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Sonic the Hedgehog (Paramount)

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I’m Sonic. A little ball of super energy, in an extremely handsome package. On my planet, people were always after my powers. So I came to yours. It gets a little lonely, but that’s okay. I am living my best life on earth.
~ Sonic narrating his experiences on Earth.
This is my power. And I'm not using it to run away anymore. I'm using it to protect my friends!
~ Sonic upon realizing his full potential.
It's over Eggman.
~ Sonic after casually destroying the head of Eggman's Mech


Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist in the 2020 eponymous CGI/live-action film developed by Paramount Films. He lived with his adoptive mother, Longclaw, in Green Hill Zone until an Echidna tribe had discovered his power, forcing him to go to Earth and leave her behind as she defended him. He hides out on Earth for ten years until the moment he realizes his loneliness and accidentally triggers a power outage across the Pacific Northwest. He teams up with small-town sheriff, Tom Wachowski, in order to get his rings back to travel away from Earth and prevent Robotnik from gaining his power.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Sonic’s story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!

Sonic was born with his extraordinary powers on a distant planet. During his early childhood on his home planet, he would live on an island where he was looked after by his caretaker, Longclaw. As a child, Sonic spent most of his time running around the island despite Longclaw warning him not to reveal his powers.

One day, when Sonic returned to Longclaw from a run across the island to give her a flower, they were attacked by a tribe of echidnas seeking Sonic's power. As Longclaw escaped with Sonic however, she got hit by an arrow, thus keeping her from flying. As such, she resorted to her Rings. Using one, she opened a portal to Earth for Sonic to escape through. Despite Sonic's reluctance to go without Longclaw, he received her bag of Rings nonetheless and was instructed to stay in hiding on Earth no matter what. After Sonic went through the portal however, she saw Longclaw bidding him farewell before making a stand against the echidna tribe to keep them from crossing the portal. Sonic tried to come back for her, but the Ring closed right before him before he could get through.

Over the next ten years, Sonic remained on Earth, hiding in a cave in the woods on the outskirts of Green Hills, Montana, where he edged out the best life he could. During his time on Earth, he learned about human pop culture and the local people. In his cave, he also amassed a collection of various finds. He also made several trips to Green Hills, where he took notice of Tom Wachowski and his wife, Maddie, whom he often spied on, and nicknamed them "Donut Lord" and "Pretzel Lady" respectively due to Tom's habit of talking to donuts and Maddie's yoga hobby. Along the way, the local looney, Crazy Carl, caught onto Sonic and tried to catch him, but Sonic always eluded his traps while playing around with him. Despite trying to convince himself that he was a part of Green Hills though however, Sonic never made contact with the locals, causing him to suffer from loneliness. In addition, much to his chagrin, Sonic was obligated to follow Longclaw's late instructions to escape to the Mushroom Planet in case he was ever discovered on Earth.

Sonic the Hedgehog
One day, Sonic watched a local baseball game and began to long for real friends. The same night, when the baseball field was empty, he started playing by himself. However, upon coming to the hard truth that he really was all alone, he became upset and began running faster and faster around the baseball field, his sadness turning into anger and fueling his powers until he released a powerful electromagnetic pulse that cut off power across the Pacific Northwest. Concerned that he had made his presence known, Sonic fled.

Not long after, Sonic found the United States Army and Badniks out in the woods looking for him. Returning to his cave, Sonic gathered his most prized possessions, including Longclaw's bag of Rings, intending to escape to the Mushroom Planet. However, with intruders at his doorstep and afraid that he would be discovered if he tried to leave now, Sonic went to Tom Wachowski's garage to use a Ring there in peace. However, Tom, upon hearing Sonic break a flowerpot, intruded on him just as he was about to use a Ring. The two quickly got scared of each other, prompting Tom to fire a tranquilizer dart into Sonic's leg. Before Sonic passed out however, he saw the words "San Francisco" on Tom's T-shirt and accidentally opened a portal there with a Ring that he dropped, with Sonic dropping his bag containing the rest of his Rings into the portal, where they landed on top of the Transamerica Pyramid, and the portal closing before Sonic could get through. An unconscious Sonic was then caged by Tom in his house. When Sonic woke up from the sedative however, he escaped the cage and met Tom face to face for the first time. However, their conversation was interrupted when a United States truck arrived at Tom's house. Sonic would then persuade Tom to help hide him since his legs had still not recovered from the dart. Tom proceeded to hide Sonic in his attic. However, two spy drones showed up shortly afterward. Sonic tried to hide from them by pretending to be a ball, but ultimately could not keep his cool and tried to escape them, rolling down from the attic and into the kitchen. From his new hiding spot, Sonic saw the newly arrived Dr. Robotnik threaten to shoot Tom with his Badnik after figuring out Sonic's presence from one of his quills that Tom had found. Before Robotnik could shoot Tom though, Sonic came out of hiding, asking him not to hurt him, which scared the mad doctor. Tom then cold-cocked Robotnik while he was shocked by Sonic's appearance, causing the Badnik to start shooting all around. Fortunately, Sonic and Tom managed to destroy the drone, and they quickly escaped in Tom's pickup truck.

