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Articles About Kars
Canon Original
It seems I, Kars, am the only one left... But only one can stand on top!
Hmph! A one-on-one duel? Absolutely pointless! All I'm after is the red stone so I can become the ultimate being! I don't wish to be a honorable warrior like Wamuu, nor am I A romantic. I will use anything at my disposal... So that in the end... I emerge as the victor!!
Fools! Do you not wish to conquer the sun?! Do you not wish to rule over all? Do you not wish to be afraid of nothing?!
~ Kars to the rest of the Pillar Men
Heh heh... Heh heh heh heh... Fwa ha ha ha... Heh heh heh heh heh... The ultimate being... It combines the abilities of all other life forms, connecting all life together. This-- It's beautiful! The radiance! More exquisite than anything I have ever seen... I have finally... Finally conquered the sun!
~ Kars upon becoming the ultimate being and seeing the sun


Kars is the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency and is the fourth of the four Pillar Men introduced in the story. He is the one who created the Stone Mask turn humans into Vampires such as Dio Brando and Straizo.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Kars' story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!

Pre-Battle Tendency
102,000 years before the start of Battle Tendency the Pillar Man Kars was born. His species, the Pillar Men lived peaceful lives underground as they were unable to withstand the sun's light. They lived off the life essence of other living things and had little children due to their long lives. Kars would be unsatisfied by this and would begin working on a way to "conquer the sun" allowing his species to rule the world without fearing the sun's deadly rays.

Even among the Pillar Men, Kars was a genius and due to this genius Kars was able to create the Stone Mask. Kars would test its effects on himself and would gain immortally though the mask didn't have the power to protect him from the sun. Kars' immortally would cost life force to sustain, which would cause the Pillar Men to fear the Stone Mask as they believed the it would threaten their very way of life.

Kars' species would believe they needed to kill Kars, who with his ally Esidisi, would fight back and kill almost the entire Pillar Men species. Kars and Esidisi would take two surviving children, Wamuu and Santana and would set off on a journey to find a something that could give the Stone Mask the power to turn him into the ultimate being, allowing him to survive the sun's rays.

Kars would begin experimenting on humans during his travels, creating the very fist Vampires as well as more Stone Masks. Kars ended up creating and feasting on thousands of Vampires. During their travels Kars would find a Red Stone of Aja and would try to use its power to turn himself into the ultimate being. Though the gem wouldn't work, Kars would realize that if he could find a flawless Red Stone of Aja he could achieve his goal. With a modified version of the Stone Mask, Kars would leave Santana behind in Mexico and would travel with Esidisi and Wamuu to Eurasia. The Pillar Men would travel to China before heading to Rome after learning that the flawless Red Stone of Aja was within the possession of the Roman emperor. While in Rome, the Pillar Men would encounter Hamon users, people who use energy waves similar to the sun's to attack their foes. The Pillar Men would defeat the Hamon users and would develop ways to counter their Hamon. At some point Kars would command Wamuu to kill a child from the Hamon clan but he would be unable to. Kars would kill the kid for Wamuu as he believed he would come back to kill them for revenge. With the Hamon clan's defeat, the Pillar Men would hibernate with in a wall underneath the Roman Colosseum. This wall would be booby trapped so they could absorb extra nourishment while sleeping, which is what ending up killing the Hamon user Mario Zeppeli.

Battle Tendency (1938-1939)
In 1938 Kars and Esidisi would be awakened by Wamuu who would tell them that Santana had been defeated and captured in Mexico. Deciding that Santana was too weak to save, Kars and the other Pillar Men would assume the Roman Empire was no longer in control before planning on how to get the Red Stone of Aja. While the Pillar Men were leaving Kars would accidentally step on Wamuu's shadow causing Wamuu to unconsciously attack him. Though Wamuu would ask to be punished, Kars would forgive Wamuu and knowing that it was his own fault that he got attacked. Kars would allow Wamuu to battle with the Hamon users Joseph Joestar and Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli before leaving the colosseum with Esidisi. After witnessing a mine cart crash Kars and Esidisi would investigate the battle and would learn that Wamuu hasn't killed Joseph yet. Wamuu would explain that he wished to battle Joseph once he has gotten stronger which Kars would allow him to do so. Wamuu and Esidisi would place a Wedding Ring of Death each inside Joseph telling him that he had thirty three days to train before leaving with Kars.

