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Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli

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As my final act, i'll show you the soul of the Zeppelis, inherited from generation to generation-- Passed on to the future! The soul of humanity! JoJooo! This is my final Hamon!! Take it!
~ Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli's final words


Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli is a major character featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. He is a Hamon user trained under Lisa Lisa and is a ally to Joseph Joestar.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli's story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!

Pre-Battle Tendency (1918-1938)
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli was born on May 13th, 1918 in Genoa, Italy. As a child Caesar would idolize his father, Mario Zeppeli, as a trustworthy family man. This would change when Caesar was ten years old as his father would suddenly abandon him and his siblings, leaving him parentless as his mother had died earlier that year. While Caesar's father had left some money for his children, that would be taken by distant relatives from his mothers side of the family, leaving Caesar and his siblings with nothing. Caesar and his family would be taken care of by friends of Mario and neighbors but Caesar would end up in a orphanage due to his tendency to pick fights. Now in a orphanage with worst conditions than prison, Caesar would grow to hate his father and would escape the orphanage. Caesar would grow up on the streets of Rome and would become a reckless street rat, who lived off of petty crimes such as thievery, robbery, assault, and arson, though Caesar would never commit murder. During his fights, Caesar would beat down on his opponents using a wrench and would then punch his opponents with a large amount of force. Caesar didn't know it at the time but those would be the first times he had used Hamon, which he had inherited from his grandfather, William Anthonio Zeppeli.

When Caesar turned sixteen he would find his father, Mario, and would follow him, wanting to kill him for leaving his family behind. Caesar would follow Mario and would end up underneath the Roman Colosseum and would find figures embedded into the wall holding a jewel of some sort. Caesar would try to take the jewel but Mario would run at him, telling him not to the jewel. While turning around Caesar would touch the wall and sharp hooks would spring out at him. Mario would push Caesar out of the way before being impaled by the hooks. Mario would tell Caesar that he set off a trap and that the figures within the wall were alive. Though Mario didn't recognize Caesar, he would ask him to find a women in Venice named Lisa Lisa and tell her of his death along with that the figures within the wall could wake up very soon. As Mario was absorbed into the wall, Caesar would realize Mario had left his family to protect them from his fate of fighting the beings on the wall.

Once in Venice, Caesar would meet Lisa Lisa at his dying father's request. Caesar would then learn about Hamon from Lisa Lisa and would train in it for some time. Sometime later Caesar would meet Robert E. O. Speedwagon who would inform Caesar about what happened to his grandfather, Will. Caesar would also meet a German solider named Mark while in Germany, who he would befriend. Caesar would be Mark's wingman and would help him get a girlfriend.

Battle Tendency (1938-1939)
While flirting with a women in a restaurant, Hamon infused pasta would be flung at Caesar which he would block and fire back. The man who flung the pasta turned out to be Joseph Joestar, who had gotten annoyed by Caesar's flirting. Joseph would then overhear a waiter say Caesar's name and would realize that he was the man Speedwagon had arranged for him to meet. At the Toritone Fountain, Caesar would properly meet with Joseph and Speedwagon, and would tell the two that Joseph's Hamon was weak and that he was lucky to defeat Straizo and Santana. Caesar would also tell them that he values his families legacy while Joseph had no ideas what his grandfather was involved with until three months prior. Angered by Caesar's words, Joseph prepared to fight Caesar, who would tell him that he couldn't even beat a girl with his Hamon before kissing a women right in front of Joseph. Joseph would tell Caesar that he couldn't defeat a pigeon before being attacked by the women Caesar had kissed. Caesar had put Hamon into his kiss, which controlled the women, making her overpower and knock down Joseph. Caesar would then comment on how his grandfather ended up dying because he saved Joseph's grandfather, Jonathan Joestar and would tell Joseph that he wouldn't ever work with someone from the Joestar family before jumping at Joseph. Caesar would then use soap stored within his clothing to create Hamon infused bubbles midair and would send them at Joseph, harming him as well as trapping him inside a large bubble. Caesar would tell Joseph that he was too weak to pop the bubble before going to kiss the Hamon controlled women to stop the Hamon Hypnosis. When Caesar was about to kiss the women, a Hamon infused bird would fly out of her mouth and would go into Caesar's, causing him to fall back and pop the bubble that entrapped Joseph, who had planted that bird in the women's mouth knowing Caesar would kiss her again. The fight would conclude after this with both Caesar and Joseph being unable to fight what the other said they couldn't defeat.

