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Well I’d say it’s only fitting, wouldn’t you? You see, this is the way I remember you best, Saiyan... So this is how it should be when you die...
~ Meta-Cooler to Son Goku and Vegeta


Meta-Cooler is the name given to the biomechanical clones of the alien conqueror, Cooler. These Meta-Coolers come in the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, as they are mass-produced by the Big Gete Star. All of them together form what is known as the Meta-Cooler Corps.

After Cooler was seemingly killed by Son Goku and incinerated in the sun, parts of his body and mind survived and continue to float through the cosmos. Eventually, a superpowered and ever-growing biomechanical microchip known as the Big Gete Star, came across Cooler’s remains and assimilated him into it.

Cooler’s mind and consciousness were recreated within the Big Gete Star, and he was able to overtake it and use it as a plot for revenge. Cooler, now known as the Meta-Cooler Core, planted the Big Gete Star on the New Planet Namek, and began to sap life from it as he regrew his body.

While all this was going on, Cooler and the Big Gete Star began creating biomechanical Cooler clones, which would be the Meta-Coolers. Each one contained the same exact power-set, which was far beyond that of even the original Cooler. They were each also overseen by the Big Gete Star, which would immediately patch up any injury they sustained, and fix them so that the same injury could not be sustained twice.

The Meta-Cooler Corps. were eventually encountered by both Son Goku and Vegeta, who struggled against, but were able to defeat, even just one of them. However, after the rest of the Meta-Cooler army appeared, Goku and Vegeta stood absolutely no chance, and were taken to the Meta-Cooler Core to be sapped of his power.

As Goku and Vegeta faced off against the Meta-Cooler Core, the Meta-Coolers continued to be created and surveyed the planet. However, once the Meta-Cooler Core and Big Gete Star were destroyed, each Meta-Cooler was deactivated and destroyed as a result.

General Information

Name: Meta-Cooler

Origin: Dragon Ball Z Return of Cooler

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Metal Cooler, Cyborg, Cooler Clone

Species: Frost Demon

Occupation: Member of the Meta-Cooler Corps.

Status: Deceased (Killed after the Big Gete Star was destroyed)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Each Meta Cooler appear to be much more arrogant than the original Cooler, enjoying fighting much more as well as torturing both Son Goku and Vegeta in various ways. This is likely due to the revenge that Cooler seeks after his initial defeat)

Codex Statistics

Tier: 6-C, Up to High 6-A with Strongest Charged Blast

Cardinality: Finite

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Island level (Was able to greatly overpower late-Cell Saga Goku, and even fight both he and late-Cell Saga Vegeta at the same time who fought and easily defeated Semi-Perfect Cell, who destroyed several islands with several blast), Up to Multi-Continent level with Strongest Charged Blast (Superior to First Form Frieza, who destroyed Planet Vegeta, which as the explosion wasn't instantaneous, means Frieza detonated the core getting these results)

Durability: Island level (The Meta-Coolers could take hits from Cell Saga Super Saiyan Goku; this Goku could take hits from Perfect Cell), Higher with Guard Up (Ki allows a fighter to extend beyond their bodies limits, allowing them to even block attacks that would otherwise kill them from raising their guard)

Striking Strength: Island Class

Lifting Strength: Class 25 (Superior to Android Saga Super Saiyan Vegeta, who trained in 300 times gravity, where Vegeta is naturally 56 kg, making him 16,800 kg or 16.8 tons)

Travel Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Superior to Super Saiyan Son Goku on Namek, who previously in his base form traveled from Frieza's ship over to Vegeta in this timeframe)

Combat Speed: Massively Hypersonic+

Reaction Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Far beyond 22nd Budokai Son Goku, who could dodge a mouth blast from Tambourine, which he used to tag the flying nimbus where even post King Kai training Goku used the flying nimbus to make it to the saiyans implying it is at least comparable to his flight speed by then, with Goku being capable of traveling over a million of kilometers in two days which results in these speeds)

Range: Standard Melee, Interstellar with Ki Attacks (Ki attacks can reach out of the planet and to other planets. All ki attacks should be comparable to Goku's kamehameha, which reached all the way to the sun) Interstellar with Instant Transmission (Instant Transmission. Allows for Meta-Cooler to teleport virtually anywhere so long as he can lock onto someone’s ki in that location. Can forcibly send his opponent to other places such as heaven)

