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Mario (Illumination)

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It's a me, Mario!
~ Commercial
It's all gonna be okay! I'm telling you, nothing can hurt us as long as we're together!
~ Mario to Luigi
~ Mario platforming
Lets-a go.
~ Mario against Bowser

Does this have to be a mushroom? Cause I just hate mushrooms.
~ Mario to Peach
Oh, what!? I'm a cat!?
~ Cat Mario
Huh. I'm a cat!
~ Cat Mario
~ Cat Mario
Haha, I told you! See, we're always here together! Everything is gonna be okay!
~ Mario saving Luigi
You asked for it!
~ Mario against the Banzai Bill
~ Mario to Luigi

The Super Mario Bros. Movie OST - Mario Brothers Rap
The Super Mario Bros. Movie OST - Superstars


Mario is the titular protagonist of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Mario and Luigi worked for Foreman Spike before they opened their new business, Super Mario Bros. Plumbing, in Brooklyn. At some point, Mario and Luigi enter a pipe that lead to the Mushroom World. Luigi is taken hostage by Bowser while Mario meets Toad and Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom. They join forces to rescue Luigi and stop Bowser.

Mario is shown to be friendly, as even when it was his first time visiting the Mushroom Kingdom, he did not hesitate to give a Coin back to a Toad who dropped it or greet the Toads. He cares a lot about Luigi, as he gets annoyed when people talk lowly about him. He is shown to be confident in himself, sometimes too much, to the point of thinking he can handle a challenge despite having no idea how to, resulting in him getting himself injured in the process. Ironically, he has a distaste for mushrooms, as shown by him picking them off his pasta in disgust and refusing to eat a Super Mushroom.

For the whole movie, Mario speaks in a (faint) Brooklyn accent, much like his counterparts from both the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and the 1993 Super Mario Bros. live-action film, respectively. Although, in the film’s opening, he does briefly speak in a very similar Italian accent, much like his game counterpart, for the in-universe commercial about of their company, Super Mario Bros. Plumbing.

General Information

Name: Mario

Origin: The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, likely 20's

Classification: Hero

Species: Human

Occupation: Plumber, Former Demolition Man

Status: Alive

Alignment: Neutral Good (Mario is shown to be a generally kind hearted person who has a passion for his job and making a name for himself. He cares for Luigi, sticking up to him and always trying his best to be there to comfort him. He's also shown to generally be a nice person, such as helping Toads and trying to make friends with Donkey Kong)

Codex Statistics

Tier: 9-A, Far Higher with Power-Ups. At least 6-A with the Super Star

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Room level (Can overpower several Koopas, who can survive their karts exploding, which was calculated at these levels), Far Higher with Power-Ups (Power-Ups generally make Mario far more powerful upon usage, noting that it makes him stronger and allows him to jump higher. Was initially easily overpowered by Donkey Kong, to later then easily overpowering him upon using the Super Bell. Other Power-Up users such as Princess Peach can keep up with Bowser and many of his minions). At least Continent level with the Super Star (The Super Star is treated as the most powerful item ever seen in Bowser's eyes, which should make it stronger than the Banzai Bill. The Banzai Bill was going to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom according to Bowser, which we can see is the largest place in the world maps)

Durability: Room level (Was nearly unharmed from the Blue Shell destroying Donkey Kong's kart easily. Survived crashing through a brick wall with Luigi. Took a fall from the sky to the ocean. Took a beating from Donkey Kong, who can casually destroy two barrels. Survived hits from Bowser, who can casually toss and destroy cars), Far Higher with Power-Ups (Power-Ups greatly increase Mario's power. All Power-Ups allow the users to survive an extra hit without taking large amounts of damage, such as the shockwave from the Banzai Bill's explosion, or an explosion from King Bob-omb). Continent level with the Super Star (Should be comparable to its striking strength), Invulnerability makes him hard to kill

Striking Strength: Room Class, Far Higher with Power-Ups. At least Continent Class with the Super Star

Lifting Strength: Peak Human (Lifted Donkey Kong from underwater and swam up to the surface), At least Class 50 with Power-Ups (Comparable to Donkey Kong, who lifted around 51 cages containing prisoners), Far Higher with the Super Star (Easily surpasses Bowser, who's stronger than Donkey Kong)

Travel Speed: Superhuman (Comparable to Princess Peach, who can parkour at fast speeds and run up on walls), Hypersonic+ with Power-Ups (Can keep pace with the Banzai Bill, which should be comparable to the fastest missile, The Zircon missile. The Zircon missile can travel at 11,000 kilometers per hour), Far Higher with the Super Star

Combat Speed: Supersonic, Hypersonic+ with Power-Ups (Mario upon using the Super Bell easily outpaced Donkey Kong, and is generally shown to move faster upon usage), Far Higher with the Super Star