While waiting in a room, Caesar and Joseph would play poker with both players catching the other cheating. The two would then begin arguing before Speedwagon would interrupt and ask Caesar why they have been waiting in a room for eight hours. Shortly after Speedwagon asked his question a car would pull in to the drive way. As the window rolled down Caesar's friend and Nazi solider Mark would give the okay, and Caesar would explain that the Nazi's were guarding the Pillar Men that Joseph and Speedwagon were looking for. During the drive towards the Pillar Men, Caesar would talk to Mark and would learn he was getting married soon. This would prompt Caesar to ask joseph if he had a girlfriend before answering his own question by saying no girl would fall in love with someone like Joseph. The four would then stop at the Roman Colosseum and would go underneath it as it was where the Pillar Men where. While underground Joseph would step on a dead Nazi solider and would realize that they had been wiped out. Joseph would try to warn Mark that the Pillar Men could be lurking nearby but would be found by them. The Pillar Man Wamuu would walk right through Mark, splitting him in half. Caesar would catch Mark as he fell to the ground and at Mark's request would use his Hamon to end his suffering. Enraged by the Pillar Men's actions, Caesar would use his Bubble Launcher technique to attack Wamuu, burning Wamuu's finger in the process. Wamuu would realize he was being attacked by Hamon and would use his anti-Hamon weaponry to pop the bubbles which would also create small vortexes that would slice up Caesar's face. Caesar would tell the Pillar Men that just because his face is sliced up doesn't mean he's done fighting. However the Pillar Men would laugh at Caesar, telling him he is no different than the Hamon users they killed two thousand years ago. As the Pillar Men walked away, not viewing Caesar as a threat, Caesar would try to strike Wamuu down but Wamuu's superior speed would allow him to attack Caesar first, phasing his fingers through Caesar's throat. Wamuu would tell Caesar he was too weak to defeat him and would throw him towards a pillar.

Caesar would then witness Joseph's attempt to defeat Wamuu with Esidisi and Kars leaving the colosseum. During the battle Caesar would witness Wamuu's Divine Sandstrom, a powerful attack that would severely injury Joseph. Caesar would also witness Joseph's attempt to lure Wamuu away from him and Speedwagon, despite his injuries, which caused Caesar view Joseph as more thoughtful than he originally viewed him. Caesar would eventually find Joseph and would witness him bluffing with Wamuu, telling Wamuu that if he had a month he could defeat him. Wamuu would place his Wedding Ring of Death inside Joseph and would tell him that he would have to fight him in thirty-three days to get the antidote, with Esidisi doing the same to Joseph. As Joseph passed out due to blood loss, Caesar would vow to train with Joseph to get stronger.

Caesar, Joseph and Speedwagon would get a doctor to inspect the rings inside Joseph and would learn that it couldn't be removed. While Joseph was panicking Caesar would tell him to get his head together and that they needed to get those antidotes before thirty-three days. Caesar would demonstrate that Joseph would at least need to learn how to hold a upside down cup of water without it spilling. Caesar would throw the upside down cup at Joseph who would try and fail to hold it. Caesar would explain to Joseph that the power of their Hamon is around the same but Joseph focuses it out of his palms instead of his finger tips causing him to waste most of its energy. Caesar would tell Joseph that they would have to see his Hamon master in Venice. Once Caesar and Joseph arrived in Venice, Caesar would ask a gondolier to take them to Air Supplena Island. The gondolier however would insult Joseph before attacking him, sending him into the water. As Joseph used his Hamon to stand on the water, the gondolier would reveal herself to be Lisa Lisa, Caesar's Hamon master, who would tell Joseph she was only testing his abilities. Once group made their way to Air Supplena Island, Lisa Lisa would tell Caesar and Joseph of their first trial, the Hell Climb Pillar. Caesar, having never tried it, asked how many have died trying to climb the pillar. Lisa Lisa would tell him that if he can't climb the pillar he doesn't deserve to be on the island before pushing him and Joseph down a pit, starting the Hell Climb Pillar trial.

