/Isellam), Healing (Pow/Powra/Powtes), Resurrection (Illume/Illumore), Paralysis Inducement (With Paralyze), Probability Manipulation (Sthen increases the chances of a critical hit), Status Effect Inducement, Forcefield Creation & Damage Reduction (Mindshield raises a psychic shield that halves magical damage), Creation (Arginoa creates a large sword to attack the enemy)
Healing (Herbs restore health), Resurrection (Pick-Me-Up item can grant revival), Explosion Manipulation (Via bombs), Poison Manipulation (The Scorpion Dagger poisons victims), Darkness Manipulation & Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation; The Magic Ring harnesses the soul, and dark power, of an old spirit), Creation (Uranus's Sword created the star-flecked skies), Fate Manipulation (The Titan Dagger is said to alter destiny for the wielder. Fate/destiny is a big deal in this universe, dictated by the gods), Power Bestowal (Uranus's Helm grants the knowledge and power of Uranus. Hermes's Helm and Hermes's Wings grants the speed of Hermes), Resistance to Status Effect Inducement (The Olympian Shield negates status ailments), Limited Resistance to Memory Manipulation (The Pallas Athena prevents forgetfulness)



  • Titan Dagger: Legendary dagger forged by Hephaestus, capable of dealing considerable damage to Typhon. This blade is said to dance within the hands of a worthy wielder, and can alter destinies.
  • Celestial Dagger: A dagger that even the gods fear, which channels the power of the stars.
  • Scorpion Dagger: A dagger made from the stinger of a giant scorpion, which will inject poison on its enemies.


  • Hero's Bow: A responsive bow once wielded by a hero of Byblos.
  • Apollo's Bow: A bow blessed by Apollo, the sun god. Some say it shoots light.


  • Byrn Dart: A missile dart that contained Byrn magic within it. Throwing it is like casting a fire spell.
  • Fulg Dart: A missile dart that contained Fulg magic within it. Throwing it is like casting a lightning spell.
  • Queth Dart: A missile dart that contained Queth magic within it. Throwing it is like casting an earth spell.
  • Ise Dart: A missile dart that contained Ise magic within it. Throwing it is like casting an ice spell.
  • Bomb: An average bomb that Leucos can throw. Explodes on impact.


  • Savior's Armor: Armor made for valiant deeds, containing the power of the gods.
  • Radiant Robe: A robe blessed by the gods, said to ward of calamity and evil.
  • Oceanus's Armor: Armor worn by Oceanus, said to protect him from all attacks.
  • Gaia's Raiment: The robe of the earth goddess, said to make angry gods fall quiet before it.
  • Magic Ring: And eldritch ring that harnesses the evil of an old spirit.
  • Hermes's Helm & Hermes's Wings: This helm and wings of the god, Hermes, allows the wearer to be as quick as he.
  • Uranus's Helm: The helm of Uranus grants the knowledge and power of Uranus, god of the sky.


  • Herb: Restores some of Leucos's health.
  • Physic: Restores a little of Leucos's health.
  • Potent Physic: Restores some of Leucos's health.
  • Total Physic: Fully restores Leucos's health.
  • Walking Nectar: When taking this nectar, Leucos is kept completely awake; nullifying anything that might make him sleep. It also restores his magic.
  • Chthonic Balm: A nostalgic scent for monsters that draws them near.
  • Camping Kit: Easy to set up campsite for Leucos to sleep in, without fear of monster attacks.

  • Byrn: Fire magic. Sets an enemy ablaze and diminishes resistance to magic.
    • Byrnage: Powered-up version of Byrn. Sets a row of enemies on fire.
    • Byrngarm: The most powerful version of Byrn. Drops pillars of flame from the sky onto foes.
  • Fulg: Lightning magic. Calls lightning onto an opponent and saps resistance to slash attacks.
    • Fulgar: Powered-up version of Fulg. Strikes a row of enemies with electricity.
    • Fulgarum: The most powerful version of Fulg. Punishes foes with a powerful strike of electricity.
  • Ise: Ice magic. Encases the foe in ice and saps resistance to thrust attacks.
    • Isell: Powered-up Ise. Encases a row of enemies in ice.
    • Isellam: The most powerful version of Ise. Encases foes in a chasm of ice.
  • Queth: Earth magic. Hits an enemy with a boulder, and saps resistance to blunt attacks.
    • Quaithe: Powered-up Queth. Hammers a row of enemies with boulders.
    • Quaithar: The most powerful version of Queth. Drops a large boulder onto foes.
  • Pow: Health magic. Restores a little health to a single ally.
    • Powtes: The most useful version of Pow. Restores all health to a single ally.
    • Powra: Powered-up Pow. Restores a fair amount of health to a single ally.
  • Paralyze: Leucos' version of paralysis magic. Stuns the foe for a few turns.
  • Illume: Resurrection magic. Can raise an ally after they're defeated, but only to half health.
    • Illumore: Powered-up version of Illume. Raises an ally to full health after they are defeated.
  • Arginoa: Summons a colossal sacred sword that deals incredible blunt damage to all enemies in the area.

  • Notable Techniques

    • Defend: Leucos reacts swiftly to deflect attacks and reduce damage.
    • Counter: Leucos strikes back immediately after a foe attacks.
    • Evade: Leucos anticipates an opponent's attack and dodges before it connects.
    • Mindshield: Raises a psychic barrier that halves all magical damage dealt to Leucos.
    • Boon: Naturally recovers a little magic power by converting ether into magic.
    • Vigor: Recovers some of Leucos's health after an enemy's turn is over.
    • Brinkback: Recovers a little health and boosts Leucos's resistances when she's near death.
    • Reaper Strike: Leucos hits an enemy until it cowers, and then downs it for an overkill.


    Weaknesses: None notable.

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