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Kris Dreemurr

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No one can choose who they are in this world.

~ Unknown entity to the Player


Kris Dreemurr is the main protagonist of Deltarune and the human Hero of Light. During Chapter 1, they are primarily controlled by the player.

This dropdown contains the synopsis of Kris Dreemurr’s story. Read at your own risk as you may be spoiled otherwise!

Chapter 1
Kris is first encountered when they are awoken by Toriel for school. When followed outside, Toriel drives Kris to school, leading to a short tour of Hometown.

Kris, being late to class, is told by Professor Alphys to pick a group partner. When Noelle is asked, she checks with Alphys about letting Kris join her group with Berdly, though Susie barges into the classroom, interrupting the proceedings. Kris then gets paired up with Susie. Afterward, Alphys realizes there is no chalk for her to teach a class with and sends Susie to go get some from the supply closet. She then asks Kris to go with her.

In the hallway, Kris witnesses Susie eating a piece of chalk. Once Susie realizes Kris is there, she approaches them menacingly, slamming them against a locker, and threatens to eat their face. She then drops Kris to the ground, stating that Kris has a good mother and that "it'd be a shame to make her bury her child."

Kris and Susie enter the supply closet, which turns out to be the entrance to a Dark World. Kris awakens with their street clothes having been exchanged for armor and a cloak, and their skin now a bluish hue. After some exploration Susie is found hiding in a pile of dust.

After a bit more walking, Kris and Susie are attacked by a mysterious figure, who is later revealed to be Lancer. After escaping, they come across Castle Town and encounter Ralsei. Lancer then interrupts Ralsei, accosts Kris and Susie, and fights them for the first time. After the fight, Susie leaves on her own in an attempt to find her way out of the Dark World, leaving Kris and Ralsei on their own. Eventually, Kris and Ralsei catch up with Susie, who begrudgingly rejoins the party.

After numerous encounters with Lancer and getting mad at Ralsei for telling her not to fight, Susie decides to join Lancer instead for a while. This culminates in an encounter between Kris and Ralsei versus Susie and Lancer. After the fight, Susie once again rejoins the party, and Lancer tags along.

Eventually, Lancer grows uncomfortable with the situation and runs off towards Card Castle. Kris and the party attempt to follow him, but some of King's soldiers capture them.

Ralsei and Kris wake up in a prison cell together, but the two quickly realize that Susie is being kept in an adjacent cell. Kris manages to guide Susie through a puzzle, unlocking her cell and allowing her to escape. After a confrontation with Lancer, Susie releases Kris and Ralsei from prison.

After making their way up Card Castle, Kris and the party face off against the King. After the fight, King deceives the party into believing he is willing to redeem himself, resulting in the party being cornered. Kris jumps in front of Susie to protect her but is knocked back by another blow. King approaches Kris and, after taunting them, lifts them into the air, ready to kill them. Regardless of how the King was initially defeated, either Lancer and the King's subjects rescue the party, or Susie distracts King long enough for Ralsei to cast Pacify on the King, putting him to sleep. Which outcome occurs is based on whether or not the party harmed any of the denizens of the Dark World prior to facing the King (except for Jevil, Lancer himself, and the first C. Round).

After saying goodbye to Ralsei, Kris is able to seal the Dark Fountain and return home, along with Susie. Kris can then choose to explore Hometown and speak to the inhabitants. Once Kris returns home and goes to bed, the adventure is over.

At some point in the middle of the night, Kris tosses and turns in bed, only to suddenly leap from their covers and jerkily make their way into the center of their room. As they stand on the carpet, Kris slowly raises their arm before violently tearing out their SOUL from their body and forcefully tossing it into a cage in the corner of the room. The SOUL can be moved in the cage, indicating that the player controls the SOUL, not Kris. Kris brandishes a knife that glistens in the light from the window before turning their head and smiling menacingly with their eye flashing red, similar to the ending of a "soulless" True Pacifist Route in Undertale. The game then cuts to black.

Chapter 2
At the beginning of this chapter, Toriel rushes up to Kris's room, having noticed a knife in the pie. She believes that Kris had decided to sneakily eat it whole while she was asleep. She laughs it off, though, suggesting she should lock the oven in the future before they both set off to school once again.

Later, Kris goes to school and enters the Dark World again with Susie. They meet Ralsei and explore Castle Town. Eventually, Susie mentions they have homework to do, prompting Ralsei to banish them from the Dark World until their homework is done.