At the bottom of the pit Caesar and Joseph would be faced with a oiled pillar that they must climb to escape, if they can't escape they will die as there is no other way out. Caesar would begin to climb the pillar and over the next twenty-eight hours Caesar would climb fifteen meters of the twenty-four meter tall pillar. Twenty-four hours later, Caesar had climbed up eighteen meters in total with Joseph lagging a few meters behind. Three hours later Caesar had climbed nineteen meters with Joseph just one meter behind him. While at the eighteen meter mark, Joseph would find a crack in the pillar, which Joseph would stick his hand through so he could take a break. Unfortunately for both Caesar and Joseph this crack was a trap that would cause the twenty meter mark to spew out pressurized oil, sharp enough to slice through a pen. Caesar would nervously look at Joseph before sticking his legs onto the pillar while focusing splitting Hamon into the part of him touching the oil, allowing him to pass through the barrier. Nine more hours later Caesar would climb to the top of the pillar, and would call for Lisa Lisa to turn the oil off, worrying that Joseph would be killed if he tried to pass through the pressurized oil. Caesar would watch Joseph try to climb the pillar and would lose track of his position and would fear he had been killed. However, Lisa Lisa would point out that Joseph was on the walls of the pit and that he had sticked to the pressurized oil and had launched himself towards the wall. Joseph, now close to the top would slip but would be grabbed by Caesar, pulling him to the top of the pillar.

At the top of the pillar Caesar and Joseph would be introduced to their new instructors, Messina and Loggins, who would train the two for the next three weeks. During these three weeks Caesar and Joseph would be put under brutal training but would eventually master Hamon. While shopping, Lisa Lisa would tell Caesar and Joseph about the three Pillar Men: Wamuu, Esidisi, and Kars and would also tell them about the Super Aja, A flawless Red Stone of Aja that the Pillar Men want. Lisa Lisa would then tell Caesar and Joseph to prepare for their final trial, a one-on-one battle with their instructors. Caesar would battle Messina over thin rope and would out skill him in battle, passing his Hamon training. Caesar would then try to watch Joseph's battle with Loggins but would be shocked to see Joseph battling Esidisi. Messina would tell Caesar that they have to prepare to fight Esidisi if Joseph fails.

Caesar would find Joseph near Lisa Lisa's room and would realize Joseph had defeated Esidisi. Joseph would then inform Caesar that Esidisi was possessing Lisa Lisa's servant, Suzi Q. Esidisi would then attack Caesar, and would tell Caesar, Joseph, and Lisa Lisa that if they kill him Suzi Q will die too. Esidisi would then turn Suzi Q's body into a boiling blood bomb, threating to kill them all with molten blood. Joseph would then tell Caesar that if they both use two different types of Hamon on Esidisi they could defeat him without harming Suzi Q. The Hamon would draw Esidisi out, causing him to jump to Joseph. Esidisi would be vaporized by the sunlight and Suzi Q would survive the Hamon.

Caesar and Joseph would visit the post office looking for the Super Aja, which Esidisi had stolen and sent to the post office earlier. Messina would then enter the post office and would inform the two that Lisa Lisa had figured out that the Super Aja had been sent to St. Moritz, Switzerland. Once in St. Moritz Caesar, Joseph, Lisa Lisa, and Messina would encounter Nazis, who have intercepted the train carrying the Super Aja. The Nazi's would invite the group to their chalet and would reveal that they had been spying on them for some time. While in the chalet, Kars would locate and almost steal the Super Aja but Joseph managed to get it back. During Joseph and Kars' battle to get the Super Aja, the two would fall down a cliff but Joseph would manage to survive with help from Caesar who would make a makeshift rope out of icicles for Joseph to grab on.

