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Yuri Honjo

From The Codex
"Mature Content"
This character or verse has mature themes and concepts, thus those of young age are ill-advised to look through these.
I was... thinking about that a bit when I just came to this realm. I was thinking about the Administrator... the Administrator does exist... now I know it clearly. Yes... right... the Administrator is the existence who maintains this realm... So... to make the realm disappear... I should kill the Administrator!
~ Yuri Honjo


Yuri Honjo is non-blood related sister of Rika Honjo and the main protagonist of Tenkuu Shinpan. After wearing a Faceless Mask, she became a God Candidate.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Yuri Honjo’s story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!

Yuri is introduced questioning what's happening after viewing a masked man wielding an axe kill someone. Upon running away, she finds a stairway and notices a warning sign. Looking into the hall way she sees the masked man following and heads upwards. On the roof top, she realizes she's not in Tokyo. Pulling out her phone, she attempts to contact her parents but isn't able to get through. Attempting to phone her brother, the call connects, and she immediately asks for his help. When he finishes explaining things to her they agree to meet up. Suddenly attacked from behind, Yuri drops her phone and heads for a suspension bridge near her. On the bridge she thinks about meeting up with her brother.

While crossing the bridge she notices the masked man not following and proceeds to ask if he knows about anything about the world they're in. As the masked man rushes towards her Yuri starts to panic and grabs hold of the bridge. After the bridge is cut Yuri watches the man fall to the ground then proceeds to move on. Making it the other side she falls to the ground and decides to find a phone. Overhearing shouting for help she heads to edge of the building. Where she sees a woman on the next building rooftop shouting for help. She is then shocked to hear her mention the masked man is coming after her.

Wondering if she just killed the masked man, she is shocked to see another masked man and realizes there must more of them. Watching the woman being followed by the masked man, she shouts over for her to run and find a suspension bridge. Looking for the suspension bridge on the building she notices a gap between some fences. As the woman approaches the gap, Yuri shouts over for her not to jump but is unable to stop her from jumping off the building.

Heading inside the building she wonders if she can keep going down to the ground. Walking down a corridor she overhears water running and heads in to a dental clinic. Inside the room she comes across a human head where she struggles to keep calm. Back in the corridor thinking about the woman from earlier she realizes the gap was the exit. Apologizing to her brother she claims she can't stand the world any more.

Heading back to the rooftop she trips and falls over, dropping her pocket book. Standing between the buildings gap she prepares to walk until she hears her pocket book being moved by the wind. Knowing her brother will mad if she loses the picture of him inside she smiles. Believing she can't go on any more she suddenly hears something. Wondering if it's real she sees a helicopter above her and questions if it's rescuing her. While jumping about and asking for help, she falls backwards off of the building, managing to hold onto the rail and get back up. Once back up, she declares with vigor and determination that she's not going to die.

Watching the helicopter land, she wonders if she can use it to get to the ground. Looking at her pocket book on the ground, she picks it up, and claims without it she would have killed herself, believing her brother saved her life. Knowing he's by her side she claims she has nothing to fear and heads towards the helicopter. Coming across a suspension bridge she crosses it to get to the next building. Looking around she notices a masked man and worries about what she should do. As the masked man heads towards her she begins to panic.

Attacked by the masked man, she claims the world is screwed up and retreats from him. Believing to know the reason behind their behaviour she concludes she has two options: kill herself or be killed by the masked man. Claiming to have more options, she runs towards the man, attempting to take his sword and kill him to survive, but is unable to do so. Falling on the ground she watches as he prepares to attack until a voice from a police officer nearby asks to him stop. Surprised, she asks why he is present.

Questioning why there's a police officer in the world, she watches him shoot the masked man. When asked if she's alright, she thanks him. Another police officer arrives and begins talking about the helicopter. She tells him it landed on a nearby rooftop. As she watches the officer approach the edge of the rooftop he is suddenly pushed off by his comrade.