Sometime later Kars would set his base of operations in a abandoned hotel in Saint-Moritz, Switzerland. Weeks later Esidisi would find the Red Stone of Aja's location in Venice and would set off to find it planning to contact Kars after he had obtained it. However Esidisi would be killed by Joseph and Esidisi would fail to contact Kars. However Esidisi was able to mail the stone to Saint-Moritz. While in Saint-Moritz Kars would save a dog from being ran over by using his bone blade to slice through the car, redirecting the car as well as cutting the steering wheel, causing the drivers to crash. Afterwards Kars would question if something had happened to Esidisi.

Sometime later Kars would find out that Esidisi was killed and that the Red Stone of Aja was nearby in Saint-Moritz, in the hands of the Nazis. Kars would approach the chalet the Nazis were staying in and using his enhanced sense of touch, Kars would be able to find out where the Nazis where in the building and would use his bone blade to kill them from the outside. Once inside the building Kars would be confronted by Rudol von Stroheim, who would reveal himself to be a cyborg, which is why Kars was unable to sense him. Kars would also be confronted by Joseph, who was at the chalet looking for the Red Stone of Aja. During this encounter Kars would try to strike Stroheim with his blade but he would be blocked by Stroheim's steel hand. While grabbing Kars' blade Stroheim would use his superhuman grip to tear off a piece of Kars' flesh and wound threaten to tear him to pieces before blasting Kars with a horde of bullets. While being blasted with bullets, Kars would activate his Light Mode and would use his blade to slice through the bullets. Stroheim would question how Kars' bone blade was not breaking from the bullets before being cut down by it himself, Stroheim would realize that Kars' blade has sharp moving teeth on it which is what causes it to glow as well as what allows it to cut the bullets. Kars would tell Stroheim that despite begin a cyborg designed to kill Pillar Men like Santana, he would be unable to as Santana was merely a guard dog compared to him and the other Pillar Men. Kars would grab the Red Stone of Aja from Stroheim's pocket before being hit by a ultra violet light from Stroheim's eyes, causing Kars to drop the stone which would begin to slide down hill. Kars and Joseph would race to catch the stone with Kars' superior speed allowing him to grab it first by using his foot and jumping. However, snow kicked by Joseph would get into Kars' eyes distracting him long enough for Joseph to grab the stone while Kars was in the air. Kars would counter this by using a blade from his foot to stab and drag Joseph down with him, causing both to enter free fall. Joseph would use his Hamon to stick onto a icicle but Kars would cut the icicle causing the two to fall again. Joseph would then try to send Hamon through Kars' blade, who would response by slamming Joseph to a wall with enough force to send him bounding back allowing Kars to use his arm blade to slice him up. However Joseph would block while holding the Red Stone of Aja, forcing Kars to not attack Joseph. As Kars would fall, Joseph would use icicles to create a rope with Caesar's help from above allowing him to survive. While falling, Kars would notice he was about to land on a flower and would punch the wall to redirect himself to avoid destroying it. Once on the ground Kars would laugh like a mad man before commenting on how Joseph has guts before leaving.

Kars would later encounter Joseph and Lisa Lisa inside his hotel where he would try to ambush them with his army of Vampires. However due to Lisa Lisa's threat to destroy the Red Stone of Aja with a time bomb, Kars would agree to fighting for it in a one-on-one battle with her with Joseph and Wamuu doing the same. Kars would spectate the battle between Joseph and Wamuu with Lisa Lisa during which he would offer Lisa Lisa poison telling her to use it to kill herself instead of fighting believing that Wamuu would win the battle. However Joseph would kill Wamuu and Kars would have to face Lisa Lisa in battle.

After Wamuu's death, Kars would use his arm blade to kill three Vampires who insulted Wamuu for losing. Kars would also kill Vampires who tried to attack Lisa Lisa and Joseph. Kars and Lisa Lisa would battle on the ruins of the Piz Berlina Temple. During the beginning of the fight, Kars would use his light to disappear from Lisa Lisa's sight and would allow her to kill one of his body doubles. Kars would then surprise attack Lisa Lisa after his supposed death, stating that despite Wamuu's wishes he doesn't care for a honorable one-on-one duel. Kars would then get his Vampires to attack Joseph though they would be killed by the Speedwagon Foundation and the SS who had came to aid Joseph and Lisa Lisa.