Caesar, Joseph, Lisa Lisa, and Messina would single out an abandoned hotel as the base of Kars and would begin planning an infiltration. Caesar would tell the group that they should infiltrate the hotel right now as it was daytime so the Pillar Men couldn't escape. Joseph would disagree, stating that the Pillar Men are likely prepared for a daytime infiltration. Caesar would ask if Joseph was afraid of something but Joseph would state he's thinks they should only fight when victory is assured. The two would then begin arguing with Joseph telling Caesar that he doesn't care about what happened with their grandfathers fifty years prior. Caesar, enraged by this would attack Joseph and the two would get into a brief fight that would be stopped by Messina and Lisa Lisa. Caesar would leave the group, telling them he is going to fight Kars either with of without them.

Once at the hotel Caesar would find footprints on the ground, implying someone had been out recently. Caesar would then see the door open and would see a wind like figure standing by it before it would quickly disappear. Caesar would then see the wind figure again, which would run towards him before disappearing again. Caesar would instinctively go into a Cat Foot Stance, a Chinese martial arts stance, before being found by Messina. Caesar would tell Messina that something was lurking nearby, before being attacked by the figure that would reveal himself to be Wamuu. Wamuu would cleave off Messina's arm and would drag him into the mansion, with Caesar surviving the attack because of his stance. Caesar would realize that Wamuu was able to stay out in the sun by producing light reflective smoke from pipes in his body, making him look transparent. Wamuu would try to jump at Caesar who would use his newly created Bubble Cutter technique to counter attack. Wamuu's wind would suck in the Hamon infused bubble Cutters, slicing him all over. Wamuu would try to escape Caesar, who would use his Bubble Cutters to slice his legs. Wamuu would then preform a hand stand and would kick Caesar's arm, propelling himself through the hotel wall, escaping Caesar.

Caesar would enter the hotel, despite the pain of his fractured arm and would find Messina unconscious. Caesar would then encounter Wamuu, who had removed his transparent wind suit. Wamuu would try to use his Divine Sandstrom on Caesar but Caesar would use his Bubble Cutters to reflect light from the outside onto Wamuu, nearly killing him. Caesar would then make the mistake of jumping over Wamuu, with Caesar's shadow giving Wamuu the chance to blast Caesar with his Divine Sandstrom. Now greatly injured, Caesar would to try and fail to harm Wamuu as he had lost too much blood to weave Hamon. Caesar would then use the very last of his Hamon to steal Wamuu's antidote and would use his blood to turn it into a bubble to protect it. Soon after part of the hotel's damaged interior would fall onto Caesar, crushing him to death.

In the aftermaths of their battle, Wamuu would admit to Caesar being a powerful opponent who could nearly defeat even Kars. Wamuu would leave the bubble intact in honor of Caesar. Caesar's death was enough to make the usually stoic Lisa Lisa cry.

Before his chariot battle with Wamuu, Joseph would ask for Caesar to give him strength and would don his headband to honor his fallen friend. During the climax of the chariot battle, Joseph would light Caesar's headband on fire and would use it and some oil to blow up Wamuu, allowing him to defeat Wamuu.

Codex Statistics

Key: Pre-Hamon Training | Post-Hamon Training

Tier: 10-A, 9-C with weapons, 9-B with Hamon | 9-B

Name: Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli

Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency

Sex: Male

Age: 20 (Stated to be this age)

Classification: Hamon User

Species: Human

Occupation: Unknown

Status: Deceased (Was crushed to death by falling rocks)

Alignment: Initially Chaotic Neutral (When Caesar's father left his family, he became trouble making child who would look for fights. Later in life he became a reckless street rat who survive off of petty crimes such as thievery, robbery, assault, and arson. When Caesar was sixteen he found and was going to kill his father if he had not saved his life), later became Chaotic Good (After being saved by his father and learning why his father had left him and his family, Caesar would begin training in Hamon to average his death. Despite his smug and unapproachable personality, Caesar puts his family and friends first before anything. While dying and bleeding out Caesar would use the last of his strength to steal Wamuu's antidote so that he could give it to Joseph)

