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Strength is absolute. Strength forgives all. Even the past. Lament your own weakness
~ Jiren
Strength is absolute. Strength forgives all. Even the past. Lament your own weakness
~ Jiren


Jiren is a Pride Trooper from Universe 11. He is one of the combatants in the Tournament of Power and one of the most powerful combatants there is.

Due to being abandoned by his friends after the death of his family, Jiren decides to trust only in his own strength to guide him to victory and nothing more, believing that only strength can help those who he cares about.

General Information

Name: Jiren, Jiren the Gray

Origin: Dragon Ball Super

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Alien, Warrior of Universe 11

Species: Unknown

Occupation: Pride Trooper

Status: Alive

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Jiren is one that believes only strength can help those he cares about, abandoning all other feelings. His wish during Tournament of Power would've been regarding reaching true strength rather then saving all of the universes)

Codex Statistics

Key: Base | Limit Breaker/Burning Ultimate Warrior

Tier: At least 6-C, Up to 5-B with Strongest Charged Blast | At least 6-C, Up to 5-B with Strongest Charged Blast

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: At least Island level (Blocked attacks from Son Goku with only his finger. Overpowered SSJB Kaioken Goku's Kamehameha. Overwhelmed Ultra Instinct -Omen- Goku's Kamehameha. One-Shot Golden Frieza. Overwhelmed Limit Breaker Vegeta, all of whom are superior to Buu Saga Son Goku, who was unimpressed by Dabura's power, who he compared to Perfect Cell, who is far superior to his Semi-Perfect form, who destroyed several islands with several blast), Up to Planet level with Strongest Charged Blast (His strongest charged blast by this point should be superior to Super Perfect Cell's solar kamehameha which is shown that if it succeeded, it would've destroyed the entire planet) | At least Island level (Can fight on par with Ultra Instinct Goku and can briefly overpower him. Overpowered Ultra Instinct Goku's Kamehameha), Planet level

Durability: At least Island level (Easily tanked attacks from SSB Vegeta. Unaffected by Base Goku's Kamehameha. Unaffected by the combined blast from both Limit Breaker Vegeta and SSJB Kaioken Goku) | At least Island level (Can tank attacks from Ultra Instinct Goku)

Striking Strength: At least Island Class | At least Island Class

Lifting Strength: Class 50 (Superior to Son Goku, who is superior to Buu Saga Super Saiyan Son Goku, who could casually fight while carrying 40 tons) | Class 50

Travel Speed: At least Relativistic (Far superior to Super Saiyan Gotenks who flew around the earth a few dozen times in this time frame) | At least Relativistic

Combat Speed: At least Relativistic (Could keep up and fight against both Son Goku and Vegeta) | At least Relativistic (Can trade blows with Ultra Instinct Son Goku)

Reaction Speed: At least Relativistic (Can react to Son Goku's attacks without even looking at him. Reacted to and dodged an attack from Ultra Instinct -Omen- Son Goku. Dodged attacks from Hit. Can react to Hit's time abilities) | At least Relativistic (Can dodge attacks from Ultra Instinct Son Goku)

Stamina: Superhuman (Should be comparable to Vegeta who stood thinking for three days without showing any signs of tiring or growing hungry)

Range: Standard Melee Range, Multi-Supercluster with Ki Attacks, Shock-waves, and Instant Transmission (Comparable to Goku whose shockwaves spread across the universe and reached the Kaioshin Realm, otherworld, and more)