Despite being tried from his earlier battle with Wamuu, Joseph would climb up the ruins and would prepare to face Kars. Kars would taunt Joseph with Lisa Lisa's passed out body before stabbing her legs and tying a rope between them. Kars would throw the rope over part of the ruins while also throwing Lisa Lisa off the ruins forcing Joseph to use the make shift pully system to hold on to Lisa Lisa. Joseph would try to attack Kars but Kars would block Joseph's kick and would slice his legs to counterattack. Joseph would then light his scarf on fire, claiming it will motivate him to attack Kars with all he's got before being attacked by Kars. Joseph would dodge Kars' attack using the rope to swing around him. Kars would tell Joseph he can't just run around him forever and would threaten to cut the rope. Joseph would then use the rope to leap towards Kars who would response by cutting the rope causing Joseph and Lisa Lisa to fall. However Kars would be dragged down with Joseph as he would learn he had been tricked as Joseph only lit the scarf on fire to distract Kars from seeing Joseph tie a rope to his foot before luring Kars to a rope trap he made as well. Kars would try to use his foot blade to cut the rope but Joseph would use his scarf to grab on to Kars and would use it to launch himself in the air. Kars would try to use his bone blade to block Joseph's attack but would be unable to as Joseph would break through Kars' blade. Joseph's Hamon would spread throughout Kars' arm as he fell to the ground, being impaled by sharp rocks while Joseph would grab the rope and save Lisa Lisa. As Kars was dying on the ground, Stroheim would order his SS soldiers to fire ultra violet light at Kars to finish him off but Speedwagon would tell them to cease fire as Kars had put on the modified Stone Mask with the Red Stone of Aja on it. However Speedwagon's warnings would be too late as Kars would be blasted by ultra violet light, turning him into the ultimate being.

Kars, now the ultimate being, would rise up and would display his power by creating a vampiric squirrel that would rip through SS soldiers, which included Stroheim. Despite the sun coming up, Kars would be completing unaffected by it, with the humans believing they couldn't defeat him. Joseph, however, would run away from Kars, who would grow wings to catch up to Joseph. As Kars chased him, Joseph would hop into a nearby plane and would attempt to fly away from Kars while also firing bullets at him. Kars would react to the bullets, launching his armored feathers at them to deflect them while also using his feathers to pierce through parts of the plane. While Kars was chasing Joseph, Kars' feathers that were inside the plane would turn into piranhas and would attack Joseph. One of the feathers inside the plane's wing would turn into an octopus, which would destroy a part of the plane's wing, causing Joseph's plane to begin crashing. Kars try to attack a parachuting Joseph only to realize that he was flying towards a dummy and would be hit by Joseph driving the plane into Kars. Kars would climb up from the plane's steel plate and would try to attack Joseph only for for Stroheim to reveal he had been on the plane the whole time and would surprise attack Kars, shooting his arm at his neck as a distraction. As the plane crashed into a nearby volcano Stroheim would grab onto Joseph to cushion his fall, while destroying the bottom half of his body in the process. Kars would fall into the volcano's lava and despite using a protective shell would begin to melt. However Kars would survive the lava by creating a layer of bubbles between his skin and the lava and would pop out of the lava to slice Joseph's arm off. Joseph would try to attack Kars but Kars would counterattack, smashing Joseph's leg with Hamon hundreds of times stronger than his. Telling Joseph that he is a fool for thinking he couldn't use it.

As Joseph lied on the ground in pain, Kars would try to use his Hamon to finish Joseph off but Joseph would instinctively block his attack with the Red Stone of Aja, which would amplify Kars' Hamon and would shoot out a powerful beam into the volcano, causing it to erupt. The eruption would the blast the rock Kars and Joseph where on into the air. Kars would try to escape the rock by flying away but Joseph severed arm would be blasted into Kars' throat. Kars would then get distracted by Joseph and would be hit with flying rocks which would launch him into space. As Kars exited Earth, he would try to use his air jets to push himself back to the planet. However the air Kars was blasting out would freeze instantly causing Kars to freeze over. Kars, now frozen and floating away from earth would turn into something half mineral and half lifeform and would float in space for all of eternity craving death though it would never come. Eventually Kars went mad and stopped thinking, never to be seen again.