Asking the police officer to calm down she says he's not in the right state of mind. The officer picks up the Japanese sword previously belonging to the masked man. She's ordered to stand up and take her jacket off or be killed. Taking her jacket off, she believes if she listens to him maybe he'll return to his senses. When the officer sticks the sword in between her shirt he asks her to take off her panties but leave her skirt on. Humiliated, she starts to undress she anyway, noticing a sniper. When the officer is shot she realizes she needs to run away but questions where to.

Running away from the incoming coming shots, Yuri finds cover behind a building. As the police officer starts crawling towards her, she asks him not to, until he is shot once more, killing him. Pulling his body towards her, wondering if he has anything valuable, she starts thinking about a strategy to escape. While searching the officer she finds a gun and lighter. Wondering once more how she can find a suspension bridge without being shot, Yuri concludes there is a way.

Thinking about the meaning behind her name, she realizes she can't survive if bound by logic. Watching the body and belongings of the police officer burn, pleased about the amount of smoke being produced along with the wind's direction, she knows the sniper won't be able to aim accurately. After seeing an illusion of the police officer, she questions if she's going crazy. Knowing she's not crazy, she claims taking advantage of others to survive is totally normal. Running across a suspension bridge she notices a masked man on the other side and assesses his weapon usage.

Laughing at his weapon of choice, she points her gun towards him, warning him not to come closer. When the masked man comes closer Yuri shoots him. When the bullet shatters his mask Yuri is shocked to learn he is human. Upon arriving on the next rooftop, she notices someone behind a corner and asks the person to come out while holding her gun.

A boy surfaces, and tells her they aren't her enemy. Wondering what he means, she is taken by surprise to see two other boys appear, Nomura and Nakazaki. She puts her gun away as they both introduce themselves. Inside the building they decide to eat while discussing about the world they're in.

Thanking Nomura for the food, she is to be well-mannered; he asks if she's from a high class family. Embarrassed, she mentions her brother told her to be thankful for food. Remembering about her brother, she asks Nomura and Nakazaki if they have a cell phone. Met with bewilderment, she explains the usage of cell phones, and then asks for a restroom and proceeds to head towards it.

Returning from the restroom Yuri overhears shouting. Taking cover she draws her gun outside the room where Nomura and Nakazaki are located.

Entering the room she finds a mask, quickly realizing its vision is limited and that she has a chance to shoot him. Moving forward the floor beneath her begins to squeak, which causes the mask to around. Suddenly Yuri shoots him in the leg, and asks Nakazaki for them to run away. Running to the rooftop, they stop, and she asks him where the next suspension bridge is. When Nakazaki mentions he can't take anymore, Yuri suggests removing the mask from Nishiura. Deciding that she'll shoot him, she's taken by surprise when Nishiura appears and grabs her by the wrist.

Wondering how he appeared from behind, Yuri has a spurt of intuition, suddenly claiming she'll jump off the building and asks to released. Preparing to jump, Yuri then appears behind him and pushes him forwards. Nakazaki tries to save Nishiura; Yuri watches as both they fall off the building.

Yuri mulls over what happened, blaming herself. She persuades herself it's not that simple, and she realizes everyone dies if they fall off a building, beginning to panic about getting to the ground. Heading back to the room where she came from, she goes through Nomura's about the world. Walking over towards his body, she picks up the gun she dropped on the ground and prepares to head outside.

Upon heading outside Yuri manages to cross three suspension bridges without encountering any masks. Arriving at a new building rooftop, she notices a mask stood on the opposite building. Yuri walks closer the building's edge, draws her gun and prepares to shoot until the mask walks away. Observing the mask, Yuri becomes shocked when the Maid Mask leaps over to her building.

Approached by the Maid Mask, Yuri tries to flee but falls to the floor, where her skirt is ripped by the mask's sickle. Trying to plead, she tries her fake-out suicide tactic. She's ignored by the mask as the Maid Mask continues to approach her. Claiming she'll jump, she climbs over the railing and jumps, falling to a lower level just beneath her jumping point. Yuri prepares herself for the mask and shoots her upon viewing her looking down.