While on the road away from Green Hills, Sonic explains to Tom who he was and that he needed to retrieve his Rings to escape to the Mushroom Planet. Not wanting to sow any more trouble for himself, Tom tried at first to ditch Sonic and make him run to San Francisco himself. Sonic, however, did not know where San Francisco was and returned to Tom after he ran into the Pacific Ocean. After that, Sonic convinced Tom to take him to San Francisco after blaming him for the trouble he was in, and the two set off on what Sonic called a "road trip."

As evening came around, they pulled in at a rest stop so Tom could make a phone call and get them something to eat. Although Sonic was supposed to stay in the truck, he quickly noticed the nearby Piston Pit bar. Unable to resist the temptation to visit it, he disguised himself and went to the bar. Tom found him shortly after, but Sonic persuaded him to let them stay at the Piston Pit for now. Meanwhile, Tom managed to convince the waitress that Sonic was not an alien. As Tom then brought up the bucket list concept, Sonic was convinced to make one for himself, listing the many things he wanted to do before leaving Earth. As Sonic realized how many things he had not done yet though, Tom decided to help him make the most of the evening. During this, the two began to bond. However, the fun was interrupted by a Roadhouse Thug and his companions who did not like Sonic because he was a "hipster". In response, Sonic provoked them into a fight. Sonic, however, was too fast for the thugs and managed to overpower the whole bar with his speed and save Tom. With the Piston Pit in disarray, the two escaped. Eventually, the duo found a motel, where they spent the night. During this time, Sonic bonded more with Tom when he expressed his disappointment about leaving Earth to him. Soon after, Sonic passed out in bed despite his intention to suck up every last minute he had left on Earth.

The next day, Sonic and Tom would discuss their friendship and Tom's own bucket list while on the road. During this, Sonic found out that Tom wanted to leave his post as Green Hills' sheriff and become a street cop in San Francisco permanently. Sonic did not approve of this, however, as he insisted that Tom should stay with his friends and the people he was supposed to protect. Their argument was soon interrupted though by an attack from a tank-like Badnik deployed by Robotnik. As Sonic and Tom tried to escape the Badnik, Sonic's emotional state over Tom's abandonment of his home and friends caused his power to fluctuate again. Fortunately, a freak accident allowed Sonic to knock the Badnik down with an accidental Spin Attack. However, a smaller Badnik tank soon emerged from the wreckage, forcing Sonic and Tom to try and escape again. Eventually confronting the Badnik himself, Sonic used its own electromagnetic mines against it, causing it to crash. When a smaller Badnik emerged from the wreck and resumed the pursuit though, Sonic got behind the wheel of Tom's truck himself while Tom toppled the Badnik at close range. Soon after however, a miniscule Badnik appeared from the trashed Badnik and cut off the roof of the duo's truck with its laser. While Sonic managed to catch it and snap off its flight gear, the Badnik turned into a bomb that got stuck to Sonic's hand. Sonic and Tom proceeded to pull over and attempt to unhook the bomb. Ultimately, they succeeded, but the bomb's explosion was so great that Sonic got knocked out by it.

Afterward, Sonic was taken to the house of his sister-in-law, Rachel in San Francisco. There, Maddie tried to treat Sonic's injuries. Eventually, Maddie woke up Sonic with some smelling salts, who was left to himself while Maddie talked to Tom. In the meantime, Sonic received some new shoes to replace his worn-down ones from Tom's niece, Jojo. After then meeting Tom's dog, Ozzie, Sonic set out in Rachel's "borrowed" car with Tom and Maddie to the Transamerica Pyramid. After driving the car up in front of the building, Sonic did a quick scouting of the building, before returning to Tom and Maddie, revealing that they needed a key to reach the top. Thankfully, Tom was able to get the key and smuggle Sonic up to the top of the building in a bag. There, Sonic found his bag of Rings. After saying what he believed to be his final goodbye to Tom and Maddie however, Robotnik showed up in his Eggpod with an army of flying Badniks. Taunting Robotnik with the nickname "Eggman", which he got from his egg-shaped Badniks, Sonic told Robotnik that he could never catch him. In response, Robotnik targeted the trio with his Badniks. To save Tom and Maddie, Sonic pushed them off the edge of the Transamerica Pyramid, intending to catch up to them and send them to safety with a Ring. While nonchalantly evading and destroying Robotnik's Badniks at super speed however, Sonic, to his surprise, noticed Robotnik catching up to him with his Eggpod and firing a laser at him.