Intelligence: Genius (Jiren is an expert martial artist and possesses far more combat experience than any of the members of Universe 11)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Chi Manipulation & Ki Manipulation (All beings in Dragon Ball have ki, the very life force energy of all characters, ki allows a fighter to extend beyond their bodies limits, allowing them to even block attacks that would otherwise kill them from raising their guard, higher level users can lower their own durability to allow people far below them to fatally wound them. A users ki aura can exert itself as a weapon to attack), Attack Reflection (All Ki users are able to reflect attacks just by being stronger than their opponent. Examples include, Nappa deflecting a masenko from Son Gohan, Son Gohan being able to bounce back the spirit bomb, Son Goku deflecting a crusher ball from Jeice, Frieza deflecting a Final Burst Cannon from Vegeta, Son Goku reflecting multiple death beams back to back from Frieza, and Future Trunks being able to completely repel an energy blast with his hand from a Frieza Soldier just by being much stronger than them), Homing Attack (Ki users can create attacks that will home in and chase a target forever), Mind Manipulation (Characters can link their ki together and train within each other’s mind enacting in image training), Power Absorption & Transferal (Ki users can transfer their ki to others and absorb the ki given to them from others), Aura (Has an aura of ki surrounding him whenever he exerts ki), Vibration Manipulation (Powerful ki users can cause the very ground itself to shake when they power up), Psuedo-Fear Manipulation, Metaphysics Manipulation (Soul Manipulation) & Pain Manipulation (Ki is the manifestation of one’s lifeforce, along with the aura giving one the feeling of being crushed, exerting fear into the target, sometimes making them incapable of moving as their body is instinctively stuck due to the sheer difference in power), Energy Manipulation (Ki is the latent power in one's body, this latent power allows them to form and create energy from controlling their ki, which can be used to shoot out energy blast), Explosion Manipulation (Ki attacks can create massive explosions, control the ki to set off a huge explosion under the enemy, or in front of them), Heat Manipulation (Ki user's ki attacks produce heat allowing them to cook and grill animals and raw meat[1][2], along with leaving behind steam after the attacks hit an area, showing its latent heat), Nullification (Attack Nullification; Those with ki can nullify attacks of lesser ki with their ki alone. They can also catch and nullify ki attacks around their level through focusing enough[3]. Power Nullification; Through having greater ki, one can nullify the powers done through ki attacks, such as Frieza being able to nullify a hakai ball[4], which fully destroys a target[5], though he is unable to resist a hakai ball from Toppo due to him being stronger[6], this ability however only works on ki, attacks unrelated, characters cannot resist through being stronger, such as how Vegeta, Krillin, & Son Gohan are unable to resist Guldo's psychic powers, along with even the likes of Son Goku), Forcefield Creation (Ki users such as Cell can generate forcefields around themselves. These forcefields can be expanded, and used to protect others and defend against attacks far higher then the user), Super Armor (Through releasing one's ki, they enter a state known as "Hyper Mode", in this state they do not flinch from weak melee attacks), Self-Destruction (Ki users in Dragon Ball are able to release all of the energy within them to cause a massive self-destruction of energy that normally kills the user and turns them into dust though one can control it to surviving but having no stamina or energy left), Light Manipulation (Ki can be used as a flash of light), Dreaming Existence (Characters in Shin Budokai have shown to create physical bodies in alternate timelines through dreaming), Non-Standard Interaction (Intangible Interaction; Those with ki can block intangible attacks when they focus and notices them[7]. Space-Time Interaction; Characters can blast space-time distortions to close them), Healing (Can heal downed allies to give them ki back. Ki can be used to heal beings, allowing them to survive even with half their torso, it can also heal from near death), Fusionism (Like other characters, Jiren can perform the Fusion Dance).

Limited Resistance to Durability Negation (Ki users can focus their energy to localize an object to a specific spot to stop them from attempting to destroy their organs/insides), Resistance to Poison Manipulation (Can resist poisons through Forcefield Creation[8])

Genius Intelligence, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Precognition (Analytical Prediction; Similarly to Goku, Jiren is able to predict movements and attack patterns before they happen), Extrasensory Perception (Can locate others by reading their ki), Flight, Spaceflight, Curtain Fire, Non-Standard Interaction (Blocked Hit's intangible attack), Paralysis Inducement and Explosion Manipulation (Can trap people within his sphere of ki and use it to explode afterward).

Resistance to Heat Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Time Stop (Broke out of Hit's time cage)


