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Neko Majin Mike

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Main Series Neko Majin
Other Media Dragon Ball Heroes


Neko Majin Mike is one of the main protagonists in Akira Toriyama's one-shot manga Nekomajin. He also appears in the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission by Toyotarō.

Neko Majin is a magical cat of the Neko Majin race. As stated in the fourth chapter of Nekomajin, titled "Neko Majin Z", he is one of twenty-eight Neko Majins found across the planet.

General Information

Name: Neko Majin Mike

Origin: Neko Majin

Sex: Male

Age: Around 400 (Has lived for around 400 years)

Classification: Alien, Majin, Cat

Species: Neko Majin

Occupation: None

Status: Alive

Alignment: Neutral Good (Neko Majin Mike in his single chapter, merely helps out his friend, Kojiro, with his students)

Codex Statistics

Tier: At least 7-A

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: At least Metropolis level (Should be comparable to Chapter 4 Neko Majin Z, who scared off Vegeta, who looks to be in his android saga armor and can only go super saiyan, making him far above the likes of Nappa who casually destroyed a city and stood within the blast without having any damage, and Raditz who can cause explosions dwarfing the mountains, which results in these levels of energy)

Durability: At least Metropolis level, Higher with Guard Up (Ki allows a fighter to extend beyond their bodies limits, allowing them to even block attacks that would otherwise kill them from raising their guard)

Striking Strength: At least Metropolis Class

Lifting Strength: Class 25 (Superior to Android Saga Super Saiyan Vegeta, who trained in 300 times gravity, where Vegeta is naturally 56 kg, making him 16,800 kg or 16.8 tons. Superior to Ginyu Saga Son Goku who trained and got his body used to moving in 100 times gravity, where he's naturally 62 kg, thus making him 6200 kg or 6.2 tons)

Travel Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Superior to Super Saiyan Son Goku on Namek, who previously in his base form traveled from Frieza's ship over to Vegeta in this timeframe)

Combat Speed: Massively Hypersonic+

Reaction Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Far beyond 22nd Budokai Son Goku, who could dodge a mouth blast from Tambourine, which he used to tag the flying nimbus where even post King Kai training Goku used the flying nimbus to make it to the saiyans implying it is at least comparable to his flight speed by then, with Goku being capable of traveling over a million of kilometers in two days which results in these speeds)

Stamina: Superhuman (Should be comparable to Vegeta who stood thinking for three days without showing any signs of tiring or growing hungry. Slept for 31 years without feeling groggy and was able to move perfectly fine)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Interstellar with Ki Attacks (Ki attacks can reach out of the planet and to other planets. All ki attacks should be comparable to Goku's kamehameha, which reached all the way to the sun)

Intelligence: Extraordianry Genius (Nekomajins are able to perfectly mimic techniques from seeing them, including transformations that are considered legendary and something very few can obtain. Is proficiently skilled in his use of magic, which it's noted that most Neko Majin's cannot do well)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Chi Manipulation & Ki Manipulation (All beings in Dragon Ball have ki, the very life force energy of all characters, ki allows a fighter to extend beyond their bodies limits, allowing them to even block attacks that would otherwise kill them from raising their guard, higher level users can lower their own durability to allow people far below them to fatally wound them. A users ki aura can exert itself as a weapon to attack), Attack Reflection (All Ki users are able to reflect attacks just by being stronger than their opponent. Examples include, Nappa deflecting a masenko from Son Gohan, Son Gohan being able to bounce back the spirit bomb, Son Goku deflecting a crusher ball from Jeice, Frieza deflecting a Final Burst Cannon from Vegeta, Son Goku reflecting multiple death beams back to back from Frieza, and Future Trunks being able to completely repel an energy blast with his hand from a Frieza Soldier just by being much stronger than them), Homing Attack (Ki users can create attacks that will home in and chase a target forever), Mind Manipulation (Characters can link their ki together and train within each other’s mind enacting in image training), Power Absorption & Transferal (Ki users can transfer their ki to others and absorb the ki given to them from others), Aura (Has an aura of ki surrounding him whenever he exerts ki), Vibration Manipulation (Powerful ki users can cause the very ground itself to shake when they power up), Intimidation, Metaphysics Manipulation & Pain Manipulation (Spirit Manipulation; Ki is the manifestation of one’s lifeforce, along with the aura giving one the feeling of being crushed, exerting fear into the target, sometimes making them incapable of moving as their body is instinctively stuck due to the sheer difference in power), Energy Manipulation (Ki is the latent power in one's body, this latent power allows them to form and create energy from controlling their ki, which can be used to shoot out energy blast), Explosion Manipulation (Ki attacks can create massive explosions, control the ki to set off a huge explosion under the enemy, or in front of them), Heat Manipulation (Ki user's ki attacks produce heat allowing them to cook and grill animals and raw meat[1][2], along with leaving behind steam after the attacks hit an area, showing its latent heat), Nullification (Attack Nullification; Those with ki can nullify attacks of lesser ki with their ki alone. They can also catch and nullify ki attacks around their level through focusing enough[3]. Power Nullification; Through having greater ki, one can nullify the powers done through ki attacks, such as Frieza being able to nullify a hakai ball[4], which fully destroys a target[5], though he is unable to resist a hakai ball from Toppo due to him being stronger[6], this ability however only works on ki, attacks unrelated, characters cannot resist through being stronger, such as how Vegeta, Krillin, & Son Gohan are unable to resist Guldo's psychic powers, along with even the likes of Son Goku), Forcefield Creation (Ki users such as Cell can generate forcefields around themselves. These forcefields can be expanded, and used to protect others and defend against attacks far higher then the user), Super Armor (Through releasing one's ki, they enter a state known as "Hyper Mode", in this state they do not flinch from weak melee attacks), Self-Destruction (Ki users in Dragon Ball are able to release all of the energy within them to cause a massive self-destruction of energy that normally kills the user and turns them into dust though one can control it to surviving but having no stamina or energy left), Light Manipulation (Ki can be used as a flash of light), Dreaming Existence (Characters in Shin Budokai have shown to create physical bodies in alternate timelines through dreaming), Non-Standard Interaction (Intangible Interaction; Those with ki can block intangible attacks when they focus and notices them[7]. Space-Time Interaction; Characters can blast space-time distortions to close them), Healing (Ki can be used to heal beings, allowing them to survive even with half their torso, it can also heal from near death), Fusionism (Like other characters, Neko Majin Mike can perform the Fusion Dance).