They go to the Library, only to find another Dark World awaiting them, and jump into it, this time with Noelle and Berdly. They soon meet Queen, who acts as the main antagonist for this chapter. She captures Noelle, while Berdly switches to her side voluntarily. Eventually, Kris splits up with the other party members and rescues Noelle. In Kris's company, Noelle starts to learn to be less fearful, accentuating one of the game's themes of personal development. Later, after the entire party gets thrown into the Queen's guest rooms, Berdly learns to be less arrogant after a similar fashion. The final boss fight begins with both parties turning into mechas, and then combat proceeds in the style of a fighting game. Kris seals the Dark Fountain of this world, and the Lightners all return to the Light World.

After walking through Hometown, Kris goes home and Toriel invites Susie to spend the night at her house. She sends the pair to wash their hands. When Kris goes to the bathroom, as soon as they turn the water on, they collapse, raise one hand up, rip out their SOUL again and escape through the window. After a chat between Toriel and Susie, Kris returns to the bathroom, washes their hands and regresses their SOUL. It is later learned that the tires on Toriel's car have been slashed.

At the end of Chapter 2, after Susie (who ended up sleeping at Kris' house) and Toriel are both asleep, Kris opens a Dark Fountain using their knife, presumably using their Determination and willpower as hinted at by the Queen. Whether this means that Kris is actually the Knight is unclear as of now.

General Information

Name: Kris Dreemurr

Origin: Deltarune

First Appearance: Deltarune: Chapter 1

Latest Appearance: Deltarune: Chapter 2

Creator: Toby Fox

Sex: Unknown (Kris is referred to as they/them)

Sexuality: Unknown (Due to the ambiguous nature of their sex throughout the story, it's impossible to note Kris' sexuality)

Pronouns: They/Them

Story Role: Hero/Main Protagonist

Age: Unknown, in their mid teens (Is a high school student)

Residence: Hometown

Classification: Lightener, Hero of Light

Species: Human

State of Being: Regular

Physiology: Humanoid Physiology

Occupation: High School Student

Affiliations: Susie & Ralsei of The Fun Gang (Kris' team members and close friends), Lancer (Currently - Son of the Chaos King and former primary opposing force), Noelle (Fellow Lightner and close friend), Berdly (Currently - Fellow Lightner and rival student), Darkner citizens (After the end of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2)

Enemies: Chaos King (Defender of the first Dark Fountain), Queen (Formally - Defender of the second Dark Fountain), Jevil (Formally - Insane prisoner), Spamton (Formally - Insane businessman)

Status: Alive

Alignment: Chaotic Good initially (Noelle describes her and Kris' relationship as one where she feels comfortable enough to speak her mind around them and gladly helps them with homework. Although Kris enjoys pulling pranks on their friends, it's ultimately seen as lighthearted. Kris is shown being annoyed when people talk badly about their friends), True Neutral when under the player's influence (Due to having no control during most of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, any decisions made by the player are almost entirely out of Kris' control. This can play out as Kris sparing enemies they've fought, or defeating them in battle to even forcing close friends to commit acts of great harm to others)

Codex Statistics

Key: Real World | Dark World Key Information

  • Real World: Takes place exclusively outside of the Dark World, which is made apparent by their appearance.
  • Dark World: Is exclusive to Kris when present in the Dark World, which is made apparent by their appearance.

Tier: 10-B, 9-C with their knife, likely High 6-A overtime | 9-C to 9-B

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Human level (Physically an average high school kid with an unremarkable physique), Bone level with their knife (Kris has a personal knife that they've used to slit tires), likely Multi-Continent level overtime (The supposed creation of too many Dark Fountains can lead to the Roaring which will summon the Titans from the fountains to bring chaos to the land, and ultimately leave the earth in ruins) | Bone level (Kris and their teammates were unable to progress past a locked door, or escape their prison cells later after being captured for most of Chapter 1. They are at least comparable to Lancer who can ram into others with enough speed to send them launching several meters), to Wall level (Could later harm and ultimately best Berdly in combat who was relatively unharmed from a roller coaster cart exploding. Bested Jevil who is regarded as comparable to Spamton[1], the latter of whom was able to destroy a large wall).

