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Dio Brando

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Articles About Dio Brando
Main Continuities Classic - Diego - Alternate Diego
Alternate Continuities OVA - JORGE JOESTAR - Eyes of Heaven
Non-Canon SFC Game - Heritage for the Future - PS2 Game - Jump Super Stars - Jump Force
JoJo... Look at me, Dio, in this pitiful state! I chose... I chose to see you like this! Why would I choose to see you in such a state, you ask? It's because I now respect you after all you've been through. Your courage! Your spirit! Your power! I respect all of those things... And I realized something. JoJo... If it wasn't for you, I never would have received the power of the Stone Mask... But at the same time, it is you who has kept me from taking the world for my own! If there is a god that controls our fate, then there certainly is no relationship better calculated than ours! We are one in the same in this world of ours... Thus... I must take the body of the only person in this world I respect, make it my own, and live out eternity with it! That is my destiny! I shall cause you no pain! That is my final gesture to you, my rival! Live as one with me as my body, JoJo!
~ Dio giving his personal realization to Jonathan
JoJo... Humans are limited in what they can do, right? If I've learned anything in this short life... It's that the more you plan, the easier it is for those plans to crumble from some unforeseen circumstance! Unless you surpass "being human"... I quit being human, JoJo! I will surpass humanity!
~ Dio upon putting on the Stone Mask
JoJo... To be honest... I didn't want to take care of you myself. We grew up together in the same house. It wouldn't be fun to turn you into yet another undead... That's why I enlisted those two knights to take care of you for me. However, I underestimated you. I see you alive now and I realize that I, Dio, was too lenient of an emperor... Which is why I will execute you now without any hestiation!
~ Dio to Jonathan Joestar on their final battle
Hmmm... So, madam... what you mean to say is... "I'll offer my life to you, but please don't touch my child"... Is that correct? I'm positively overcome with tears! Okay, then! I, nor any of my cohorts, will lay a finger on your child. I swear on my name--Dio! However... While they were still human, all of my servants gave into their fears and willingly gave their lives to me... You may be happier joining us as mother and child... You'll have nothing to worry about, no sadness, no hatred toward one another!
From The Dark Abyss
Dark Rebirth
This is the Greatest High!
~ DIO feeling about his newfound power
Immortality! Eternal life! And STAND POWER! This proves that no one can surpass DIO! Puny Humans! I shall rule you all! Bow before my knowledge and might!
~ DIO plans of world conquering

The World as it's name suggests, it's to reign supreme over the entire world!
~ DIO regarding his stand
He's able to use a similar clairvoyance as Joseph because his body is Jonathan's from the neck down.
~ JOJO A-GO!GO!'s description of DIO's Hermit Purple


Dio Brando, is the main antagonist in the original universe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, featured primarily as the main antagonist in Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusaders, and a posthumous key antagonist in Stone Ocean.

After becoming a Vampire and later a Stand user, Dio has gathered around him many minions and is responsible for many major events of the series, from the death of Jonathan Joestar to the Joestar Family's sudden acquisition of Stand power, and his legacy persists throughout the series. He is the wielder of the immensely powerful The World.

Dio is the father of Giorno Giovanna, the main protagonist of Vento Aureo, as well as a handful of other illegitimate offspring.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Dio Brando’s story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!

Early Life (~1867-1881)
Dio was born the son of Dario Brando, an alcoholic and abusive father who he secretly despised—in part for having caused pain to his mother. It influenced Dio to covertly murder his father with a poison he secured from Wang Chan, learning from his dying father of George Joestar's debt while told to take advantage and seize the Joestar fortune.

Once in the Joestar Mansion, Dio wasted no time passing himself as a model gentleman while tormenting his new adoptive brother Jonathan in various ways to break his spirit. But Dio's plan backfires when he forcefully kissed Erina Pendleton to shame her and deny Jonathan a relationship with her. When Jonathan learned of this, he pummels Dio before George intervened. Though Dio retaliated by placing Jonathan's dog Danny in the incinerator, he realized that he needed to change his plans a bit.

Phantom Blood (1888-89)
Seven years later, both boys attend Hugh Hudson Academy, where Dio intends to graduate as a top law student. During that seven-year span, he had acted brotherly and friendly toward Jonathan to lull the latter into a false sense of security. Now an adult, Dio decides to make his move and take the Joestar fortune by secretly poisoning George with the same poison he used to kill Dario. Jonathan realized Dio's plot after reading Dario's letter to his father, confirming Dio's intent and leaving his father with trusted physicians as he sets out to find an antidote and concrete proof of Dio's crimes.

Determined not to be stopped, Dio plans to subtly kill Jonathan by staging an accident with the Stone Mask. But upon learning that Jonathan entered Ogre Street, Dio mused he would not need to kill Jonathan himself. While wandering the streets of Liverpool, Dio encounters two drunkards and decides to test the mask anyways. By slitting the throat of one while using the mask on the other, Dio unwittingly transforms one of the drunkards into a Vampire who nearly kills him were it not for a timely sunrise obliterating his attacker. Returning to the Joestar estate, Dio finds Jonathan waiting for him along with Robert E. O. Speedwagon and an ensemble of constables who are to arrest him for attempted murder. Cornered and with nothing left to lose, having intended to kill Jonathan, deals a fatal stab wound to George and uses his blood to activate the Stone Mask. The constables shoot Dio repeatedly through a window, only for him to come back to life as a Vampire and slaughter them.