The blast knocked Sonic out briefly, but he soon woke up while falling down from the Transamerica Pyramid. Fortunately, he managed to grab a stray Ring with one of his quills and use it to send the falling Tom and Maddie to Green Hills in the last second. Now alone with Robotnik, Sonic decided to escape him. Regathering his scattered Rings, Sonic began to flee through the streets of San Francisco, opening Rings portals to Paris, the Great Wall of China, and Egypt along the way in an attempt to escape Robotnik and his Eggpod. Eventually though, he got hit hard by Robotnik's laser and launched through a Ring portal he had opened up to Green Hills. Unable to continue his escape any further due to the laser blast, Sonic passed out. However, Tom managed to awaken Sonic and his full power by admitting to all the residents of Green Hills and Robotnik that he was his friend. Now exhibiting control over his peaked powers, Sonic announced that he had no intention of using his power to run away anymore, but to use it to protect his friends. During this, Sonic drained the power from a loose quill of his that Robotnik was using to power his Eggpod. Sonic then ran about, repeatedly striking the Eggpod into submission. At the end, Sonic had Tom open a Ring portal to the Mushroom Planet. Then, with a final head-on Spin Attack, Sonic knocked the Eggpod and Robotnik through the closing portal, trapping the doctor on the Mushroom Planet. When it was over, Sonic and Tom shared a high-five, something which Sonic had always dreamed of. Tom then revealed his intention to stay in Green Hills.

Sometime later, Sonic would visit Tom and Maddie in their house to hang out with them. There, the couple revealed to him that they wanted him to stay with them. Sonic was then given his own room in their attic, which touched him very much. Afterward, Sonic gave both Tom and Maddie his heartful thanks before Ozzie came in and began licking him in spite of Sonic's amused protest.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-Quill
On one day during winter, Sonic had the Wachowski house to himself while Tom was on vacation with Wade and Maddie had to go to the clinic. Despite promising to stay out of trouble, Sonic got bored after a few minutes and so went to into town to do some high-speed socializing. Despite this, Sonic kept himself at a distance from the townsfolk, who still thought of him as a government experiment or a hallucination. Eventually making a Sgt. Sprinkles for himself to talk to, Sonic chatted with it about wanting to be a real hero after having gotten a taste of the superhero life when he defeated Dr. Robotnik. As he started to think of a cool superhero name for himself, Crazy Carl came by and insisted on "Blue Devil". Dismissing it, Sonic elaborated to Sprinkles that he just could not handle the boredom coming from being out of hiding and having nothing to do. Back at home later, Sonic saw a news report about a bank robbery in Walla Walla, Washington. Seeing this as an opportunity, Sonic headed there to help.

Arriving at the first bank of Walla Walla, Sonic met a woman named Lindsey. After Sonic's introduction was made, Lindsey told him that he could find the bank robber's leader in the vault. Hurrying in there, Sonic quickly searched the vault, but found no one. He was then tasered into unconsciousness by Lindsey, the real leader of the bank robbers. Sonic was then locked inside the bank vault, although not before hearing that Lindsey was working to deliver Robotnik's Robotnik Control Glove to someone. Recovering, Sonic worked on getting out of the vault until the vault itself got plucked out the bank by some aerial Badniks. Feeling the vault getting airlifted, Sonic began running around inside the vault, causing it to spin out of control until the Badniks forcibly dropped it. Recovering from the crash, Sonic decided to break out of the vault the hard way, and smashed its door open with a spin attack. As Sonic confronted the bank robbers, the latter began holding him at gunpoint. Sonic, however, quickly overpowered them. As the hedgehog began demanding answers, Lindsey called in a Badnik with the Robotnik Control Glove. However, in a surprise twist, the Badnik turned on Lindsey and began dragging her away through the air. Rounding up the bank robbers and helping the hostages, Sonic told them to keep quiet about him, as he was supposed to keep a low profile. As Sonic hurried back to check up on Robotnik's rejects, he chose to save Lindsey when she fell down from the sky. Despite the damage done and the Robotnik Control Glove now missing, Sonic still considered the day saved while dubbing himself "Blue Justice", having chosen it as his superhero alias. After that, Sonic left the site, although not before swiping some of the donuts the police at the scene of the crime had brought with them.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Several months after his battle with Dr. Robotnik, Sonic decided to become a vigilante superhero as a way of making Longclaw proud. As such, he would sneak out several times and lie to Tom and Maddie about it, attempting recklessly to prove his worth as a hero. Whenever Tom discovered him however, they would have talks about it, although Sonic did not refrain from his escapades. During one night in Seattle in particular, Sonic intruded on the Seattle Police Department's chase after some armed bank robbers who had hijacked an armored money truck. Though Sonic took out the robbers and got behind the truck's wheel, he was unable to stop the truck and ended up setting off the robbers' bombs. Although he got rid of the bombs, he would cause massive destruction by disposing of them into a garbage truck and the sewage system. Eventually, Sonic stopped the truck by taking it apart at super speed. Having deemed his heroics successful despite the bystanders' claims to the contrary, Sonic declared loudly to the public that no thanks were needed for "Blue Justice" before heading home.

