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Donald Duck (Disney Infinity)

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Despite his uncontrollable temper, he's a loyal and faithful, feathered friend.


Donald Duck is a character from the Mickey Mouse series and appears as a playable character in Disney Infinity.

Codex Statistics

Tier: 9-B

Name: Donald Duck

Origin: Disney Infinity (Originally from Mickey Mouse)

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown, but in adulthood

Classification: Duck

Dimensionality: 3-D

Attack Potency: Wall level (Disney Infinity characters can destroy barrels, walls and large robots)

Durability: Wall level (Disney Inifinity characters can survive getting sent flying by a train, giant explosions and Lightning Mcqueen ramming into them with this level of kinetic energy), his immortality and regeneration makes him difficult to put down

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Can pick up and throw other characters which would include the cars characters), Class M with Magic Wand (Can move things such as Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin and the Avengers Tower)

Travel Speed: Unknown

Combat Speed: Supersonic (Fought people with comparable reaction speed)

Reaction Speed: Supersonic (Cars characters can use gatling guns which he and the other characters should be able to react to)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Standard Melee, Extended Melee with melee weapon, Several Meters with range attack Hundreds of Meters with range weapons (Has weapons like a Blunderbuss), Far Higher with power discs (Resistance Tactical Strike shoots laser from the sky)

Intelligence: Above Average (Donald can use all weapons in DI, along with driving all sort of vehicles from Normal everyday cars and Motorcycles to stuff like Helicopters and Vehicles for space travel, along with displaying talent using the magic wand)

Powers and Techniques

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Inorganic Physiology (Living Objects; Disney Infinity character are living toys), Acrobatics, Multiple Jumps, & Limited Physics Manipulation (Can perform a double jump), Weapon Usage (Sword Usage, Explosives, Marksmanship, Non-Combat Weapons and Unique Weaponry; Can use any weapon from Disney Infinity inculding swords, TNT, guns, grappling gun and lightsaber), Vehicular Mastery (Land Vehicles and Air Vehicles; Via Ground Vehicles and Flying Vehicles), Preparation, Summoning (Donald can summon his sidekick), Accelerated Development (Leveling; Donald can level up, becoming stronger and learning new moves in the process), Resurrection (Via Team Player), Transmutation (Enemies defeated by Donald seemingly turn into sparks), Non-Standard Interaction and Metaphysics Manipulation (Spirit Manipulation; Can interact with ghosts), Dimensional Storage (Can pulls objects such as boots, flower pots, lamps, watermelons, an anvil, an old-school radio, a rubber-tire, and a sink.), Immortality and Divine Protection (Regenerative Immortality and Protection from a Source; The Spark can grant her weaponry and uses power discs along with bringing her back to life if she dies, Regeneration (Low-High, Can come back from being melted by Olaf).

Resistance to Ice Manipulation (Can break out after being frozen solid), Corruption (Can be covered in symbiote and still remain under control), Cosmic Radiation (Can survive the vaccum of space)

Flight (With Aladdin's Magic Carpet, Buzz Lightyear's Jetpack, Cloak of Levitation, Condor Wing Glider, Falcon's Wings, Glide Pack, Spider Glider, WALL-E's Fire Extinguisher and Jack-O-Lantern's Glider), Transformation (With Crow Wing Pack), Erasure (Physical Erasure; With Identity Disc which causes defeated enemies to derez), Fire Manipulation (With Firaga), Ice Manipulation (With Blizzaga and Honey Lemon's Ice Capsules), Electricity Manipulation (With Stun Impact), Homing Attack (With Ragnarok), Plasma Manipulation (With Lightsaber), Summoning (With Silent Warrior Pack and Thundering Hooves Pack), Explosion Manipulation (With TNT Pack), Limited Water Manipulation (With WALL-E's Fire Extinguisher)
Energy Projection (With Black Panther's Vibranium Knives, Retro Ray Gun, Star Command Blaster and Sergeant Calhoun's Blaster), Paint Manipulation (With Diffusinator), Biological Manipulation (With Glow Urchin), Size Manipulation (With Goo Grower and Goo Shrinker), Explosion Manipulation (With Halloween Town Jack-O-Lanterns, Pirate Bombs, Vanellope's Cherry Bomb, Wreck-It Ralph's Cherry Bomb), Creation (With Holo-Platform Gun), Invisibility (With Invisibility Device), Animal Manipulation (With Mabel's Kittens for Fists), Healing (With Medicine Ball), Velocity Manipulation (With Zero Point Energy Gauntlet)