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Above Average Human level (Comparable to Joseph Joestar, who can overpower police officers, send a gangster flying into a table, and can easily overpower a large brute), Peak human level with weapons (Owns a knife and chain. Beat down a thug with a wrench), Wall level (His Hamon power is equal to that of Joseph Joestar, who can crack a part of a pillar by throwing clackers at it. Should be comparable to his grandfather, Will Anthonio Zeppeli, who can spilt a rock in half and destroy brick) | Wall level (Went through intense Hamon training, making him stronger than before. Can fight on par with Joseph Joestar after he had gotten stronger. Joseph was able to withstand jumping off of a horse carriage moving at 60 MPH and can withstand being smashed into a broken horse carriage)

Durability: Wall level (His Hamon power is equal to that of Joseph Joestar, who was able to withstand being launched into metal with enough force to break it) | Wall level (Tanked blows from Joseph Joestar), Higher by concentrating Hamon (By concentrating Hamon into a specific part of their body, Hamon users can resist being pierced by pressurized oil, knifes, spikes)

Striking Strength: Above Average Human Class, Wall Class | Wall Class

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human, Superhuman with Hamon (Should be comparable to Jonathan Joestar, who can pull back Tarkus, who is far bigger than Jonathan, who is 195 centimeters tall) | Superhuman

Travel Speed: Athletic Human (Comparable to Joseph Joestar, who was able to run a long distance in a short timeframe), Superhuman with Hamon (Should be comparable to Will Anthonio Zeppeli, who can disappear from Pre-Hamon Jonathan's sight and then appear in front of him) | Superhuman (Comparable to Joseph Joestar, who can briefly keep up with Kars, who is superior to Santana, who is superior to Vampires such as Dio Brando, who was noted to have the speed of a leopard, who moves at around 36 mp/h. Kars is also comparable to Wamuu, who can blitz trained soldiers fast enough to create afterimages with Kars also being comparable to Esidisi, who while possessing a human could travel from the bottom of a mansion to one of the higher floors in seconds)

Combat Speed: Supersonic (Able to tag Joseph Joestar, who was capable of planting grenades on Straizo without him noticing. Straizo is a Vampire that is superior to Dio Brando, who's weaker self can react to Star Platinum, which can stop a bullet from hitting Jotaro Kujo) | Supersonic (While bleeding out and dying he was able to steal a lip ring from Wamuu, who he could not tag before and is faster than Santana, who is superior to Vampires such as Straizo and Dio Brando)

Reaction Speed: Supersonic (Can block an attack from Joseph Joestar) | Supersonic (Dodged an attack from Wamuu)

Stamina: Athletic Human, Superhuman with Hamon (Should be superior to Will Anthonio Zeppeli during his early years of training were he could run dozens of Li without need for catching his breath. Hamon can allow users to go long periods of time without food, drink, or rest and run for hundreds of kilometers with ease) | Superhuman

Range: Standard Melee Range, Extended Melee Range with weapons (Owns a knife and chain. Beat down a thug with a wrench), Extended Melee Range to Several Meters with Hamon (Hamon users can use their Hamon to extend their limbs. Hamon users can create blades of liquid sharper than scalpels and can shoot them from their mouth. Hamon users can shoot Hamon through walls to attack their opponents. Hamon users can shoot Hamon through water to hit their opponents from large distances. Hamon users can use metal to send Hamon towards their opponents. Hamon users can use Hamon infused string to attack their foes. Hamon users can Hamon infused bubble to attack their opponents)

Intelligence: Genius (After going through three weeks of brutal Hamon training Caesar was able to outmatch his instructor, Messina, who had been training in Hamon for ten years more than Caesar has. Stated by Wamuu, strategic genius in battle, that he would have been defeated by Caesar if he was unable to use Wind Mode as well as stating Caesar would have nearly killed Kars in battle)