Codex Statistics

Key: Base | The Ultimate Being

Tier: 9-B, Higher with his bone blade, Even Higher with Light Mode | 9-B, Higher with his bone blade, Even Higher with Light Mode. 7-B Environmental Destruction with the Super Aja

Name: Kars

Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency

Sex: Male

Age: 102,000 (Stated to be this age in JoJo 6251: The World of Hirohiko Araki[1])

Classification: Oldest of the Remaining Pillar Men. Master of Wamuu, Creator of the Stone Mask

Species: Pillar Men | The Ultimate Being

Occupation: None

Status: Alive (Kars is alive but trapped floating in space for all eternity)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Kars only wishing to become the ultimate being and will do whatever it takes to become it. This includes killing his own species along with killing his parents, killing children, and turning thousands of humans into Vampires and feeding upon them)

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (Able to redirect his fall by punching a wall. Stronger than Wamuu, who can launch himself through a stone wall, break a stone pillar, snap a stone pillar in half by smashing it through a horse carriage, and can easily harm Messina and Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli, the latter of which is on par with Joseph Joestar, who was able to withstand being launched into metal with enough force to break it, crack a part of a pillar by throwing clackers at it, withstood jumping off a horse carriage traveling at 60 MPH, and withstood being smashed through a broken horse carriage. Superior to Santana, who is superior to Vampires such as Straizo and Dio Brando, who both have the power to destroy four centimeters thick steel as well as, the former of which being able to grip a stone wall with enough force to crack it and can burrow his fingers within metal. The latter of which can casually burrow his fingers within brick, cut several policemen in half, bend and snap a thick iron spear with ease, casually break through the wall through just walking on it, smash through the Joestar Mansion's roof, causally burrow his fingers within stone, dig through a stone pillar, crush a metal cross and was noted to be five times stronger than the combined power of Pre-Deep Pass Overdrive Jonathan Joestar and Will Anthonio Zeppeli, the latter of which being able to can spilt a rock in half and destroy brick. Jonathan notes Dio is on a completely different level then himself during the fire. Dio was able to easily break an enraged Jonathan's bones during the fire. Dio is stronger than his Stardust Crusaders self, who can redirect Hierophant Green's Emerald Splash with enough force to destroy the roof of a car and with enough force to destroy to top of a building, along with being able to punch Jean Pierre Polnareff with enough force to send him flying into a wall destroying it in the process. Dio should be superior to newly formed Vampires and developing Vampires, who can break stone floors, punch large carters into walls which requires this much energy to do, and break stone walls by punching small dogs at them. Dio is superior to his minions, like Jack the Ripper, who can throw a carriage with enough force to destroy the roof of a tunnel and Tarkus, who can reduce metal armor to scarps and is superior to his human self, who can spilt a rock in half), Higher with his bone blade (Can slice through a wall, slicing through multiple soldiers in the process), Even Higher with Light Mode (With Light Mode Kars activates sharp teeth on his blade with move at such a speed he can cut through armor piercing rounds. Can cut through Rudol von Stroheim, who he couldn't cut before. Joseph Joestar is unable to block Light Mode even if he concentrates all of his Hamon into one point, which allows Hamon users to resist being pierced by pressurized oil, knifes, spikes) | Wall level (Able to use Hamon hundreds of times stronger than Joseph Joestar's), Higher with his bone blade, Even Higher with Light Mode. City level Environmental Destruction with the Super Aja (Kars' Hamon combined with the Super Aja was able to cause an entire volcano eruption to climax, with volcanoes reaching energy levels of around 24 megatons)

Durability: Wall level (The Pillar Men's Durability does not scale to their Attack Potency. Comparable to Wamuu, who withstood flying through a stone wall. Superior to Santana, who tanked a grenade blast while inside of Stroheim) | Wall level, Higher with feathers and shell (His feathers are bullet proof. Can create a protective shell around him)

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Wall Class

Lifting Strength: Class 5, Possibly Far Higher (Stronger than Wamuu, who can lift a stone pillar and can control Vampire Horses, who can exert 150 horsepower) | Class 5, Possibly Far Higher

Travel Speed: Superhuman (Comparable to Wamuu, who can blitz trained soldiers fast enough to create afterimages. Comparable to Esidisi, who while possessing a human could travel from the bottom of a mansion to one of the higher floors in seconds. Superior to Santana, who is superior to Vampires such as Dio Brando, who was noted to have the speed of a leopard, who moves at around 36 mp/h and can also match Jonathan Joestar, who was amplified by Will Anthonio Zeppeli's life energy making him faster than Will, who can disappear from Pre-Hamon Jonathan's sight and then appear in front of him) | Superhuman, Higher with wings (Although he's slower, Kars can somewhat trail a plane moving at 240 km/h)