Durability: Human level (Physically an average high school kid with an unremarkable physique) | Bone level (Comparable to Ralsei who could survive being rammed by Lancer's bike. Was able to survive dozens of the King's attacks striking them at once) to Wall level (Comparable to Berdly who could survive a roller coaster cart exploding. Later survived being launched into a door that subsequently exploded upon impact)

Striking Strength: Human Class | Bone Class to Wall Class

Lifting Strength: Average Human (Can balance a ball of junk on their head) | At least Superhuman (Comparable to Berdly, who was able to carry and drop a statue made of pure metal)

Travel Speed: Normal Human | Normal Human, Transonic in short bursts (Comparable to Susie, who could outpace soundwaves before they could reach Lancer)

Combat Speed: Normal Human | Transonic (Can tag Susie who could casually block soundwaves. Uses sound-based ACT commands on opponents in battle)

Reaction Speed: Normal Human (Once reacted to Susie throwing an apple at them while hardly focused[2]) | Transonic (Can avoid Lancer's attacks which involve him riding at incredible speeds)

Stamina: Peak Human (Fought the Chaos King to the point he was too exhausted to continue and could get up and block an attack for Susie after previously being hit. Continued their journey after falling off an unfinished roller-coaster)

Range: Standard Melee physically, Extended Melee with sword, Higher with attacks (Can swing their sword and still attack people from far away distances), Multiversal with the Player (Can use save points to travel to earlier points in time)



Powers and Techniques

Human Achievements (Kris knows how to bake and is a skilled piano player), Penetration Damage (Physical Penetration) & Weapon Usage (Knife Usage; Can use a knife for daily use and to create a Dark Fountain), Sheer Will, Darkness Manipulation, Creation, & Subjective Reality (As a Lightner, Kris can create a Dark Fountain by coursing their will through a blade. Dark Fountains are made from darkness itself and can even bring objects to life such as a virtual world from spare wires and computer parts. Kris themselves later created their own dark world), BFR (Application Based; By creating a Dark Fountain, it can pull anyone within the room of the dark fountain to the Dark World), Sealing (Metaphysical; Can seal a dark fountain with their SOUL which by proxy seals the Dark World away), Save and Load & Healing (Kris can activate SAVE points which are points in time they can go back to upon death. They can also be used to heal them when they bathe in its light), Clairvoyance (The Player allows Kris to view what their allies are doing even when they're a significant distance away), Telepathy & Intimidation (Kris can read their friend's thoughts and even respond to them, likely due to the player's third person viewpoint. The player can even directly speak to their allies and force them to perform things out of fear of their voice), Non-Standard Interaction & Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation & Essence Manipulation; Kris can rip their own SOUL out, which is the very culmination of their being).

All previous abilities plus, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Precision (Kris was able to cleanly shave Jigsaw Joe's stubble with a single slash of their sword), Acrobatics (Kris is capable of performing flips and sticking a landing from a several-meter fall), Non-Standard Interaction & Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation and Essence Manipulation; Can fight and interact with monsters such as Susie and Berdly, both of whose body is made of magic that is attuned to their SOUL. The SOUL is the culmination of one’s very being), Enhanced Senses (Was able to detect the looseness of K. ROUND's crown by the percentage), Hammerspace (Can store twelve items in their inventory at once and can hold an indefinite amount in their STORAGE), Penetration Damage (Metaphysical Penetration) & Weapon Mastery (Sword Usage & Shield Usage; Kris uses a sword for offensive combat that can also turn into a shield for defensive purposes), Extended Blade Range & Distance Negation (Attacks in Deltarune can hit targets even when not appearing to make physical contact), Transmutation (Can shapeshift their sword into a shield depending on the command used. Kris and their party's leftover “TP” is turned into Dark Dollars at the end of a battle), Information Analysis (Can use the Check command to get a read on an enemy's basic statistics and information in battle), Social Influencing & Subjective Reality (By using the ACT Command, Kris and their party can perform various actions to pacify their opponent from simple things like giving an opponent a hug, to more complex tasks like using hypnosis to put foes asleep), Accelerated Development (Battle; Physical Stats; Can get stronger by defeating more enemies in battle at the cost of losing their alliance), Passive Resurrection (Self-Resurrection; Resurrection from Exhaustion; Kris can revive after falling in battle with enough time), Damage Transferal (Kris' SOUL takes damage for their whole team and can divide damage amongst them), Power Bestowal (Kris can shine their SOUL on their allies to grant them new powers), Transformation (Morphing) & Reactive Adaptation (Kris was able to transform their SOUL to defend them when in a dire situation), Energy Manipulation, Curtain Fire, & Charge Boost (By turning their SOUL yellow, Kris can fire multiple projectiles in short succession that they can also charge to deal more damage), Intangibility (Phasing; Will temporarily go invincible after taking damage, which the Pirouette ACT ability can directly affect in battle), Consumption (Physical Consumption; Can consume moss to heal themselves), Fusionism (Fused a bunch of scrap junk together to create the Thrash Machine to challenge GIGA Queen).