Luring Dio away from Speedwagon, Jonathan battles the Vampire while setting his home aflame in hopes that the fire will counter Dio's regeneration. After a short scuffle on the rooftop, Jonathan pushes Dio into the inferno and manages to impale him on a statue of the goddess of love; the combination of such a severe injury and the surrounding flames overpowers Dio, who seemingly burns away. However, a few days later when Wang Chan visits the charred remains of the house to find items to sell for profit, Dio resurfaces and drains his blood while vowing vengeance against Jonathan. After recruiting Jack the Ripper, Dio moves to the rural village of Windknight's Lot where he feeds on the populace to heal his body while building an army of Zombies with the intent to take over London. Having sent Wang Chan to assassinate the supposed still recovering Jonathan, Dio is surprised when Wang Chan returns wounded and learns of the only thing besides sunlight that can destroy him: Ripple.

When Jonathan, his Ripple teacher Will Anthonio Zeppeli, and Speedwagon reach Windknight's Lot, Dio hypnotizes a local boy named Poco who lures them to a graveyard filled with the undead. Dio reveals himself at this time, having mostly healed his body, and overwhelms Jonathan and Zeppeli by bypassing their Ripple attacks with his freezing ability. He then summons his strongest Zombies, Bruford and Tarkus, to finish them off as he takes his leave. It is revealed later that Dio had also taken Poco's Sister, whom he attempts to bribe to join his undead legion. Unsuccessful, Dio leaves her at the mercy of Doobie, but Jonathan intervenes before anything grave happens. Finally, confronting Jonathan and the rest of the Joestar Group, Dio steps in to personally kill Jonathan. Nonetheless, Dire battles Dio first. The Ripple warrior is easily bested by Dio's ice techniques and his body is disintegrated, but Dire manages to injure Dio's eye before expiring. This drives Dio off the edge, summoning his Zombies to kill the intruders while he proceeds to fight Jonathan.

In the battle that ensues on a balcony, Jonathan uses Luck & Pluck to sever Dio's right arm and nearly cleave him in half. Dio retaliates by freezing Jonathan's hands through the sword and threatens to cut Jonathan's carotid. Fortunately, Jonathan had plunged the tip of his sword into a flame behind Dio, and the heat transmitted through the metal weakens the freezing effect. Jonathan breaks free, and Dio breaks Luck & Pluck. As Jonathan is reduced to fighting barehanded, Dio's freezing powers give him the advantage once again. However, Jonathan sets his own fists on fire and Dio, unable to freeze Jonathan's punches, cannot defend himself and is hit on the chest by a powerful Ripple-infused blow. The impact sends Dio flying down a cliff and the Ripple disintegrates his body. Yet Dio manages to sever his own head before the Ripple reaches it and survives the fall; a little later, his head is taken to safety by Wang Chan.

Two weeks later, Dio's head infiltrates the boat the newly married Jonathan and Erina use to travel to America and celebrate their honeymoon. Hidden in a booby-trapped coffin, Dio has Wang Chan cause a Zombie epidemic on the ship to lure Jonathan to him. Once making himself known to Jonathan while admitting to Jonathan that he had an epiphany that their fates are deeply intertwined, Dio reveals his intention to take Jonathan's body as his own. Dio then shoots beams of eye humor at Jonathan's throat in an attempt to instantly kill him, but the attack only fatally wounded Jonathan with his stopped breathing preventing him from using his Ripple. Regardless, Jonathan uses his remaining Ripple to sabotage the ship to explode in a final attempt to end Dio for good. After putting Erina inside the coffin to protect her from the engine's explosion, Jonathan holds Dio's head in his arms. Dio begs Jonathan to let him live while tempting him with eternal life but realizes too that Jonathan had expired. The sinking ship explodes, though Dio succeeds in taking Jonathan's body and sinks into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

Pre-Stardust Crusaders (1983-88)
In 1983, Dio's casket is recovered off the coast of Africa by fishermen, who are implied to have been killed by him shortly after. Dio then seems to travel a great deal, ranging from Egypt to Japan. Around July–August 1984, he impregnates a Japanese woman who goes on to give birth to Giorno Giovanna. The following year, he meets Enya the Hag and gains a Stand power (The World) as a result of the Bow and Arrow. Later that same year, he encounters Jean Pierre Polnareff and brainwashes him.

In 1987, he first meets Enrico Pucci while hiding in a church waiting for the sun to set. July of 1988, he goes on to encounter Muhammad Avdol in Egypt and around the same time, his Stand experiences its first instance of stopping time. In August, he meets Noriaki Kakyoin while the latter is vacationing in Egypt and fights and brainwashes him as well.