Combat Speed: Supersonic (Can tag Joseph Joestar, after he had gone through Hamon training, which allowed him to tag Wamuu, who he could not tag before), Speed of Light with the Super Aja (With the Super Aja, a flawless Red Stone of Aja, it can absorb and redirect light out from a singular point on the stone) | Massively Hypersonic, Speed of Light with the Super Aja (Able to use Hamon to use the Super Aja)

Reaction Speed: Supersonic (Superior to Santana, who is superior to Vampires such as Dio Brando, who's weaker self can react to Star Platinum, which can stop a bullet from hitting Jotaro Kujo) | Massively Hypersonic, (If he had not been distracted, he would have been able to dodge debris that was launched out of Earth's atmosphere, meaning it was travelling at escape velocity, which means it was moving at Mach 33)

Stamina: Superhuman+ (Pillar Men are able to stay actives for two thousand years without needing to sleep) | Limitless (Does not need to sleep)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Extended Melee Range with abilities (Pillar Men rib blades have a maximum length of 132 centimeters. Pillar Men can extend their horn to attack. Pillar Men can dismember their limbs and put them inside them, allowing the to fire them at their opponent. His bone blade is able to slice through a wall and kill soldiers behind said wall) | Standard Melee Range, Extended Melee Range to Serval Meters with abilities (Has all his abilities from before. Can grow wings of this size. Can use his feathers as a short ranged projectile. Hamon users can use their Hamon to extend their limbs. Hamon users can create blades of liquid sharper than scalpels and can shoot them from their mouth. Hamon users can shoot Hamon through walls to attack their opponents. Hamon users can shoot Hamon through water to hit their opponents from large distances. Hamon users can use metal to send Hamon towards their opponents. Hamon users can use Hamon infused string to attack their foes. Hamon users can Hamon infused bubble to attack their opponents), Hundred of Meters, possibly Higher by turning his feathers into animals (Kars can turn his feathers he has previous shot out into animals at this range), Far Higher with his creations (His creations should be able to wander wherever they can once created)

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Considered a genius even amongst the Pillar Men. Able to speak Latin. Understands Hamon and alongside Esidisi and Wamuu, they were able to take out most of the Hamon tribe. Created the Stone Mask, which is able to turn humans into Vampires and isn't understood by modern science. Stated to be the smarter than Esidisi and Wamuu and is smarter than Santana, who after waking up from his slumber he was able to escape his chamber in a short amount of time. Santana can master languages just by hearing people speak them. Despite Santana not knowing what a gun was he was able to take a gun apart in seconds which takes a solider hours of training to do. Santana views regular people as cavemen. Santana views the change between humanity from two thousand years ago to humanity as of 1938 as a slight evolution) | At least Extraordinary Genius (Gained an IQ of 400 after becoming the ultimate being)