Powers and Techniques

Is a user of Hamon, granting him the following: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics & Air Manipulation (Hamon users can launch themselves into the air and jump up high distances), Afterimage Creation (Hamon users can create afterimages), Body Control (Hamon users can extend their limbs with Zoom Punch), Surface Scaling (Hamon users can focus their fingers into a specific spot to scale up oily surfaces. Joseph was able to use his Hamon to stick to oil being spewed out of a pillar), Water Manipulation (Aquatic Flow & States of Matter Manipulation; Hamon users can use their Hamon to control water. Hamon users are able to solidify and sharpen liquids with Hamon), Penetration Damage (Physical Penetration; With Hamon Cutter, Hamon users can create blades of liquid sharper than scalpels. With Bubble Cutter, Hamon users can create sharp spinning discs made of bubbles), Life Manipulation & Plant Manipulation (Can cause a wilted flower to bloom), Enhanced Senses (Hamon users can feel changes in air flow when on alert), Radar Sensing (Hamon users can use things such as wine or cloth as a life detecting radar), Water Walking (Hamon allows one to walk on water), Electricity Manipulation (Electricity Surging & Conducting; Hamon can shock people, Joseph Joestar used this to knock out a pilot just from touching him. Those hit by Hamon attacks describe it as if there was electricity running through their attacks), Fire Manipulation (Hamon users can light their arms on fire using Scarlet Overdrive), Precognition (Premonitions & Analytical Prediction; Hamon users can see someone’s future through touching them. Hamon users can see the future during battle), Biological Manipulation (Hamon can reorganize one's cell and make their functions go haywire. Hamon users can use Hamon to confuse the bodies of others), Reflection Manipulation & Attack Reflection (Hamon can redirect attacks through the use of objects imbued with Hamon), Longevity (Hamon keeps you in your prime much longer than usual), Healing (Hamon energy can heal broken bones, including a broken neck. Hamon can heal diseases like Gangrene), Pain Manipulation (Hamon energy can soften physical pain), Vibration Manipulation & Energy Manipulation (It is also called Ripple, as it creates vibrations that turn into energy waves), Light Manipulation (Hamon utilizes the powers of the sun allowing it to glow), Explosion Manipulation (Hamon can incur explosions), Durability Negation (Hamon can conduct through living organisms, thus ignoring durability. Can stop ones heart with Hamon), Non-Standard Interaction & Metaphysics Manipulation (Spirit Manipulation; Hamon can conduct over and affect Stands. Stands are consistently referred to as spiritual energy, beings that are a powerful apparition created by the stand users own life energy, with it being known physical objects such as guns can't hurt Stands), Purification (Hamon was shown to restore Bruford’s humanity), Self-Sustenance (Nutritional Self-Sustenance & Restful Self-Sustenance; Hamon can allow users to go long periods of time without food, drink, or rest), Magnetism Manipulation (Life Magnetism Overdrive magnetizes living things to bunch them together, such as leaves. Hamon can be positively and negatively charged), Gliding (Hamon users can magnetize leaves and use them to glid across large distances), Hair Manipulation (Hamon users can use even hair and weaponize it to block attacks), Absorption & Power Bestowal (Hamon users can transfer their life energy to other allowing those who absorb it grow stronger from it. Those affected by Hamon Hypnosis grow stronger from it), Sleep Manipulation (Hamon can put animals to sleep), Blood Manipulation (Hamon can stop bleeding. Hamon users can create bubbles made of blood. Hamon users can infused Hamon into blood), Organic Manipulation (Botany Applications; Hamon can harden cocked pasta), Mind Manipulation (Hamon Hypnosis allows for the user to control the mind of whoever they touched with Hamon. Hamon users can use Hamon Hypnosis to read information from one's subconscious), Animal Manipulation (Able to inject Hamon into an animal to control them. Joseph used this to control the Vampire Horses during his chariot battle), Pierce Resistance (Standard Pierce Resistance;By concentrating Hamon into a specific part of their body, Hamon users can resist being pierced by pressurized oil, knifes, spikes), Cloth Manipulation (Hamon users can harden cloth with their Hamon), Heat Manipulation (Hamon is hot enough to burn hair).

Resistance to Poison Manipulation (Users of Hamon can expel poison from the body using blood control), Absorption & Biological Manipulation (Hamon users can resist the Pillar Men trying to absorb them into them, which Joseph describes as them using their own cells to expel digestive fluid to devour the persons cells), Corruption & Necromancy (Hamon users can expel Dio's vampiric extract which can turn one into an undead Zombie out for blood), Fire (Hamon users can resist fire)


  • Soap: Caesar has a special soap hidden in his glovers and other parts of his clothing allowing him to create bubbles.