Stardust Crusaders (1987-88)
The awakened Dio Brando, now referred to as simply "DIO", begins his next moves within the later months of 1987. For much of this time, DIO remains in shadows, and the question of exactly what his stand "The World" does is a mystery to the Joestars and their companions. DIO's ambition is to create a perfect world for him and his servants. In the interim, he seeks to drain for himself the blood of the Joestar lineage, which will help him to fully fuse with Jonathan's body and take better control of The World.

Despite his knowledge that Joseph Joestar and allies are looking for him, he does not make any effort to go confront them himself and instead chooses to remain in his mansion reading or feeding on the blood of women. DIO spends a fair amount of time philosophizing in his mansion with Pucci while the protagonists battle their way toward him.

When Hol Horse reports on the defeat of Alessi and Mariah, DIO questions him about his inability to fight, which makes the cowboy turn against DIO. DIO surprises him with his power, leaving a fearful Hol Horse to return to his side. Not long afterwards, when Vanilla Ice comes to inform him of Telence T. D'Arby's defeat, Vanilla volunteers his life to complete DIO's assimilation of Jonathan's body and subsequently slices off his own head. DIO then utilizes his own blood to revive Vanilla as a Vampire. After Vanilla's defeat, DIO's face is reveals himself before the Joestar group for the first time when he confronts Polnareff on a set of stairs. He toys with Polnareff for a while but when it becomes clear that Polnareff won't rejoin his ranks, DIO prepares to kill him - only to be interrupted by Joseph, Jotaro and Kakyoin breaking down a wall and flooding the stairs with sunlight.

He then flees to higher ground. With the sun setting, the remaining Joestar companions split up into two groups and DIO follows Joseph and Kakyoin, who have commandeered a truck. DIO does much the same by taking over a limousine and forcing the senator inside, Wilson Phillips, to act as a chauffeur. During the car chase, DIO is attacked by Kakyoin's Hierophant Green but comes out unscathed thanks to The World, which he uses to counterattack. In order to get close enough to Joseph and Kakyoin's truck, DIO launches the senator at them, thus resulting in their truck crashing into a building. He then follows them as they use their stands to flee across the rooftops, and ends up battling Kakyoin in the process. Kakyoin is able to use his Stand to make a barrier from which DIO can't escape without getting hurt. DIO uses The World to stop time and destroy the barrier, punching Kakyoin through the stomach and back. Before dying, Kakyoin realizes the nature of The World's time-stop power and uses his last strength to give Joseph a message. DIO wastes no time in catching up to and attacking Joseph, who is able to pass Kakyoin's message to Jotaro.

After a long and bloody battle between DIO and Jotaro, the latter is able to stop time just before DIO drops a steamroller on him, and wounds DIO's leg. Jotaro plans to keep on breaking DIO's leg whenever it regenerates until the sun comes up and kills him. DIO, determined not to lose, squirts some blood out of his leg and into Jotaro's eyes. He then attempts to escape but to no avail. In the end, Jotaro lands a punch which connects with a kick from DIO. The kick connects at approximately the same point on The World's leg as where DIO broke his. Because injuries to a Stand and its user echo each other, this is where The World's own structure was weakest. Jotaro's hand breaks but DIO's upper body starts to crumble, and his head shatters. Jotaro and doctors from the Speedwagon Foundation are able to do a blood transfusion between Joseph's body and the lower half of DIO's body. The transfusion is able to revive Joseph, and later they lay DIO's remains in the middle of the Sahara Desert to disintegrate with the rising sun.

General Information

Name: Dio Brando, DIO

Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

Sex: Male

Age: 12 during the beginning of Part 1 (His father died in 1880 noting an inheritance he made in 1868, 12 years ago before Dio was born, with the JoJo 6251 noting that Dio's birthday is around 1867-1868[1]), 20 after the time skip (It is now the year 1888 which would make Dio this age. Is around the same age as Jonathan Joestar, who was stated to be 20 in the 2005 English translation for Stardust Crusaders), 120 during Part 3 (100 years have passed since the end of Part 1)

Classification: Stand User

Species: Vampire (Formerly Human)

Occupation: None

Status: Deceased (Fought against and ultimately died to Jotaro Kujo)

Alignment: Neutral Evil (Dio is noted to be born evil, doing horrible actions such as kicking dogs, spread lies about Jonathan Joestar to get his friends to hate him, kissed Jonathan's Erina, which was considered in that time, borderline rape, along with killing Jonathan's dog Danny out of spite. Was noted to be born evil by Speedwagon, a man who can tell whose good or bad, and then later noted by Speedwagon that he as a Vampire is worse than any evil in the world)

Codex Statistics

Key: Child | Adult | Pre-Fire Vampire | Post-Fire Vampire | Obtaining The World | Absorbing Joseph's Blood

Tier: High 10-B, 9-C with weapons | High 10-B, 9-C with weapons, 9-B with Preparation | 9-B, Higher with his leg strength, Even Higher with Space Ripper Stingy Eyes | 9-B, Higher with his leg strength, Even Higher with Space Ripper Stingy Eyes | 9-B, Higher with his leg strength, Even Higher with The World, Unknown with Hermit Purple | At least 9-B, Higher with his leg strength, Even Higher with The World, Unknown with Hermit Purple