Returning to Green Hills, Sonic tried sneaking back into his room and go to bed unnoticed. When he tried putting away some mud-covered banknotes stuck to his shoe, Sonic came across a feather from Longclaw in his drawer, which made him recall Longclaw fondly. Sonic tried then to go to sleep, but was awoken by Maddie and Ozzie when they entered the attic, with Maddie reminding him of an arranged fishing trip with Tom. Meeting up with Tom, the two would fish out in a lake until an exhausted Sonic fell asleep while Tom tried striking a conversation with him and fell into the lake. After Tom fished him out, he would reprimand Sonic about his reckless heroics, having seen through his attempt to fake his presence in the attic during his absence, before presenting him with a newspaper about the havoc he caused in Seattle. As Sonic insisted that he was a hero despite all that and that he could take care of himself, Tom would give him a lesson about how being a hero meant taking responsibility for others rather than themselves and being ready to use his powers when his moment arrived, but that he had to be more mature until then. Agreeing to that, Sonic would give Tom and himself some high-speed sailing. Soon after, Tom and Maddie had to go to Hawaii to attend Rachel and Randall's wedding. As such, Sonic was to be left home alone with Ozzie in an attempt to test his responsibility. When the couple had to leave, Sonic provided them with a Ring portal to Hawaii, and gave Tom another one to use to go home with. As soon as the couple were gone, Sonic began partying around the house. His fun got interrupted at one point though by a phone call from Tom, who wanted to check up on him. Despite this, and quickly cleaning up his mess to avoid raising suspicion, Sonic assured Tom to just enjoy his vacation.

As Sonic later watched TV with Ozzie, the house suddenly experienced a blackout. When he went to check the door, Sonic found Robotnik at the doorstep when the doctor forcefully opened it. As banter ensued, Sonic would charge at Robotnik, only to get knocked through a wall by Robotnik's new ally, Knuckles the Echidna. Believing Robotnik was back for his powers, Sonic tried fighting Knuckles, only to get punched through another wall and get overwhelmed by Knuckles as he pinned him against a tree. Then, to Sonic's confusion, Knuckles would mention a feud between Longclaw's people, the owls, and the echidnas over the "ultimate power". Before Knuckles could finish Sonic off, however, he got rammed by a police cruiser driven by Tails, who claimed to be on Sonic's side. Having no choice but to trust Tails with Knuckles recovering, Sonic joined him in the car. Though Robotnik got on the hood, they shook him off and drove away. With Knuckles hot on their trail though, Sonic demanded an explanation, to which Tails told him about Knuckles and his quest for the Master Emerald, an object of which Sonic did not believe existed. Regardless, Knuckles soon caught up to the pair and began tearing their car apart. Fortunately, Tails got Knuckles off their tail by driving the car over a cliff and then flying away with Sonic using his twin-tails. Hiding out at Wade's, Sonic and Tails tried figuring out why Knuckles wanted him and Longclaw's connection to the Master Emerald. Recalling seeing an emerald on Longclaw's map of safe worlds that she had given him, Sonic took a look at it, only for the map to show a holographic message to him from Longclaw. In this message, Longclaw told Sonic of the Master Emerald, which had been hidden on Earth, and that she was now passing her duty of safeguarding it over to him. She then instructed Sonic to follow the map to the Master Emerald to ensure that it would not fall into the wrong hands. Promising not to let her down as the message ended, Sonic saw that the map was showing the location of a compass in Siberia that would lead to the Master Emerald. Opening a Ring portal to Siberia, Sonic convinced Tails to join by promising to protect him.