Can perform various abilities with the ACT command. Sleep Manipulation (Can put opponents who are tired asleep by whispering goodnight to them. Can cast hypnosis alongside their team to put tougher foes asleep. Performing Pirouette can also make an opponent slightly tired each time it's used), Air Manipulation (Can cast a gust of wind powerful enough to blow away sentient dust bunnies), Statistics Amplification (Defense; Can use their Courage command to boost the defense of the party. The Pirouette ACT can occasionally boost the party's defense in battle. Offense; Pirouette can potentially boost an enemy's attack power in battle), Summoning (Pirouette can occasionally summon a yellow bird which indicates that no additional effects have occurred), Statistics Reduction & Empathic Manipulation (Defense; Pirouette has a chance to reduce the opponent's defense stat when used by putting them at ease), Power Modification (Pirouette has a chance of reducing the invulnerability frames by sixty percent in battle. Pirouette can occasionally swap the whole party's health around and give a boost to other members while crippling others), Healing (Pirouette can occasionally heal a single ally during battle, or even the whole party. HealDeal can grant Kris some health during battle. Can consume fried Pipis to heal themselves during battle), Minor Telekinesis (Can use the JiggleJiggle ACT to wiggle their body and thereby force other objects to loosen like wires), Cloth Manipulation & Organic Manipulation (Can conjure a nurse's outfit and medication with the TakeCare ACT. Can conjure dog ears to wear when using the Order ACT), Broadway Force (Can encourage others to dance alongside them and thereby pacify them), Information Manipulation (Can block ads created by a Poppup with the Block ACT skill), Sealing (Physical; Can summon a small cage to trap foes with, or even several dozen enemies all at once), Afterimage Creation (Can create several afterimages when performing the S-Slash ACT), Heat Manipulation (Can fry Pipis with the FriedPipis ACT which allows Kris to heal themselves as well).

Healing (Dark Candy[3], Broken Cake[4], Top Cake[5], Spin Cake[6], Darkburger[7], Choco Diamond[8], Hearts Donut[9], Clubs Sandwich[10], Lancer Cookie[11], RouxlsRoux[12], Light Candy[13], CD Bagel[14], Double-Dark Burger[15], Tea[16], Butler Juice[17], and Spaghetti Code heals the user in battle[18]), Resurrection (Resurrection on Singular Targets; Resurrection from Exhaustion & Resurrection of the Deceased; The Revive Mint can resurrect a fallen ally from incapacitation and death[19]), Restoration (Tension Bit can restore the party's tension gauge during battle[20]).

Penetration Damage (Physical Penetration; Kris uses a sword in combat exclusively[21]), Statistics Amplification (Offense; The Spookysword[22], Mecha Saber[23], and Bounce Blade all provide an AT+ boost over Kris' base damage output[24]. Defense; The Bounce Blade offers an DF+ at the cost of less offensive power[24]), Intimidation (The Spookysword grants Spookiness UP and is noted by Ralsei to be scary[22]), Extended Blade Range & Minor Empathic Manipulation (The Mecha Saber can extend its blade by pressing the hilt which also grants the blade an Annoying UP effect[23]), Organic Manipulation (The Bounce Blade is made from rubber that increases the wielder's defensive potential[24]).
Statistics Amplification (Defense; The White Ribbon[25], Amber Card[26], Dice Brace[27], Iron Shackle[28], Jevilstail[29], Silver Card[30], Glow Wrist[31], Mannequin[32], Pink Ribbon[33], Royal Pin[34], B.ShotBowtie[35], Chain Mail[36], Frayed Bowtie[37], Dealmaker[38], Twin Ribbon[39], Spike Band[40], and Tension Bow all provide an increase to the defense stat[41]. Offense; The Iron Shackle[28], Jevilstail[29], and the Spike Band can increase the wearer's offense stat[40]), Enhanced Magic (Jevilstail[29], Royal Pin[34], B.ShotBowtie[35], and the Frayed Bowtie all increase the magical power of the wearer[35]), Power Modification (The Pink Ribbon[33] and the Twin Ribbon increase the graze area for grazing attacks[39]), limited Damage Reduction (The Mannequin reduces damage from puppets and cats by thirty-five percent[32], while the Dealmaker decreases attacks from puppets and cats by an additional five percent[38]).