Summoning (Via Enemy Generator, Friend Generator, Enemy Wave Generator, Friendly Wave Generator and Boss Fight Spawner), Resurrection Negation (Via Defeat Manage), One Hit Kill, Invulnerability Negation and Forcefield Creation Negation (Via Kill switch), Limited Teleportation (Via Teleporter), Limited Time Stop (Via Stopwatch), Mind Control (Via Remote Controller), Morality Manipulation (Via Orange Team Activator Purple Team Activator, Green Team Activator and Blue Team Activator) Body Control (Via Action Enforcer), Limited Light Manipulation (Via Area Light), Weather Manipulation ([Via M.O.D.O.K.'s Weather Machine), Invulnerability (With Invulnerability Beacon), Air Manipulation (With Weather Vane), Portal Creation (With Toy Box Door), Mind Manipulation (With Asgardian Decoy which attracts enemies to attack it)

Damage Boost (Via Bolt's Super Strength, Ralph's Power of Destruction, Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Damage-Inator!, Chernabog's Power, Emperor Zurg's Wrath, C.H.R.O.M.E. Damage Increaser, Gamma Rays, Stark Arc Reactor, Sandy Claws Surprise, Finn's Stormtrooper Costume), Damage Reduction (C.H.R.O.M.E.'S Armor Shield, Star Command Shield, Violet's Force Field, Space Armor and Cursed Pirate Gold), Forcefield Creation (Via Princess Leia's Boushh Disguise, Sorcerer Supreme and Infinity Gauntlet (Power Disc)), Attack Reflection (Via Sorcerer Supreme), Summoning (Via Team-Up: Winter Soldier, Team-Up: Iron Patriot, Team-Up: Ant-Man, Team-Up: White Tiger, Team-Up: Yondu, Team-Up: Captain Marvel, and Team-Up: Mace Windu), Explosion Manipulation (Via S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Strike), Energy Projection (Via Resistance Tactical Strike, Darkhawk Blast, Cosmic Cube Blast and Nova Corps Strike), Electricity Manipulation (Via Zeus' Thunderbolts), Fire Manipulation (via Maleficent's Spell Cast), Plant Manipulation (Via King Louie's Monkeys), Time Stop (Via Tomorrowland Time Bomb), Black Hole Creation (Via Infinity Gauntlet (Power Disc)), Healing (Via Rapunzel's Healing and Fix It Felix's Repair Power), Accelerated Development (Via Mulan's Training Uniform and User Control)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Human Achievements (Sidekicks are talented farmers), Accelerated Development (Eating; Sidekicks can become stronger by eating), Weapon Mastery (Sidekicks can use a wide variety of weapons), Non-Standard Interaction (Sidekicks should be comparable to the playable characters who can interact with ghosts), likely Resurrection (Sidekicks should be comparable to the playable characters who can come back after dying), Healing (Via Trainee Medic Hat, Basic Medic Hat, Advanced Medic Hat, Pro Medic Hat, Doc Hat, Yoda Hat, Basic Camo Hat, Randall Hat, Chesire Cat Hat, Thor Hat, Basic Centurion Hat, Stinky Pete Hat, Honey Lemon Hat, Basic Cuckoo Clock Hat, and Doris), Ice Manipulation (Via Basic Medic Hat, Trainee Ice Hat, Basic Ice Hat, Advanced Ice Hat, Pro Ice Hat, Frozone Hat, Elsa Tiara, Hoth Wampa Hat, Pro Rebel Pilot Helmet, Imperial Hat, Robin Hood Hat, Advanced Cuckoo Clock Hat, White Rabbit Hat, Advanced Camo Hat, Randall Hat, Elliott Hat and Elsa's Ice Crystal), Forcefield Creation (Via Advanced Medic Hat, Doc Hat, Basic Ice Hat, Frozone Hat, Rebel Pilot Helmet, Basic Rebel Pilot Helmet, Advanced Rebel Pilot Helmet, Pro Rebel Pilot Helmet, Finn McMissile Hat, Imperial Hat, Jafar Hat, Pro Cuckoo Clock Hat, Cogsworth Hat, Pro Camo Hat, Chesire Cat Hat), Statistics Reduction (Via Hoth Wampa Hat, Finn McMissile Hat, Jafar Hat, Advanced Centurion Hat, Stinky Pete Hat, Robin Hood Hat, Trainee Cuckoo Clock Hat, Basic Cuckoo Clock Hat, Advanced Cuckoo Clock Hat, Pro Cuckoo Clock Hat, Cogsworth Hat, Doris and White Rabbit Hat), Invisibility (Via Pro Viking Hat, Thor Hat, Pro Centurion Hat, Honey Lemon Hat, Doris, White Rabbit Hat, Cogsworth Hat, Trainee Camo Hat, Basic Camo Hat, Advanced Camo Hat, Pro Camo Hat, Randall Hat, Chesire Cat Hat and Elliot Hat), Energy Projection (Via Traniee Blaster, Advanced Blaster, Pro Blaster, Traniee Laser Gun, Basic Laser Gun, Sure-Shot Laser Gun and Advanced Laser Gun), Explosion Manipulation (Via Traniee Grenade Launcher, Basic Grenade Launcher, Advanced Grenade Launcher, Sure-Shot Grenade Launcher, Pro Grenade Launcher, Trainee Rocket Launcher, Basic Rocket Launcher, Advanced Rocket Launcher, and Pro Rocket Launcher), Magic (Via Trainne Magic Wand, Advanced Magic Wand, Sure-Shot Magic Wand, Pro Magic Wand and Sorcerer's Spell Book), Black Hole Creation (Via V.I.N.CENT's Black Hole Grenade), Web Manipulation (Via Spidey's webslingers), Mind Manipulation (Via Basic Machine Gun, Sure-Shot Machine Gun, Advanced Bow, Pro Magic Wand and Spidey's webslingers), Attack Reflection (Via Advanced Magic Wand, Pro Magic Wand, Advanced Ricochet Disc and Pro Ricochet Disc), Damage Reduction (Via Advanced Machine Gun, Pro Machine Gun, Basic Grenade Launcher, Sure-Shot Grenade Launcher, Basic Laser Gun, Sure-Shot Laser Gun, Basic Rocket Launcher, Sure-Shot Magic Wand, Pro Potion, Hawkeye's bow and V.I.N.CENT's Black Hole Grenade)