Shortly after arriving in Siberia, Sonic and Tails got caught in a blizzard, prompting them to seek shelter inside a nearby bar in disguises. Despite an icy reception from the Russian patrons, the duo got a table for themselves where Sonic took an interest in the gadgets Tails was using to communicate with the waitress. As Sonic heard about how Tails had invented them himself, Tails would explain that he discovered Sonic with his inventions just after he unleashed his electromagnetic pulse in the baseball stadium all those months ago, and how he became his hero after seeing him defeat Robotnik. During this, Sonic got a text message from Tom, prompting him to answer back with a lie about how he was back home and relaxing. Soon, when Tails' Miles Electric got a translation wrong when he tried to complain about their order to the waitress however, they incurred the patrons' anger, who tried having them thrown into the fireplace after they had their alien natures unveiled. However, Tails managed to invoke Pivonka—a dance-off for settling disputes—in the last moment with a patron. While Sonic wanted to grab the map and just go, the map ended up being claimed by the Pivonka challenger. Having no choice but to participate, Sonic and Tails tried dancing, but could not match the local's dance moves. Sonic thus had the speakers play his own music and encouraged Tails to follow his moves. Thanks to Sonic's moves and music, and holograms provided by Tails, the duo won the Pivonka and got the map back. As Sonic and Tails later rested, Sonic got an unexpected hug from Tails when he declared him his friend. He then heard Tails talk about how he never had any friends due to his twin-tails and how Sonic had inspired him. Calling in a night, Sonic and Tails would spent the night sleeping in the bar before heading out the next day.

Finding an ancient owl temple within a cave in the mountains, Sonic and Tails found inscriptions there which Tails could translate. From them, they learned how the Master Emerald was forged with the seven Chaos Emeralds by the echidnas, who would use its power to defeat entire armies. Disapproving of anyone wielding such power however, the owls stole the Master Emerald, sparking a centuries-long feud with the echidnas. Deeper inside the temple, Sonic and Tails found a statue with slots on it that Sonic was able align properly using a clue on Longclaw's map, thereby unlocking the compass they needed to find the Master Emerald. Immediately after, Robotnik and Knuckles showed up in the Egg Mobile with Badniks. As a fight broke out, the temple began to cave in from the collateral damage. Sonic and Tails, however, were able to escape, with Tails taking the high route while Sonic snowboarded down a mountainside using Badnik piece as a snowboard. While Sonic dealt with the Badniks pursuing him, Knuckles caught up to him using a Badnik piece as a snowboard as well. As they raced down the mountain, Sonic got toppled by Knuckles, causing him to drop all his Rings over a cliff. Sonic would then banter with Knuckles about how echidnas had a habit of ruining his life, only for Knuckles to tell him the opposite as he revealed how he lost his father and the rest of his tribe when they came after Longclaw. As Sonic began sympathizing with Knuckles over his loss, Tails interrupted them by attempting to bind Knuckles with a gadget. Calling Sonic out for being a deceiver, Knuckles broke free despite Sonic's attempts to defend himself. Sonic then tried throwing the compass over to Tails, only for Robotnik to snatch it and deploy some missiles that knocked Tails out. Coming to Tails' aid, Sonic noticed an impending avalanche. With Robotnik and Knuckles taking their leave, Sonic tried escaping the avalanche with Tails on his improvised snowboard.

Having lost all his Rings and unable to escape the avalanche, Sonic called Tom in the middle of Rachel and Randall's wedding ceremony on Hawaii and told him to open a Ring portal in his location. When Tom finally got the portal open, Sonic and Tails came blasting through it with part of the avalanche, ruining the wedding ceremony. After telling Tom and Maddie of Robotnik's return, Sonic quickly turned his attention to the unconscious Tails, only to get hit by a taser net and taken captive by Guardian Units of Nations, who had staged Rachel's wedding to apprehend him. Now trapped in cages, Sonic and Tails were taken prisoners into the hotel alongside Tom. Fortunately, the trio were freed by Maddie. While tending to the unconscious Tails, Sonic and the Wachowskis saw a green pillar of light emerge in the horizon, which Sonic took as a sign that Robotnik and Knuckles had found the Master Emerald. Feeling guilty over what happened to Tails, Sonic decided to head out to the site alone in order to not endanger anyone else. Leaving his friends behind, Sonic used his full power to race across the sea, but would stumble and fall when the waves got rough. Fortunately, he would flush up on the island that held the entrance to the Master Emerald's temple. Entering it, Sonic began speeding through the temple's trap-ridden labyrinth in hopes of reaching the Master Emerald first.

Eventually arriving in-between Robotnik and Knuckles, and the Master Emerald, Sonic made his stand against Knuckles. Though he tried going after the Master Emerald at first, Knuckles intercepted him and two began a long fight with the balance of power constantly shifting between them. When Knuckles got him pinned down however, Sonic made Knuckles see that Robotnik was stealing the Master Emerald. After having mocked Knuckles' inability to predict his betrayal, Robotnik grabbed the Master Emerald and disappeared in a flash of energy that destabilized the temple. As the temple began collapsing, Sonic noticed that Knuckles had been pinned down by a column in the rising water. Jumping in to save Knuckles, Sonic helped him get free. Due to his inability to swim however, Sonic almost drowned himself. Fortunately, Sonic was rescued by Knuckles and brought back on dry land. Curious about why he would save him, Sonic provoked the mopping Knuckles into answering him. Knuckles told Sonic that he was repaying him for saving him despite not understanding his tactics for doing so. Sonic replied that he just could not let him die, which Knuckles did not understand given their past conflicts. Sonic proceeded to recite Tom's earlier advice about heroism, which Knuckles could understand. As Tails then showed up in the Tornado, Sonic encouraged Knuckles to come along with them and stop Robotnik. While Knuckles wondered how Sonic could move past his losses, Sonic advised him to find new friends to help him through it like he did, which convinced Knuckles to join Sonic's team.