Real World

  • Ball of Junk: The Ball of Junk is an item possessed by Kris in Hometown. Kris does not have it at the start of the game, but it can be found in Kris's inventory after their return from the Dark World. The ball represents Kris's Dark World inventory. If thrown away, the whole Dark World inventory, aside from the equipped items, is discarded.
  • Knife: A knife Kris seems to have on them, seen at the end of chapter 1 and used at the end of chapter 2

Dark World

  • Bandage: Also acts as armor, recovers 1 HP.
  • Choco Diamond: Recovers 80 HP.
  • Clubs Sandwich: Recovers 30 HP.
  • Dark Candy: Recovers 40 HP.
  • Darkburger: Recovers 70 HP.
  • Hearts Donut: Recovers 20 HP in the overworld and 10 HP in battle.
  • Lancer Cookie: Recovers 5 HP in the overworld and 50 HP in battle.
  • Revive Mint: Heals a fallen ally to MAX HP. A minty green crystal.
  • RouxlsRoux: Recovers 50 HP in the overworld and 60 HP in battle.
  • Spin Cake: Spin Cake is a secret item that can be obtained by bringing the repaired Top Cake to Top Chef. It is only half as effective as the Top Cake, but it can be replenished infinitely by Top Chef should it be consumed or dropped. It restores 80HP to every party member.
  • Top Cake: The Top Cake is an item that can be obtained from the smith Malius when asked to fix the Broken Cake. The Top Cake restores 160HP to every party member, making it the best healing item available.
  • CD Bagel: Recovers 80 HP.
  • Revive Dust: heals all downed allies to 25% HP.
  • S.POISON: Removes 20 HP in the overworld and slowly drains 60 HP in battle.
  • Spaghetti Code: Recovers 30 HP.
  • Butler Juice: Recovers 100 HP.
  • Tension Bit: Increases Kris's TP by 32%.
  • Tension Gem: Increases Kris's TP by 50%.
  • Tension Max: Increases Kris's TP by 100%.
  • Kris/Susie/Ralsei/Noelle Tea: The tea is a consumable item that comes in a unique flavor for each party member, and has various healing amounts and party responses depending on which tea is given to whom, seen here.
  • Light Candy: Noelle gives the Light Candy to Susie, if Kris spoke to Noelle about Susie in the Chapter 1 epilogue. Recovers 120 HP.

Stats of Weapon
Check Flavor Text
Wood Blade
A wooden practice blade with a carbon-reinforced core.
~ Deltarune; Wood Blade Flavor Text
200 D$
Spookiness UP
A black-and-orange sword with a bat hilt.
~ Deltarune; Spookysword Flavor Text
Mecha Saber
250 D$
Annoying UP
The blade extends when you press the hilt. CHA-CHK!
~ Deltarune; Mecha Saber Flavor Text
Bounce Blade


A pink saber with a rubber blade. Weak, but increases defense.
~ Deltarune; Bounce Blade Flavor Text

  • Amber Card: Amber Card is an armor item bought in the Dark World. It can be purchased from both Seam's and Rouxls Kaard's respective shops. It gives +1 DF.
  • Bandage: The Bandage is the default armor of Kris in Hometown.
  • Dice Brace: The Dice Brace is an armor item found in the Forest. It gives +2 DF.
  • Iron Shackle: The Iron Shackle is an armor item located in Card Castle. It gives +1 AT and +2 DF.
  • Jevilstail: Jevilstail gives +2 AT, DF and Magic.
  • White Ribbon: The White Ribbon is the first piece of armor the party can equip. It gives +2 DF and Cuteness. It is found in the Field, within the Maze of Death.
  • Chain Mail: The Chain Mail is an armor item that can be found in a chest on the first floor of the Mansion, in the room where the Hacker is first encountered. It give + 3 DF.
  • Pink Ribbon: The Pink Ribbon is an armor item that can be found in Cyber City, after the First Alleyway, in a secret room accessible in the bottom left of the shop/advertising area. It gives +1 DF and the effect "GrazeArea".
  • Royal Pin: The Royal Pin is an armor item that can be bought from Swatch in the Mansion. It gives +3 DF and +1 Magic.
  • Glow Wrist: The Glow Wrist is an armor item found in several Cyber Field chests. It gives +2 DF.
  • Dealmaker: The Dealmaker is an armor item obtained after defeating Spamton NEO through ACTing. It gives +5DF and +5 Magic along with the ability to increase the Dark Dollars gained from any encounter by 30%

  • Manual: The Manual is an item given to Kris by Ralsei after they complete the Training Dummy fight, or during the dialogue with Ralsei if Kris refuses the tutorial. While used to learn tips and tricks in battles it can also be used to make enemies fall asleep.
  • Bouquet: Nice flowers.
  • Glowshard: The Glowshard is an item found hidden inside a hole in ??????. If checked in the inventory, it states its use is unknown. The Glowshard can be used in battle to immediately allow for a Rudinn to be spared. It disappears in the process.