None Notable

Optional Equipment

This dropdown contains all of Sulley's optional equipment

Mounts are Gadgets that can be ridden by Playable Characters in the Toy Box, and provide a faster means of travel than walking or running. While riding a Mount.

Packs are Gadgets that can be carried by Playable Characters on their back, and provide additional abilities.

  • Aladdin's Magic Carpet: Aladdin's Magic Carpet which allows the user to fly
  • Atlas Blade: A sword based on the weapon of Captain Blackbeard that the user can use for combat
  • Buzz Lightyear's Jetpack: allows the user to hover in a vertical line along the ground, and cannot help them travel up or down
  • Carl Fredricksen's Cane: Carl Fredricksen's walking cane from Up which the player can use for combat.
  • Cloak of Levitation: Dr. Strange's Cloak of Levitation which allows the user to glide
  • Condor Wing Glider: Woodrow Wilkins' specially crafted flying suit which allows the user to glide
  • Crow Wing Pack: Allows the user to turn into a crow and fly
  • Falcon's Wings: Falcon's wings which allows the user to fly
  • Flamingo Croquet Mallet: An unusual mallet used by the queen of heart which the user can use as a weapon
  • Frying Pan: Rapunzel's frying pan which the user can use as a weapon
  • Glide Pack: Allows the user to glide
  • Hangin' Ten Stitch with Surfboard: An hovering surfboard that floats above the ground
  • Honey Lemon's Ice Capsules: Honey Lemon's Purse which allows the user to throw snowballs that can freeze enemies
  • Hover Board: An Hover Board which floats above the ground
  • Identity Disc: The Identity Disc from Tron which the user can will throw the disc at their opponent and it will ricochet off of other opponents before returning to them. If the disc is used to kill the character, it causes them to derez.
  • Jack-O-Lantern's Glider: Jack O'Lantern's Gldier from Marvel which the user can use to fly
  • Jim Hawkins' Solar Board: Jim Hawkins' Solar Board from Treasure Planet which floats above the ground
  • Keyblade: The keyblade from Kingdom Hearts it can be used for sword combat and cast 4 different spells Firaga, Blizzaga, Stun Impact and Ragnarok
  • Lightsaber: A Lightsaber from Star wars which the user can use as a weapon
  • Silent Warrior Pack: Summons the Silent Warrior to fight alongside the user for a short while
  • Spider Glider: Spider-man's Spider Glider which the user can use to fly
  • Thundering Hooves Pack: Summons the Thundering Stallion, who charges forward damaging everything in its path.
  • TNT Pack: A pack filled with TNT which the user can throw
  • WALL-E's Fire Extinguisher: WALL-E's Fire Extinguisher from WALL-E which lets the user "Fly"
  • Wart's Sword: Wart's Sword is based on the Walt Disney Animation film "The Sword in the Stone", which the user can use for combat

Tools are Gadgets that can be carried by Playable Characters in their right hand, and provide additional abilities.