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Above Average Human level (One-shotted a dog, knocking the teeth out of its feet. Dio could easily overpower and harm Jonathan Joestar, who can send a someone flying into the air with a elbow. Sent Jonathan flying with his punches during a boxing match), Bone level with weapons (Tried to use a knife in combat) | Above Average Human level (Able to harm Jonathan Joestar, who while holding back could send criminals flying with his attacks and easily knock off three athletes), Bone level with weapons (Uses various knife like weapons. The Stone Mask can pierce through one's skull), Wall level with Preparation (Has access to the stone mask with preparation, where if he puts it on himself he'll gain superhuman abilities such as being able smash people through a stone floor) | Wall level (Can casually borrow his fingers within brick. Cut several policemen in half. Bent and snapped a thick iron spear with ease. Smashed through the Joestar mansion's roof. Causally borrowed his fingers within stone. Able to dig through a stone pillar. Can easily break an enraged Jonathan Joestar's bones, who can stab a spear into a stone wall and break a stone wall by kicking it. Vampires are stated to be able to greatly harm Joseph Joestar, who was able to withstand being launched into metal with enough force to break it, withstood jumping off a horse carriage traveling at 60 MPH, and withstood being smashed through a horse carriage. Dio is superior to his minions like Jack the Ripper, who can throw a wagon with enough force to destroy the roof of a tunnel and Tarkus, who can reduce metal armor to scarps and is superior to his human self, who can spilt a rock in half. Dio should be superior to newly formed Vampires and developing Vampires, who can break stone floors, punch large carters into walls which requires this much energy to do, and break stone walls by punching small dogs at them), Higher with his leg strength (Vampires' leg strength is three times more powerful than the strength of their fists, allowing them to destroy four centimeter thick steel. Can casually break through the wall through just walking on it. Was able able to break an enraged Jonathan Joestar's ribs with a kick), Higher with his leg strength, Even Higher with Space Ripper Stingy Eyes (Can use Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, which can easily harm Jonathan Joestar and Joseph Joestar. Space Ripper Stingy Eyes can slice through a pillar) | Wall level (Noted to be five times stronger than the combined power of Pre-Deep Pass Overdrive Jonathan Joestar and Will Anthonio Zeppeli, with Jonathan noting he is on a completely different level then himself during the fire. Will Anthonio Zeppeli can spilt a rock in half and destroy brick. Crushed a metal cross. Superior to his Stardust Crusaders self), Higher with his leg strength, Even Higher with Space Ripper Stingy Eyes | Wall level (Due to Jonathan's body rejecting him, Dio's body is weaker than before. Is able to redirect Hierophant Green's Emerald Splash with enough force to destroy the roof of a car. Sent Jean Pierre Polnareff flying into a wall, destroying it), Higher with his leg strength (Can kick away Hierophant Green's Emerald Splash with this much force), Even Higher with The World (Punched Noriaki Kakyoin with enough force to send him flying at a metal water container heavily denting it in the process. Broke a brick chimney. Broke a part of the floor by kicking Star Platinum. Able to harm Star Platinum), Unknown with Hermit Purple (Hermit Purple is not directly a fighting stand and more so an information gathering one) | At least Wall level (Drank the blood of Joseph Joestar and received a massive boost in power, noted that the Joestar blood made him stronger then ever before), Higher with his leg strength, Even Higher with The World (Kicked Jotaro Kujo through a building. Caused moderate damage to a road roller with a with a flurry of punches), Unknown with Hermit Purple

Durability: Above Average Human level (Took hits that sent him flying) | Above Average Human level (Withstood being thrown through wooden guardrails and falling down to the first floor), Above Average Human level with Preparation (Vampires' Durability in JoJo do not scale to their Attack Potency) | Above Average Human level | Above Average Human level (Took a hit from Jonathan Joestar after his Hamon was unable to connect) | Above Average Human level, Wall level with The World, Unknown with Hermit Purple | At least Above Average Human level, Wall level with The World, Unknown with Hermit Purple

Striking Strength: Above Average Human Class | Above Average Human Class, Wall Class with Preparation | Wall Class, Higher with his leg strength | Wall Class, Higher with his leg strength | Wall Class, Higher with his leg strength, Even Higher with The World, Unknown with Hermit Purple | At least Wall Class, Higher with his leg strength, Even Higher with The World, Unknown with Hermit Purple

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human (Dio is an athletic boxer) | Athletic Human (Able to restrain Jonathan Joestar, who can lift up and toss Dio with one arm with Dio being 185 centimeters tall[2] and is able to easy life a large rock) | Superhuman (Can bend and snap a thick metal spear. Should be superior to Zombies, whos' strength are monstrous and are far beyond a humans with Zombies being able to through a ship buoy with enough force to smash a human skull along with Zombies being able to casually carry large metal weapons while jumping around) | Superhuman (Stronger than before which should make him comparable to Jonathan Joestar, who can pull back and lift Tarkus, who is far bigger than Jonathan who is 195 centimeters tall. Jonathan also is able to break off a steal chain, and lift an anvil) | Superhuman | Class 25 (Attempted to drop a large road roller on Jotaro Kujo which weigh around 20 tons)