Notable Techniques

  • FIGHT: Self Explanatory. Once the FIGHT option is selected, a quick-time event occurs. A cursor slides across a meter from right to left. By pressing Z anytime the cursor is within the meter, the party member successfully attacks the enemy; otherwise it results in a miss. Hitting "Z" on the box located on the leftmost area of the meter deals the most damage, which emphasizes proper timing.
  • ACT: A pacifist method used to make even the most violent of enemies defeated through kindness. Kris regularly does a team ACT with Susie or Ralsei.
  • ITEM: Used to consume healing items.
  • SPARE: An enemy can be removed from the battle with this option as they no longer want to fight, if their name is colored yellow, and a star appears beside their name.
  • DEFEND: Self Explanatory. A party member is prompted to protect themselves during the enemy's turn, reducing damage and gaining TP immediately once commanded.


Weaknesses: Seems shy and meek, otherwise nothing notable.

Note: It's revealed as of Chapter 2 that the Dark World grants people new powers and abilities, thus they do not translate over to the real world.


Why attacking the SOUL is essence manipulation.

Battle Records


  • Lancer - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris fought alongside Susie.
    • Location: Kingdom of Darkness.
  • K. Round - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris fought alongside their team.
    • Location: The Card Castle.
  • Jevil - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris fought alongside their team.
    • Location: The Card Castle Prison.
  • King - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris fought alongside their team.
    • Location: The Card Castle Roof.
    • Note: Although the King nearly defeated the team after tricking Ralsei, he was ultimately bested by Lancer's efforts to rally the kingdom.
  • Berdly - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris fought alongside their team.
    • Location: Roller Coaster in Cyber Field.
  • Spamton - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris fought on their own
    • Location: Back Ally of Cyber City.
  • Rouxls - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris fought alongside Ralsei.
    • Location: The Acid Lake in the Queen's Mansion.
  • Spamton NEO - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris fought alongside their team in the primary route, whereas they fought Spamton NEO in the Snowgrave route exclusively by themselves until the very end of the fight.
    • Location: Basement of the Queen's Mansion or the Rooftop of the Queen's Mansion.
    • Note: The timeline the fight takes place varies depending on whether Noelle froze Berdly or not, with the former outcome leading to Spamton NEO becoming the final boss of Chapter 2.

Queen - Fight

    • Conditions: Kris fought alongside their team.
    • Location: Rooftop of the Queen's Mansion.

  • Clover - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris fought alongside Ralsei.
    • Location: Clover's Area in the Forest.
  • Tasque Manager - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris fought alongside their team.
    • Location: The Queen's Mansion.

  • GIGA Queen - Fight
    • Conditions: Kris and co fought whilst in the Thrash Machine.
    • Location: Rooftop of the Queen's Mansion.
    • Note: GIGA Queen ultimately won through a surprise attack, and would have lost otherwise due to her power supply nearly being depleted.
  • None.