None notable

Notable Techniques

  • Flight: The ability to take flight through the manipulation of ki. Combined with his ability to survive the vacuum of space and his tremendous speed, Jiren's flight leaves any spaceship useless to travel from one planet to another.
  • Ki Blast: The most basic form of energy attacks.
  • Ki Sense: The ability to sense ki and power levels.
    • Godly ki sense: The ability to sense ki and power levels of deities.
  • Explosive Power: Jiren has absolute control over his power at an instinctual level and so is able to battle at a much higher level than would ordinarily be possible, whilst also conserving stamina. This allows him to fight efficiently, always only ever using as much power as is needed against a foe and thus fighting with peak efficiency at all times.
  • Kiai: A burst of ki used to repel targets. In the manga, Jiren's usage of this was strong enough to effortless repel Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Goku.
  • Power Impact: Jiren's signature move, Jiren fires a red-orange ki blast in the form of a fireball. It starts out relatively small but expands massively upon impact. He used this attack to stop Kale's rampage and several times throughout the Tournament of Power. While powered up greatly he can fire it like a normal ki blast but then it increases in size massively.
    • Fatal Impact: Jiren grabs his opponent's hair, landing a heavy gut punch to the opponent before blasting them away with Power Impact.
    • Counter Impact: After successfully blocking an opponent's attack, Jiren teleports to his distracted opponent and surrounds them within a sphere of ki, electrifying them before it detonates.
    • Colossal Slash: Jiren gathers ki in both hands and combines them into a single powerful sphere and lifts it above his head before launching it at the opponent.
    • Overheat Magnetron: Jiren charges at the opponent with a barrage of punches and blasts them away with a Power Impact. He then appears behind them and lands more punches, sending the opponent crashing into the ground. When at his full power, Jiren charges another Power Impact in the form of a massive energy sphere.
      • Heatwave Magnetron: Jiren powers up and blasts the opponent away with an Energy Punch. He then charges a Power Impact surrounded by purple sparks in his left hand and fires it into an energy wave with his right hand. In the anime it is only utilized after Jiren has awakened his hidden power.
      • Omegaheat Magnetron: The ultimate energy wave used by Super Full Power Jiren, a colossal right-handed blaze of fiery ki fired at the opponent.
  • Meditation: A technique where Jiren sits or hovers in place while meditating.
  • Energy Punch: Jiren charges his fists with red ki and launches powerful punches. These are simply Jiren's normal punches when he is displaying a hint of his true power. These punches are also strong enough to eradicate Goku's Kamehameha even when the latter is in Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken.
    • Power Rush: Jiren charges at the opponent and delivers a rapid flurry of punches and kicks before sending them flying with a powerful punch.
    • Blazing Magnetron: Jiren generates a volcanic explosion, then charges his fist with massive energy and delivers a punch that triggers a massive explosion.
  • Energy Barrier: Jiren's ki is powerful enough to serve as a barrier against considerably weaker attacks. Upon releasing his full power, this barrier became more powerful to where it is able to shield Jiren from the likes of Goku's Kamehameha, Vegeta's Final Flash, and an energy beam from Android 17 simultaneously.
  • Invisible Eye Blast: Jiren's ki is so intense, that even by releasing it through his glare, he can unleash a force blast able to repel all but the strongest of enemy attacks. With it, he was able to fight back Goku's Universe 7's Spirit Bomb, block Golden Frieza's murderous assault, and even disperse Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta's Final Flash.
    • Infinity Rush: Jiren is capable of moving at extreme speeds, which allows him to launch a barrage of powerful punches in an instant. He can also use this attack by simply glaring at his opponent. When he does this, Jiren moves so fast that from other's perspectives, he doesn't seem to be moving at all.
  • Shock Tornado: A counterattack which Jiren grabs the opponent's hands, after catching their punch, and then twists them, spinning them in midair.
  • Colossal Uppercut: Jiren charges his fist with powerful energy, then delivers a mighty uppercut. Used to deflect Goku's Kamehameha.
  • Grand Charge: Jiren charges at the opponent with his shoulder while enveloped in a purple barrier.
  • Burst Impact: Jiren swings his fist, creating a fiery shockwave that engulfs its target.
  • Power Up: Jiren has the ability to increase his combat abilities by focusing his ki. His control over it is also remarkably high, able to summon tremendous amounts instantly and with no visible effort. Once unleashing the true force of his power, Jiren's body admits a red aura that takes on a texture similar to that of fire and an additional layer, appearing as if he is literally burning with a double aura.

  • Full Power: When channeling the full force of his power, Jiren's aura changes: in the anime it takes on a texture similar to that of fire and an additional layer, appearing as if he is literally burning with a double aura. In the anime, when powered up, Jiren can take down Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken Goku, Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta, and Android 17 at the same time. He was able to easily overpower True Golden Frieza, and even outmatch Goku's third usage of Ultra Instinct Sign. However, against Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku, Jiren was outclassed by Goku's newfound power.
    • Super Full Power: In the anime, as Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku continued to overwhelm Full Power Jiren and defeat became apparent for him, Jiren's disdain for it (from the memories of his past trauma), let him awaken a much deeper level of his dormant potential. Breaking well-beyond his previous limits, Jiren unleashed a newfound power so intense, the very release of it caused the top portion of his Pride Trooper uniform to be blasted off and set the tournament ring ablaze with fiery ki. The release of his unthinkably colossal ki was unbelievably intense, that the World of Void was violently shaking as his fiery ki was scorching everything around him in intense heat akin to an active volcano. He also gains a substantial increase in muscle mass in this form as well as causing veins around his body to bulge out. When powering up and unleashing his aura, it appears as a crimson sparkling aura somewhat similar to Goku's Ultra Instinct. In this state, Jiren was capable of going toe-to-toe with Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku, gaining enough power to bypass the instantaneous defense impulse of Ultra Instinct and even initially overwhelming Goku in raw power. While originally only accessed through his disdain at the thought losing and disappeared when he lost the will to fight, the words of encouragement from Top as he neared defeat against Golden Frieza and Android 17 allowed Jiren him to overcome the trauma of his past and consciously access his hidden power as result.

  • Other

    Standard Tactics: Jiren will try to keep his stamina to overwhelm an opponent while using hand to hand combat along with ki attacks.

    Weaknesses: Due to the nature of ki draining stamina and energy, Dragon Ball characters ki usage requires them to usually use their higher levels of energy in short bursts, allowing them to not be able to tank or die to far lower attacks such as attacks that have destroyed the planets of several worlds. His own pride, which keeps him from empathizing with others' desperation.

    Note: Some clips used on the profile come from an anime or movie due to the fact that some abilities from ki use shouldn't function much differently from how they can in canon, along with this sometimes the anime version/video game version of a scene will be used for cleaner visuals. Toriyama himself directly overlooks scenes in the anime and movies and gives Toei the thumbs up[9].

    Note 2: The speed scaling for PLs are taken with a grain of salt as there are noticeable times where someone's speed isn't equal to their power, such as Burter being faster then Recoome and Jeice, along with Super Saiyan Grade 3 Trunks having his power greatly increased but his speed decreased.


    Before discussing 2-C Dragon Ball Super, please read this blog.


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