Travel Speed: Average Human | Athletic Human (Easily outran several athletes), Higher with Preparation (Faster as a Vampire to where he can easily overwhelm several police officers) | At least Athletic Human (Can easily overwhelm several police officers) | Superhuman (Noted to have the speed of a leopard, who moves at around 36 mph. Able to match Jonathan Joestar, who was amplified by Will Anthonio Zeppeli's life energy making him faster than Will, who can disappear from Pre-Hamon Jonathan's sight and then appear in front of him) | Superhuman | Superhuman

Combat Speed: Athletic Human (Can tag Jonathan Joestar, A skilled boxer) | Athletic Human, Higher with Preparation | At least Athletic Human | Supersonic, Far Higher with Space Ripper Stingy Eyes (His Space Ripper Stingy Eyes can blitz Jonathan Joestar) | Supersonic | Supersonic

Reaction Speed: Athletic Human (Can easily dodge attacks from Jonathan Joestar, A skilled boxer) | Athletic Human (Casually dodged an attack from Robert E. O Speedwagon), Higher with Preparation | At least Athletic Human | Supersonic (His weaker self can react to Star Platinum, which can stop a bullet from hitting Jotaro Kujo) | Supersonic | Supersonic

Stamina: Above Average as a child (Is a skilled boxer who fights with other boxers), Athletic Human as a adult (An athletic male that easily outruns and overpowers other athletic males), Superhuman as a Vampire (Vampires are able to fight with lethal injuries)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Several Meters with Throwing Knives and Space Ripper Stingy Eyes (Can throw the knives this far. Space Ripper Stingy Eyes can reach this far), Tens of Meters with The World (The World has an effective range of ten meters), Universal with Time Stop

Intelligence: Genius (Figured out the secrets of the mask. Dio gained a correct 20 out of 20 while Jonathan made a mistake six times. Though outdated in modern time, Dio utilizes 20th century swaying techniques when boxing against Jonathan, using these techniques in the 19th century)

Powers and Techniques

Martial Arts (Though outdated in modern time, Dio utilizes 20th century swaying techniques when boxing against Jonathan), Weapon Mastery & Penetration Damage (Physical Penetration; Able to use a dagger in combat to combat against a Vampire. The Stone Mask can pierce through one's skull. Used throwing knifes in his battle against the Joestar group), Intimidation (Dio's gaze sends a massive intensity and fear into ones eyes), Supernatural Luck (Dio is noted to possess three moles on his ears and attributes on his face, with him being born with "impenetrable luck")

Has Vampire Physiology, granting him the following: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Ageless; Vampires can live for eternity as long as they feed off of blood and can survive lethal wounds others can), Supernatural Resilience (Vampires like Dio can live as merely a head), Regeneration (Mid; Vampires can regenerate from being shot in the brain. High-Mid through connecting their body; Vampires are able to reconnect their severed head to their body or someone else's body), Body Control (Vampires are able to control their veins allowing them to reattach body parts. Vampires are able to move limbs that have be removed form their body), Enhanced Senses (Can hear one's breathing or their heart beat from putting his ear on the ground), Life Manipulation, Blood Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, & Durability Negation (Vampires can merge their fingers into one's body to suck one's blood or grab their arteries and pop a vein. Vampires can create flesh buds, made up of their cells), Age Manipulation (Through sucking one's blood a Vampire can get younger), Corruption & Necromancy (When Vampires suck one's blood, they turn the corpse into an undead person that wants blood. Can bring the dead back to life as servants of him), Surface Scaling (Vampires have the leg strength to stand on walls. Vampires are able to stick to and stand on ceilings), Mind Manipulation (Vampires can manipulate and hypnotize the minds of those that are evil, Dio, a Vampire hypnotized a kid. Vampires can create flesh buds, made up of their cells, to connect to a persons brain and mind control them), Burrowing (Vampires can burrow through stone), Statistics Amplification (Vampires get stronger the more blood they suck), Heat Manipulation, Cold Manipulation & Ice Manipulation (Vampires are capable of manipulating their bodies moisture, freezing one's arm and controlling the water they vaporize from it), Energy Projection, Water Manipulation, & Penetration Damage (H20 Compound Control; Bladed Penetration; Can fire out body fluid from his eyes with incredible pressure), Possession (Vampires can possess the bodies of the deceased), Acrobatics (Vampires can jump from five to eight meters high), Intangibility (Vampires can embed themselves into walls), Flight (Vampires are able to fly through the air, or just hover in the air without wings), Attack Reflection (Can reflect Hierophant Green's Emerald Splash), Healing (Healed Enrico Pucci's disfigured foot).

