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Lucas Lee

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There's a lot of things that Ramona doesn't mention, Pilgrim. She likes to act like she's little miss perfect, but the truth is... she cheated on me.
~ Lucas Lee talking about how Ramona Flowers cheated on him to Scott Pilgrim


Lucas Lee is Ramona Flowers' second evil ex and the final boss of the second book, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Lucas is a skateboarder turned sell-out actor who is shown as the star in a number of cheesy action movies, only having one movie that was deemed "kind-of good", called Let's Hope There's a Heaven and an upcoming romantic comedy called You Just Don't Exist with Winifred Hailey. He is the primary antagonist of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Volume 2, although Scott Pilgrim repeatedly confuses him with Lucas "Crash" Wilson of Crash and the Boys and the real-life actor Luke Wilson from Bottle Rocket. His name is a reference to Jason Lee, a real life pro skateboarder turned actor.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Lucas Lee’s story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!

Relationship with Ramona

Ramona and Lucas Lee started dating during their freshman year in high school together. Around that time Lucas Lee was, according to Ramona, a "whiny little greasy-haired skater." Prior to the relationship Lucas followed Ramona around and constantly asked to go out with her. Eventually Ramona said okay and the two went out for a short while.

Although Lucas Lee claims he was an important figure in Ramona's past, he lacks any real relevance in Ramona's life; According to Ramona, all they really did was sit together on a street curb and smoke. At some point in the relationship Ramona cheated on and left him for the "first cocky pretty boy" that came by (Ramona's third evil ex-boyfriend, Todd Ingram).

Encounter with Scott

Scott goes to Casa Loma with Wallace Wells to fight Lucas.  However, when he gets there, Scott gets nervous being next to a movie star.  When Lucas finds out who Scott is, he attacks him whilst Scott (now starstruck) simply asks for his autograph.  Lucas then swings Scott into the side of the Casa Loma building, rendering Scott unconscious.

When Scott comes to, Lucas offers Scott a short break and Scott accepts. Scott and Lucas talk about their movie and Lucas and Ramona's relationship, and Lucas tearfully reveals that Ramona cheated on him. Lucas then makes an offer to Scott, saying he'll tell Gideon that Scott defeated him if Scott gives Lucas all of his money.  Scott refuses and tells Lucas that he's a sellout.


Scott outsmarts Lucas by asking him to demonstrate a skateboard trick. After he accepts Scott's request, Lucas skateboards down a long rail. As he grinds down the rail, he accelerates too quickly and disintegrates as he hits the ground, leaving behind coins and a Mithril Skateboard that Scott cannot even touch due to a lack of "Skateboard Proficiency" (It's later revealed that he instead took "Longsword Proficiency"). The skateboard itself disappears soon after. Scott complains because he didn't get Lucas' autograph and because Lucas left behind over $14 in change.

General Information

Name: Lucas Lee

Origin: Scott Pilgrim

Sex: Male

Age: Around 23-24 (Should be around Ramona Flowers' age)

Classification: Human, Second Evil Ex-Boyfriend

Status: Alive (Characters within the Scott Pilgrim universe cannot die due to how death works)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Lucas Lee is the least motivated exe and simply wants to seek closure with Ramona Flowers after she cheated on him with Todd Ingram. He is more than willing to completely throw the match against Scott Pilgrim for a bit of money)

Codex Statistics

Key: Regular | Subspace Avatar

Tier: 8-A | Varies from 10-B to High 10-B to 9-C to 8-A to 6-A

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: City District level (Easily bruised and knocked out an off guard Scott Pilgrim, which should make him superior to Matthew Patel) | Varies from Human level to Above Average Human level to Bone level to City District level to Continent level (Has a subspace avatar that he can make as strong as he wants)

Durability: City District level (Should be superior to Matthew Patel) | Varies from Human level to Above Average Human level to Bone level to City District level to Continent level (Has a subspace avatar that he can make as durable as he wants)

Striking Strength: City District Class | Varies from Human Class to Above Average Human Class to Bone Class to City District Class to Continent Class

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman (Could easily throw Scott Pilgrim dozens of meters) | At least Superhuman, likely Extra-Temporal (Scales to other beings such as Lis who can move dresser drawers that are far larger than universes)

Travel Speed: Superhuman (Could keep up with Scott Pilgrim), Higher on his skateboard (Could travel up to 309 kilometers per hour on his skateboard) | Unknown (Distance works differently in Subspace)

Combat Speed: Superhuman (Scales to Scott Pilgrim) |Superhuman

Reaction Speed: Superhuman (Scales to Scott Pilgrim) |Superhuman. Can't be blitzed while in subspace due to the way space-time works

Stamina: Unknown, likely Above Average (As an actor, he is naturally required to be healthy and fit to play the role of his characters)

