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Reality - Fiction Interaction

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Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite warp the real world.

This page is meant to explain Reality - Fiction Interaction feats that are a common occurrence within fiction. We should evaluate characters by their quantifiable feats that they have demonstrated. How certain cases of 4th Wall Breaking and Author Avatars apply to this is a case-by-case evaluation that needs context. However, these are our general rules regarding how we handle these kinds of feats:

  • It should be established that fiction and reality can never truly interact, regardless of what the intent is. Authors can represent our reality within their fictional worlds. However, it must be remembered that these are representations, not the genuine thing. No character can get a guaranteed rating from affecting, creating, or destroying a "real world" within fiction. Real worlds will not be assumed to be higher-hierarchal layers or anything beyond (i.e. Tier High 1-A structures) unless there's proof a verse treats it like that.
    • 4th Wall Breaking feats shouldn't be used as proof for higher-hierarchal real worlds or anything of the sort either. They fall strictly under this page's idea consistently and do not amount to proving anything like a transcendence over a verse either.
    • There are many other fictional universes where the real world is treated as just another universe in the fictional cosmology. This wouldn't give any specific higher-hierarchal upgrades either.
  • Author Avatars don't guarantee any specific tiering either. Much like inhabitants of the real world, they are meant to just be representations of the author without many special attributes. There are three particularly notable instances of this amongst many others. Stan Lee appears consistently in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, but he only makes cameos to reference the amount of time and dedication he put into Marvel Comics. The developers from Chrono Trigger appear in a secret ending, but they are mostly used for gags about being overworked and tired. Rohan Kishibe is supposed to represent Hirohiko Araki as an in-universe mangaka version of himself, but it hasn't granted him necessarily anything special. The basic idea is that this position doesn't guarantee a rating by itself.
    • By extension, characters who can "kill" Author Avatars don't get a quantifiable rating from that alone. Doing so would violate how we handle misleading titles as Author Avatars do not necessarily reach a higher-hierarchy or beyond rating from position alone as we've established above. In many cases the author avatar could just be a regular human in the verse.
  • Viewing the setting of a franchise as fiction is not enough to constitute a real world level. For example, a character in a higher layer can perceive the setting of a multiverse as beneath them while still not being transcendent to the highest degree as other higher layers will exist. Such an idea would need proof as it can be accomplished even by merely being a higher-hierarchal fiction. A similar idea can even apply to aforementioned 4th Wall Breaking characters too.