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Marth (Remake)

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No matter how many times you return, mankind will never surrender! This long battle... I will end it here, once and for all!
~ Marth to Medeus in their final confrontation


Marth is the protagonist and Lord of the remakes, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. He is the Prince of Altea in Shadow Dragon and would later goes on to become the Hero-King of Archanea.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Marth’s story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!

Marth is the son of Cornelius, the King of Altea, and his wife, Liza. He has an older sister named Elice. When Marth was 14, Altea was betrayed in battle by their ally, Gra, and Altea's weakened defenses were easily taken down. Marth retreated with his sister buying time for his escape, however his kingdom was lost and the fate of his sister and mother left unknown. Marth was led out of the castle by his father's tactician Malledus, having Cain, Abel, Jagen, Draug, Gordin, and Frey join this forces on the way out. Frey acts as a decoy to let the rest of them escape the castle and embark towards the island nation of Talys. Marth remained here with the small force for two years until pirates of Galder invaded and he was called to arms from his childhood friend, Caeda.

Marth's force's first goal was the Kingdom of Aurelis. He liberated the kingdom from Macedon control and quickly befriended it's prince, Hardin, and the princess of Archanea, Nyna, whom gave him the Binding Shield, a regalia passed down in her family for generations as well as a national treasure. Marth's next goal was to reclaim Falchion which he had been told had been taken to Gra. After Gra, and later Khadein, proved to be fruitless in the search for Falchion, Marth and his forces liberated Altea. Marth went on to conquer Grust and Macedon before being told to head to Thabes to confront Gharnef. Marth and his forces defeated Gharnef with one of Marth's allies using Starlight to stop Gharnef's Imhullu's power from working and reclaimed Falchion.

Marth turned his sights towards Gra where he, along with the rest of his forces, faced down the Earth Dragon Medeus and slayed him just as his great-great-uncle had done before.

In the three years following the defeat of Medeus, Marth and his fiancé Caeda focused on the restoration of Altea. Marth and Caeda were being ready to get married when Hardin, the current Emperor of Archanea, sent a missive requesting Marth's forces subjugate a rebellion in Grust. Marth learns that the rebellion is in response to military occupation by Archanea forces by one of his former allies and if he refuses to help, it would lead to war with Archanea. Marth helps to subdue the rebellion against his wishes and is then told to put down a rebellion in Macedon in which Marth's former ally, and the princess of Macedon, had been taken prisoner. Marth meets the thief Julian and learns of the disappearance of Minerva's sister as well as a cleric of Macedon. After the rebellion is put down, Marth meets Linde, a mage from Archanea, who gives Marth the Fire Emblem on Nyna's orders. Marth is then ordered to recapture the heirs of Grust after they had escaped Archanean capture, however Marth refuses and this is seen as an act of war. Marth takes the heirs of Grust, along with the mercenary Ogma and the masked knight Sirius, into his forces. Marth is about to go tell Hardin about his corrupt general when he meets Caeda, who tells him that Altea had been attacked by Archanea, Aurelis, and Gra. Marth decides to take action into his own hands.

Marth liberates various lands from the abusive control of Archanea and takes the Manakete Xane into his forces who tells him of the spheres that can empower the Fire Emblem, as well as allowing Marth to awaken Tiki on the condition that Marth collects all five spheres and lets Tiki survive. After this, Marth and his forces are teleported to Altea to recapture it, and, at the battle's end, Marth is informed that his sister as well as two others had been kidnapped by a revived Gharnef. Marth fears that Nyna is next to be taken, not knowing that she had already been handed over by Hardin. Marth and his forces recover four of the Spheres and march to Archanea's capital to confront Hardin. On Hardin's defeat, his mind returns to him and he gives Marth the final Sphere needed to complete the Fire Emblem. Marth is then told that Gharnef plans to revive Medeus once again.

Marth and his forces reach Dolhr where Gharnef awaits, but along the way Marth is given the spell Starlight to once again counter Gharnef's magic. Upon Gharnef's defeat, Marth once more reclaims Falchion and marches to Medeus who is in the middle of his resurrection. Upon reaching the altar in which Medues was being revived, Marth sees the four captured maidens surrounding Medeus and one of his advisors assuming that they were there to help complete the revival process and had to be killed in order to reach Medeus. Marth found an alternative by coordinating his allies to help rescue the four maidens and restoring them to their senses while Marth forced the Earth Dragons surrounding the area to retreat. Marth then went on to slay Medeus a second time in his life, this time the last.