All previous powers and abilities but weaker, though he has gained access to a stand, Telepathy (Those with the Joestar birthmark have a psychic bond with each other with said birth mark allowing them to sense and feel each other. This allowed the Joestars alive at the time to gain a Stand when DIO used a Stand Arrow on himself), Sheer Will (Stands require the spirit to fight in order to be used or else the Stand will harm it's user making them sick with a deadly fever. Stands are tied to the mental abilities of the user, with Stands becoming weaker if the user's mental abilities are weakened), Social Influencing (Women just give themselves to DIO and let them drink his blood due to his charm), Intimidation (DIO's mere presence gives off an intimidating but alluring aura that caused Avdol to run instead of fight him and caused Hol Horse to get chills in his spine), Pain Tolerance (Can still fight while having his skull completely crushed), Extrasensory Perception (Stand users are able to perceive the souls of the deceased. Stand users can perceive ghosts and other supernatural forces. Stand users can perceive and enter the Ghost Girl's Alley which is invisible to regular people along with being a gateway to the afterlife. Stand users can see Stands which are completely invisible to regular people), Aura (Stand users have an aura around them when their Stand is activated), Summoning (Can summon his stand), Metaphysics Manipulation (Spirit Manipulation; Stands are a powerful apparition, created by the users own life energy).

Resistance to Clairvoyance (Blocked out Joseph Joestar's hermit purple, which could use photos or TVs to find out where someone is in the world and what they're doing)

Incorporeality (Stands are consistently referred to as spiritual energy, beings that are a powerful apparition created by the stand users own life energy, with it being known physical objects such as guns can't hurt stands), Intangibility & Durability Negation (Phasing; Stands are able to phase through objects, allowing the stand user to grab said object, such as phasing through a users body and grabbing their heart), Non-Standard Interaction & Metaphysics Manipulation (Spirit Manipulation; Only Stands are able to harm other Stands, meaning they can interact with spiritual energy sources), Invisibility (To those without Stands, Stands are completely invisible), Aura (Stands have a aura around them), Telepathy (Stands allow their users to communicate with each other through telepathy), Consumption (Metaphysical Consumption; Stands can suck up and consume non-physical objects such as fogs), Empowerment, Shapeshifting, & Limited Biological Manipulation (Stands can imbue themselves into objects, take the shape of an item, or merge with a user’s body), Size Manipulation (Stands have been shown capable of manipulating their size, and use this to go and interfere with the brain and organs of others).

Resistance to Metaphysics Manipulation (Spirit Manipulation; Stands can withstand attacks from each other)
Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Statistics Amplification & Statistics Reduction (The World is a short range stand which are stands that increase in power when in their effective range but decrease in power when outside it), Afterimage Creation (Can create afterimages with its attacks), Flight (The World can fly within its effective range), Time Stop (The World has the ability to stop time), The World is the same type of Stand as Star Platinum giving it the following abilities: Enhanced Senses (Star Platinum's senses are enhanced to the point were he can see a small black fly in a dark picture. Star Platinum has microscopic vison allowing it to see Lovers a microscopic stand. Able to easily see "second dealing" a poker technique that is almost impossible to see with the human eye), Attack Reflection (Can reflect Hierophant Green's Emerald Splash. Can reflect DIO's knifes), Instinctive Reaction (Star Platinum will protect Jotaro even when Jotaro isn't controlling his stand), Body Control & Elasticity (Can extend it's index and middle finger as an attack), Burrowing (Able to burrow underground), Vacuum Manipulation (Able to suck up all of Justice's fog), Acrobatics (Star Platinum allows Jotaro to grab onto walls while jumping from high heights and it allows him to jump superhuman heights), Photographic Memory (Star Platinum has a photographic memory), Limited Hive Mind (Able to see what his stand is seeing), Heat Manipulation (Used the speed of Star Platinum to light a cigarette)

All standard Stand abilities plus, Clairvoyance & Technological Manipulation (Hermit Purple can gather information about people who are far away or extremely small, through technology such as cameras and televisions. Hermit Purple can create maps that lead to what the user is trying to find in things like incense powder. Hermit Purple can control a plane and can control a video game controller. Hermit Purple can cause a TV to explode), Thoughtography & Telepathy (Hermit Purple is able to read the minds of others can display them on technology such as televisions)


  • Vampire & Zombie Minions: During his time as a Vampire, Dio could create Zombies either from a living human or the cadaver of the deceased. The Zombies are also strong creatures, but less so than their vampiric creator. Therefore, they will obey him. The process of zombification involves the injection of a Vampire extract into one's blood vessels. In Stardust Crusaders, DIO perfected this technique to sire other Vampires.
  • The World: DIO's main Stand is The World; a humanoid Stand that specializes in melee attack roughly equal, if not superior, in its immense force and speed to Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum. About a year after gaining his Stand, DIO discovered that it is capable of stopping time. At first, he could only do this for a very short amount of time, but by the end of Part 3, he is able to stop time for a maximum of 11 seconds. DIO can move in other time stops for a maximum of two seconds. These durations would have continued to develop had DIO not been defeated. When stopping time, DIO gives the impression that he is teleporting or otherwise moving at impossible speeds. The ability is best known for DIO's activation and cancellation phrases THE WORLD, Time, stop! and Time resumes.
  • Hermit Purple: DIO also is shown to possess another Stand ability with similar precognitive/divination abilities and appearance to Hermit Purple. This ability appears to have been the Stand that awakened in the body of Jonathan Joestar, whom he had attached his head to.
  • Knives: DIO carried a throwing knife with him during his battle with the Joestar group which he used to "kill" Joseph Joestar. Later in the fight DIO used knifes he found at a store to attack Jotaro Kujo from afar when he realized how dangerous he was to fight up close.