  • Baseball Shooter: The Baseball Shooter is a device Phineas and Ferb created that was designed to launch a baseball and wirelessly control it as it shoots through the air
  • Black Panther's Vibranium Knives: Black Panther's Bibranium Knives which the user can use in order to shot energy projectils from them
  • Blunderbuss: A regular Blunderbuss that only has one shot but automatically reloads after each use
  • Darkwing Duck's Grappling Gun: Darkwing Duck's Grappling Gun from Drakwing Duck which the user can use reach high places or bring opponent and vehicles closer to them
  • Diffusinator: The Diffusinator is a gun that fires a blob of paint in whichever color it is set to at the time, with the color constantly cycling through the different colors of the rainbow.
  • Flintlock: A regular Flintlock that is used by various Pirates of the Caribbean characters.
  • Glow Urchin: If Glow urchines hit the target they bloat either at the waist or head (depending on the character's gender and body type) and deals minor damage.
  • Goo Grower: Shoots green goo to make things grow
  • Goo Shrinker: Shoots purple goo to shrink things
  • Halloween Town Jack-O-Lanterns: When thrown, they create a fiery explosion
  • Invisibility Device: Turns the user invisible.
  • Lew Zealand's Boomerang Fish: A fish that works excatly like a boomrang
  • Mabel's Kittens for Fists: Mabel's weapon of choice in Grunkle Stan's mindscape, it allows the user to throw kittens fists.
  • Medicine Ball: Heals anyone who gets hit by it
  • Paintball Gun: A regular paintball gun
  • Pirate Bombs: Regular bombs the user can throw to cause explosions
  • Retro Ray Gun: A retro ray gun from Tomorrowland
  • Sergeant Calhoun's Blaster: Sergeant Calhoun’s Blaster from the Wreck-It Ralph
  • Sludge Balloon: Waterballons filled with slime that covers the target in transparent, orange slime.
  • Star Command Blaster: A laser blaster that can fire six red laser projectiles before being forced to reload.
  • Stitch's Blaster: The blaster used by Stitch in Lilo and Stitch
  • Toilet Paper Launcher: shoots rolls of toilet paper that can be used to cover objects, like trees, it also functions as a projectile weapon.
  • Toy Box Blaster: The most basic of blaster, it's not very powerful and has 3 shots before it needs reloading
  • Toy Story Mania Blaster: shoots out a mini rocket with confetti
  • Vanellope's Cherry Bomb: throwable cherries that explode
  • Wreck-It Ralph's Cherry Bomb: throwable cherries that explode in an 8-bit, retro video game pixelated fashion.
  • Zero Point Energy Gauntlet: Syndrome's Zero Point Energy Gauntlet which can be used to Immobilize and throw anyone

A powerful magic wand which can be used for a varity of things, such as creating worlds, summoning allies or items among other things.