Using a Ring, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles flew back to Green Hills in the Tornado, just in time to see Robotnik finish constructing the Giant Eggman Robot with the Master Emerald's power. As Knuckles then jumped off the plane to deal with Robotnik alone, Sonic and Tails used the Tornado to approach the Giant Eggman Robot, which proceeded to fire a missile barrage at them. While Tails managed to steer the Tornado through the barrage, Sonic got caught by a missile, which he managed to steer back into the Giant Eggman Robot's knee. although it did little damage. Reconvening with Tails and Knuckles on the Main Street, who had faced similar failures, Sonic convinced them to work together as a team against Robotnik. As the Giant Eggman Robot unleashed Badniks upon them, Sonic and his team tried coming up with a plan. As they discussed finding the Giant Eggman Robot's weak spot, Sonic realized that he was Robotnik's weak spot: if he could get Robotnik's attention, Tails and Knuckles could sneak into the Giant Eggman Robot and get the Master Emerald back. Beginning their plan, Sonic lured Robotnik and his Giant Eggman Robot out of Green Hills, during which Sonic learned of Robotnik's insane quest to enslave the multiverse before coming under fire by eye lasers. As Sonic reached a bridge, he began to run out of steam, allowing the Giant Eggman Robot to destroy the bridge with a nose laser and send Sonic plummeting down. Fortunately, Tails and Knuckles managed soon after to make Robotnik lose the Master Emerald, which fell out of the now-deactivated Giant Eggman Robot.

As the Giant Eggman Robot began coming back online, an injured Sonic got chased by the giant machine while he tried to reach the Master Emerald. Before the Giant Eggman Robot could stomp on Sonic however, Tom and Maddie swooped in with a truck and got both him and the Master Emerald to safety. However, the Giant Eggman Robot managed to topple the truck immediately after. Emerging from the wreck, Sonic hoped to use the power of the Master Emerald to defeat Robotnik, only for it to crumble in his hands. With the Giant Eggman Robot now surrounding them with a ring of fire, trapping them, Sonic urged Tom and Maddie to flee. However, they refused to leave Sonic behind. As Sonic and his foster family stood together and prepared to get crushed by the Giant Eggman Robot's foot, the hedgehog inadvertently absorbed the seven Chaos Emeralds released from the Master Emerald, transforming him into Super Sonic. With this power, Sonic saved his foster family by lifting and piercing the Giant Eggman Robot's foot, before cutting off its head and confronting Robotnik. As Robotnik tried talking Sonic into a truce though, he attempted to punch Sonic with the Giant Eggman Robot's fist behind his back. Sonic, however, effortlessly blew apart both arms and pierced the Giant Eggman Robot several times before toppling it with Robotnik onboard. As Sonic came back down to the ground, his friends worried that he had been corrupted by power. Sonic, however, remained in complete control and conjured some chili dogs for himself and Knuckles, before relinquishing the Chaos Emeralds and sending them away. As Tails questioned Sonic of why he gave up that power, Sonic answered that he still had some growing up to do. Meanwhile, Knuckles reassembled the Master Emerald, although he wondered what he should do now that his quest had been fulfilled. Following Tails' suggestion, Sonic had the three of them form a new order, like the owls and echidnas, to guard the Master Emerald, sealing it with a power-bump.

Some time later, Sonic had a baseball game with Tails, Knuckles, Tom and Maddie, which ended when Knuckles made them lose their only ball. As they headed out for ice cream, Tom congratulated Sonic for finding new friends while Sonic acknowledged Tom as his new father figure. As they left, Sonic quickly came back for the Master Emerald they nearly left behind in the cooler.

Sonic Drone Home
After hearing from Wade that some strange noises had been coming from the Green Hills Junkyard lately, Sonic would take his team on a detour to the junkyard in order to conduct an investigation when they had to go to the library in order to return some books that Maddie had borrowed. Shortly after arriving in the junkyard, Sonic and his crew discovered Unit, a self-aware Badnik in the process of upgrading himself in order to conquer the world. Before Sonic could make a plan however, Knuckles faced Unit head-on, only to get ejected from the junkyard by Unit. Immediately after, Sonic and Tails came under fire by Unit. While Sonic began attacking Unit however, he got blinded by one of his components. Tails tried to save him from Unit with a bola, but Unit deflected it at Sonic, tying him up. Sonic was then pulled away from Unit by Tails, but Unit quickly caught up to them and slammed them into the ground. With Tails desperate for Sonic to do something despite him being unable to move, Sonic took Tails' suggestion and tried talking to Unit. Through their conversation, Sonic convinced Unit to pursue his own passion, which was poetry. Sonic and Tails would subsequently listen to Unit's poems until Knuckles returned and smashed Unit's body, much to Sonic's displeasure. When Tails then found Unit's core module, which was still operational, Sonic was convinced by Tails to let them adopt Unit, although he stressed that he would be Tails' responsibility. Afterwards, Sonic let Tails take him away on their next adventure: finding chili dogs for the way home.