Range: Standard Melee physically, Extended Melee Range with Mithril Skateboard, Multiversal with Subspace Manipulation (The size of subspace expands this large)

Intelligence: Gifted (Is a skilled actor and skater. Easily beat up Scott Pilgrim while he was of guard. Has notable negotiating skills with people he's just met)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Hand-to-Hand Proficiency (Easily defeated an off guard Scott Pilgrim in combat), Human Achievements (Is an accomplished actor and professional skater), Social Influencing (Not only is Lucas Lee an accomplished actor, he was able to stop Scott from fighting and offer up a deal to him), Law Manipulation (Subspace can shape reality to the user's liking. An example being Scott Pilgrim and the various video game-like aspects of the world, which are a result of Subspace and its perspective-based abilities), Perspective Manipulation and Observation (Type 2; Potent Subspace users can use the perspective-based powers of Subspace to overwrite reality to fit how they view it in the real world), Avatar Creation (Has an avatar in subspace he unconsciously creates), Immortality (Type 5; Death is treated as an inconvenience in the universe withy nobody actually dying), Dimensional Travel & Space-Time Manipulation (Characters can manifest doors directly to subspace, or even move between subspace and the real world through sheer force. Breaking the walls between subspace and the main universe), Mind Manipulation (Entering Subspace directly accesses one's mind and subconscious thoughts), Irreversible Damage (Can kill ones subspace avatar and kill their true form in the process), Attack Reflection (Scales to Scott Pilgrim who gave Gideon the Glow), Sheer Will (Those who can access the powers of Subspace in the real world naturally require a strong will and determination to control them), Subjective Reality & Dimensional Storage (Whatever the user can imagine will be created in subspace. For instance, Scott manifested his love for Ramona as the Power of Love, which he can pull from and store in Subspace), Portal Creation & Summoning (As the powers of the characters originate from Subspace, they can create portals or summon beings and objects from their subspace).

Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Should naturally resist conventional mind manipulation as his mind harbors subspace)

All previous powers and abilities to an unknown extent. Regeneration (Low-Godly. Subspace avatars are avatars of pure cognition of one's true self and by extension can be restored by the true form at will), Immortality (Type 3, 5, 6, 8, & 9. Subspace avatars are avatars of pure cognition of one's true self and by extension can be restored by the true form at will. Concepts such as death are irrelevant to them as even if one dies they will just be sent into subspace. Even spirits can freely pass through and from Subspace. All damage done to a subspace avatar means nothing to them, Scott could lose his limbs in subspace and be cut in half and would still be perfectly fine. One's subspace is directly linked to their entire lives, allowing for numerous versions of the same being to exist simultaneously. Furthermore, psychic energies can traverse through the timestream to the present era, establishing further that mental figments of one's past self can travel through time), Abstract Existence (Type 1; The subspace avatar is a being of pure cognition, existing as a mere thought in the realm of subspace, with the effects done to their body being useless as it will always regenerate back or be unaffected by acts such as cutting it in half, even if the true user dies the subspace avatar will still exist), Acausality (Irregular Causality; Subspace is a different space-time where all rules are different (including death), thus it should by extension be a different system of causality), Perspective Manipulation (Perception is Law. People, items, and Mind Subspace itself are based on the nature of the person's mind, therefore, however, a person imagines Subspace is how it will appear. A good example is Scott's Dream Desert: this location is repeatedly used as a metaphor for Scott's loneliness but also is his projected image of Subspace at that time which Ramona is able to pass through), Law Manipulation (One’s subspace operates under their rules and systems which can extend even to the real world with characters like Gideon affecting Ramona’s Subspace), Reality Warping & Mind Manipulation (While Mind Subspace allows for others' own projected images of themselves to take on other forms, the individual whom the Subspace resides in retains all power and control within said mind. Through this, the character can shape themselves and Subspace to their liking all through their thoughts, perspectives, and desires), Power Nullification (A user of Subspace can completely nullify any connection an opponent has in that Subspace, regardless of if they're more powerful or not. This is how Ramona was able to expel Gideon despite him being a master of Subspace and able to manipulate it inside anyone's mind), Dimensional Travel (Can enter his avatars at any point if he so desires even after death)


  • Mithril Skateboard: Lucas Lee's skateboard which he uses to grind the Casa Loma stair rails. The Mithril Skateboard gives Lucas Speed +4, Kick +3, and Will +1. He loses it after his death whilst grinding the Casa Loma rails.


Standard Tactics: Lucas Lee will attack his opponents whilst they're off guard and overwhelm them with a physical assault. If this fails, he will instead talk his way out of fighting and offer a bribe between himself and the opponent.

Weaknesses: Can be tricked into killing himself if his skill is challenged (Though this requires his opponent to know about his career and hobbies), otherwise nothing notable.


For further explanation of subspace, read this blog.


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