Powers and Techniques

Multilingualism (Able to speak Latin), Poison Manipulation & Limited Purification (Material Purification; Wamuu has a poison ring that he can place inside his opponent, which will kill them in thirty three days if they do not take his antidote. Kars has a bottle of poison), Weapon Usage (Kars, Esidisi, and Wamuu can booby trap the walls they imbed themselves in with hooks), has Pillar Men Physiology, granting him the following: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Genius Intelligence (Extraordinary Geniuses), Longevity (Without the Stone Mask, Pillar Men can live up to over 90,000 years old[2]), Supernatural Resilience (The Pillar Men can survive being reduced to a living brain), Body Control (Pillar Men are able to fold their body in order to fit in a 4 by 20 centimeter vent by dislocating their joints and fracturing their bones. The rib blades of a Pillar Man can move in any direction. Pillar Men are are able to launch parts of their body at their foes. Pillar Men are able to use their flesh as extra limbs. Pillar Men can dismember their limbs and put them inside them, allowing the to fire them at their opponent), Body Puppetry (Pillar Men can control one's body by entering one of their wounds), Absorption & Biological Manipulation (Pillar Men are able to absorb beings by using their own cells to expel digestive fluid to devour the persons cells. Pillar Men can absorb bullets and fire them at their opponents. Pillar Men can absorb the insides of a person by sticking their fingers through them), Attack Reflection (Pillar Men can absorb bullets and fire them at their opponents), Statistics Amplification (When a Pillar Man absorbs someone that person's energy becomes the Pillar Man's. Comparable to Vampires, who get stronger the more blood they suck), Size Manipulation (Pillar Men become larger after they absorb someone), Bone Manipulation, Natural Weaponry, & Penetration Damage (Physical Penetration; Pillar Men are able to use their rib blades to attack their foe. Pillar Men can extend their horn to attack. Kars has blades made of bones that he can use to slice up things. Kars, Esidisi, and Wamuu can booby trap the walls they imbed themselves in with hooks) Blood Manipulation (Pillar Men are able to suck the blood of others. Pillar Men are are able to launch parts of their body at their foes which are able to suck their blood), Mimicry (Skill Mimicry; Pillar Men can master languages just by hearing people speak them), Vibration & Energy Absorption (The skin of a Pillar Man acts similarly to Straizo's scarf where it is able to conduct and redirect Hamon, which is vibrations that turn into energy waves), (A Pillar Man's body can react to an attack allowing it to counterattack without thinking), Regeneration (Mid; Pillar Men are able to regenerate from being shot in the head. High-Mid through connecting their body; Pillar Men can reconnect pieces of their body in a similar way to Vampires like Straizo, who was able to reconnect his body after it had been blown to pieces. Even small chucks of the Pillar Men are still alive which can allow Pillar Men to rebuild themselves if reduced to them. Pillar Men can also take body parts from others beings if they permanently lose one of theirs), Durability Negation (Pillar Men can use their absorption ability to phase through body parts allowing them to do things such as placing poison rings inside one's body), Elasticity (Pillar Men are able to extend their fingers to attack their opponents. Pillar Men are shown to have elastic skin), Pain Manipulation (If a Pillar Man is reduced to just a brain they can use their veins to cause pain. By absorbing blood Pillar Men can ease their pain), Possession & Power Bestowal (If a Pillar Man is reduced to just a brain they can crawl inside someone and possess them, which increases the strength of the one being possessed), Enhanced Senses (Pillar Men like Santana are able to hear people talking in a through vents. Pillar Men should be comparable to Vampires, who can hear one's breathing or their heart beat from putting his ear on the ground. Pillar Men are to tell who or what is inside a room, as well as specific details about said objects and people just by feeling the temperature differences through a wall. Pillar Men can use their horns to feel the wind allowing them to fight better than if they used their eyes), Acrobatics (Due to being stronger than Vampires they should be able to jump higher than them with Vampires being able to jump from five to eight meters high due to their leg strength. The Pillar Men themselves have shown to be able to jump superhuman heights), Fusionism (The Pillar Men can use their absorption ability to fuse humans together), Pain Tolerance (Pillar Men should little signs of pain when dislocating their joints and breaking their bones. Pillar Men are able to fight even after being bisected), Intangibility (Pillar Men are able to embed themselves into walls. Pillar Men are able to phase through and hide in living things), Afterimage Creation (Pillar Men like Wamuu can move so fast that they create afterimages).
Used the Stone Mask on himself giving him the following Vampire abilities: Immortality (Ageless; The Stone Mask gave Kars Immortality), Enhanced Senses (Vampires hear one's breathing or their heart beat from putting his ear on the ground), Life Manipulation, Blood Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, & Durability Negation (Vampires can merge their fingers into one's body to suck one's blood or grab their arteries and pop a vein. Vampires can create flesh buds, made up of their cells), Age Manipulation (Through sucking one's blood a Vampire can get younger), Corruption & Necromancy (When Vampires suck one's blood, they turn the corpse into an undead person that wants blood. Can bring the dead back to life as servants of him), Surface Scaling (Vampires have the leg strength to stand on walls. Vampires are able to stick to and stand on ceilings), Mind Manipulation (Vampires can manipulate and hypnotize the minds of those that are evil, Dio, a Vampire hypnotized a kid. Vampires can create flesh buds, made up of their cells, to connect to a persons brain and mind control them), Burrowing (Vampires can burrow through stone), Cold Manipulation & Ice Manipulation (Vampires are capable of manipulating their bodies moisture, freezing one's arm and controlling the water they vaporize from it), Energy Projection & Water Manipulation (H20 Compound Control; Can fire out body fluid from his eyes with incredible pressure), Possession (Vampires can possess the bodies of the deceased), Flight (Vampires are able to fly through the air, or just hover in the air without wings), Attack Reflection (Vampires can reflect attacks like Hierophant Green's Emerald Splash), Healing (Vampires can heal disfigured feet)