In chapter 204, the appearance of the Administrator in the midst of a great conflict for Rika and Yuka has a great influence on Yuri. She thinks she can't save her brother with her current condition; she chooses to fall into the path of evil in order to kill the Administrator to make a happy ending for everyone. Unfortunately, when she changes, her Faceless Mask's ability no longer works. Having gained a new ability, however, she is nearly killed by the Administrator. Her brother, Rika, who has been freed from his brainwashing as the final wish of the now-dead of Mamoru Aikawa, arrives in time to save her life. With his appearance in front of her, Yuri is able to awaken to the situation and decides to "vanish" for a while because she now can't control her new ability. After Rika's agreement, she does "vanish" in front of him and the Administrator; the last words she says are "I love you, brother".

General Information

Key: Pre-God Mask | Post-God Mask | Opposite of God | The Administrator

Name: Yuri Honjo

Origin: Tenkuu Shinpan

Sex: Female

Age: 16 (Noted to be 16 in the main character profiles section)

Classification: Human | Person who became close to god | Complete opposite direction of God | The Administrator

Status: Alive

Alignment: Neutral Good (Yuri throughout the series keeps to her instincts of wanting to help people and making sure she gets out of the world alive, she normally wants to end any conflict without any deaths if possible, and upon getting her powers, she closed the boundaries between the dimensions so that no more people could come into the hellish world)

Codex Statistics

Key: Pre-God Mask | Post-God Mask | Opposite of God | The Administrator

Tier: ​​​​​​High 10-B, 9-C with weapons | At least 9-B | At least 8-B, 7-B with Distortion Bullet, Higher with Dimensional Attacks | At least 8-B, 7-B with Distortion Bullet, Higher with Dimensional Attacks

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Above Average Human level (Has displayed athletic prowess, like being able to use her shirt as a safety rope to hang off the side of a building and use the same rope to jump back up), Bone level with weapons (Carries two fire arms and a sickle as her weapons of choice) | At least Wall level (Attained the power of person who becomes close to god and could casually throw Angels in the air. Defeated Swimmer Mask in combat. Who can easily kill humans and masks with his bare hands. Should be superior to other mask who consistently do feats like this. Mask users are referred to as "superhuman") | At least City Block level (Became superior to everyone in the realm, fought The Adminstrator while he was possessing Yoshida with the God code and was capable of this), City level with Distortion Bullet (Created this level of damage. Was going to end everything with her next shot if the match wasn't interupted), Higher with Dimensional Attacks (She uses dimensions themselves to attack) | At least City Block level (Stronger then before, became the Adminstrator of the realm), City level with Distortion Bullet, Higher with Dimensional Attacks

Durability: Above Average Human level | At least Wall level | At least City Block level (Kuon tells Sniper Mask nothing would happen if he was to fall down the highrise buildings[1], which was originally able to kill everyone to the point that nothing of the part of their body that hit the ground left and only blood[2]), Immortality, Intangibility, and more makes her incredibly difficult to kill | At least City Block level, Immortality, Intangibility, and more makes her incredibly difficult to kill

Striking Strength: Above Average Human Class | At least Wall Class | At least City Block Class | At least City Block level

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human | Superhuman | At least Superhuman (Should be comparable to Guardian Angels who can casually lift cars) | At least Superhuman

Travel Speed: Athletic Human | At least Superhuman (Moved so fast that even[3] Nise with a Mask powers was unsettled by her speed) | At least Superhuman (Her battle with The Adminstrator had them easily cross around the city in seconds) | At least Superhuman

Combat Speed: Possibly Supersonic | At least Supersonic | High Hypersonic | At least High Hypersonic (Can tag The Adminstrator who should be superior to Rika)

Reaction Speed: Possibly Supersonic (Could react to other mask[4]) | At least Supersonic (Has the power of the person who became close to god which scales her to other masks, who casually dodge bullets. Viewed a mask moving in slow motion[5]) | High Hypersonic (Became superior to everyone in the realm, including Great Angel and Rika the former who could dodge a railgun bullet with all of his strength. Superior to all Guardian Angels who could fight on par with a full strength Great Angel. Rika when fully concentrating he views everything as frozen, even the likes of the Great Angel[6]), Can't be blitzed as she's accessed in a dimension where space and time work differently | At least High Hypersonic, Can't be blitzed as she's accessed in a dimension where space and time work differently