Reaction Speed: Supersonic (Fast enough to react to Bullet Bills and comparable to Donkey Kong who dodged a cannon), Hypersonic+ with Power-Ups (Can navigate and dodge upcoming obstacles as he flies away from the Banzai Bill. Cat Mario was able to dodge every single attack Donkey Kong could dish out), Far Higher with the Super Star

Stamina: Superhuman (Trained through an obstacle course for an entire day through day until next day's sunset without without resting)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Tens of Meters with Koopa Shells

Intelligence: Gifted (Mario is quick to adapt to his surroundings and can quickly learn new things. He was able to nearly complete Peach's obstacle course in a little over a day, learn how to drive a go-kart while also fighting, master the usage of power-ups, graduated with Luigi, and has two jobs of a demolition man and plumber)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics (Even without the need of Power-Ups, Mario is shown to be able to parkour through small spaces and around a construction site while also assisting Luigi. Can jump and flip around Koopas while also landing on their karts), Accelerated Development (In a little over a day, Mario was able to nearly complete Peach's course after initially failing to complete even the starting sections, only failing due to being cocky at the end. This is further shown when Mario was able to fight off various Koopas by jumping around through different karts, and when he's seen to be more accustomed to maneuver himself around the Mushroom Kingdom as he fights a group of Bowser's minions; or while also navigating himself against the Banzai Bill), Sheer Will (Despite getting casually getting beaten by Donkey Kong, Mario still stood strong for the entire fight, which Peach noted that Mario doesn't know when to quit), Vehicular Mastery (Land Vehicles; Can drive his own custom kart and adapt to it fairly quickly, to the point where he can fight a large group of koopas as he drives), Paint Manipulation which includes: Conceptual Manipulation (Paint makes up everything, anyone in Mario can remove paint by attacking), Life Manipulation & Death Manipulation (Paint is all of life, and removal of it can cause a person or object to have no life within, having their concept of life be removed), Blood Manipulation (Paint makes up all of blood within someone, removing it is the same as removing their blood), Mind Manipulation & Memory Manipulation (Paint makes up the mind, as paint beings can directly speak to your mind by coloring your thoughts. Loss of paint can also remove your mind and memories), Spatial Manipulation (Paint makes up all of space. Removing it makes space as if it was solid), Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation; Paint makes up souls and ghosts. Removing it is the equivalent of destroying your soul), Empathic Manipulation (Paint makes up all emotions. Removing it would mean the removal of emotion), Power Nullification (Paint makes up the ability to use powers. Removing it would mean the removal of using powers), Immortality and Divine Protection (Type 8; Mario is protected by The Desire, a force that overrides the laws of the universe through the desire to be reunited with someone important to them. In this case, Mario wanting to reunite with Luigi as he deeply cares for him), Fate Manipulation, Reality Warping, Plot Manipulation (Plot Armor; Mario is protected by The Desire, which defies time, space, and the laws of the universe in order to reunite him with his special ones).

Resistance to Extreme Heat (Comparable to Luigi, who was unaffected by the lava's heat), Paint Manipulation
Transformation & Cloth Manipulation (Several Power Ups can transform the user's outfit when used as shown with the Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Super Bell, and Super Leaf), Healing (The Super Bell able to heal Mario from his damage taken from Donkey Kong when he was nearly going to be knocked out. The Super Star was able to heal Mario completely when he was severely beat up and injured prior), Flight (Can fly with the Super Leaf), Social Influencing (With the Super Bell, everyone who looks at you is awed upon the user transforming into an adorable cat), Natural Weaponry (The Super Bell gives the user claws it can attack with and the Super Leaf gives the user a tail it can use to attack), Surface Scaling (Can scale surfaces with the Super Bell), Size Manipulation (With the Super Mushroom, the user's strength and mobility are greatly amplified along with them becoming physically bigger. With the Mini Mushroom, The user shrinks to miniscular sizes along with having their strength greatly lowered to the degree that Toad can easily overpower Bowser and trap him in a jar), Statistics Amplification (With the Super Mushroom, the user's strength and mobility are greatly amplified along with them becoming physically bigger. Power-Ups are generally noted to give the users power), Vibration Manipulation (Mario's Ground Pound is strong enough to shake the ground, causing nearby enemies to fall over), Statistics Reduction (With the Mini Mushroom, The user shrinks to miniscular sizes, along with having their strength greatly lowered to the degree that Toad can easily overpower Bowser and trap him in a jar), Invulnerability, Light Manipulation, & Power Bestowal (The Super Star's power makes the users invincible from any damage, along with producing a light from their bodies and movement. This power can be shared with anyone who grabs it)



Optional Equipment

Super Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Super Bell, Super Leaf, Super Star, Kart


Standard Tactics: Mario without any equipment would lead with hand to hand combat. With Power-Ups, he'd use what's most helpful.

Weaknesses: Power-Ups can be lost with a single hit. Can sometimes act brash.

Battle Records