Creation (Kars can create life from his hands, such as a Vampire squirrel. Kars can turn his feathers he has previous shot out into animals), Transformation (Morphing; Kars is able to transform his body to grow wings. Kars is able to transform his skin into a hard shell. Kars can create jets that push out air from his back. Possible Shapeshifting; Kars' skeleton is said to allow him to transform into different beings), Flight (Kars is able to transform his body to grow wings, which allows him to fly), Self-Sustenance (Respiratory Self-Sustenance: Kars can breath in space. Nutritional Self-Sustenance; Kars can go without food and drinks for a year), Genius Intelligence (Extraordinary Geniuses) (Has an IQ of 400), Enhanced Senses (Kars' sense of touch allows him detect heat and air movement. His sense of sight is one par with astronomical telescopes. His sense of hearing can distinguish every animal cry on earth), Enhanced Immortality (Ageless; Does not age and will never die) Acrobatics (Can leap eighteen meters into the air), Limited Bulletproof (His feathers are bullet proof), Enhanced Body Control (Can fire his feathers at his opponents), Air Manipulation (Created a layer of air around his skin. Kars can create jets that push out air from his back), Martial Arts (Hamon users use the Sendo fighting technique, the way of the hermit), Has the abilities of all other life forms on earth and other performs them.

Resistance to Heat Manipulation & Magma Manipulation (By creating a air layer between his skin and lava, he would able to survive in it for a few minutes)

Is a user of Hamon, granting him the following: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics & Air Manipulation (Hamon users can launch themselves into the air and jump up high distances), Afterimage Creation (Hamon users can create afterimages), Body Control (Hamon users can extend their limbs with Zoom Punch), Surface Scaling (Hamon users can focus their fingers into a specific spot to scale up oily surfaces. Joseph was able to use his Hamon to stick to oil being spewed out of a pillar), Water Manipulation (Aquatic Flow & States of Matter Manipulation; Hamon users can use their Hamon to control water. Hamon users are able to solidify and sharpen liquids with Hamon), Penetration Damage (Physical Penetration; With Hamon Cutter, Hamon users can create blades of liquid sharper than scalpels. With Bubble Cutter, Hamon users can create sharp spinning discs made of bubbles), Life Manipulation & Plant Manipulation (Can cause a wilted flower to bloom), Enhanced Senses (Hamon users can feel changes in air flow when on alert. Top tier Hamon users can hear dozens of people breathing from a distance), Radar Sensing (Hamon users can use things such as wine or cloth as a life detecting radar), Water Walking (Hamon allows one to walk on water), Electricity Manipulation (Electricity Surging & Conducting; Hamon can shock people, Joseph Joestar used this to knock out a pilot just from touching him. Those hit by Hamon attacks describe it as if there was electricity running through their attacks), Fire Manipulation (Hamon users can light their arms on fire using Scarlet Overdrive), Precognition (Premonitions & Analytical Prediction; Hamon users can see someone’s future through touching them. Hamon users can see the future during battle), Biological Manipulation (Hamon can reorganize one's cell and make their functions go haywire. Hamon users can use Hamon to confuse the bodies of others), Reflection Manipulation & Attack Reflection (Hamon can redirect attacks through the use of objects imbued with Hamon), Longevity (Hamon keeps you in your prime much longer than usual), Healing (Hamon energy can heal broken bones, including a broken neck. Hamon can heal diseases like Gangrene), Pain Manipulation (Hamon energy can soften physical pain), Vibration Manipulation & Energy Manipulation (It is also called Ripple, as it creates vibrations that turn into energy waves), Light Manipulation (Hamon utilizes the powers of the sun allowing it to glow), Explosion Manipulation (Hamon can incur explosions), Durability Negation (Hamon can conduct through living organisms, thus ignoring durability. Can stop ones heart with Hamon), Non-Standard Interaction & Metaphysics Manipulation (Spirit Manipulation; Hamon can conduct over and affect Stands. Stands are consistently referred to as spiritual energy, beings that are a powerful apparition created by the stand users own life energy, with it being known physical objects such as guns can't hurt Stands), Purification (Hamon was shown to restore Bruford’s humanity), Self-Sustenance (Nutritional Self-Sustenance & Restful Self-Sustenance; Hamon can allow users to go long periods of time without food, drink, or rest), Magnetism Manipulation (Life Magnetism Overdrive magnetizes living things to bunch them together, such as leaves. Hamon can be positively and negatively charged), Gliding (Hamon users can magnetize leaves and use them to glid across large distances), Hair Manipulation (Hamon users can use even hair and weaponize it to block attacks), Absorption & Power Bestowal (Hamon users can transfer their life energy to other allowing those who absorb it grow stronger from it. Those affected by Hamon Hypnosis grow stronger from it), Sleep Manipulation (Hamon can put animals to sleep), Blood Manipulation (Hamon can stop bleeding. Hamon users can create bubbles made of blood. Hamon users can infused Hamon into blood), Organic Manipulation (Botany Applications; Hamon can harden cocked pasta), Mind Manipulation (Hamon Hypnosis allows for the user to control the mind of whoever they touched with Hamon. Hamon users can use Hamon Hypnosis to read information from one's subconscious), Animal Manipulation (Able to inject Hamon into an animal to control them. Joseph used this to control the Vampire horses during his chariot battle), Pierce Resistance (Standard Pierce Resistance;By concentrating Hamon into a specific part of their body, Hamon users can resist being pierced by pressurized oil, knifes, spikes), Cloth Manipulation (Hamon users can harden cloth with their Hamon), Heat Manipulation (Hamon is hot enough to burn hair. Ultimate Kars' Hamon is powerful enough to melt and vaporize flesh).
Resistance to Poison Manipulation (Users of Hamon can expel poison from the body using blood control), Absorption & Biological Manipulation (Hamon users can resist the Pillar Men trying to absorb them into them, which Joseph describes as them using their own cells to expel digestive fluid to devour the persons cells), Corruption & Necromancy (Hamon users can expel Dio's vampiric extract which can turn one into an undead Zombie out for blood), Fire Manipulation (Hamon users can resist fire)