Stamina: Average | Average (Masks amplify your strength, but not your stamina) | Above Average (Was capable of using her powers for hours without tiring)

Range: Standard Melee, Extended Melee Range with Sickle, 1.8 Kilometers with Handguns. At least Multi-Universal, likely Far Higher with her Ability to Cross Dimensions

Intelligence: Genius (Was capable of using a gun with skill and accuracy in a short while despite never using one, gaining more and more skill with it in a short timeframe. Can remain calm and collected even when being told bad news and deliver out plans)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Superhuman Reactions), Genius Intelligence, Acrobatics, Skilled Markswoman (Incredibly skilled and accurate with her gun, commented on being a natural with her gun[7][8][9][10][11][12][13]. Able to maneuver around and shoot in a gun battle), Social Influencing (Tricked Kuzuma Aohara), Auto-Pilot (Instinctively got away from a mask upon them lowering their guard[14]), Accelerated Development (Learned how to wield and use a handgun on the level of a marksman within in a day without any true prior training with it[15][16][17][18][19][20][21]).

Resistance to Trauma (Was mentally stable after seeing a man killed[22][23]. Shook off killing someone[24]. Shook off seeing someone commit suicide, eventually when she was mentally broken she recovered in a very short timeframe[25][26]), Mind Manipulation (In Highrise Invasion, consciousness is a different world making her naturally resistant to conventional mind hax[27])

All previous powers and abilities to a greater extent, Mask Physiology (Which gives her: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics (Showed natural acrobatics here), Transmutation, Energy Manipulation & Statistics Amplification (This ability strengthens the physical capability the person who has become closer to god, giving them the power to get rid of a mask. In the case of an emergency measure, such as an attack prior to when the code is fully installed, this ability is automatically activated and will no longer be compressed in the wearer's brain), Adaptation (This ability strengthens the physical capability of the person who has become closer to god, giving them the power to get rid of a mask. In the case of an emergency measure, such as an attack prior to when the code is fully installed, this ability is automatically activated and will no longer be compressed in the wearer's brain), Enhanced Senses (Scaling from other mask who can naturally sense people[28]), Mind Reading & Precognition (Analytical Prediction; Mask users can read the movement of the brain), Sealing (Can seal ones powers), Mind Manipulation (If their wavelengths match, or as long as the user's wavelength is above that of the Mask, he or she can control them. Though even if the wavelengths don't match they can still intervene with angels brains. The number of masks that can be controlled differs from person to person. Similar to the first ability, it must be manually activated by that person's mental capacity to figure out how to carry it out. With "Ability to Generate Apostles", Though only confirmed in Mamoru Aikawa, this ability lets the user turn humans into Apostles -- greatly increasing their strength and placing them under deep brainwashing such that they follow every order issued by the user. It is never explained if this works on Masks or Angels. Though it theoretically should), Willpower Manipulation (With "Hibernation Suspension Ability". Even if the wavelengths don't perfectly match, the person who becomes closer to god can intervene with an angel's brain and retrieve the original consciousness from the weak mask's controlling power, ending hibernation status. However, this requires the god candidate to have stronger willpower than the mask to override its control), Energy Projection & Summoning (With "Railgun Control Ability", The ability to fire a railgun from the black tower by inputting commands through a cellphone, as seen with Kuon Shinzaki, the only person known to have this ability), Enhanced Senses (With "Ability to Observe Consciousness", as with Mamoru Aikawa, this ability allows its user to be cognizant of conscious organisms and have a limited sense for where they are in relation to them), Information Analysis (While mentioned in passing[29], this attribute is known to be useful in intuiting the various "levels" of combatants, a utilitarian skill if ever there was one)

All previous mask related abilities, Weapon Mastery (Nise is incredibly skilled with a knife while Great Angel is incredibly skilled with a rod), Afterimage Creation (Nise can leave behind afterimages, Great Angel can also leave behind after images), Statistics Amplification (With Defragmentation, which is an ability that allows Nise to delete the support program installed on her brain by her mask, but in the process increasing her own strength by using the now free calculation power), Reactive Power Level (Great Angel gets far stronger the more he fights)