Intelligence: At least Genius (He is a clone of the Meta-Cooler Core’s consciousness, whose brain has been assimilated into an ever-growing supercomputer that can turn itself into a spacecraft, created thousands of robots, and take over entire planets)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Chi Manipulation & Ki Manipulation (Meta-Cooler can generate Ki for attacks. All beings in Dragon Ball have ki , the very life force energy of all characters, ki allows a fighter to extend beyond their bodies limits, allowing them to even block attacks that would otherwise kill them from raising their guard, higher level users can lower their own durability to allow people far below them to fatally wound them. A users ki aura can exert itself as a weapon to attack), Attack Reflection (All Ki users are able to reflect attacks just by being stronger than their opponent. Examples include, Nappa deflecting a masenko from Son Gohan, Son Gohan being able to bounce back the spirit bomb, Son Goku deflecting a crusher ball from Jeice, Frieza deflecting a Final Burst Cannon from Vegeta, Son Goku reflecting multiple death beams back to back from Frieza, and Future Trunks being able to completely repel an energy blast with his hand from a Frieza Soldier just by being much stronger than them), Homing Attack (Ki users can create attacks that will home in and chase a target forever), Mind Manipulation (Characters can link their ki together and train within each other’s mind enacting in image training), Power Absorption & Transferal (Ki users can transfer their ki to others and absorb the ki given to them from others), Aura (Has an aura of ki surrounding him whenever he exerts ki), Vibration Manipulation (Powerful ki users can cause the very ground itself to shake when they power up), Intimidation, Metaphysics Manipulation & Pain Manipulation (Spirit Manipulation; Ki is the manifestation of one’s lifeforce, along with the aura giving one the feeling of being crushed, exerting fear into the target, sometimes making them incapable of moving as their body is instinctively stuck due to the sheer difference in power), Energy Manipulation (Ki is the latent power in one's body, this latent power allows them to form and create energy from controlling their ki, which can be used to shoot out energy blast), Explosion Manipulation (Ki attacks can create massive explosions, control the ki to set off a huge explosion under the enemy, or in front of them), Heat Manipulation (Ki user's ki attacks produce heat allowing them to cook and grill animals and raw meat[1][2], along with leaving behind steam after the attacks hit an area, showing its latent heat), Nullification (Attack Nullification; Those with ki can nullify attacks of lesser ki with their ki alone. They can also catch and nullify ki attacks around their level through focusing enough[3]. Power Nullification; Through having greater ki, one can nullify the powers done through ki attacks, such as Frieza being able to nullify a hakai ball[4], which fully destroys a target[5], though he is unable to resist a hakai ball from Toppo due to him being stronger[6], this ability however only works on ki, attacks unrelated, characters cannot resist through being stronger, such as how Vegeta, Krillin, & Son Gohan are unable to resist Guldo's psychic powers, along with even the likes of Son Goku), Forcefield Creation (Ki users such as Cell can generate forcefields around themselves. These forcefields can be expanded, and used to protect others and defend against attacks far higher then the user), Super Armor (Through releasing one's ki, they enter a state known as "Hyper Mode", in this state they do not flinch from weak melee attacks), Self-Destruction (Ki users in Dragon Ball are able to release all of the energy within them to cause a massive self-destruction of energy that normally kills the user and turns them into dust though one can control it to surviving but having no stamina or energy left), Light Manipulation (Ki can be used as a flash of light), Dreaming Existence (Characters in Shin Budokai have shown to create physical bodies in alternate timelines through dreaming), Non-Standard Interaction (Intangible Interaction; Those with ki can block intangible attacks when they focus and notices them[7]. Space-Time Interaction; Characters can blast space-time distortions to close them), Healing (Ki can be used to heal beings, allowing them to survive even with half their torso, it can also heal from near death), Fusionism (Cooler can perform the Fusion Dance).

Limited Resistance to Durability Negation (Ki users can focus their energy to localize an object to a specific spot to stop them from attempting to destroy their organs/insides), Resistance to Poison Manipulation (Can resist poisons through Forcefield Creation[8])

Martial Arts (Meta-Cooler can outmaneuver Son Goku, a trained martial artist), Genius Intelligence, Acrobatics, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Flight, Self-Sustenance (Respiratory Self-Sustenance) and Spaceflight (As a part of biomechanical robot, Meta-Cooler can survive in, and travel through, space), Hive Mind (Meta-Cooler has many different bodies with the one large robot as the source), Regeneration (High-Low; Meta-Cooler can recover lost limbs), Immortality (Reliance [On True Self]; The Meta-Coolers will continue to be created and exist so long as the Big Gete Star and Meta-Cooler Core survive), Information Analysis (Meta-Cooler can scan opponents to learn about them), Teleportation and Dimensional BFR (Forced Teleportation; Meta-Cooler can use Instant Transmission, which is able to forcibly send opponents to places like Other World).

Notable Techniques

  • Flight: With a mastery of Ki control, Meta-Cooler is able to fly at incredibly high speeds.
  • Ki Blast: Using Ki, Meta-Cooler can concentrate it into a ball that he uses as a projectile attack.
  • Ki Sense: Meta-Cooler is able to detect lifeforms and power levels from far off.
  • Metallic Supernova: Meta-Cooler’s version of the Supernova, where he raises his hand above his hand, and a large sun-like ball of ki forms in his hand. Both Frieza and Cooler use this attack, primarily used for destroying large areas of landmass, like entire planets.
  • Lock-On Buster: After Cooler has locked onto and scanned an opponent, he sends out a small amount of sparkling energy from his eyes, which connects with the opponent and creates a gigantic explosion.
  • Instant Transmission: Claimed to be one of Cooler’s favorite techniques, which he likely learned after an encounter or assimilation of a Yardrat warrior. This technique allows for Meta-Cooler to instantly travel virtually anywhere, so long as he can lock onto someone’s ki.


Standard Tactics: Meta-Cooler will employ hand to hand combat along with ki attacks, overwhelming the opponent with various of his clones.


Battle Records





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