  • Modified Stone Mask: Kars wields a Stone Mask modified to use the power of the Super Aja. Without the Super Aja it functions as a regular Stone Mask, which can turn humans into Vampires. With the Super Aja, Kars can turn himself into the ultimate being when wearing the mask while exposed to light.

Notable Techniques

  • Bone Blade: Some of Kars' bones are in the shape of blades which he can use to slice through walls. Kars is able able to drink blood out of this blade
  • Light Mode: With Light Mode, Kars activates sharp teeth on his bone blade that move at such a speed that they reflect light, making his blade look like its glowing. These teeth are shape enough to slice through cyborgs like Rudol von Stroheim and can't be blocked by Hamon users.
  • The Ultimate Being: When Kars used the modified Stone Mask he became the ultimate being, a being that can't die and can use the abilities of all other life forms. This allows Kars to do things such as create life, fly with wings, or even use Hamon that is hundreds of times stronger than the Hamon of Joseph Joestar.


Standard Tactics: Like most other Pillar Men, Kars will usually try to absorb his opponent. If he can't do that he will fight them in physical combat.

Weaknesses: If Pillar Men are exposed to the sun's light or ultra violet light, they will turn into stone. If it is strong enough, Hamon is able to disintegrate the Pillar Men. If the Pillar Men are reduced into many one centimeter cube squares they will be unable to regenerate and will die. The Pillar Men sleep in two thousand year cycles requiring them to sleep for two thousand years when the time comes. Positively and negatively charged Hamon can drive a Pillar Men out of the body they are controlling or possessing. Sunlight is able to kill pillar men if they are just a brain. | No longer has his older weaknesses. If he can't breath he will eventually run out of Hamon. If Kars were to use Ultimate Deep Pass Overdrive he will rapidly age until he becomes an old man. If A Hamon user's Hamon unable to connect with its target, the target will be unaffected. A way to prevent Hamon from connecting is by freezing the users way of attacking with it before it could reach it's target. If he uses his air jets in space they will freeze over, freezing him in the process.


  • Kars' name is a reference to the American rock band The Cars.
  • Ultimate Kar's abilities explanation is a reference to recapitulation theory.
  • In the 2000s Stardust Crusaders OVA the French voice actor for N'Doul, Emmanuel Gradi, voiced Kars in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, if Esidisi, Kars, or Wamuu battle in Skeleton Heel Stone stage, the crowd of Vampires will shout out their name, similar to a scene in the manga.
  • The appearance of the Pillar Men is based of a combination of Roman sculptures, the Great Sphinx of Giza, and the Nio Buddhist guardians.[3]


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