All previous powers and abilities to a greater extent, Shockwave Generation (Created a shockwave), Accelerated Development & Adaptation (Noted that her ability is getting stronger ever since she got it[30]), Dimensional Travel, Teleportation, Intangibility (Spatial), Duality Manipulation, Paradoxical Existence (Out of the Universe and In the Universe), Reality Separation (Spatio-Temporal Lock), & Immortality (Reliant on True Form; The Capability to go beyond dimensions is an unique power acquired by Yuri that allows her to interfere with and cross the boundary between realms/dimensions and thus move between realms, making her opponents lose track of the movements & actions taken while in another realm, and Yuri can teleport back into the original realm in the desired location. When using this ability Yuri's body gradually turns transparent until she vanishes completely. This is because the form she shows to her enemies is not her true self but rather a Schrodinger's cat illusion as her true form is in another dimension outside of space and time), Dimension Manipulation (Can send bullets to the dimension close to another person making the attacks unavoidable and faster than the opponent. Can use the dimensions themselves to attack), BFR (Force Teleportation & Dimensional; Being near Yuri will cause one[31] to be sent to another dimension[32], even to those hiding inside of the subconscious[33]), Information Analysis (Kuon is within her mind and is able to give Yuri information on her ammo[34], analyze locations and objects, etcetera), Empowerment (Can empower ones gun to make it far stronger[35]), Chaos Manipulation (Stated that if God requires chaos then Chaos would happen[36]), Possible Wish Granting (One that is God is compared to being able to grant their wishes[37]), Space-Time Manipulation (Distorted time and space making her able to shoot bullets that could cause massive damage and was going to completely destroy The Adminstrator).

Resistance to Enhanced Senses/Information Analysis (Could not be sensed by Guardian Angels who can tell the power and abilities of people[38]), Mind Manipulation/Information Manipulation & Law Manipulation (Completely destroyed and refused the orders to kill herself after she was told to due to no longer wanting to participate in becoming a complete God. Completed one of the God Code’s without doing what was instructed. Ignored the laws made by The Adminstrator)

All previous powers and abilities to a greater extent, Enhanced Sealing, Power Nullification, & Energy Manipulation (Scales to The Administrator who sealed the power related to life transfer causing all of the energy used to go back to it's origin[39]), Law Manipulation (Scales to the Administrator who created and broke the rules of the world[40]), Reality Warping (One who is The Administrator controls the world, Administrator is the one who maintains the boundary of the realm, warped the boundary of the originally chaotic realm), Cosmic Awareness (The Administrator knows everything and is aware of everything about the realm[41])


  • Police Gun: Standard issue gun given to police men that Yuri in her human state uses the most. Yuri generally uses it as a means of giving a warning or threatening someone but if the threat doesn't work she'll use it to fire with accurate aim and precision.
  • Second Gun: Yuri's second gun she gains after 3 survivors she were with all died to an angel. The gun was harder for her to hold as a human but her God Mask self was able to easily hold it with her police gun allowing her to use both guns at once firing with accurate aim and precision.
  • Sickle: Weapon Yuri got after defeating Maid Mask, can cleanly cut through one's head, good for close quarters combat.
  • Police Baton: Standard issue police baton that Yuri got from a dead policeman.