Notable Techniques

  • Hamon: Due to his grandfather, Will Anthonio Zeppeli being a Hamon user, Caesar was born with the abilities to use Hamon first unknowingly using it while living on the streets. After his father's death Caesar would train in Hamon under Lisa Lisa and would learn how to properly use it. After meeting Joseph Joestar, Caesar would train with him, under Lisa Lisa, Messina, and Loggins for twenty days and would fully master it. Hamon can be used to amplify the user's strength, heal wounds and diseases, send energy through objects, walk on water, and more. Hamon is especially good at harming Vampires as it is their main weakness.
    • Hamon Hypnosis: Caesar can use his Hamon to hypnotize people or animals by touching them. The hypnotized being is under Caesar's control and is far stronger and faster than they are normally. When Caesar touches the hypnotized being again, the Hamon will be removed unhypnotizing them. Caesar used a hypnotized women to attack Joseph Joestar during their quick fight.
    • Seated Jump: Similar to a technique used by his grandfather, Caesar is able to use the strength of his legs to jump create distances while sitting down.
    • Bubble Launcher: Using the soap stored within his clothing, Caesar is able create Hamon infused bubble which can can fire at his opponents, using being powerful enough to knock out the average person.
    • Bubble Barrier: The bubbles created by Caesar's Bubble Launcher are able to create a large bubble that can trap his opponents. Inside this bubble there is little air, which will cause those inside it to suffocate once it runs out. Caesar used this to entrap Joseph Joestar during their quick battle.
    • Sticking Hamon & Repelling Hamon: Caesar is able to use Hamon to stick to objects as well as being able to repel objects. This allowed to the climb the Hell Climb Pillar and survive its highly pressurized oil. Later, Caesar would use this to force Esidisi out of Suzi Q's body when she was possessed.
    • Bubble Cutter: Based on his grandfather, Will Anthonio Zeppeli's Hamon Cutter, Caesar can create Hamon infused soap bubbles that are in the shape of sharp discs. These bubbles spin at a high speed allowing them to cut through skin. Caesar used this to slice the skin of Wamuu, forcing him to retreat into an abandoned hotel.
    • Bubble Cutter Gliding: Caesar is able to use a more versatile version of Bubble Cutter which he used to tag a retreating Wamuu.
    • Bubble Lenses: Using the disc like shape of his Bubble Cutters, Caesar is able to reflect light towards his opponent. Caesar used to attack Wamuu with light, his weakness.


Standard Tactics: Caesar will use his Hamon to attack his opponents usually using his bubbles to attack from afar.

Weaknesses: If he can't breath he will eventually run out of Hamon. If Caesar were to use Ultimate Deep Pass Overdrive he will rapidly age until he becomes an old man. If A Hamon user's Hamon unable to connect with its target, the target will be unaffected. A way to prevent Hamon from connecting is by freezing the users way of attacking with it before it could reach it's target.


  • The reason Caesar uses bubbles as an attack is because Hirohiko Araki believed that spherical shapes like bubbles cause have infinite possibilities in use. Araki equipped Caesar bubbles because he believed they were weapons with faults and liked writing them due to due the bubbles as if is fun for him to deal with the merits and demerits of the weapons. Araki also choose bubbles are they were "fleeting", a perfect representation of Caesar's destiny. Araki would later go on the give Gyro Zeppeli and Josuke Higashikata spherical weapons and abilities for the same reasons.[1]
  • Caesar's first name is a reference to the Roman dictator Julius Caesar. Additionally Caesar's last name "Zeppeli" is a reference to the English rock band Led Zeppelin.
  • In the original Weekly Shonen Jump publication of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, Will Anthonio Zeppeli states that he hasn't married nor has he had children. However this comes into conflict with Battle Tendency as its shown that Caesar is the grandson of Will. Due to this the Tankōbon release of Phantom Blood had the dialogue changed so that Will states that he left his family behind. Along with this Araki wrote an apology to fans about this mistake in said release.[2]



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