Notable Techniques

  • Vampiric: Becoming a Vampire as a young adult, Dio displays a broad range of fantastic, supernatural abilities; explained as expressions of the full, unbound potential of the human body. This includes superhuman strength, quick healing, and eternal life.
  • Vampire & Zombie Creation: During his time as a Vampire, Dio could create Zombies either from a living human or the cadaver of the deceased. The Zombies are also strong creatures, but less so than their vampiric creator. Therefore, they will obey him. The process of zombification involves the injection of a Vampire extract into one's blood vessels. In Stardust Crusaders, DIO perfected this technique to sire other Vampires.
  • Flight: Dio's able to fly through the air, or just hover in the air without wings.
  • Enhanced Senses: Demonstrated by Dio when placing his ear to the ground to listen for Jotaro's heartbeat or passing vehicles, Vampires appear to have greatly heightened senses.
  • Wallcrawling: Dio has shown being able to walk on walls and hang from ceilings.
  • Space Ripper Stingy Eyes: Creates two pressurized fluid jets from the eyes strong enough to cut cleanly through a stone column.
  • Regeneration: The body is able to live even after having vital body parts amputated. It will regenerate and the body parts can reattach themselves. Vampires can also control their detached body parts. However, Vampires can still die if their head is damaged sufficiently.
  • Vaporization Freezing Technique: A freezing ability enabling Vampires to freeze their own body parts and transfer the loss of energy by touch. It is able to cancel out the Ripple by freezing the blood in the user's body.
  • Fusion: An ability that allows a Vampire to graft parts of different organisms together. Dio displays this ability by creating animal/human hybrid Zombies as pets and later grafting his disembodied head on the decapitated body of Jonathan.
  • Flesh Buds: A Vampire's cells can spawn these Flesh Buds and insert them into the brains of living beings to control them. If someone tries to remove the spore, it will grow tentacles in a attempt to kill both the host and the one trying to remove it. The process can be accelerated by anyone able to manipulate life at a cellular level.
  • Hypnosis: This ability was once used by Dio to hypnotize Poco into luring Jonathan into a trap. This ability is possibly nullified by the Ripple, because of the fact that Poco's consciousness appears to return after being subjected to it.
  • Immortality: Vampires do not age or get sick, possessing the eternal life that allows them to live for thousands of years maintaining the same appearance as when they became.
  • Blood Sucking: Vampires consume the blood of living creatures to sustain themselves. Unlike traditional Vampires, they suck their victim's blood with their hands, digging the fingers directly inside the target to suck their blood. Blood consumption will strengthen a Vampire and heal him if he was weakened before. In a weakened state, a Vampire will instinctively crave blood and may attack any victim to regenerate.
  • Bodily Mastery: Like Vaporization Freezing and the Stingy Eyes, other properties of the Vampire's body can be manipulated to lethal degrees. The Vampire Wired Beck had the ability to form numerous spikes all over his body from his body hair, as well as form a camouflage when wedged into a wooden doorway. The Vampire Nukesaku displayed the ability to grow a second face at the back of his head with female features to deceive opponents, but needed to manipulate his body to match his new face's visual orientation.
  • The World, Time, stop!: The ability of the World that Dio uses, an ability that allows him to fully stop time for up to 11 seconds.


Standard Tactics: Human Dio will use 20th century sways along with boxing techniques from the 19th century in battle, if it comes down to it, he may also attempt to use the stone mask. | Dio will go for flash freezes on his opponent if he believes they have a means to kill him, otherwise he will look down on them. If the person has pure evil in them, he will attempt to hypnotize them to be one of his slaves or send his minions after them. | Dio will go for using The World's time stop to either mess with the opponent or go for punch rushes, if he believes the opponent can affect him while in the time stop at close range, he will go for ranged attacks such as throwing knives. He will also incorporate speeches during the time stop. | Dio will incorporate the same strategy as before. Though due to his new state of existence his ego has increased and he goes more for speeches while using his previous strategy.