General Information

Name: Sonic the Hedgehog, Blue Devil, Spacehog

Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog Film Series

Sex: Male

Age: 13-14 (According to the director of the film)

Classification: Anthropomorphic Hedgehog, Fugitive, Alien

Species: Hedgehog

Occupation: None

Status: Alive

Alignment: Neutral Good (Directly wants to be a hero, attempting to help the police chase after criminals, though not understanding he's doing more harm then good, and needing to learn how to mature and learn for the right time to become a hero, has saved his town and the world from Dr. Eggman in two occasions and once he had the same power as Eggman, he chose to give it up to live with his family. When Tails, a friend he just only recently met, got hit by a deadly attack, instead of going to grab the important object to finding the Master Emerald, letting Eggman and Knuckles get it, he immediately went to check on Tails and see if he was okay, with Knuckles even commenting on this)

Codex Statistics

Key: Base | Chaos Energy Amplification | Super Sonic

Tier: 9-B | 7-B | At least 7-B

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (Able to destroy Robotnik's car rather easily. Can casually destroy Eggman's mechs. Rammed Maddie and Tom off of a building rather easily) | City level (Far more powerful than before after harnessing his latent power. Caused a shockwave of energy that managed to knock out power across the entire Pacific Northwest) | At least City level (Casually stomped Eggman's Mech, which previously was a huge threat to Sonic and was even going to kill him)

Durability: Wall level (Survived an explosion that was in very close proximity to him. Endured a laser blast shot by Robotnik's Prototype that fragmented the stone around him. Tanked falling from the Transamerica Pyramid when shot at by Robotnik) | City level (Able to endure the backlash of his power) | At least City level (Casually stomped Eggman's Mech, which previously was a huge threat to Sonic and was even going to kill him)

Striking Strength: Wall Class | City Class | At least City Class

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Was able to flip over a car with a spin dash) | At least Class 5 | At least Class K (Casually caught a full powered punch from Eggman's Mech who should fall under the Class K size)

Travel Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Ran from Green Hills to the Pacific Ocean, and he came back in two or three seconds, which makes him this fast. Even at a very young age, he could lap an entire island in less than two seconds. Visited the world's largest rubber band ball, explored the area and took materials from the gift shop in less than a second when running from Tom's car) | At least Massively Hypersonic (Far swifter than beforehand) | At least Massively Hypersonic

Combat Speed: Massively Hypersonic | At least Massively Hypersonic | At least Massively Hypersonic

Reaction Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Able to perceive missiles as completely frozen. Viewed everybody in a bar fight as completely stationary when being serious) | At least Massively Hypersonic | At least Massively Hypersonic

Stamina: High (Capable of running far distances without tiring, his entire fight with Eggman required him to keep running and thinking of on the spot ways to attack his adversary without tiring)

Range: Standard Melee Range physically. Tens of Meters with tornados (Can move fast enough to create large sand tornadoes that can catch Eggman's flying mech). Universal with Rings (It was mentioned they could take Sonic to Earth which was on the far side of the universe. He mentions that advanced cultures use them for interplanetary travel and to wherever they can visualize) | Standard Melee Range physically. Several Meters with electrical blasts, Tens of Meters with tornadoes, Galactic via shock waves (Created an electric shock wave that spanned across the galaxy). Universal with Rings | Standard Melee Range physically. Several Meters with contact (Making contact with his super form causes massive explosions from the user due to his massive electrical energy output). Universal with Rings

Intelligence: Above Average (Despite Sonic's portrayal as a hyperactive and danger-prone teenager, he has shown to be very capable in combat. He has utilized his rings in an offensive manner to change up the battlefield, will use the battlefield to his advantage such as using the sand to create a blinding sand tornado, and has incredible control over his speed, even in narrow spaces. Has shown to be very observant of others on the planet)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Small Size (Type 0), Regeneration (Low; Able to heal off wounds in an accelerated manner), Martial Arts (Was able to fight against Knuckles who was noted to be the strongest warrior in the galaxy and spent his whole life training in combat), Stealth Mastery (Managed to remain unknown to the residents of Green Hills for ten years), Acrobatics (Shown here), Spin Dash (Able to roll into a ball and do a powerful spin dash), Surface Scaling (Able to run against and up the walls of the buildings), Electricity Manipulation (A single quill can generate enough electrical energy to disable the electronics in a van and he can harness this), Air Manipulation & Psuedo-Sand Manipulation (Can create tornados through his speed), Perception Manipulation (Able to manipulate his perception of time), Portal Creation and BFR (Able to use Rings to travel anywhere he wants throughout the universe. Sent Robotnik to a Mushroom Planet and sent Tom and Maddie to Green Hill with one), Afterimage Creation (Able to produce afterimages of himself rather easily).