An ability disc simply enhances a character's abilities in a certain way

  • Bolt's Super Strength: Bolt's Super Strength will increase your damaging effects when you attack. it provides a +10% increase in combat damage, regardless of damage type
  • C.H.R.O.M.E. Damage Increaser: Use the spy tech developed in Cars 2 to increase your weapons' damage. it provides a +10% increase in combat damage with weapons
  • C.H.R.O.M.E.'S Armor Shield: This Cars 2 spy tech provides shields that limits the damage you can receive.
  • Chernabog's Power: Use this demon's wrath to increase the amount of damage with every stroke. It provides a chance for bonus damage.
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Damage-inator!: Phineas and Ferb's Dr. Doofenshmirtz invented this -inator to cause increased damage. It provides a chance to increase weapon damage
  • Electro-Charge: Victor from Frankenweenie has invented a way to increase health. It provides a chance for bonus health.
  • Emperor Zurg's Wrath: Buzz Lightyear's Toy Story nemesis provides bonus melee damage. It provides bonus melee damage.
  • Enchanted Rose: Earn more health when you carry Beast's Enchanted Rose.
  • Fix It Felix's Repair Power: Fix-It Felix Jr's magic hammer from Wreck-It Ralph can fix your health. It provides a chance to heal the character.
  • Flubber: Use your special move sooner when you carry Flubber. It will put a bounce in your step!
  • Merlin's Summon: Merlin from The Sword in the Stone will share summoning powers to expand your pick up range. It provides increased pick up range for Sparks.
  • Mickey's Sorcerer Hat: Increase your game experience and ability to level up with Mickey's Sorcerer Hat from Fantasia. It provides a chance for increased experience.
  • Mulan's Training Uniform: Earn experience faster when you are wearing Mulan's Training Uniform.
  • Pieces of Eight: Increase the amount of economy you earn with Pieces of Eight from Pirates of the Caribbean. It provides a chance for increased economy
  • Ralph's Power of Destruction: Wreck-It Ralph's Power will increase the strength of your attacks. It provides a chance to increase the strength of attacks.
  • Rapunzel's Healing: As Rapunzel's hair could heal in Tangled, so will this power increase health. It provides a chance to heal the character.
  • Scrooge McDuck's Lucky Dime: DuckTales' Scrooge McDuck will share his wealth and boost your economy pickup. It provides a chance for bonus economy
  • Scrooge's Top Hat: Earn more blue sparks when you wear Scrooge's Top Hat. He always said, "Work smarter, not harder.
  • User Control: Use Tron's User Control to advance your experience and leveling up. It provides a chance for bonus experience.
  • Violet's Force Field: From The Incredibles, Violet comes with a Force Field that will help protect against damage. It provides a chance for invulnerability.

Event discs trigger an event in the world that harms enemies

  • Chernabog's Spirit Cyclone: When activated, It will make gravestones come up from the ground, knocking out enemies.
  • Cosmic Cube Blast: When activated, it causes the Tesseract from Marvel's The Avengers to appear and destroy all enemies in the vicinity in a blast of energy.
  • Darkhawk Blast: When activated, it causes the Marvel superhero Darkhawk to appear onscreen, blast a place on the playing field with a bolt of energy, and then fly away.
  • Infinity Gauntlet: When used, the Infinity Gauntlet will appear over the Players head, also summoning a shield around the player. The Gauntlet will then create several black holes around the player, that instantly kills ANY non-boss enemy.
  • King Louie's Monkeys: When used, it will spawn several palm trees, and fruits will start getting thrown from the them.
  • Maleficent's Spell Cast: When activated, it sends a line of green fire in front of the character
  • Nova Corps Strike: When activated, it causes a group of laser sights to be pointed down onto the ground in the shape of the Nova Corps symbol, followed by a large number of laser shots directed down to the ground where the sights were aiming.
  • Resistance Tactical Strike: When activated, it causes destructive lasers to rain down from the sky and hit the area in front of the character.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Strike: When activated, it sends missiles down on enemies from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
  • Sorcerer Supreme: When used, it will create a force field around the player, that will deflect enemies and their attacks.
  • Tomorrowland Time Bomb: When used, it unleash a powerful shockwave and temporarily freeze your opposition in time
  • Zeus' Thunderbolts: When activated, it will spawn two pink clouds over the player. They will each float over an enemy and turn dark. Then, they'll start raining and lightning, harming the enemy.

Team-Up Discs are Circular Power Discs that temporarily give them a teammate to fight along side them.

  • Galactic Team-Up: Mace Windu: Temporarily spawns Mace Windu to fight alongside them
  • Marvel Team-Up: Ant-Man: Temporarily spawns Ant-Man to fight alongside them
  • Marvel Team-Up: Captain Marvel: Temporarily spawns Captain Marvel to fight alongside them
  • Marvel Team-Up: Iron Patriot: Temporarily spawns Iron Patriot to fight alongside them
  • Marvel Team-Up: White Tiger: Temporarily spawns White Tiger to fight alongside them
  • Marvel Team-Up: Winter Soldier: Temporarily spawns Winter Soldier to fight alongside them
  • Marvel Team-Up: Yondu: Temporarily spawns Yondu to fight alongside them


Standard Tactics: Disney Infinity characters are rarely seen acting on their own, which would generally make them wild cards, however they'd likely use their natural abilities along with their sidekicks fighting with them and Spark assisting them by providing equipment, using power discs and likely other useful things

Weaknesses: Event discs need time to recharge

Battle Records