Limited Resistance to Durability Negation (Ki users can focus their energy to localize an object to a specific spot to stop them from attempting to destroy their organs/insides), Resistance to Poison Manipulation (Can resist poisons through Forcefield Creation[8])
Human Achievements (Is a gifted singer), Martial Arts (Neko Majin's are noted to be better skilled in martial arts), Vehicular Usage (Land Vehicles; Can drive a vehicle taller then himself), Longevity (Has lived for around 400 years), Flight (Able to fly freely), Enhanced Senses (Nekomajins ears can hear a crickets silent fart from 8 meters away), Sealing (Neko Majins after counting to 10, he can seal his foe), Transformation (Shapeshifting; Nekomajins transform into different animals and humans), Mimicry (Power Mimicry, Technique Mimicry, & Physiology Mimicry; Should be comparable to Neko Majin Z, who could become a super saiyan after seeing another person do it. Saw Vegeta's energy blast and perfectly copied it right after), Energy Projection (With the Nekohameha, shoots a giant energy beam at his opponent)


  • Majin-Dama: A magic orb that acts as a source of power for Neko Majins and Usa Majin.

Notable Techniques

  • Flight: The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Nekohameha: Z's version of the trademark Kamehameha technique. It is likely that Z created this technique after witnessing his mentor Goku perform the Kamehameha, but how it differs from the original wave is unknown. Also, like Goku's Flying Kamehameha attack, Z can perform a similar attack while flying upward and charging the Nekohameha.
  • Mimicry: The unique ability to copy, use, and even alter witnessed techniques.
  • Energy Wave: A generic one-handed energy blast. After Vegeta hit him with his energy wave, Z performs a similar blast himself. The attack is also used by Neko Majin Mike.
  • Full Power Energy Wave: A two-handed energy blast. Z uses it after reappearing behind Vegeta during their battle.
  • High Speed Movement: The ability to move so fast that the user appears in another location.


Standard Tactics: Neko Majin Mike will employ hand to hand combat along with ki attacks. He will also use his transformation.



  • Some clips used on the profile come from an anime or movie due to the fact that some abilities Goku use shouldn't function much differently from how they can in canon, along with this sometimes the anime version/video game version of a scene will be used for cleaner visuals. Toriyama himself directly overlooks scenes in the anime and movies and gives Toei the thumbs up[9].
  • The speed scaling for PLs are taken with a grain of salt as there are noticeable times where someone's speed isn't equal to their power, such as Burter being faster then Recoome and Jeice, along with Super Saiyan Grade 3 Trunks having his power greatly increased but his speed decreased.


  • Like most of the other Neko Majins, Neko Majin Mike is named after a breed of cat, specifically a type of Japanese bobtail referred to as mi-ke (三毛).

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