Weaknesses: Dio's own ego forces him to greatly mess with his plans, such as him refusing to swear on his father's name giving away his plan of poisoning Jonathan's father. | Vampires are weak to sunlight. As Hamon energy is identical to that of the Sun's, Vampires are weak to it. Vampires need to absorb one's life force (drink one's blood) in order to regenerate wounds. Destroying a Vampire's brain causes them to die. Flash freeze does not work on fire and will be melted if fire falls on the frozen part. | Previous Vampire weaknesses, If A Stand is damaged, the user will by proxy take damage and if they're damaged, their Stand will take damage. A Stand's energy or power is inversely proportional to their range of operation, the farther away the Stand goes, the weaker, slower, and less precise its movements become. The less air a Stand user has the weaker their Stand becomes. If a Stand user becomes unconscious their Stand will deactivate. Stands that imbue themselves into objects, take the shape of an item, or merge with a user’s body can be seen by normal humans. Stands are tied to the mental abilities of the user, with Stands becoming weaker if the user's mental abilities are weakened. Stands require the spirit to fight in order to be used or else the Stand will harm it's user making them sick with a deadly fever. Initially The World can only stop time for 5 seconds. Dio will feel immense shock if the opponent is able to even slightly twitch in his time stop, making him forget the time limit of his time stop. If he is punched during the middle of saying "The World Time Stop", it will stop the ability from activating, along with this, damage to his skull will not regenerate and he will not be able to walk. Due to the nature of how The World works in JoJo's, people with the ability to bend space-time can think within it. | Previous Vampire and stand weaknesses, though The World has been upgraded to stop time for 9 seconds.


  • Dio is only able to stop time for 9 seconds, though he has the potential to grow it further, the 11 seconds statement from Jotaro is in reference to tricking Dio into thinking he was still stopping time for 2 seconds before he realized he couldn't move. It is also noted in 6251 that Dio's limit for stopping time is 9 seconds.


BT, a protagonist in Cool Shock B.T., is a likely basis for young Dio.[3]
  • Dio's name is derived from the Italian word for "God", befitting his megalomaniac personality and his project to create a new world for him and his subordinates as implied in Stone Ocean. His Heaven Ascension DIO form also fits as well due to warping reality to his liking.
    • Dio's name is also a reference to the rock star Ronnie James Dio. There are more references that connect Dio Brando to Ronnie James Dio, such as The World having what appears to have two oxygen tanks on its back is a reference to the song Holy Diver, DIO being in Egypt in Part 3 is a reference to the song Egypt (The Chains Are On), his "heaven plan" referencing the Hungry for Heaven, etcetera
  • The style of Dio's name in Part 1 is written normally, whereas Dio's name in Part 3 onward is written in English and completely capitalized.[4]
    • Despite this, Giorno's picture of him has "Dio Brando" imprinted on it, even though his original name would have been long forgotten by then.
  • The trick DIO used on Hol Horse by instantly going through spider webs without damaging them is likely a reference to Bela Lugosi's first scenes in Dracula (1931).
    • Out of coincidence, Dio shares two of his Japanese voice actors and his English anime voice actor with the Castlevania version of Dracula, those being Hikaru Midorikawa in the OVA and the PS2 game, Norio Wakamoto in the Audio Drama, and Patrick Seitz in the anime. Midorikawa voices Dracula's reincarnation in the series, Soma Cruz, while Wakamoto and Seitz voice Dracula himself.
  • The bridge Jotaro defeats DIO on is the Qasr al-Nil Bridge, which connects downtown Cairo to Gezira Island and the Zamalek district. Its coordinates are 30.043747°N 31.229464°E.
  • In Araki's top Ten Favorite Characters in 2000, DIO ranked as 10th, being the third main villain in the countdown.
  • Dio and Diego's themes in Eyes Of Heaven are remixes of each other. This is true for both Dio Brando and Scary Monsters Diego, as well as DIO and Alternate Diego. This makes sense as Diego is the reboot of sorts counterpart of Dio.
  • After totally losing his body and becoming just a head, Dio became totally infertile. Dio was only able to have children because he stole Jonathan Joestar's body. Dio had a relationship with four different women, who gave him four different children (Dio only slept with the women and he abandoned them all when they were still pregnant, so he never had direct contact with his "children", and none of them of his "children" have his DNA, they all have Jonathan's DNA. So technically Dio never had children, biologically or as a adoptive father).
  • One reason Jonathan's body would reject Dio's head would be transplant rejection. Transplant rejection occurs when the recipient's immune system attacks the transplanted organ or tissue. The immune response protects the body against potentially harmful substances ("antigens") such as microorganisms, toxins and cancer cells. The immune system distinguishes "proper" from "strange" and reacts against substances it considers "foreign". In other words, that meant Jonathan's body was still fighting Dio's head.
  • Dio died when his head was destroyed by Jotaro Kujo, with the narrator confirming Dio's death in the Manga and Anime. Jotaro and Joseph decided to expose Jonathan's body to the sun to give to the soul of the first JoJo a way to finally rest in peace.
  • Araki considers Dio to be 'the true protagonist' of Phantom Blood. Araki developed Dio's character design before Jonathan. Dio also makes his debut first before Jonathan. Araki pondered in deciding what would be the scariest factor, and decided that "evil from the past" coming to get the present descendant would be the most frightening thing. Dio was developed with this in mind. After him, Jonathan Joestar of 'light' was designed to counter Dio's 'darkness'.[5]
  • In a spring 2018 interview with Shueisha's Kotoba magazine, Araki describes how Blade Runner had influenced his work back when it premiered. He mentions Dio's blond hair and muscular build in particular as being influenced by the Blade Runner character, Roy Batty.[6]
  • Dio is stated to be Bisexual by Araki in a 2007 interview.


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