Resistance to Perception Manipulation (Robotnik was able to use Sonic's Quill to counter his warping of perception), Corruption (One with the powers of the master emerald get consumed by the corruption of it, with Sonic being perfectly fine from its energy)

All previous powers and abilities to a much greater scale, Rage Power and Emotional Empowerment (Chaos energy is shown to be empowered by emotions such as sadness, friendship, and determination), Enhanced Electricity Manipulation (Able to fully control his power to the point he can utilize electrical blasts), Healing (His electricity was capable of healing him from a near-fatal state to a completely energized state), Vibration Manipulation (Can cause sonic boom shockwaves that reach satellites while running), Electricity Absorption (Was able to drain the electricity of his stolen quill that powered Robotnik's Eggpod)

All previous powers and abilities to a much greater scale, Aura and Light Manipulation (Shown here), Flight (Capable of flying in his super state), Weather Manipulation and Electricity Manipulation (Casually created a massive storm), Creation (With his super forms powers, he could create a chili dog from nothing), Reality Warping & Subjective Reality (Has the chaos energy of the master emerald within him, which allows one's thoughts to become reality, this is shown that his super form can do this freely when he creates a chili dog from nothing), Explosion Manipulation (Was implied by Knuckles that Tom would explode upon contact due to the power of the emeralds), Teleportation (Scales to Master Emerald Robotnik, who was able to teleport), Telekinesis (Scales to Master Emerald Robotnik, who could lift and tear apart cars and trucks with his mind), Energy Projection (Scales to Master Emerald Robotnik, who could shoot out energy blast)


  • Rings: Rings are used for opening portals to other parts of the universe. Sonic has many of them used in case trouble happens to go to different planets and hide.
  • Master Emerald: A powerful emerald that allows one's thoughts to become reality, it holds within it the 7 chaos emeralds which allows Sonic to turn into his super form.

Notable Techniques

  • Spin Dash: He curls himself into a spiked ball and dashes at high speeds. It is strong enough to launch away and destroy large vehicles.
  • Air Manipulation: He is capable of using his sheer speed to produce strong winds that can eventually form a tornado. In certain areas such as deserts, he is capable of using this for more advantages such as blinding foes.
  • Chaos Energy: By harnessing the Chaos Energy emitted by his quills, he can produce small scale EMPs and electrical shocks. When fully utilizing this power, it can be to the scale of causing an outage across the Pacific Northwest and space or making electrical energy constructs.
  • Rings: He can use these as a way of traveling and sending people to other places through visualizing or thinking about them. A giant portal will form when a ring is thrown to show the location and it dissolves in several seconds.


Standard Tactics:

Sonic's natural instinct is to fully utilize his speed to the best of his ability in combat. He will do things such as using his Spin Dash to overpower objects, scale surface and use his acrobatic skills to maneuver around the battlefield if he can and creating tornados to help blind and restrain others. If he is having some difficulty, he will try to use rings to favor him in combat as he goes to different areas to best utilize his speed.

In this state, Sonic tends to use his electrical powers to their fullest. He will use them to enhance himself to blitz other people with sheer speed and making electrical constructs to restrain others. And if wants to close off the situation, he will try to send people to different planets entirely to end the conflict.

In this state, Sonic will repeatedly ram into his opponent from all different sides to take it down. He has also shown that he can use abilities such as creating objects from nothing, but he has only done this thus far for making a chili dog and hasn't used it in battle.

Weaknesses: Tends to be rather immature and cocky.

Note: Sonic not being able to harm a random person during a bar fight was purely a gag scene at not to be taken seriously as a feat. It was shown that he was taking the entire thing as a practical joke since they couldn't harm nor remotely even catch him as shown with the scene where he views everything as frozen. Alternatively, even if this feat was meant to be taken seriously, the same character he couldn't harm tanked getting thrown through a window with only minor injuries. Even then, Sonic's morality would never have him kill a regular human so it is very likely he was holding back his punches and just held them back too much. All in all, the feat can either be taken as a gag scene, scaling for the person themselves, or Sonic holding back his punches and thus should not be used to downgrade Sonic.



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