After the two wars in Archanea, the War of Shadows and the War of Heroes, many of the sovereignty on the continent were either destroyed entirely or left in ruin, and many of the surviving rulers ceded their lands over to Marth who created the United Kingdom of Archanea as it's first king with Caeda as his queen. Under Marth's rule, the continent entered a golden age of peace and prosperity and was able to slowly rebuild itself.

Codex Statistics

Tier: At least 7-C, High 6-B with Archanean Falchion

Name: Marth, Prince Mars Lowell, Prince Marth of Altea, Hero-King Marth of the United Kingdom of Archanea

Origin: Fire Emblem

Sex: Male

Age: 16 years old (Shadow Dragon), 19 years old (New Mystery of the Emblem)

Classification: Prince of Altea, King of Archanea, Legendary Hero-King

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: At least Town level (Capable of harming those who can tank spells like Meteor), Large Country level with Archanean Falchion (Should be comparable to the Valentian Falchion, which Mila resides within, and is capable of destroying Duma; Mila and Duma together created the continent of Valentia, meaning the Falchion possesses around half of that power)

Durability: At least Town level (Marth should be similar to those who can use and withstand Meteor), Large Country level with Binding Shield (The Binding Shield is considered the Archanean Falchion's equal)

Striking Strength: At least Town Class, Large Country Class with Archanean Falchion

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Travel Speed: Superhuman (Can keep up with horse back units like Jagen)

Combat Speed: Faster Than Light

Reaction Speed: Faster Than Light (Capable of dodging Aura, which is directly described as light)

Stamina: High (Capable of fighting long battles during a war as an active combatant; can keep fighting while heavily injured)

Range: Standard Melee, Extended Melee with swords, Hundreds of Meters with Levin Sword's magic attack, Hundreds of Meters with the Binding Shield's shockwave

Intelligence: At least Gifted (Capable of being the tactician of his own army with little actual experience in warfare and getting few causalities)

Powers and Techniques

Resistance to: Power Nullification & Mind Manipulation (via Resistance), Distance Negation (Capable of avoiding Critical Hits, which typically negate evasion), Fire Manipulation (Fire Emblem characters can withstand Fire spells without any serious burning), Ice Manipulation (Fire Emblem characters can withstand Wind spells such as Blizzard and Fimbulvetr without freezing), Electricity Manipulation (Fire Emblem characters take standard damage from Lightning spells), Extreme Colds (Fire Emblem characters can fight through areas such as the icy wasteland of Ilia, which is noted to have blizzards and extremely harsh weather, without trouble), Extreme Heats (Fire Emblem characters can fight through areas such as Valorous Roland and the caves of Ostia, which are volcanic and contain molten lava, without trouble)
Healing (Can heal himself using various healing items he keeps on hand), Statistics Amplification with Pure Sword and Holy Water (Can raise his Resistance temporarily), Damage Boost against various enemies (Armor with Armorslayer, Dragons with Wyrmslayer, armored and horseback with Rapier, and sword users with Swordkiller), Limited Curse Manipulation (The Devil Sword casts a curse on it's user that some times makes the user harm themself), Magic & Electricity Manipulation (with Levin Sword which can create magical lightning strikes)
Damage Boost against Dragons (Falchion does more damage against draconic opponents), Healing (can heal himself using it), and Sealing (can seal the powers of dragons) with Falchion; Power Nullification (Negates terrain bonuses of enemies, effective bonuses they might have against the user, distance negation, enemy attacks, attack nullification), Passive Healing (Fully restores the user), Statistics Amplification (Raises all the user's stats and growths), Shockwave Manipulation (Can be used to create damaging shockwaves in all directions across the battlefield), Statistics Amplification & Power Bestowal (Combat Speed and Critical chance), Sealing (Can seal the powers of Dragons)


Various swords namely a Rapier, Falchion, and the Shield of Seals, several healing items such as Vulneraries


Standard Tactics: Starts with using the Fire Emblem's powers if he has it, if not then he goes for melee attacks with his sword

Weaknesses: Nothing notable.

Note: See here for explanations for where most of the hax Marth has comes from.

Feats: Defeated Medeus twice, led his army to victory with little casualties in two separate wars while still relatively young compared to other generals with much more war experience than him, was able to devise a plan to save the four maidens from Medeus's control without having them be killed.

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