    1. Reddit; Q&A Spamton G. Spamton on r/Deltarune
    2. So, that new girl I keep talking about?
      She really, really, REALLY hates Kris.
      And you know what's weird? Literally ONLY Kris seems oblivious to this. Or, no. Are they oblivious? They're literally getting bullied! Do they just... not care? Then again, who knows what Kris is thinking. I just don't get why they don't tell their mom.
      OR, BETTER, switch seats with me, like I keep saying lol. I guess they just don't want to be at the front of the class? But... She doesn't EVER bully me, EVEN when there'd be a HUGE opportunity to, so... Come on, switch seats, everyone would be safer that way X)
      Like, you're not going to believe what happened today. lol
      After the bell rang, as usual, everyone rushed to see who could get out of class first. I stayed behind a bit to help Alphys put away some books (and look for some mysteriously missing supplies X) ). Meanwhile, Kris was still asleep, face-down on a totally blank notebook page, and for some reason, Susie... hadn't left either. She was just sitting there... staring at Kris's head. Sniffing it...??? (Wonder if she'd like scented candles? X) )
      Eventually I started to leave too (I even almost said bye this time), but I was a bit worried about Kris, so I stayed outside the classroom to... umm, watch? X) I had to stay totally out of sight, Holiday family ninja style, since Susie didn't seem like she was going to do anything until she made sure I was gone.
      After a while, Susie got up, knocking her chair over. She jumped into Ms. Alphys's seat and put her shoes up on the desk, getting dirt everywhere. (I just know I'm going to have to clean that. X) )
      She grabbed the apple Berdly had given Alphys a few days ago (you know, one of the ones she has literally never eaten X) ), held it up, and started talking.
      "Hey, idiot."
      Kris didn't look up.
      "HEY IDIOT!"
      Kris still didn't look up!
      Kris looked up. Susie rolled her eyes and showed all of her horrible and very cool teeth.
      "Nice shampoo. Apple flavor, right? Better be careful about wearing that around me."
      Then she BIT THE WHOLE APPLE IN HALF! Including the core. She even ate the seeds, which, um, contain arsenic if you didn't know. X) Don't eat those Susie... anyway, Kris didn't react, so she continued.
      "Keep smelling like apples... you might end up like this."
      Kris didn't react.
      "Bitten..." she pointed to the apple. "In HALF."
      There was like, the MOST awkward silence... and then...
      But it wasn't Susie...
      No, it was Kris, just barely stifling some laugh.
      Did they think that was some kind of weird joke...? X)
      WHATEVER it was, Susie must have thought she was getting made fun of, because she immediately just LAUNCHED the apple right at kris.
      But, Kris, with their gamer reaction speed X) Held up their notebook like a shield and blocked it diagonally, bouncing it into the air...
      And actually CAUGHT the apple.
      Then took a bite out of it.
      Gosh, though, did that make Susie mad.
      "You little..."
      She ran over and grabbed Kris by the hair, staring into their face. REALLY close. I froze. I knew that if I didn't do anything, Kris would get hurt, or worse, but something inside me just... froze! I just stood there, holding my breath. And Susie kept talking.
      "One day, your mom's gonna get sick of you, you little freak. And as soon as that happens..."
      Susie laughed. I felt genuinely sick.
      "Someone might make you disappear. And she'll finally realize how happy she was without you."
      But after all that,
      Kris didn't say anything at all.
      Susie EXPLODED.
      It felt like her voice echoed around the room forever.
      Then, when it finally went quiet,
      Kris's mouth looked like it moved.
      To be honest, moved so slightly, I couldn't even tell if they said something, or what, but whatever it was, Susie's attitude... suddenly completely changed.
      She let go of Kris, backing off quickly, then left the room in such a hurry, she easily would have won today's "leaving first" race.
      I REALLY wish I could have seen her reaction, but I was so scared she would see me that I literally just jumped into my locker X)
      In the end all I could see through the little slats was her shape from behind, going towards the entrance of the school with her head held low.
      Finally, I heard the entrance door close.
      I sighed, and suddenly all that frozen feeling that had built up in my chest flew out of my body all at once. "Holy cheese and crackers!" I said to myself. I almost started laughing from relief.
      Then suddenly, my locker's door flung open.
      Kris was standing there.
      I started to stutter hello, and they just slowly, slowly shut the door on me and left.
      I ordered apple shampoo, maybe if I wear it too she won't bother Kris as much X))))))))))

      ~ Noelle
    3. Heals 40 HP. A red-and-black star that tastes like marshmallows.
      ~ Deltarune; Dark Candy Check Description
    4. 4.0 4.1
      Though broken, it seethes with power. A master smith could fix it.
      ~ Deltarune; Broken Cake Check Description
    5. This cake will make your taste buds spin! Heals 160HP to the team.
      ~ Deltarune; Top Cake Check Description
    6. A pastry in the shape of a top. Heals 80 HP to the team. (Chapter 1)
      ~ Deltarune; Spin Cake Check Description (Chapter 1)

      A pastry in the shape of a top. Heals 140 HP to the team.
      ~ Deltarune; Spin Cake Check Description (Chapter 2)
    7. A mysterious black burger made of... Hey, this is just burnt!
      ~ Deltarune; Darkburger Check Description
    8. It's quite small, but some people REALLY like it. +??HP
      ~ Deltarune; Choco Diamond Check Description
    9. Hearts, don't it!? It's filled with divisive, clotty red jam. +??HP
      ~ Deltarune; Hearts Donut Check Description
    10. A sandwich that can be split into 3. Heals 30 HP to the team.
      ~ Deltarune; Clubs Sandwich Check Description (Chapter 1)