Notable Techniques

  • Person Close to God: After putting on a Faceless Mask Yuri became a "Person Close to God", one of the people competing to become God. Depending on their experience and compatibility, the person close to God will awaken one or more abilities.
    • Self-reinforced Ability: The power to boost oneself's physical attributes and talent. Thanks to this power Yuri displays superhuman strength and speed, allowing her to overwhelm weaker Angels and compete with some of the stronger ones. Her already significant skill with firearms is also boosted.
    • Manipulation of Angels: A basic power of people close to God, it allows Yuri to manipulate and recruit Angels who match her wavelength.
    • Boundary Crossing: A unique power acquired by Yuri after realizing the existence of the Administrator and how killing them would mean the end the skyscraper realm. This ability allows the user to interfere with and cross the boundary between realms/dimensions and thus move between realms. Opponents will lose track of the movements/actions taken by the user while in another realm, and the user can teleport back into the original realm in the desired location. When using this ability Yuri's body gradually turns transparent until she vanishes completely. If she uses this ability uncontrolled, she will accidentally throw people into another dimension.
      • Intangibility: Yuri is able to hide her actual body in another dimension while still projecting her presence in the regular dimension, causing enemy attacks to harmlessly pass through her image.
      • Dimensional Shooting: Yuri can make it so that the bullets she shoots go through another dimension as a shortcut, with the bullet reappearing in the regular dimension right next to the target, making it much harder to dodge. Due to the fact that time and distance in other dimensions might differ, the bullet can even be more powerful than it originally was by gaining speed in the other dimension before returning.
      • The Capability Beyond Dimensions: Yuri grabs the dimensions around her and use them to attack her opponent. This is what allowed her to beat the God Code mission extremely fast.
      • Space-Time Distortion: Yuri distorts all of space-time where she makes her objects completely undetectable and is able to shoot out a distortion bullet that emits no light, sound, or shockwave and causes massive damage around the area.

  • Angel: After putting on one of the White Masks Mayuko became one of the angels, the masked killers who roam around the high-rise buildings hunting humans. However, the mask she put on was defective, allowing her to keep her rational self and not gaining the compulsion to hurt humans. Even after the mask was destroyed Mayuko kept the increased physical abilities it gave her.
    • Defragmentation: After being cornered by the Great Angel, an incredibly powerful Angel, Mayuko unlocked the ability to use Defragmentation, a rare Angel power that allows them to delete the support program installed on their brain by their mask, but in the process increasing their own strength by using the now free calculation power.

  • Angel: After receiving an Angel Mask the Great Angel's brain was hacked and his body was enhanced, increasing his physical strength and speed. The Great Angel is very powerful, even compared to strong Angels like Yayoi Kusakabe and Swimmer Mask. He's able to easily destroy walls, casually catch a sniper bullet and use it as a projectile with a finger flick and even produce multiple afterimages while fighting several angels. The Great Angel's power grows whenever he fights, which he claims is because fighting evil makes justice stronger.

  • Other

    Standard Tactics:

    Yuri's natural tactic in this state is to observe the enemy and use the surroundings to her advantage. This comes at the cost of her sometimes allowing to be hurt for her plans but also her plans are harder to use against far more skilled [and superhuman] opponents. In a tactic where she's aware she can't win a fight she will keep a distance based off how far her opponent can attack. Though if she can win, she will use long ranged shots with accurate aim and in very rare scenarios get in close range if she needs to trip up the enemy or fight them close range then she uses a sickle while attacking them with a sneak attack.

    Her main strategy hasn't changed asides from her being able to use superhuman abilities along with some of her new God Mask powers. A being inside of her head will tell her whether she is able to control/seal the power of the enemy she's facing or not, if they do not she uses her self reinforced ability to further amplify her skills and strength.

    Once Yuri has gained the capability to go beyond dimensions she has her Schrodinger's cat illusion in place as her true form exists in a separate dimension. She normally does not want to kill anyone that's not the administrator so her tactics incap or scare away the opponent rather then kill them. She uses the powers of dimensions to teleport through them, send them to another dimension, or shoot bullets through the nearest dimension to you shooting at a speed far faster then the opponent. She also resides in a dimension where time and space work differently. Though when she needs to go all out she'll enter a state where she distorts all of space and time causing her to use her distortion bullet. She also has Kuon as a guide who can alert her on different information she's analyzed, her battle strength, and the ammunition she has.

    She has not gotten into any fights as of yet but it can be assumed she has the same tactics as her opposite of God self.

    Weaknesses: Regular human weaknesses. | While masks amplify your strength, they don't amplify your stamina. | Excess use of her powers can cause her to tire out completely collapsing.

    Masks Under Her Control



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