      A sandwich that can be split into 3. Heals 70 HP to the team.
      ~ Deltarune; Clubs Sandwich Check Description (Chapter 2)
    11. A dark roux with a delicate aroma. Also... has worms in it. +50HP.
      ~ Deltarune; RouxlsRoux Check Description
    12. White candy with a chalky texture. It'll recover 120HP.
      ~ Deltarune; Light Candy Check Description
    13. A bagel with a reflective inside. Makes music with each bite. +80HP
      ~ Deltarune; CD Bagel Check Description
    14. It's the Double-Dark-Burger. It'll take two bites to finish!
      ~ Deltarune; Double Dark Burger Check Description
    15. It's own-flavored tea. The flavor just says "<Name>."
      ~ Deltarune; Tea Check Description
    16. It's short for ButlerJuice. It changes color with temperature.
      ~ Deltarune; Butler Juice Check Description
    17. Spaghetti woven by master coders, made of macarons and ribbons. +30HP to all.
      ~ Deltarune; Spaghetti Code Check Description
    18. Heals a fallen ally to MAX HP. A minty green crystal.
      ~ Deltarune; Revive Mint Check Description
    19. Raises TP by 32% in battle.
      ~ Deltarune; Tension Bit Check Description
    20. A wooden practice blade with a carbon-reinforced core.
      ~ Deltarune; Wooden Sword Flavor Text
    21. 22.0 22.1
      A black-and-orange sword with a bat hilt.
      ~ Deltarune; Spookysword Flavor Text
    22. 23.0 23.1
      The blade extends when you press the hilt. CHA-CHK!
      ~ Deltarune; Mecha Saber Flavor Text
    23. 24.0 24.1 24.2
      A pink saber with a rubber blade. Weak, but increases defence.
      ~ Deltarune; Bounce Blade Flavor Text
    24. A crinkly hair ribbon that slightly increases your defense.
      ~ Deltarune; White Ribbon Flavor Text
    25. A thin square charm that sticks to you, increasing defense.
      ~ Deltarune; Amber Card Flavor Text
    26. A bracelet made out of various symbol-inscribed cubes.
      ~ Deltarune; Dice Brace Flavor Text
    27. 28.0 28.1
      Shackle that ironically increases your attack and defense.
      ~ Deltarune; Iron Shackle Flavor Text
    28. 29.0 29.1 29.2
      A J-Shaped tail that gives you devilenergy.
      ~ Deltarune; Jevilstail Flavor Text
    29. A square charm that increases dropped money by 5%.
      ~ Deltarune; Silver Card Flavor Text
    30. A tough bracelet made of green wires and studded with sharp glowing lights.
      ~ Deltarune; Glow Wrist Flavor Text
    31. 32.0 32.1
      It's a mannequin with the clothes permanently attached. Useless.
      ~ Deltarune; Mannequin Flavor Text
    32. 33.0 33.1
      A cute hair ribbon that increases the range bullets increase tension.
      ~ Deltarune; Pink Ribbon Flavor Text
    33. 34.0 34.1
      A brooch engraved with Queen's face. Careful of the sharp point.
      ~ Deltarune; Royal Pin Flavor Text
    34. 35.0 35.1 35.2
      A handsome bowtie. Looks like the brand name has been cut off.
      ~ Deltarune; B.ShotBowtie Flavor Text
    35. Chain-armor. Send it to 10 others or it'll lose its defensive rating.
      ~ Deltarune; Chain Mail Flavor Text
    36. An old bowtie. It seems to have lost much of its defensive value.
      ~ Deltarune; Frayed Bowtie Flavor Text
    37. 38.0 38.1
      Fashionable pink and yellow glasses. Greatly increases $ gained, and...?
      ~ Deltarune; Dealmaker Flavor Text
    38. 39.0 39.1
      Two ribbons. You'll have to put your hair into pigtails.
      ~ Deltarune; Twin Ribbon Flavor Text
    39. 40.0 40.1
      A black wristband covered in spikes. Has the tendency to get stuck to itself.
      ~ Deltarune; Spike Band Flavor Text
    40. Gain 10% more tension from grazing bullets.
      ~ Deltarune; Tension Bow Flavor Text
    41. The key to a mysterious cell. Something feels strange about it.
      ~ Deltarune; Door Key Flavor Text
    42. Can be used against several enemies to make them tired
      ~ Deltarune; Manual Flavor Text